~ Winter Garden ~ American Girl, Felicity’s newest Dress set revealed & MORE…

It took me a little over a week to create this wonderful outfit for Felicity, but I hope you didn’t mind the wait. It was very fun for me to make and Felicity loved the extra time on my cutting table, just standing there in her dress, with my other girls on the dolly shelf, looking on each day as something new was added. This set ended up having 10 pieces… the bodice, skirt, bum roll, fichu, necklace, bonnet, cape, reticule, wide lace pinner cap and a narrow lace pinner cap. I think the winner will have lots of fun with this new set. Marilyn thought of the name this time… thanks again!

If you’d like to see the listing on Ebay, you can click the picture at the right side bar or you can click HERE.

Here are a few pictures…

I have been a little behind on showing some pictures I received from some of my readers. I wanted to get caught up somewhat if I could.

Mary C sent me this picture of a quilt she made. She made it in red, white and blues and on the back she has the names of her family members who served in the military. For Christmas she did a really wonderful thing. She put her family members names in a hat and drew out one lucky winner. They got the Quilt! How fun would that have been. Mary, if you’re reading this, please add anything else in the comments, if you would. Let us know who won and how they reacted to such a wonderful gift! Isn’t it just beautiful?

Anne, one of my readers, also sent me the following link…

Changes for the Tonner company

It seems that Robert Tonner is shaking things up at his company and Ellowyne will be phased out this year…as well, as the 10″ Patsy Tonner and friends dolls. This is a HUGE shock and disappointment to most Tonner fans. Robert has some new ideas for the coming year and we’ll all have to wait and see what that means…

I had so many pictures that came in right at Christmas and New Years, that I couldn’t keep up with them…HOWEVER… ALL dolls deserve to be showcased… Here are Susette’s 4 girls in their New Year’s Eve dresses. She said she had “fun” crawling around on the floor getting them set up for pictures! Way to go Susette!

Susette also sent me some pictures of Riya, her granddaughter and her love of American Girl dolls.

When she was 5, she received her first American Girl doll, Isabelle.

Here she is at age 6 when she received Grace!

At age six, here she is with Isabelle and Grace during Christmas. Aren’t they all just adorable?

…and this year, at age 7, Riya picked up a few more dolly friends…a Leah doll, an Effner Maru doll and just look at all her fun accessories… looks like Graces’ bakery items…

I don’t think there is any way Riya is going to ever stop loving dolls…she’s following in her grandma Susette’s footsteps! :o)

Well, I have more pictures to list, but I’ll spread them out over a few days, if you don’t mind…

Don’t forget to check out Felicity’s dress set!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Oh, No! Too many pictures from Susette. That will teach me. C’mon everyone, send in more pictures. I’m embarrassed now. The only consolation is that maybe it’s helping out Jeanne as she requested we send in pictures she could post when she’s busy taking care of her family. Congratulations on the most amazing and complete outfit for Felicity.

    The quilt is absolutely wonderful. My family has a military history as well and I can’t wait to hear who won this Labor of Love. It’s a beautiful tribute to your family members who served this country. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

    • HI Susette,
      Thank you for all the pictures.. they did help me out when I needed them… You’re fine… everyone here enjoys seeing what everyone is up to…so don’t worry. Loved seeing Riya in all the pictures. :o)
      I’m glad you like Felicity’s dress set. Me too!
      Mary got me to thinking about doing something similar for my family… I like the ideas of a drawing for something handmade!
      Thanks Susette…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Jeanne, Felicity’s dress is nothing short of amazing! Every single detail you kept adding just blew me away. I thought to myself, ‘I must be missing whichever gene it is that gives her that incredible creativity.’ You know that American Girl dolls have never been my favorites but boy, a thousand times you have made me want one. Love you and hope George is doing ok. Prayers always! ….and blessings too 🙂

    • HI Bobi,
      Thank you so much for your sweet compliments on Felicity’s dress set. I’m so glad you enjoyed seeing it come to life each day. Maybe some day you’ll run across an American Girl doll at a thrift shop or some place and you’ll rescue her and become a fan of them… Just thinking… :o)
      We are both fine… it’s hard, but we are fine!
      Thanks so much,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Felicity is so lovely…she could just walk out of the photos and take us with her into the Colonial period. You’ve given us much to marvel over, Jeanne.

