Well, I asked and you delivered…

JUST A NOTE: Wellie Wisher’s Willa’s dress, at the right side bar —>
ends this evening on Ebay. If you’d like to check it out, click on the picture at the right, or click HERE to see the auction.

I knew a few of you out there had some October Outfits you were dying to do a little Show and Tell with…so let me help you out. Since I’ve shown all the orange and black outfits I’ve made, I asked if anyone had some outfits they’ve made and would like to show them to us. A few of you did…

First up is Christine… she has 2 dresses in her Etsy shop…The green one is shown on American Girl Lea and the black and orange one is on the Tonner My Imagination dolls. You can find these dresses in Christine’s Etsy’s shop…HERE. She also has a few other “non-Halloween” outfits too. They are definitely on the ghoulish side!

Don’t forget to click on the pictures to see them larger.


Susette has been busy and sent me a few pictures of what she’s been busy with. Let me tell you, she’s got the orange and black thing DOWN! I know you’ll enjoy seeing her costumes…




Now take a look at this party her girls are having!!!


Susette told me it’s ALL MY FAULT that’s she’s gotten “into” the dolls so much…it just started when she began reading my blog…and I “encouraged” her just a little bit, telling her she could “do it”…make clothes, that is! This is what she told me… “See what you have wrought! You’re also responsible for all the fun I have doing this.”

Oh, how I love being a party to someone finding out they love to sew later in life! I’ll ALWAYS encourage that!

My hubby and I are going to St. Louis Tuesday, and I’m not positive I’ll be able to answer your comments, but I will most definitely read them… chat among yourselves if you have to! I’m also not 100% positive I can get a post done for Wednesday either. I don’t have one saved up to use, and we might get in too late Tuesday evening for me to get one written, so if there’s no post, sorry.

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    What adorable outfits, Christine! I had no idea you had an Etsy shop and could sew like that! Susette’s outfits are amazing too! I think the party looks wonderfully done! I wish I could shrink myself and join in!

    I’ll be gone too, in Branson, for a few days, so I may not be commenting much. My thoughts are with you today, Jeanne.

  2. What cute little tiny designs in Christine’s dresses. I really like the buttons and the pattern too. I’ll check out your Etsy site.

    I have to credit a nice lady who had witch costumes on eBay for letting me know what to enter to find the Halloween Lace Panel (instead of fabric) for the witch costume. I assured her I wasn’t going to be selling anything. I made another of the African outfits for my Addy doll with leftovers from one I made for Thule. Felicity makes a good AG spider and Kit claimed the silver flapper dress. I finally found everything for Molly’s outfit this month and Caroline is SuperGirl. Thanks again, Jeanne, for all the fun I’ve had with this. You are a wonderful inspiration in so many ways.

  3. Thank you Jeanne for posting my picture and giving a shoutout to my Etsy shop. It made my day. πŸ™‚

  4. How fun it was to see Linda, Christine and Susette’s dolls their dolls in their Halloween outfits. So, so clever. I love the parties!! It looks like they’re all getting ready to Trick or Treat.
    One of these days, when I get back to my doll room and it’s renovation, I can play too!!

  5. All the best to you and George today, Jeanne. I want everything to go very smoothly. My prayer team assures me that they are praying for you. (This isn’t really a team — it’s a few lovely friends who have met with a lot of health-related adversity this year and are coming through it with amazing success.)

    Christine, of course I echo Linda. We are always praising details — the buttons — did everyone notice the buttons? Those tiny witches hats on the green dress, and the little darling tombstones on the black and orange. Between those and the lovely silhouettes on Susette’s witch outfit, my morning is made.

    Susette, if I could have one more detail, tell us about the outfit with the cobalt or royal blue/purple collar. Did you make that one too?

    • Yes, it’s American Girl. There are some complete ones on eBay right now. It’s tricky to put on as the part behind her head has Velcro going the opposite direction of the body of the costume. Fun!

    • Thank you. I love adding the small details. I think it makes the outfits pop. πŸ™‚

  6. Thanks for taking time with us, Jeanne.

    I too have my thoughts and prayers in your direction today….


  7. Christine’s dresses are perfect for the big holiday! You have so much talent.
    Thoughts with you on your trip to St. Louis, Jeanne.
    I’m excited. I’m the new mommy of AG Marie Grace. She is adorable and will join her buddy Cecile today in my doll space.

    • Oh, congratulations, Joy So glad someone else on here has Marie-Grace. Mine is renamed and is one of my Civil War girls along with a renamed Caroline as her cousin.. Marie-Grace is adorable, I agree! She is one you have to see in person and then you have to have her. Her face is so sweet. I bought her for myself last year as a Christmas gift. It took seeing her in outfits other than her collection ones to make me cave and buy her. I like her in Kirsten’s work dress a lot.
      I can’t imagine not having her as part of my collection

  8. Jeanne, I hope you and George have a safe trip to St. Louis and back today. I’m enjoying the pictures of the other ladies’ dolls all dressed up for Halloween. Thanks for sharing them with us. I’m too busy getting my sewing room cleaned out for paint and flooring to do any sewing, but I’ll get back to it once this other stuff is done.

  9. Christine, your outfits are quite cute and I really like your Tonner doll. I saw these posted over on AG Dollhouse and that Tonner doll has such a serene look about her.
    Susette, you certainly have mastered the orange and black look. All the outfits are adorable. I love Kit’s flapper outfit. I’m a little surprised with Downton Abbey that AG didn’t run with a 1920’s doll. Love your party with everyone gathered around Felicity’s table. If Jeanne doesn’t enable you enough, seeing that you have Samantha and Felicity as I do, I can tell you PC must haves and you can have even more fun acquiring those. LOL
    Hope you have a lovely time with your hubby, Jeanne.

  10. Laura, you may have been the follower who got me started with accessories for Felicity that I didn’t know to look for. As soon as I read your letter, I found the writing set and bed warmer, bed, etc., finding them on eBay. You, too, are contributing to the delinquency of an adult!!! Thanks, though. We’ll get together by email one of these days.

  11. Charlotte Trayer says:

    What fun pictures!! Susette’s last one reminds me of a couple of Halloween parties that friends and I–and our dolls–had a few years ago. One year Tonya used a large wheelchair box to make a haunted house room, and we all had our 16″ Julie Good-Kruger dolls in costume, and posed them in the house. They even bobbed for apples! The following year she made a “graveyard” for them to pose in. Both times we had games (for the adults!) to play, as well as food. This was maybe 15-20 years ago, well before digital cameras, so the pictures I took were on film. I should see if I could find them….I may have had the photos also put on disc at that time, in which case, I could share. But first I have to find them!

    Anyway, the pictures were a lot of fun, and thanks to Christine and Susette for sharing your lovely creations!

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