What do bobbins and roses have in common?

What do bobbins and roses have in common? Well, yesterday they both came to my house because it was my birthday! They both got to have their picture taken by me and they both were admired… They are both colorful and while one will last me a really long time…one will be gone in a week or sooner, so I’ll enjoy them while I can.

I received the most wonderful birthday wishes from everyone and it was so sweet of you all to take time and send them my way! I was truly blessed and the kind things you said melted my heart.

I also got 2 deliveries yesterday as well. One came from Susette…she sent me some colored bobbins, which I had never seen before.


Why have plain ole clear when you can have colored ones? They are so cute and come in a little plastic box to hold each one in place. I can’t wait to wind some thread on them…Shall I do pink on pink bottoms, blue on blue ones??? Who knows….Thank you Susette…what a nice surprise…

Later in the afternoon 2 girls from church brought a bouquet of roses and lilies out to me…and a card… They are so beautiful and smell divine! I have them in my sewing room so I can enjoy them…


This “turning 60 thing” hasn’t been too bad… I might even decide I like it.

In other news… we went to a BBQ place for dinner last night with our kids and unfortunately they only had deep fried cheesecake…so my hubby and I split a root beer float instead… I’m going to make a blueberry peach crisp today so that will be my birthday cake. :o)

My hubby and I worked on the lighting in my sewing room all afternoon before we went out to eat. This was my plan…come home, finish up the lights and cut out Rebecca’s Civil War dress… W-E-L-L… it didn’t quite happen that way… Electrical wiring can sometimes be tricky and we never know what we are going to run into in this 1892 house of ours… between the plaster and lathe he had to cut through to straighten up that one outlet box and the crooked walls, my hubby was a saint for staying with it as long as he did in there…



He had the power shut off in my room and so we worked by a lamp on an extension cord… When he got it ALL done and flipped the power back on… I thought…AH HA… there is still time to get that dress cut out and maybe a few seams made on it, but when he flipped the switch, sparks flew and we heard a big snap… SO… obviously my plans had to change. He said he will figure out what is wrong today… so I have no power in the room again until he fixes it. Don’t worry, he knows what he’s doing… he’s re-wired our whole house…he thinks it might be something simple like a pinched ground wire pushing on another one inside the box…

I really wanted to have something “sewing related” to show you so I looked back at what I has snapped pictures of…and I have something…it’s little bitty, but I like it. I decorated the top of my bookshelf with a few dolly props that I didn’t really use anymore. The wooden chair is kind of big for my dolls and sort of boxy like…and the mirror is too big to usually put in my pictures… I think they both look pretty cute up on top of my shelf next to my new Dressmaker sign!


So this is going to have to be it for today… maybe tomorrow will be a sewing day… I sure hope I remember how….. :o)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne


  1. The chair and the mirror are super with the Dressmaker sign. I’m so glad you thought of putting them there.

    The bobbins are great and will look even better filled with thread. At JoAnn’s or some similar fabric store, I found a box of thread in the full range of colors, each with a matching bobbin, all arranged in order — it has been endlessly helpful. You’ll be making your own, but it will be nice for you to be able to have all kinds of colors on hand. Next question — where will the bobbin boxes be placed in your new sewing studio?

    Your flowers are of course beautiful. I’ve never seen a bow quite like that and I like it. Later you can take it apart and tell us how it was made.

    I am glad you had such a nice birthday. I wish you’d taken a picture of deep fried cheesecake. I’ve heard of deep fried Mars bars, but not cheesecake. Maybe I’m just out of that loop.

    Now I’m back to the fantasy that several people were involved in last week — Jeanne, George, and Cindy visiting our houses to help us rearrange, redecorate, and rewire. It could be the newest HGTV program. Who has a name for it?

    • Hi Marilyn,
      I’m sure I can find a drawer to put my new bobbins in…I may go on a bobbin winding spree. ..
      Actually we passed on the deep fried cheesecake and I never saw them bring one out to anyone so I don’t know what it looked like. I’m sure the root beer float was a little better for us.
      The wiring is all fixed now…it was a minor little area where the wire was touching a screw. It’s bright in there now…
      Thanks Marilyn,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Linda Doyle says:

    I was so happy to hear that you are getting used to having a “6” in front of your age, but see, there’s nothing to it!! We all get there sooner or later, and in my case it was a long time ago!! Oh, I’ll take barbecue over any “fancy” meal any day! Fried cheesecake? Never heard of it, but the root beer float is right up my alley too!