    Mary’s quilt is so crisp and warm looking…fortunate family recipient!

    Susette’s photos are a lovely glimpse into a happy grand-daughter’s heart and a proud grandmother. How nice to share the appreciation of playing dolls.

    Blessings to you and George, Jeanne.

    • HI Becky,
      Oh, wouldn’t that be fun if we could walk out of the pictures and travel back to the Colonial times… at least just for a day? Thanks so much the sweet thoughts.

      Yes, Mary’s quilt looks amazing… I bet in person it’s even better than we could imagine!

      I bet when Riya and Susette get together, it’s nonstop dolly talk… and play! I love seeing that!
      Thanks so much Becky,
      Blessings to you as well,
      ~ Jeanne

  4. Thanks for sharing my Family Service Honor Quilt! 🙂 We had our family gathering on Jan 2nd…and one of MY sons actually won the random drawing for the quilt! He was excited – and so was *I*! I’ve already started on another for next years drawing. 😉

    I love Felicity’s outfit, btw – I’ve been watching as it’s ‘come together’ – a true work of love.

    • HI Mary,
      Oh how fun for your son to have won it! I bet he was truly was honored to receive it! What a family treasure it must be! Congrats again on making it. You got me to thinking about doing something like that next year for my family. I’ve got all year to think about what I might do… maybe not a quilt, but something… thanks for the idea…

      I’m glad you enjoyed watching Felicity’s dress get a little bit closer to completion each day. It didn’t take too long, but I think was worth the extra effort put into it to make it extra special. I hope someone thinks so!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Linda Doyle says:

    Felicity is just stunning, your favorite word, Jeanne! I would just love to be the one who wins this dress! I can dream!
    Mary C.’s quilt is beautiful! What a wonderful and personal gift for your lucky son! This will be something he can treasure always and hand down to his family. Beautiful work! Mary, what a wonderful tradition you are starting!

    Love the sweet look on Riya’s face with her dolls! What a lucky little girl to get such wonderful toys and to have such an adoring grandmother!

    Have fun with those dang sweet gum balls, Jeanne! We used to have a Sweet Gum tree, but had it taken down because, you guessed it, too many balls everywhere! It is beautiful in the fall, and the balls don’t develop for 10 years or so, but when they come—look out!

    • HI Linda,
      Yes, there’s that word again… stunning! I do think Felicity looks stunning in this one… maybe not so much like a 10 year old… but maybe she’s dreaming of her teen years!

      I loved the idea that Mary shared with us about the quilt drawing… it got me to thinking about what I might do next year! She may have started something!

      Doesn’t Riya look like she could just burst with joy in each picture? I think she really enjoys her dolls and I bet she and grandma have fun when they are together!

      Oh dear… those gumballs. I raked them yesterday but didn’t get them scooped up.. now they are out there in piles and rows and it looks like some kind of crazy person got a hold of the yard. Tomorrow we are going to try and go to Paducah, KY with Rebecca. She wants to go clothes shopping at some of the consignment shops down there. So those gumballs will have to stay there a day or two longer.
      I think we need to check into a “yard vacuum!” but that’s just me… :o)
      Thanks Linda,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. The dress has turned out so well. Great start to 2017! So fun to see everyone’s photos. Perfect that the quilt went to one of Mary’s sons. It is such a work of art.
    Loved seeing Susette’s grand and the dollies of course. Think Susette will have to come up with some exciting table settings for the short ones. Maybe she already has.
    So glad to hear Linda’s comment on Liquidambar trees. I am absolutely not a fan of the three we have. I’ll tell other person here that she had hers removed and now it is our turn. Hee Hee.

