What shall we talk about? ….dolls, of course!

Well, it appears this will be a picture-less post… I’m having computer problems… I can still type and publish my posts…but I can’t load any pictures into my “media library” and then I’m not able to pick any of them and load them into my post… That’s the one bad thing about doing a blog. I know how to do it when it works, but when something goes wonky, I’m lost and totally dependent upon someone else. Rebecca thinks it’s a server problem…so I’m hoping “time” is on my side and tomorrow will prove to be a better day. I can still answer comments and still see my posts, but things are locked up right now for a new post…well, one that includes pictures.

So what shall we talk about? I was doing my dishes trying to think of how to make this interesting with just words…and I decided I’d do a short post and then let YOU do the talking… I’ll ask you 3 questions and you can answer one or all of them if you like… we’ll see which one gets the most responses…

Question #1: What is your favorite doll and why?

Question #2: How many dolls do you have and how many do you think is enough?

Question #3: What is your dream doll…you know the one just out of your reach, but one you’d love to own?

Okay, let’s see what happens with these 3 questions…

See you tomorrow, (hopefully with pictures… I’m working on the red Civil War dress…)
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. My favorite doll is Molly as it was my first doll, bought after my only granddaughter was born and I knew I’d be doing “girl” things. It’s my era and I remember wearing the 50s dresses. I bought a Caroline at Costco a few weeks ago and ordered a Grace “on sale from AG,” which has not arrived as yet. The Grace is a reminder of my trip to Paris this summer. Jeanne is responsible for my ordering Ten Ping and I love this little doll, although I haven’t sewn for her as yet. I tell her “Christmas is coming. Right after I finish Riya’s dress to match the doll dress that’s already finished.”

    Enough? I guess I’ll find out. Does that word apply to dolls?

    I’d love to have a Lian doll or the happy little one that appears on Cindy Rice’s Blog. I think it is a Tonner Lucy and has the happiest smile I’ve ever seen on a doll.

  2. Linda Doyle says:

    Jeanne, I’m not sure what is going on here, but the comments are mixed up! I usually put my name and email address on top, then there is room to comment, but today the comments are on top and the name and email address is at the bottom!

    In answer to your questions, well, naturally, Molly is my favorite doll, but don’t tell the others! She was my first American Girl doll, and I completely fell in love with her when I saw her in the catalog in 1986. For some reason, I was among the first ones to get a catalog from Pleasant Company, but my daughter was in high school by that time, and for sure, I wasn’t going to be one of those crazy women who played with dolls!!! She was from the 40’s and brought back so many memories of the days when I was a little girl.

    In answer to the second question, I own maybe 20 or 21 dolls, the reason I’m not quite sure is that I am at the Bradford Inn in Branson, and I’m not quite sure of how many storybook dolls I have, but I do have 8 American Girl dolls, and that is quite my limit! Probably over my limit!! I have tried to get as many face molds, hair colors, and timelines as I reasonably could, and I think I did that with my 8 dolls.

    Dream doll? I really have no dream doll that I don’t already have! I am perfectly satisfied, although those Little Darlings are so sweet!

  3. Marilyn Grotzky says:

    The email address were under the comment spaces yesterday too, but the comments still worked.

    I do like my dolls but what I’ve always liked about dolls is the clothes, of which I now have way too many. I was so pleased when Pleasant Company came along with historical styles — it was a company made to match what I always wanted. And then Jeanne came along, making even prettier dresses.

    I wonder if anyone here collects Paulinettes. I have a lovely Russian one living in a box, and she deserves much better.

  4. My favorite doll is Sweetpie composition. Why? She was the first in my collection and I got to work on her and restore her. I love her.
    I do not know how many I have as far as dolls. Will there ever be enough? No because each time I think that I have one of a doll that I have seen and liked enough to get, another pops her head up. But I do seriously have to thin down to make room for others.
    the one I would like to have is a Kaye Wiggs doll of any kind. Just to have ONE. I like to dress dolls and make patterns so having the dolls the clothes fit is a must for me.

  5. Oh, my goodness, Marilyn! I would be delighted to give a Paulinette a home. I wonder if I might contact you through Jeanne. I have seen one with red hair in the Rosemarie Ionker book. Not like I could afford it, but one never knows. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that.

