Well…the plan was to make a little pair of doll shoes…

I hadn’t been to town for a few days and my car was itching to go to Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s. So we went. I actually left empty handed from JoAnn’s but found a few things at Hobby Lobby.


I picked up some tiny red and white polka dot buttons. They had them in black and white, red and white and orange and white. I would have loved them in pink and white.


In the craft department I picked up 3 pieces of sticky back felt. I thought I could make Ten Ping a new pair of shoes. I’m not sure what size she wears, but thought how hard could it be. Then I found some tiny black and white pre-tied bows that were on clearance…and being the bargain shopper that I am… they went in my basket.



As I wandered over in the “garden” stuff, I found this fun little bench that I thought Ten Ping might like. It’s a little smaller than the one I usually use for some of my dolls, and it was 40% off… in the basket it went too.


Okay, so here’s the results of what happened with the shoes… I watched several tutorials and knew how it was supposed to work, but it wasn’t happening with me. It could have been the pressure I was under to get dinner made instead of having shoes made for Ten Ping when my hubby got home… I’ll try another time. The sticky felt is wonderful for making the platform part of the shoes and building it up. I’ve just gotta figure out the top part.



Ten Ping loves her new bench and said I could take her picture on it. Still haven’t gotten a smile out of her yet, but I’m working on it. (Kathie!)


A few other things too…
Yesterday’s post was all written and finished and published for everyone to enjoy all those lavender dresses. Later yesterday morning my neighbor brought over a bouquet of lilacs for me. They were SO pretty I added them to my post about the lavender dresses. If you read my blog early in the morning you may have missed them, so I wanted to show them again. They smell heavenly too.



Yesterday, April 22nd, is the designated day that American Girl has given to Molly for her birthday. I had mentioned it last week and was going to do a post on it, but….duh…forgot!
One of my subscribers, however didn’t…and she sent me pictures of the birthday dress she made for her Molly doll. Since I forgot, Jeannie B. in Texas, gets the spotlight for remembering. Thanks Jeannie!

jeannie B's birthday dress for Molly full shot

jeannie B;s birthday dress for molly pic 2

jeannie B's birthday dress for Molly eyelet

And one more thing… Ruby Red Galleria has added the blog post I did about opening Ten Ping to their facebook page. You can see it HERE if you’d like to “like” it or leave a comment. It’s a super big thrill for me to have 2 posts added to their site!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    Jeanne, I was also at Hobby Lobby yesterday and was wondering where those little satin ribbon roses are! They certainly don’t have them at Hobby Lobby! Then I went to Michael’s and found that they don’t carry them anymore. Didn’t make it to Jo-Ann’s, but why is no one carrying them that used to? I certainly am stumped!

    Oh, the lilacs are just beautiful! I can smell them from here!! They are my favorite spring flower, and I actually have a lilac candle burning at the moment, because I just love the fragrance–it means spring!

    Jeannie B., your Molly looks very pretty in her new dress! My Molly wore her white birthday pinafore, even though it was a bit on the chilly side here!

    Sorry those shoes for Ten Ping didn’t work out Jeanne, but it is good to know that even professionals can have trouble!! Her bench is darling though, and at least she has a place to sit while you figure them out!

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Linda,
      My JoAnn Fabrics store still carries the little satin ribbon roses. Our store has them over by the ribbons and lace on an end cap. They come in a little clear package of assorted or sometimes by colors. I just checked the JoAnn’s website and there is a picture of them, so I know most stores carry them. If you just google ” Joann Fabrics ribbon roses ” it should bring up a picture of them. They are $3.99.
      Also our Wal Mart carries them in some colors. …obviously in the fabric department if your store still has one.
      And Ebay has them too… just search for ” satin ribbon roses” and many pop up. You’ll have to decide between the ones from China and the US…

      I guess lots of Molly’s were dressed up for her birthday celebration.

      I read a tutorial about using old purses for the leather like look for doll shoes… now if I only had an old purse…
      Thanks Linda,
      Have a wonderful, but cool day!
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • Linda Doyle says:

        Thanks for the info about the ribbon roses at JoAnn’s and on Ebay, Jeanne. I’ll have to swing by JoAnn’s soon, but oh, the traffic around there! Just crazy! But at least I am glad that they are still being made, since I need them for crafts.

  2. The little bench is cute. I need to go to Hobby Lobby more often.
    The start of Ten Ping’s shoes look good. I’m sure it will come easy once you figure out how you want to do it.
    I love the lilacs and love their fragrance even more. Need to dig my lavender candles out like Linda. My wedding was in May many years ago, and on each table and the cake table, we had bouquets of lilacs. My bridesmaids wore lavender dotted-swiss gowns.
    Jeanne B. , Molly looks very happy in her new birthday dress. Her slip is beautiful. Love the pink print of the dress. Very cute!
    Have a great day !

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Paula,
      I just checked this morning and Ten Ping is still sitting on her bench so she must like it!

      I WILL get those shoes figured out…sometime. It’s not urgent, but just something I wanted to try. Of course, it didn’t help with starting with the tiniest little shoe of any of my dolls….

      I love lilacs too and think maybe I need to get a lilac candle like you and Linda…that way I can smell them anytime I want.

      Your wedding sounds wonderful and I bet it was so pretty.
      Thanks Paula, Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Oh, the pictures of Scruffy look very nice above the lilacs. Perfect wall for them!

  4. Charlotte Trayer says:

    Oh, my, I guess I’ll have to get over to Hobby Lobby soon–I really NEED some of those polka-dot buttons!! LOL (Maybe my store will have some colors yours doesn’t–will have to see.)

    Lilacs are my favorite flower, too, and I knew I had picked the right man to marry when I discovered he had plantd a lilac tree in the front yard! LOL It was still quite small when we got married in 1974; I’m sure it’s well over 6′ tall now!! It is right now in full bloom–a little earlier than usual, but this has been an unusually warm winter for us.

    And, Paula, WE had lilacs at our wedding, too!! We got married in May just so we could! The florist arranged lilacs with glads and roses for the altar, and the centerpiece downstairs also had lilacs in it. In addition, many of the people in church provided more lilacs, so there were bouquets all over the church, including a Huge bouquet in the fireplace in back of the sanctuary. Our bridesmaids wore lavender moire’ taffeta gowns, trimmed with ruffled white lace. They carried little vanda orchids and white carnations, and wore sprays of orchids and baby’s breath in their hair; I carried white and “lavender” (Sterling Silver, the only lavender available then) roses. It was a pretty wedding. 🙂 (My dad married us–yes, I’m one of those “PKs”–preacher’s kid!! LOL)

    • Jeanne W says:

      Hi Charlotte,
      Well it certainly seems that lavender is, or at least “was” a popular wedding color. I liked your line about marrying the right man because he had planted a lilac tree in the front yard! Your wedding sounds just beautiful! Thanks for sharing…
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • Charlotte Trayer says:

        Thanks, Jeanne.

        I did get over to HL today–got those red buttons, and the black and white ones, also two packages of little tiny buttons in brighter or deeper colors, and a roll of that tulle for petticoats, and yarn for socks for myself….I know, I should have grabbed a cart! LOL But I was just going for buttons, right?! 😉


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