    • Linda Doyle says:

      You do that Joy! It is SO much better now without those sweet gum balls all over the place, and looks much nicer too!

    • HI Joy,
      Thanks for you compliment on Felicity’s dress. Yes, since I didn’t do very well with Felicity last year, it’s a great start to 2017! I’ll have to see who else got neglected last year and go with them maybe second!
      I knew everyone would love Mary’s quilt and get a kick out of seeing Susette’s sweet Riya and her dollies!
      Our tree is SO huge… I don’t think my hubby would go along with cutting it down, but it sure would be nice to not have those gumballs every year. Someone told us about putting nails all the way around the base of the tree and it wouldn’t drop it’s balls… well that didn’t work! Just some old folklore tale I guess.
      Thanks Joy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. The Winter Garden outfit turned out beautifully, Jeanne.
    Mary’s quilt is beautiful and I can see how they will be a treasured family heirloom since she’s going to do another.
    What fun to see Riya’s pictures with her dollies. And the accessories, oh my!! That will keep her dolls busy. I think the popsicle/ice cream cart is so cute. Suzette, thanks for letting us see them.
    I looked at some pictures of my Felicity and for those girls who have the older Felicitys, the Pleasant Company ones, maybe they could help me in identifying her ? I forget what to look for in determining that. I thought she was one of the original Pleasant Company dolls but maybe she is an older Mattel/Pleasant Company doll. She has Pleasant Company name stamped across her neck and behind her right ear there are initials. I don’t know what to look for concerning her green eyes. She does have the copper eyelashes and hair. I’d appreciate any help.

    • Hi Paula,
      Maybe you could send me a picture of your Felicity doll and I bet Laura could tell us what you have… We’ll get this figured out.
      Thanks for your comments on Felicity’s dress, the quilt and sweet little Riya and her dolls!
      I love sharing things when I can.
      Thanks so much Paula,
      Blessings, Jeanne

    • Hi Paula,
      Regarding your Felicity doll, if you could send Jeanne a few pictures to post I’ll give it my best shot. Close up of her eyes and nape of her neck, please. Also a picture nude helps to see color of cloth and neckstrings. If she has the copper eyelashes she has to be a Pleasant Company doll before the Mattel takeover so prior to 1998. Just so anyone knows, some Mattel dolls are neckstamped PC ( my 2004 Nellie and my daughter’s 2000 Kit ). You’ll even see Julie with PC. The initials behind her right ear is an “artist mark”, but that has no bearing on the doll itself or where she was made. It has to do with who created the original mold for the dolls and is random, on some German dolls ( my daughter’s PC German Kirsten has one , but it is partially hidden, missing on others and on some Mattel dolls as . My PC 1991 West German Felicity has one, my PC 1991-1992 German Samantha has one as well as my 2013 Caroline who is obviously Mattel.
      Do you have the original box, dress and hangtag ( hair care tag that came on her wrist)? Or any of those original pieces? That really helps pinpointing date.
      For example, I bought my Felicity NIB from the original owner who had never removed her from the box. She came in the burgundy box with the burgundy/cream Pleasant Company band, the hangtag states on the back “Dolls made in West Germany for Pleasant Company and her meet dress is marked “Made in West Germany” plus she is a ribbon wigged doll ( the wig shows a piece of fabric when you lift the ponytail). My PC German Samantha was originally my daughter’s purchased direct from Pleasant Company. She was bought later, but because of her box, hangtag and dress she is definitely a 1991 or 1992 doll. She would be a first tan body as the dolls were switched from white to tan with Felicity’s release. She came in the white silhouette box with the burgundy/white Pleasant Company band, hangtag ” Dolls made in Germany for Pleasant Company and her dress was made in Hungary.
      The older dolls have softer face paint and far more flexible vinyl when you squeeze their face or limbs. The earliest dolls have the ribbon wig and the German made ones have long flat neckstrings. My Felicity’s are long and flat while Caroline’s (Mattel) are shorter and round. The body size is different as well. Both my Felicity and Samantha are chunks and Samantha is particularly full in the rump. The eyebrows have more of a goldish (metallic) cast and the faces are fuller and wider on the German dolls as well. As far as the eyes go the earliest Felicitys and other German made dolls had glass eyes (mine does) and for Felicity, the eyes are more a muted peridot green because there is slightly more black in the decal. My daughter’s Felicity was Made in Germany by the hangtag, the silhouette box, but her gown is marked Made in China 1993. I think 1993 was the transfer year of dolls beginning to be made in China instead where the Mattel one are made. And one more thing, the Pleasant Company neckstamp is more uneven on the older dolls, meaning the letters don’t appear to be the exact same size.
      I read all this years ago when my daughter downsized and Samantha became mine. She was selling her PC 1993 German Addy and 1997 Josefina to make money for college and I wanted to determine what was a fair price. I really wish I had decided to keep Addy then, but I loved Samantha and the pieces of her collection she was selling and I said I wanted them and she only had a few of Addy’s items. I felt I couldn’t have both as she thought it crazy I wanted Samantha/ collection.
      If you could please look at your Felicity and include all your observances on these features I’ll be able to make a pretty accurate determination of your Felicity.