    Oh my, Susette is so generous to have sent the beautiful bobbins to you! They look so pretty in their cases! The flowers are so sweet too, roses and lilies are my favorites!

    Oh, yes, I love the look of the little chair and mirror by your sign! That was a great idea! It gives the sign a “personality” I think!

    Sorry George ran into trouble with the wiring. Michael does wiring too, and it doesn’t always work out perfectly the first time, we know all too well! He’ll get it done, I’m sure.

    Oh, Marilyn, you are too funny with the HGTV show! Now you’ve got me thinking of a good name for that one!!

    • Hi Linda,
      I’m right there with you on the root bret floats…I love them…
      I like my bobbins and roses too. I just picked up a Sidewinder at the yard sale and think I’ll give it a try with some of my new bobbins…

      The lights are back on..and it was a minor setback…fixed in no time this morning… I’ll be in business before I know it…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. The sign looks perfect with the chair and mirror on top of the cabinet, a very professional decorating job. I’m up for BBQ, root beer float and crisp too.

    I have to share a secret with fellow followers about the bobbins and cases after all the tips I’ve gotten from Jeanne Marie’s posts. If you enter “Bobbin Cases with Bobbins” on eBay, on the second page you’ll find the same ones I ordered for Jeanne for an extremely low price and shipping is also very reasonable but of course takes a little bit longer. It was an amazing coincidence that they arrived clear from China on Jeanne’s birthday. What I like about the case is that it allows you to remove one without disturbing the others or spilling them.

    Thanks, Ingrid, for posting the link to the Willcox and Gibbs website with pictures of the beautiful machines. I also entered it into eBay and that was interesting as well. Thanks for being another example of the interesting people who follow Jeanne’s website.

    • Some of the bobbin cases indicate for Brother machines, but I’ve used them with my Janome and the Hello Kitty machine that I’m breaking in for Riya. It was a little sticky until I used it a bit.

      • Hi Susette,
        I was going to sell that little chair and mirror in the yard sale…now I’m glad I didn’t!
        I liked the fact that the bobbins each had their own compartment too…they stay in place better that way.
        I enjoyed the pictures of the Wilcox sewing machines too!
        Thanks Susette,
        Blessings, Jeanne

  4. I’m continuing to love the ‘new and improved’ look of your studio! I’m sure as you spend more time in there, you’ll be ‘at home’ with everything very soon. Welcome to the 60’s… they are sure better than any other decade. 😉

    • Thank you Mary,
      I’m loving the looks of my new studio too! It’s going to be a great place to work!
      So yet another 60-er in the group! There are quite a few of us….
      Thanks for your thoughts Mary,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Your room is just super, Jeanne, with the addition of your props of the past and the almost there/new lighting that will soon be yours. No doubt, sewing will come back to you…like learning to ride a bicycle….not that I have any concerns about your not remembering how to.

    The flowers were gorgeous…what a lovely way to move into the 60s.


    • HI Becky,
      Thank you very much for your sweet words about my new room and getting back to sewing. This has to be one of my longest “non-sewing” spells I can remember for quite some time. I certainly hope it ends soon.
      I think everyone was extra nice to me because of that “6” in front of my age now… :o)
      Thanks Becky,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. So glad you enjoyed the BBQ meal and the deep fried cheesecake. I’ve never heard of a deep fried cheesecake OR deep fried mars bar. Wow!!
    The items you put on top of the cabinet with the sign are simply adorable. Good move. Since part of what you sew is doll clothes, any whimsical item fits in so well. The mirror is perfect.
    Your flowers are lovely and with the scent, it must be heavenly. How nice it is to receive birthday flowers from family or friends.

    I agree with what someone said yesterday…you do NOT look 60 AT ALL.

    George is a trooper and has been such a big help making your sewing studio even more usable and nice. It’s just a matter of time before he gets it all straightened out.
    I’m sure you’ll be able to get back to the swing of sewing soon!!