  6. Jeannie Brandon says:

    Jeanne, sorry that you are having computer problems! I’ll bet most of us have been down that road a time or two. I usually try the “control/alt/delete” trick and if doesn’t work I turn off my computer, wait a while and turn it on again. I have no clue why that works sometimes but it does unless you have a virus. In the worst cases we have called in son #1 who is a computer wiz and he gives advice or just fixes the problem. We are fortunate in that way.
    As to my favorite doll….. I really had to think as I truly love my dolls. The rule is that you are not suppose to have a favorite child – right ? I will admit to my sentimental favorite. She is a bride doll I begged for when I was about 10 years old. She arrived on Christmas morning in 1960 +/-, and was the most beautiful doll I had ever seen. My mother had made some dresses for her which made it extra special. I still have the doll and some of the clothes. They are in pretty good condition considering their age.
    If I had a choice of dolls to acquire I would choose one painted by Joyce Mathews. A beautiful red head with blue/green eyes and a sweet smile. Dream on.
    How many dolls do I have? I have many, maybe too many as I just gave myself a new doll for Christmas. She is a Maru & Friends by the name of Savannah. She is a Dianna sculpt. So excited.

  7. I’ve had many other doll types, Madame Alexander, the older Barbies, Tonner’s and Gotz (who I believe was the German company making the American Girls but I could be wrong about that.) When I saw the American Girl dolls and especially their accessories, that did it for me. At first I only purchased accessories for the my Gotz dolls who were similar type dolls, but it wasn’t until maybe 2005 when I bought an AMG who looked like my daughter. After that, “Leslie” had to have friends!! I sold or gave away all my Gotz and Madame Alexander dolls and some of the Barbies. I am totally devoted to AMG dolls. I may have 25 AMG’s, a modern group, the 40’s -50’s and then Civil War and 2 in Colonial. I just love them and their accessories AND JEANNE MARIE’S CLOTHES!!
    I’m starting to enjoy setting up scenery for them. Gee, 25 is a lot of dolls but I wouldn’t get rid of any.
    I would like to get a Little Darling’s doll like Lian and Isabelle. (Isobelle?)

  8. Jane Miller says:

    Hi Jeanne,

    The little French girl Bleuette is my favorite doll of all times and I would so love to have an original one…but way out of my price range. I have about ten Bleuettes made from various Bleuette doll makers and love them all. The original Bleuette had hundreds of patterns made for her, which most are still available today, so if you like to sew, she is the doll for you!

    Have you tried unplugging your computer, waiting three minutes and then plugging it back in? Sometimes that has fixed problems for me. Just something to try.

    Love your blog!

  9. I agree with Susette, the Paulinettes are gorgeous. I especially like Kathleen and Victoria. I have a couple of Kathe Kruse dolls and other German dolls and a Russian doll. Some were mine and some are my mother’s from childhood. My one Kathe Kruse “Heidi” has always been display only. She’s big, about 23 inches tall. My great aunt brought her to me in the mid 1970’s when she visited our relatives in Germany. All these live in the display bookcase and aren’t plated with or changed.. Belonging to two doll boards exposes you to many different dolls you had never heard of before.
    Now to the questions. Well, Jeanne, you already know that my favorite is my PC 1991 West German ribbon wigged Felicity. PC began the year I graduated from high school, so I never had a chance to have one. I always loved the PC Felicity my daughter chose as her second doll after Kirsten. She is my favorite because I love the coppery red hair/ green decal eyes combination and the soft matching eyelashes the German ones have.. I also like the entire collection PC put together for her and I’m getting into sewing things myself for the dolls. We took a trip to Williamsburg, VA when my daughter was younger as were able to see “Felicity’s World”.
    I currently have five dolls: my childhood Madame Alexander baby doll, a PC 1992 German Samantha, PC 1991 West German Felicity, Nellie, Caroline and my new, sweet Marie-Grace ( she does grow on you and her hair is so thick and lovely- thickest AG hair I think). I forgot to mention getting Caroline about six months ago as a birthday gift to myself. I just love the decal eyes on Samantha and Felicity and Caroline’s are a unique decal seafoam green.(AG’s never used it before) Her hair is Julie’s color, but looks different because of how the light hits the curls and gives them more than one color and she has the most angelic look about her. She and Marie-Grace are cousins in my doll world and I will have them both set in Civil War 1862. I have a few of Addy’s clothes/accessories that my daughter didn’t want anymore and plan to sew for them. Did you ever consider getting Caroline.?? Mine is a Classic I got NIB off eBay.
    I think that six of the PC/AG dolls would be my limit as I enjoyed building a fair amount of the PC collections for Samantha and Felicity as well. Now I can dress them and set out pieces for a display vignette. PC would have been my dream dolls as a child because I loved doll, reading and clothes/ same dolls items and there was nothing like that beyond dishes and maybe a doll sized toy. I made things as a child and my grandmother sewed clothes for me.
    As far as a dream doll, I don’t know. Felicity was THE one I always wanted. I have seen some lovely dolls, but I’m quite content with what I currently have. I would like to make a “custom” at some point using a PC German doll and make an Anne of Green Gables ( I loved the books as a child and we went to P.E.I years ago on a dream vacation) perhaps or just a lovely combination of eyes/hair. Maybe hand painting a unique eye color as I’ve seen some do with the old PC pinwheel eyes.