  8. Yes, Felicity’s dress is exquisite. Wish I had dolly money to spend. Actually your pricing is extremely reasonable for all the work that goes into each creation. It’s raining here, so maybe after housework is finish I will sit down with Felicity and the kitties and watch the “Felicity” movie. We saw many of the building used in it when we went to Williamsburg years ago. Stood in some of the very spots as they used those for the movie.
    Mary’s quilt is just beautiful. Love the red, white and blue. The pattern looks like a different version of “Ohio Star”. How wonderful her son won it. I have a few quilts my grandmother made, “Dresden Plate”, “Grandmother’s Flower Garden” and I don’t remember the others names right now as well as a crocheted bedspread and I treasure them all.
    Your girls look lovely in their New Year’s finery, Susette. Aw, Riya is adorable and obviously loves her dolls What sweet matching outfits everyone has and the furry friend enjoys playing, too. You and she will have many years of fun with the dolls.

    • Thank you Laura,
      Maybe you could read Paula’s comment above yours and see if you can help her with identifying her Felicity doll. I’m hoping Paula will send me a picture of her dolls face.

      Thank you for your kind comments on Felicity’s dress. It’s raining her too, but I don’t have the Felicity movie… I should look for it. I rented it once, but I’d like to see it again.

      I couldn’t think of the name of Mary’s quilt either.. I could have looked for it I guess, but just enjoyed seeing her pictures of it. Her son was very fortunate to win it and I bet he loves seeing it everyday!

      It’s always fun to share what my readers are up to… I’m glad you enjoyed seeing Susette’s pictures.
      Thanks Laura,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  9. Hi Jeanne,
    Exquisite! I think I drooled a little on the key board I hope I’m able to post my comment! hahaha … Love the name you went with it suits the ensemble perfectly. Ten pieces wow how are you going to top that? You sure set the bar pretty high for yourself! Teasing every outfit you make is drool worthy ; )
    Mary’s quilt is lovely thank you for sharing. I love seeing what your blog readers enjoy doing in their share time. Well done Mary and what a neat and generous idea having a drawing and giving it away. Susette’s grand daughter is a cutie and I enjoyed seeing her loving on her dollies. So sweet!
    I’m glad you mentioned the Tonner 10’s are going away I will be hanging onto mine for a while longer. I might just get my money back on one I way over paid for : )
    Continued Prayers
    we don’t have gum balls here we have bean trees. The tree is pretty. The flowers on them remind me of a cluster of orchid flowers but are soon are replaced with beans. They get pretty long (12 to 18 inches in length), they turn brown, split open, are filled with seeds and drop year around! One day soon after we had moved here I looked out and thought we had a snake problem. Bean trees! yuck!!

