Today is my 35th Wedding Anniversary…and NO teasing today…a dress revealed…

My hubby has decided to “whisk” me away somewhere just for the day, for our 35th Anniversary! I’m not sure where we are going, but I’m guessing it might be in a town where there are tools! Harbor Freight Tools to be exact! You know how he likes tools! And I’m going to let him look all he wants because he was so sweet to me at fixing holes in my sewing room walls, putting up new nights, hanging pictures, moving furniture, changing outlets, caulking holes, putting up new trim, fixing ceiling tiles, cutting down furniture, and lots more that I won’t bore you with. So yes, if he wants to look at tools, you bet I’m gonna let him look.

I’m so very thankful for the 35 years that we’ve been married and so very blessed to have such a dear husband. He truly is my best friend and we have lots of fun together. A few days ago he was reading me some jokes from one of his chicken magazines… the kids section… Here’s one of the jokes he read to me…

“What is a cannibal’s favorite game to play?” Swallow the Leader! I know, I know… oh brother!

He has a wonderful sense of humor but also makes me feel very safe and protected at the same time. I love him very much and thank the Lord each day that I get to spend with him. Today it will just be out of town! :o)

B-U-T… I have something else to share with you…something you’ll like better than me rehashing what happened in my sewing room. I have a dress to show you… Yes, it’s Rebecca’s Civil War dress dress…unfinished in the back, pins holding the hem up, and still lots to do to get it finished but I decided no teaser shots… I wanted to show you I had been busy on it… and it will be done as soon as I can…

My cutting table area and my picture taking area still need to be finished so my pictures taken against the goldish paneling in my sewing room aren’t the greatest…


I looked at both buttons that could be used as a brooch and decided this one was the best one. It was the one most of you voted for, but several of you liked the other one better. Somehow when I put them on the finished dress front, it was the button to use…


So while I’m off galavanting with my hubby, you can enjoy these few pictures of Rebecca and dream of what else will be included with this set! Since I’m not sewing on it today, you can send along any ideas you might have for it too!




See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Shirley Elkins says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!! Maybe there will be a fabric store close to Harbor Freight!!!! Have fun wherever you go


  2. Happy Anniversary Jeanne!! I hope you and your dear hubby have a wonderful day!! 🙂

  3. Love the cannibal joke! I know a five year old who will love it!
    Rebecca will certainly be the belle of the ball.
    Have fun at HF and where ever else the day takes you.

  4. Congratulations on 35 years of happiness and accomplishment.
    Those tools will all go to help people, which is a wonderful thought and something you knew already. I’ll bet Harbor Freight is close to something else good, and you’ll tell us about it tomorrow. I hope it’s close to a nice restaurant too. Have a lovely day and lots of fun.
    Rebecca looks very pleased with her new dress.

  5. Anne Johnson says:

    Happy Anniversary, Jeanne! Wishing you and George a memorable day of celebration and may God bless you with many more happy years together.

    “There is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, communion, or company than a good marriage.” ~ Martin Luther

  6. Diana Jenness says:

    Happy Anniversary!
    I know at least ten couples that chose this Lsbor Day week-end for their wedding. It seems to be a good time to start something new. This includes me! We are celebrating 50 years married today. Fifty seems like a long time ago, but really it just passed in a jiffy!
    I love the new dress and especially the button and lace at the top. Have a good day tell your husband you need a steak. Congratulations to both of you.

    • HI Diana and congratulations on your milestone Anniversary of 50 years! WOW…that is quite an accomplishment and you are to be commended for it! Well done!
      We found lots of places closed today but thought they’d be open… oh well…

      Well, we didn’t have steak, but we had steak yesterday so that might count!
      Congratulations to BOTH of us today! Happy Anniversary to you!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. Linda Doyle says:

    Happy, happy 35th anniversary to both of you, Jeanne and George! And also a big Happy Anniversary to you, Diana! My 50th is coming up in December!

    I hope you have a fun time today, and left your worries at home! Isn’t it fun to just go somewhere without really having to BE somewhere at a certain time, and just relax? I hope you two do just that!

    Rebecca’s dress is turning out just lovely! I love the lace loops under the brooch! I was just thinking, maybe it needs some sort of fancy belt or something around the waist? Maybe something made out of the dress material with piping on the edge to define it and that it doesn’t disappear with the dress, and then come to a point at the center? Not sure if you understand that, but maybe you would. Whatever you do, will turn out just great, I have no doubts!

  8. Happy 35th Anniversary! Have fun today on your travels today.

    I agree with Linda’s comment. I’ve seen that kind of lacy treatment for definition with the point at the waist on one of your dresses in the past. The dress is just beautiful, and I can’t believe you have the button for a brooch that has the perfect colors for the jabot.

  9. Happy 35th anniversary, Jeanne and George. I hope you are having a wonderful day being together.
    Rebecca’s dress is coming along very nicely. I agree with Linda that the lace under the brooch is very pretty. I will so enjoy whatever you do to finish the ensemble because thins and Felicity are my favorite dresses you sew. * Reminder from my earlier post, after this it’s Felicity’s turn and then best to another Civil War dress on the doll of your choice…. LOL just kidding”. I know you have to sew for others.

  10. Happy Anniversary to you and George!! I hope you are having a great day!! George looking at tools and you enjoying that George is looking at tools. That is so sweet.

    My parent’s anniversary was today too. Dad wore his navy sailor suit and mom in the sweetest white dress with a sweetheart hat and veil. (I call it a sweetheart hat). I believe they spent a short honeymoon at the shore and then my dad was shipped off to war for several years. I miss them both but know they are together up above.

    There’s just something special about couples married on September 5th!!!

    Rebecca’s dress is wonderful. You never cease to amaze me, Jeanne. It’s perfect.

    I spent the day washing the blinds in my son’s guest room. Tomorrow I paint with a some help from my husband. This room is going to look very beachy looking. Actually, I’m copying some ideas from Bed, Bath and Beyond. My son is so relieved with all the help he’s gotten from us. It is truly our absolute pleasure to help him.

    Hope you enjoyed your lovely day.

  11. HI Everyone,
    We are back home now and had a wonderful day, doing whatever we wanted! It was very nice, but a little on the warm side… so we hit a few shops “just” for their air conditioning!
    Thanks so much for all your wishes on our Anniversary. It doesn’t seem possible that it could really have been 35 years ago that we got married, but I guess it is…
    Blessings, Jeanne

  12. Haven’t read Tuesday’s entry yet, but trusting you had a lovely day with George…and…Rebecca’s dress looks marvelous. You do such good work. Thanks for sharing your life/sewing with us.


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