Who’s up next and a few bits of trivia…

***** I knew I would forget something that someone sent me… and it was right under my nose, on my kitchen window ledge, where I do my dishes. A while back I showed some of the many things I was sent for Easter. I mentioned there were probably other things I had forgotten. I was right. Someone sent me the tiniest little clay pot with seeds for Pansies and Forget me nots! I planted them in the little 1″ pot and they have started to push through the dirt! They are so sweet and it says when they get 2″ high to transplant them. I’ll keep you posted…

***** I think you know what this picture means…

Yes, Addy is next in line for a dress… and I already have the name for it. I can’t remember where I got it, but I remember sitting at the table with my hubby and I grabbed for a piece of paper to write down the name. It’s going to be called “Southern Charm.” I have SO SO many fabrics that I think of as Civil War, so it’s hard for me to narrow it down… I picked out three and thought I’d show you… if nothing grabs anyone, I’ll pull out 3 more and see what you think of those… If you have any suggestions to match the name I’ll see what I can come up…

***** My hubby fixed the roof so we are hopeful that the leak in our dining room is a thing of the past!

***** The other day, I showed you some pictures of my newer shorter fingerless gloves. I mentioned that I’d put them in my Etsy shop, but I neglected to do that… I finally managed to get them listed in there today. You can see them HERE. You can also click on the mini pictures of my Etsy shop at the right side bar. The shorter versions look like this…

Well, that’s going to be it for today… I’ve had “the crud” and need to take a shower so I can “steam out” my head…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Marilyn says:

    Good luck with the crud — it has no place in your busy life. Besides, it’s no fun.
    The tiny plants are darling. Most of mine lived through the snow, but I’ll have to get some replacement tomato plants Saturday.

    And of course that was my next question — who’s next? What could be better — a Victorian dress for spring. Since it’s a spring dress, I choose fabric three. Save some of your new gloves to go with Addy’s new dress. Do you have any silk thread that will coordinate with your fabric so that you can embroider her purse and bonnet? An embroidered slip would be pretty, but a Civil War slip embroidered by hand would be pretty labor intensive. Save that idea for a 1910 dress for Rebecca.

    I’m looking forward to seeing which fabric other people choose and then what you decide will be best for the dress you design. Whatever happens, this will be a pretty dress.

  2. Charlotte A. says:

    While all three fabrics are beautiful, I like fabric three the best. It’s the one that says “Southern Charm” to me.
    Good luck with the roof project. Leaks can be so difficult to seal up.
    Darling little plants! They’ll be so pretty when they bloom.
    Hope you have a good day!
    Take care.

  3. Linda Doyle says:

    Hello! Jeanne! So glad that when I looked at the fabric choices, I picked number 3 and lo and behold, so did Marilyn and Charlotte! It looks so light and airy, and just reminds me of summery southern charm! Yes, like Marilyn says, maybe some pretty floss stitching somewhere too! And those fingerless gloves!!

    Well, guess what we saw on the local news last night? A video of the dormitory at SIU that was flooded on the first floor! And here comes more rain for us! All the schools are closed around me, and a lot of people are cut off from the St. Louis area due to road closures.
    Oh, yes, the AG store visit from yesterday! Well, I did see Z and she is cute, looks just like Ivy, but with different hair. Maybe her eyes are different color, but I don’t recall. Most importantly, 2 of the salespersons, and one used to be a Personal Shopper, told me that Perma Panties are on the way out! I did see them, and they are a very pretty pink, but would not want a doll that had them.

  4. Those pots of flowers are very cute. I think, with Spring the way it’s been, that the yellow and black combination would be perfect for Addy. 😀

  5. Shara Smith says:

    Spring in theSouth brings to mind azaleas and crepe myrtles ablaze with pink flowers… i love the third fabric .. hope its the one Addy chooses as its very “Charming:)”

  6. Oh, those little flowers are so sweet. I love both flowers. Especially the Forget-Me-Nots. Do you have a spot for them when you transplant them?
    And Addy…yay!! Each of the prints are so pretty. It seems like Addy wore the yellow color before in one of your earlier designs? For the name, “Summer Charm”, I sure can see the last one. It is more elegant and I agree with the girls that some gloves would be perfect with it. I really like that one. Shara said it best…what a great description.
    Interesting to hear that American Girl is going to get rid of the permapanties. Those don’t bother me as much as the looks of the newer dolls…they just don’t send me. I wish they could make the 18″ dolls as best as they can and with nicer accessories. I must say that Maryellen’s accessories are nicely done. I wonder if the new Felicity will have anymore accessories. She’s not that great either anymore. Glad I have the older versions.
    Have a great day!! Hope you feel better.

