Why I take close up shots of my doll clothes…

For as long as I have been selling doll clothes to the public; which is over 18 years, including selling at my local Farmer’s Market and then Ebay and Etsy; I have always tried to include close up detailed photos of my doll outfits. Why? Because I think the person buying my things has the right to know exactly what they are getting before they buy them. If you only see a far away photo of a doll outfit, you have no idea what it looks like up close….is the collar straight? Do the sleeves have the same amount of gathers on each side? Do the pinafore ruffles look even? Does the back seam lay straight? Are the plaids matched at the back? I like to be up front and personal, I guess…

One of my doll customers told me a long time ago that she was never surprised by what she received from me. It was always just as it was shown in the pictures. Now sometimes I’ve even gotten emails saying it was “nicer” than the pictures portrayed… it’s a GOOD thing! I guess my years in 4-H were too ingrained in me to not try as hard as I possibly could to make my doll outfits well. I’m not afraid to show close up shots because I have nothing to hide. If I’m not willing to show a close up shot of something, there’s probably a reason… and it probably needs to be ripped out and redone. It keeps me on my toes too… to strive for excellence.

One time I did make a Regency dress for Marisol and a lady asked me if the bonnet trim was just a little bit crooked? I looked at my pictures again and could see what she meant… so I took the trim off and fixed it slightly straighter… She bought that dress and was a happy customer!

So after all this talk… I thought some close up shots were in order… hope you enjoy them!


















Hope you enjoyed them… See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    Beautiful detailing, Jeanne! Yes, 4-H was a good place to learn!

    I am wondering if you include washing instructions with your outfits. heavens forbid they would need it in the future, but is that hard to figure out with all the little detailing?

  2. HI Linda,
    Actually I probably do need to put some kind of instructions for care in my packages…. I think most things could just be washed gently by hand using a mild detergent and then let dry flat on a towel. Some may require a warm iron to lightly touch up. Certain items like the wool felt jackets probably shouldn’t be washed… as well as anything with silk ribbon embroidery on it.
    Thanks Linda,
    Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Charlotte Trayer says:

    Another 4-H girl!! 😉 I, too, was in 4-H, in Michigan, from 1956 until we moved, October 1960. Didn’t know they had 4-H in Wash. state until many years later–I wish I had known, the move might have been easier for me. (I fought it tooth and nail; I did NOT want to move! To this day, I go back to Michigan any chance I get.)

    Anyway, I’m another of those for whom everything has to be dead-on straight, perfectly accurate, etc. I’ve been known to take out and redo if there’s even 1/8″ difference between the sides (for instance)! And that’s on my Own clothes–on doll clothes, it’s even more important.

    Teaching sewing at Stretch & Sew in the early 80s really honed my skills, and impressed upon me the importance of stitching accuracy–I passed my garments and samples around in class for everyone to inspect closely! Those ladies would have said something if I had made a mistake!! 😉

    Loved seeing all the gorgeous details of your doll clothes.



    • HI Charlotte,
      Yes, those 4-H judges were pretty strict, weren’t they? You mentioned the 1/8th inch difference in something…. I had that exact same experience… I made a burgundy and grey dress that had a band around the hips and a skirt with pleats. Where the band met at the sides I had one side that was about 1/8th of an inch that was uneven. I knew the judges would point it out so I took the band off and straightened it up. Sure enough, when the judges were looking it over, she said, “perfectly matched sides!” Whew… was I ever glad I did that rip out and corrected it. I went to state with that dress! So it does pay to be exact.
      Just you mentioning all this makes me try even harder than I do, because I know you’ll be watching!!!
      Thanks Charolotte!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Your work is impeccable, Jeanne! I’ve never seen your lavender floral dress with the neckline ruffle and ribbon embroidery. It looks so pretty.

  5. Jeanne, you are so innovative. I love the ribbon laced through the trims, something I would have never thought of. Do you sit down with a sketch book or do these ideas come to you when you’re sitting at your sewing machine thinking about the next outfit? Jevne

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