To “some” of the hats my daddy wore…. Happy Father’s Day!

My dad was a very special man… we never called him “Father” but he surely would have won the “Father of the Year” award…at least in my eyes. His life was cut short way too early with a brain tumor when he was only 49. Still in his short time here on this earth, he accomplished more, made more, learned more, “tried” more, than a lot of men do their whole lifetime. I found some pictures of him doing a few different things and thought I’d share them.

He loved to engrave on copper plaques and sometimes on watch backs…

He was a great listener and “explainer…” of all things mechanical… I’m sure my brother was asking him how his Alvin puppet worked…

Here he is fishing…

Who knows what he’s doing on his desk. He took every kind of course you can imagine, from refrigeration to working on small motors… (both of the black and white pictures are from when we were in Italy.)

I’d give just about anything to hear him play his guitar one more time… maybe “Life is like a Mountain Railway.”

He was a wonderful daddy when Cindy came along as the first child…

Sadly, we have only a few pictures of us all together. Here we are in San Antonio, TX, where he was being treated for his tumor. Happy times mixed with sad times.

He’s buried just down the road from me and I think of him often. Today I’m thinking of him and wishing he was here for a long talk. I’d have so much to tell him!

Happy Father’s Day to my daddy and all the other Father’s out there…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda D. says:

    What a sweet and touching post today, Jeanne! I can just feel the love you have for your father, and yes, he was taken way too soon. Now I know where you “get it”, all the things you can do! I also see quite a resemblance you have to your father, especially in his younger years. Of COURSE you called him Daddy! Who calls their father, Father?

    My father was a lot like that, very handy and could do anything. Actually, I never thought there was anything he couldn’t do! He lived a good, long life, but of course, it was too short for me. I miss him everyday! Of the 4 of us girls, I am the oldest and the one who looks most like him. There always was a special bond between the two of us, and will always be. Now you have me crying!!

  2. Ingrid B says:

    What a sweet tribute to your Dad. I agree with Linda… we all know your Mom’s a get it done kind of gal but now we know you get it from both parents. I’m fortunate my “papa” is still with us and is in great mental and physical shape. Wishing everyone a Happy Fathers Day’s!
    Hugs to you Jeanne
    Wish George a Happy Father’s Day for me : )

  3. Such a moving tribute. Know your siblings and mom will appreciate.
    Happy Father’s Day

  4. Susette says:

    What a thoughtful tribute to your beloved father. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. We do know now where you get the energy and the creativity if we didn’t suspect already. It runs in the family. Happy Fathers Day to George, another wonderful, dedicated father.

  5. Charlotte A. says:

    I’m missing my Dad today so I could really relate to your post.
    Hope you have a good day.
    Take care.

  6. Marilyn says:

    What a lovely way to remember your father. He and your mom passed on a lot of energy and talent to your family. What could be a nicer tribute to him than that all of you are the people you are.

    Mine was a lot like yours — he could fix anything, choose good stocks, run an electron microscope, build a house, write articles for science journals, fly a B-17, make evergreen blankets for his parents’ grave.

    Give my best to George, who is also as good as it gets, and have a lovely Sunday, both of you.

  7. Anne Johnson says:

    What tender and heartfelt homage you’ve paid to your dad, Jeanne. In sharing your sweet descriptions and cherished photographs, we can see both the vibrant life he lead as well as some of the wonderful gifts and talents you inherited from him. Though your earthly time with him was far too precious, I’m sure he was very proud of you, and still is, and he has left you with many beautiful memories. Thank you for sharing your lovely tribute to your father, Jeanne, and Happy Father’s Day to George and all the loving daddies out there.

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