    • Hi Paula,
      It’s been speculated that Felicity will get her “collection”, however miniscule that turns out to be, in the August release. I can already imagine another too short dress or two and a plastic version of her lovely tea lesson and perhaps Penny and horse supplies. I’m already sure I will pass as I did with Samantha’s. So glad I finished both of their PC collections a couple of years ago. Addy’s BF collection was quite well done, but it seems to me, once AG archives a doll, they don’t do it as well the second time around. I do agree that Maryellen’s collections is really nice. I do like the 1950’s, I just could invest in another collection and her bangs would limit her time traveling to the eras I like best.
      I think AG has received so much negative feedback on the permapanties, they don’t have a choice. I can’t buy a doll with them because can you imagine a Civil War or Colonial girl for example with modern underwear and that’s because all my dolls are historical only and if I ever did buy I TM that’s what she would becomeI have a great dislike for the new body fabric and zipties. The new dolls have way too much face paint IMO. My Caroline (as the latest one I have produced year-wise) looked overly bright to me at first, but because I loved her eyes I took a chance and she’s perfect for the Civil War character I made her over into. Except for Felicity and Samantha my MO was buy a doll I love, rename her, move her to an era of choice or make her time traveling thus freeing her from her collection and therefore I can buy anything from anywhere and make it fit.

  7. Hi Jeanne,

    I hope you’ve woken up with less “crud” than last night. That’s rough and sorry to hear it.

    Yeah for the roof fixing!

    All of the fabrics look so good on Addy. She’s a favorite with me and whatever you choose will adorn her beautifully. Can’t wait to see this creation.


  8. So happy to hear from Linda that perma panties are on the way out!
    Glad you now have the roof repaired.
    Love the number three fabric. The subtle stripes are lovely. I’d like to see the number two wider lace with it, perhaps along the bottom edge or vertical down the front.
    And tell the crud to take a hike!

  9. Kathie Welsh says:

    Hi Jeanne,
    Hummmm I liked #3 before I read the other comments. That fabric looks like Southern Charm to me too.
    Is Noah getting the Ark ready for some you poor ladies? It is supposed to be more spring like next week. My Wood peony is blooming… a week or so ahead of schedule…it blooms long before the traditional ones…I’ll send you a picture.
    Good luck with the teeny flowers!

  10. Linda Doyle says:

    Kathie, here’s something funny—we are in the midst of flooding, and they have called off various schools. One of them is Noah’s Ark Pre-School! We’re doomed!!

  11. I popped in to see what was happening….and, of course, I have my ‘opinion’ on the fabric. 🙂 I think the yellow fabric would be a wonderful ‘spring’ addition to her wardrobe! her skin color sets off that color perfectly. 😉 We ave SUN in Michigan today – and very grateful for it! it’s been so ‘gloomy’ – it’s hard to imagine warmer weather coming/staying! Feel better soon!

  12. Susette says:

    I like the last one too. Very light and springtime-looking. The lace fingerless gloves will look very nice with this choice of fabric. I didn’t notice the stripes until Joy pointed them out.

    The Rebecca Play Dress is one of the best I’ve seen. Glad Linda got it with the darling hat and shoes included

  13. It’s been a beautiful day here, so I took full advantage of being outside. It will be the only day this week there hasn’t been rain or rain is expected.
    Yeah, Addy is next. The yellow fabric, most definitely the yellow!! It glows against her warm brown skin and the black and little touch of orange-red is so pretty. The third fabric is pretty as well, but I see it as Regency for some reason.
    Well, Jeanne, your comment yesterday about my keeping track of your dresses is somewhat true, but it only applies to some dolls/eras and you already know who/what they are.* LOL and smiling* :-). I am completely aware how long it’s been for a Civil War dress or a Colonial, hence when Addy or Rebecca or sweet Felicity has been on the table.
    I am pretty aware how long it’s been since I’ve seen a Prairie dress since Kirsten is your only model for those, and she takes the credit for starting the PC love here or when a Victorian/Edwardian dress was constructed or when Elizabeth or sometimes Rebecca models a Regency dress. Last Regency was Christmas Rose because it was gorgeous. By the same token, except for enjoying seeing your LD creations the other dolls don’t stand out as much and that is obviously because I don’t own them or associate them with a particular style that I love as I do the PC/AG girls.
    When I think about it, you certainly sew for a wide range of dolls/ eras and I do enjoy seeing every last one whether the doll is one I want to have or not.

    • Hi again, Jeanne,
      Saw and replied to your post about Caroline on PT. Are you considering getting one ? Since I much more prefer the decal eyes, hence Samantha and Felicity, Caroline was a natural choice and I love her as my Civil War girl. Her eyes are mesmerizing. For the first week I had her, every time I passed my chest of drawers where she sat, I would pause , pick her up and admire her eyes. Those soft seafoam green eyes and flaxen curls are a lovely combination. She has an almost angelic look about her. The Classic version has lighter eyebrow and the eyes are prettier. IMO. PC/AG has made four breathtaking combinations: West German Felicity with those peridot green eyes and copper red hair, German Kirsten with summer sky blue eyes and golden straw hair, Marie-Grace with her aquamarine eyes and golden brown hair and Caroline. If AG ever makes decal blue or decal gray eyes I would buy the doll without question even if I would have to wig, eye swap and/ or body swap to make her perfect.