  10. Whoops… see what happens when you give us the floor,Jeanne. I write a ridiculously long reply. Sorry :0

    • Marilyn Grotzky says:

      I loved your reply, Laura. Tell me more about pinwheel and decal eyes.

      • Hi Marilyn,
        Jeanne must be having a busy day with the Civil War dress because it’s 9:20 PM here and she hasn’t gotten back to the posts yet.
        I only have and consider the historical dolls so I’ll tell you about them. The historical dolls that have decal eyes are Felicity, Caroline, Samantha, Rebecca and Maryellen.
        All the rest have pinwheel eyes. It seems most people prefer one or the other. IMO the decal look more realistic, but I have Nellie and Marie-Grace and they have pinwheel, but the darker blue and aquamarine are very pretty.
        My daughter has a PC German Kirsten ( she is the doll that started our love affair with PC and later AG in the first place. She has a PC Felicity and Nellie also and then a Kit and Julie.
        The advantage of the decal eyes on the old PC dolls is they can never “silver” which is where the painted part pulls away from the glass eye and alters the color somewhat. That happened to one of poor Kirsten’s eyes, but my daughter chose to keep her that way rather than get her a new Mattel head and lose the soft matching eyelashes since Pleasant Company had sold out by then. She’s an adult now, but still loves her childhood dolls
        If you ever need another place to talk about dolls, come on over to AG Dollhouse or AGPT. There are sub boards for other brands and that is how I first learned about other dolls brands I didn’t know.
        Just curious, what Paulinette do you have? They have such sweet faces. Would make a cute little sister to a PC/AG doll. they remind me of Storybook dolls my mom had and lost in a move.

  11. Anita Hayes says:

    I guess out of the 50 or so dolls I own, (not one Barbie among them) I would say Katie Effanbee is my favorite with 10 inch Ann Estelle a very close second. Why ? – Because they both have such adorable faces that melt your heart….but I sew mainly for the American Girl dolls (Nellie, Samantha, Kirsten, Josephina, Felicity, Addy)as I have more requests for their clothes. Yet during this pass doll show season the smaller dolls are coming into their own for clothes. My total 10-14 inch inventory is totally depleted – so this winter the plan is sew more for these sizes. I have not really thought about what would be my dream doll. I would like a Effner Little Darling or one of Bev Stoehr’s new BJD dolls …but I am running out of room….yet dolls are like buttons -you never have enough. Christmas is coming and just maybe Santa will bring your dream doll….

    • Marilyn Grotzky says:

      There is a new Barbie that’s doing really well. She honors the director of Selma. Search “Ava Barbie” on Ebay. She’s quite beautiful, and I am not planning to add her to my collection, but I love the photos.

  12. Hi Jeanne,

    My favorite doll is Kit, because I LOVE the 1930’s. My parents could not afford an AG when I was a girl, but my mother bought Kit for me about 8 years ago when I was 29! I recently bought Grace, as she was my “dream” doll, though her wardrobe will be sewn by me and who knows what era?

    Between my daughter and I, we will have 16 AG dolls when Christmas comes! That always sounds like 4 times too many, but then they come out with another adorable doll! I struggle with feelings of excess in our doll collection, but am trying to enjoy it and allow myself to have fun with one of my few true hobbies.

  13. I am sorry your computer is giving you fits. And this is a fun read with the variety of answers. I love it! My favorite doll is my Raggedy Ann. She was given to my mother at my baby shower and she has pride of place on my dresser. I have entirely too many dolls. My mother started collecting for me very early. Though I have “re-homed” more dolls than I own. My two daughters do not like dolls, so I will keep “re-homing” so people will have them that like dolls and my daughters will not be too overwhelmed … hopefully. My current favorite play dolls are my Bleuettes, though Ameila follows close behind. They have such open happy expressions and are easy to sew for. I love sewing for them, though my skills are still novice level. My “holy grail” doll is a wood body, articulated, French Fashion from the late 1800s. They cost thousands of dollars and I will not be getting one. LOL But I sigh over them at every opportunity. Thank you for the fun discussion!

  14. I still have my childhood dolls. Ginny, Muffy, etc. 13 of them, Tiny Tears, and others from the early 50’s. All put away. Just no room. Didn’t consider dolls at all until I found an Ann Estelle doll a few years ago. I had admired them when they were still new, but couldn’t afford the luxury at the time. I now have quite a collection. I like to actually play with them and set up scenes to photograph. I sew for them too, so they are not mint. I really don’t want a bunch of dolls that can’t be touched. I started out acquiring American Girl dolls, but then I discovered the 10ers. Recently, a couple from Ruby Red Galleria, Jar-Lu and Ten Ping have joined my group. They are fun too.
    I would love to have a Little Darling, but not in my price range.