    • I think your tree might be a Catalpa? We have one of those too. Beautiful when in bloom, but drop flowers, beans, and seeds everywhere. We’re forever trying to yank out seedlings which quickly grow with 3 ft roots. We’re keeping that one, but the Liquidambar ???

    • Thank you Ingrid, for your very kind comments on Felicity’s dress set. I’m so glad everyone liked it and hope the winner will too! I could have made more pieces… a pair of pantalettes, a petticoat underneath the skirt, etc. I had to stop at 10 pieces…
      I’m so happy to share pictures from my readers… and glad you enjoyed them.

      I’m with Joy, and think your tree is a catalpa… I always liked the looks of them, but they’re probably just as much of a pain as my gumballs! :o)
      Thanks so much Ingrid,
      blessings, Jeanne

  10. Rita Bright says:

    Felicity’s is lovely and the cape really tops it off! I’ve been ordering some historical patterns from Pixie Faire and hope to get started sewing very soon. My poor Felicity needs her legs tightened (Utube has some great instructions) and her hair combed a bit, poor little gal. She is sitting with Kit and Mary Ellen who are both dressed in American Girl fashions, so she looks a bit shabby. This year I’m going to get my sewing machine up on the table and start sewing!! Too many life things have been going on, so I haven’t sewn in a couple years. Hope it’s like riding a bike! Love your posts!!!

    • HI Rita,
      I did a tutorial on how to fix the floppy doll legs on one of my posts.. Just go to the right side bar “Search” box and type in “doll legs” and it should pop up. It’s an easier way of fixing your dolls legs instead of using the little wire crimps… it just uses stretchy hair bands. Maybe give it a look.
      I hope you do find time for some sewing this year. It’s a great stress reliever and therapy for me! I’m sure sewing is like riding a bike… it will come back to you as you get started!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  11. Mary’s quilt is a beauty. I’m so glad her son won it. Heirlooms are good things.

    Riya is a living doll and it’s good to see her, the more often the better. There are a lot of darling little girls related to people on this list and I always like seeing them.

    Winter Garden is another winner. I’m now watching it with great interest on Ebay. Your photos bring out Felicity’s lovely coloring and the beautiful color of her hair. I’m especially fond of the picture where she’s holding the cape. My very favorite thing about a new outfit on Ebay is that any minute now there will be a new outfit on this blog and we’ll get to watch it take shape. I have my fingers crossed for a Victorian Poetry Reading outfit, but I know I’ll like whatever you decide on.

    • HI Marilyn,
      I bet Mary was as thrilled as anyone that her son won the quilt! I would have been!
      I think it’s fun too, to see the little ones connected to the “big” ones! I meant that in the nicest of ways!
      Yes, Winter Garden seems to be attracting lots of watchers… I’ve gotten lots of compliments on the fabric… I almost tossed this one aside when Rebecca was helping me weed out… well, actually I did, but I spied it the other day in my “sell” pile and “reclaimed it!” So glad I did… so is Felicity!
      I just downloaded a pattern from a friend last night… and think I’ll give it a try. I might be able to incorporated the poetry reading part into it… I’ll have to see!
      Thanks Marilyn,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  12. Thank you Laura for all your information! My goodness, you are so knowledgeable and informative. That will help me recognize the type of Felicity she is.
    I won’t be home till April so I’ve been having my niece take pictures of my Felicity and I will have her send them to me so I can send them to Jeanne to show you.
    One thing I can say for sure is the back of her wig shows her not to have the ribbon wig.
    Laura, I appreciate your help and will get those pictures sent as soon as I receive them.

    • HI Paula,
      I KNEW Laura would know the most so I just deferred to her! I hope we can get your Felicity mystery solved…
      Thanks Paula,
      Blessings, Jeanne

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