  14. Paula F. says:

    Thanks Laura for the information on Felicity, as well as your other comments. I do agree with you. I too, hold the historical dolls in high regard. They all have such interesting stories and accessories- at least the older ones. I have some of Maryellen’s furniture and it truly reminds me of furniture I remember as a little girl. And it’s plastic, like lots of things from that era.
    I’ve added the JLY dolls to be friends of the historical girls but will not be buying any of the new dolls until Mattel makes them better. They had a good thing going from Pleasant Company- I wonder what made them decide to create the dolls differently.

  15. Anne Johnson says:

    What a nice green thumb you have, Jeanne! Your plants look so sweet. I wish you success with their upcoming “transplant.” Do keep us posted on their growth.

    I have a favorite fabric for Addy and it seems to be popular, but I think that leaving the decisions up to the expert leads to the most charming design results. ; 0) Whatever fabric/trims you choose, Addy will radiate “Southern Charm!”

    Oh dear, so sorry to hear you’ve had “the crud!” I find “steaming” to be quite helpful, too. I hope it helped loosen things up, putting you well on your way to good health. “Crud, crud, go away! May Jeanne feel better with each new day!”

  16. Marilyn says:

    I love Anne’s rhyme and hope it’s working for you. You need to be well.

    All three fabrics are beautiful on Addy, especially with this hairstyle. Make the third one for spring, the blue for mid-summer, and the yellow one for fall. Joy said she liked the lace that is shown with the blue fabric. So do I — it is so wide and nice. I suppose it shows up on the blue fabric better. The other thing we have to remember is that Addy left the South and lives in the North. Maybe someone can think of a good name that reflects that. The third fabric would work with “First Touch of Spring.” We can all keep thinking.

  17. Charlotte Trayer says:

    Well, I’ll throw in my 2¢ worth here, too!

    To me, the yellow print with black lace looks more like Josefina, although it is pretty on Addy. I was going to suggest the blue, but then I took another look at that third fabric, and I do think that is my choice. I wish you had some kind of pink lace or pink trim, though–I think it would add quite a lot to the outfit if it’s the right shade of pink (and we know how That can go, trying to match colors!!). Wider white/off-white lace would work, though, if you were to do some pink embroidery on top of it, as you’ve done on some of your garments. (Ten Ping says to tell Auntie Jeanne that pink is Always a good choice!! LOL)

    I’m sorry to hear you have the “curd”; hope you feel much better in the morning!!

    • Charlotte Trayer says:

      Oops, that should be “crud”….I guess I should have waited a bit to take that half a pain pill.

  18. Marilyn says:

    Oh, dear, Jeanne — it looks like you really do have the crud and it’s decided to stay. I hope you rest today and feel better soon. Water your cute tiny plants and go back to bed. We’ll look forward to seeing you when you feel better.
    All the best — take care of yourself.

  19. Charlotte A. says:

    Oh, I hope everything is okay with you and George. Until you return, perhaps we should get a conversation going? Since it is my idea, I will start.
    I live in Saginaw, Michigan. If you look at your left hand, I live approximately where the thumb meets up with the hand. I don’t have an extensive doll collection. I have five American Girls and one Girl for All Time. How about you?

    • Anne Johnson says:

      Hi Charlotte A., It is a pleasure to “meet” you! I always think about where Jeanne’s readers reside, what kind of weather they are experiencing, and so on. I know Laura is in Delaware, Ohio, not far from me in Powell, Ohio; Linda is from St. Louis, not far from Jeanne in Carbondale; and Joy is in (mostly) sunny California; and now it is nice to learn your location, too! I know it well, and have used the “mitten” reference myself. We lived in the ti-city area when we were first married, many moons ago. My husband was in field-service engineering, and our daughter was born in Midland. The area holds good memories for me and will always have a special place in my heart. Now I will think of Saginaw when I see your comments on Jeanne’s blog!

  20. Charlotte A. says:

    Hi Anne!
    Thanks for responding and filling me in on so many locations. It’s neat that you know the tri-city area. We’re all more connected than we realize.
    Take care.

  21. designdreamer says:

    I’m so glad to hear that the perma panties are on their way out also!!! I mean WHAT were they THINKING???? I wonder what Pleasant Rowland thinks about it. On the fabrics, I don’t know why, but for some reason, the first combo vaguely reminds me of an outfit that was made for Josephina – wasn’t there a yellow dress with a black mantilla once? Anyway, all of that to say, I also really like the 3rd fabric, and I didn’t notice the stripes until I read some else’s comment on it, but what I REALLY, REALLY love is that lace you have paired with it. Sigh.

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