  15. This is really an impossible question for me to answer, Jeanne. My favorites come and go and come back again. I’ve really enjoyed making Christmas outfits for all of the dolls in my line up (and a few more) this year. Riley and Alisha got something new after many years of sitting in a drawer naked which was fun; neither of them have ever had an embroidered sweater dress. If I HAVE to pick one at this very moment… it would be the Little Darlings, and I only have two. I think that I have enough dolls, but it is so easy to fall in love with another sweet face. When I start to get too many dolls though, I get overwhelmed. Right now I don’t have a “dream doll”.

    • Once, I had a large collection but I am not comfortable with too many dolls. Daughters are not collectors. My favorite is a LD by J. Matthews, in blue dress, name escapes me. What a bad collector. Dream doll I would pass on and want a walk in tub instead. Recently, I bought an Ipplehouse tenner and truly enjoy her.

  16. Charlotte Trayer says:

    Lots of responses to this column, Jeanne, and I’m wondering if you are having major computer problems, as you have yet to reply to any of them! I hope your issues are quickly solved, and you are back to posting photos, etc. soon!

    1–Favorite doll and why: Oooh, tough one!! I still have most of my childhood dolls and of course a lot of modern ones, too. Of my childhood dolls, my favorite is probably my walking doll, a “Princess Mary” by Ideal. I still have her original clothes, as well as a wardrobe made by mom and some things I myself bought in the dime store! For modern dolls, there are many I love, and for various reasons: American Girls, the early Magic Attics, Julie Good-Kruger’s (esp. the 16″ vinyls), the early Gene (have several, plus many clothes), Tonner’s 14″ Betsy McCall (I particularly bonded to one of them, and she has acquired a large wardrobe over the years), Lee Middleton babies, Little Darlings (of course…I have five!), and so on. But, thru it all, my heart has remained firmly with the Cabbage Patch Kids Originals, the ones that are all fabric, with hand-painted and hand-needlesculpted features. (I have over 20 of those now–shhhh!!). I’m a member of the CPK Collector’s Club and have been to Babyland. I brought my first Original, Dawn Hollye, with me when I visited, so I guess she’s probably my favorite doll, or at least one of the top five.
    2–How many? Your guess is as good as mine!! I don’t count, because if I had to count, I might have to admit–or at least would worry that Someone would find out!! LOL I have lately been culling my collection, donating many of the play dolls I have collected thru the years, but I have a long way to go yet before I can get the count down into double digits again, I think!!
    3–Dream doll? Actually, I would love to some day see (and maybe hold) a rubber baby doll like I had when I was a little girl. I think once there was, in Reminisce magazine, a picture of a little girl holding what looked like my baby, but it was hard to tell because there were quite a few little girls around the table, so the picture of the doll was quite small. I got mine when I was about 3, she was a drink and wet baby, and although I’ve looked at doll books, etc., I’ve never seen a picture of one like her, identifying her. She was my baby, and I had a cradle (made by my grandpa–I still have the cradle), some clothes and diapers made by mom, plastic pants from the dime store, and a table-top bathinette that our neighbor found and bought for me. Oh, how I loved that baby! She got fed and changed, and bathed, and powdered, and creamed! When I was in 9th grade, we were going to move from Michigan to Seattle, and mom said I had to give up at least one doll, so, since she was “old” and not as pretty as some of my others, I gave her and all her clothes and things to a neighbor girl. Then I came home and cried because I didn’t have her any more!! I was almost 15 and hadn’t played with her in years, but she was my Baby!!

  17. So fun to read this post!
    Jeanne, my favorite are my Little Darlings. I was purposeful in collecting a variety of dolls to see which I liked, and for my stories. I love other little children dolls, like Patsy, too. My grown up Iplehouse BJD’s are beauties. And Ellowynes are fun as a fashion doll. So pretty.
    But I definitely spend the most time with the LD’s. I am drawn to their pretty, realistic looks, their cute clothes, their tidy bodies, and perfect size (to me).
    How many dolls? Charlotte, I like to think that my collection is still in the double digits. And I say I have a hundred dolls, like a goal. Haha. Personally, I feel that as long as I have time to play with each of them, get them out for stories now and then, refresh my adoration for each, change their clothes for the seasons, then that’s a good number to keep to. It takes time, eh?
    Dream doll? Well, now that I recognize it’s the Little Darlings I love the most, I would love to have one by each of the artists! Hello, Nelly?
    Excuse me, I have to go winter-dress some dolls. Some are still in their summer shifts!
    I hope everyone here gets their dream doll some day!
    Jano 🙂

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