To embellish, you have to have embellishments…

If you looked in my sewing room you’d see LOTS of compartment containers stacked and filled with colorful goodies inside. You might ask, “what’s inside them?” “Embellishments!” Yes, I have lots of them! I have to; otherwise I would be running to the store every time I needed pink buttons or a blue bow or a felt flower. I use embellishments on hats and dresses and slips and bears and purses, etc…see why I need so many? I buy them at yard sales, craft and fabric stores, and my family knows I love little things for dolls, so sometimes I get things sent to me in the mail! When I see tiny buttons on sale or marked down, I buy them. I know I will eventually use them. I am always thinking ahead and thinking outside the box, wondering if I see some something, how can I use this for my dolls?
These containers are just a few of my embellishments that I thought I might share with you.

If you click on the pictures, they enlarge.


I have lots of tiny buttons in every color imaginable…



Plenty of bows for slips, hats and teddy bears…


All kinds of appliques…


Felt cutouts…



Christmas goodies…(You never know when your doll might want to bake cookies…they’re perfect for that!)


and ribbon roses…


Embellishments are fun to collect…do you have a collection too?

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Jeanne in IL, I think you and I shop at the same places !! I also have a variety of plastic containers full of “embellishments”, old shoes boxes with sorted laces and ribbon, spools of laces & ribbon and then the sorted by color fabric stash. I also see that you use fishing lure containers. My husband was so proud of himself when he presented me with one of his extras. He heard me grumbling about the presser feet for my sewing machine getting jumbled every time I opened the crazy storage bin looking for my little screw driver or cleaning brush. It was a moment of ultimate love when he passed it from his treasures to mine!!
    I will say that your stash of goodies is quite a bit greater than mine but it does take some time to build up a ‘full larder’ of stock !! Just as we make sure we have plenty of the basics in our kitchens we do need to keep a broad assortment of these embellishments in our sewing stash!
    Great post & pictures!!!

    • Hi Jeannie,
      Don’t you live in Plano, Texas? That’s what a lot of my containers are called… I’m not sure if I ever looked to see if that’s where they made and that’s why they’re called that, but just wondered if you knew.
      I have been collecting things for Such a long time and have SO much stuff. I’m trying to get it organized, but it’s hard to organize a whole store of stuff in a sewing room and keep it neat.
      It’s fun to have lots of things to choose from, isn’t it?
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. I too have lots of bits and pieces…your’s are just so much more organized and neat! I’ll send you a picture of parts of my sewing studio some day…

    • Kathy,
      It was wonderful seeing your sewing “studio” and it looked great to me! It’s nice having a space for everything, isn’t it? Happy sewing to you,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Sharon in Spain x says:

    Jeanne, you’re so well organised and have such a nice selection of ‘goodies’, please can I come and play at your house! I would have such fun!
    I do seem to have quite a lot of odds and ends that I’ve collected over the years but I’m not so neatly organised as you are….you have me thinking that I really do need some more of those compartmentalised boxes for my buttons, which are currently all in small bags inside a box, but it is a real palavar when I need something because inevitably the one I want will have worked their way to the bottom of the box! So as you can imagine everything on top has to come out first! I’m the same with ribbons and other embellishments, all squashed together. I suppose it is because I travel back and forth from home to coast all the time and want squashy bags which are easier to fit into a bigger holdall to put in the boot of the car….yes, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!
    Ah one thing I have been meaning to ask you and now seeing this has reminded me, please could you suggest a good place to get the little felt flowers? I am not sure where to start with searching for them, but would like to get a little selection of them. Thanks ever so!
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain x

    • HI Sharon,
      It seems if you sew, you have embellishments! There is no right or wrong way to keep them… a lot of my laces are sorted by color and style and are put in ziplock bags and thrown in a drawer.. I too have to dig to the bottom usually to find what I’m looking for.
      As far as the felt flowers go, there are lots of sellers out there on Etsy who have them. You just have to look for what you want. You can type in die cut felt flowers or here are some sellers names: grandmotherskisses, bettyoctopus, GoCharmz, bbdsupplies, sesideco

      Hope this helps.
      Thanks Sharon,
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • Sharon in Spain x says:

        Thanks very much Jeanne, I honestly didn’t know where to start….I’m hopeless with searches. I will have a look at those sellers and see what I can get….I did have a got at cutting out my own little butterflies and flowers/leaves but I’m never quite satisfied with what I come up with like that!
        Hugs Sharon x
        PS ‘die cut’ was the bit I was missing in my search, felt flowers is just too ‘generic’ I think!

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