    • HI Paula,
      Well, we didn’t actually have the deep fried cheesecake… it was just an option, but we did have that root beer float. It was yummy!
      Since I was planning on selling them, it worked out well that I thought of them before I sold them as I think they work perfectly up there.
      Thank you for the compliment on my not looking 60 Paula. It’s nice to hear that, whether it’s the truth or not…it’s still nice to hear…
      He got the lights fixed very quickly this morning. He said he had pinched a wire with a screw or something like that… problem solved and now it’s super bright in there. He has one more outlet that he’s going to move, but that won’t affect my sewing for now…so…I think I’m almost ready…
      My hubby had a cystoscopy this afternoon so that took all morning. We were supposed to be there at 11:45 and we just now got home…it’s 4:00. The doctor was running behind because of some emergency. So the whole day seems shot. And this evening at 6:00 some different ladies wanted to take me to dinner to celebrate my birthday…and I have another lady who wants to take me out tomorrow night. This is like the birthday that never quits!

      He’s resting now so I may try to get something done in there…sewing wise… unless I’m interrupted… :o(
      Thanks Paula,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. Now that’s my kind of present. Fixed lighting. Something you’ll use all of the time. I’m sure by the light of day today that it will be fixed. We’ve had the same pop upon fixing a plug, and I agree it’s probably a simple fix of a pinched wire.
    Glad you had a nice b day.
    Love that chair prop. The mirror too.

    • HI Joy,
      Boy, you should see how bright it is in my sewing studio. It’s almost blinding when you first turn the lights on! I should be able to see anything in there…and it will be super helpful when choosing colors to go together.
      I did have a nice birthday… didn’t cry a bit over turning 60! :o)
      Everyone here helped me!!!! :o)
      Blessings, Jeanne

  8. How very sweet of Susette to send you the colored bobbins. They will add another new pretty thing to your studio. It doesn’t get much better than flowers on your birthday. I absolutely love rose, along with almost every other flower. My grandmother had a huge bed of roses and I remember putting on rose gloves and helping her clip some blooms for the house. They was always a bouquet of garden flowers inside.
    BBQ sounds good for a dinner, but I would have passed on the deep fried cheesecake as well.
    George certainly has sticktoitness in helping get everything picture perfect. He, Cindy and Rebecca can all be proud of the part they played in getting it looking so grand.
    I really like the addition of the chair and mirror up there with the sign. I can imagine a doll standing in front of the mirror with a dress laid across the chair as if she is ready to try it on.
    I see Rebecca standing on the dolly shelf patiently waiting for her new dress. I’m sure sewing in there will be even more pleasant than ever before.

    • Hi Laura,
      Have you ever seen the bobbins in colors like these? I hadn’t but I love them.
      I guess I didn’t make it clear in my post, but we didn’t have the deep fried cheesecake… we passed on it and had the root beer float instead. I should have worded it differently I guess.

      I’m going to have to put up those little “acknowledgement” cards all around my room… Weeding out by Rebecca, Dressmaker sign by Cindy, Wiring by George, Caulking by George, Dressers transported by Kristoffer, etc, etc.

      I think sewing is going to be fun in here… it should be very calming and relaxing…just the way I like it when I sew!
      Thanks so much for your sweet thoughts Laura,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  9. Hi Jeanne and happy belated Birthday.
    I see you had a very nice Bday. How sweet of your hubby to work into the night on your studio lighting. I’m sure you’ll be back in there sewing up a storm soon enough. I think the sign your sister made is the perfect touch. Enjoy your Tuesday!

    • Hi Ingrid,
      Thank you for birthday wishes.
      My hubby did get the lighting in my room so things should start happening in there soon! I’ll be glad to get back into my routine…
      Some friends are taking me to dinner tonight
      ..another birthday celebration!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  10. Had to say this. Now that you are so “OLD”, the bright lights in the sewing room will allow you to see so much better. Ha Ha At 67, I need all the light available. 🙂

    • HI Joy,
      It’s like an operating room or a jewelry store or something equally as bright..but it’s wonderful and I shouldn’t have any trouble seeing ANYTHING in there… when my hubby gets a splinter in his foot, I’ll say, “let’s go to my sewing room…”
      Thanks Joy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

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