This will be “short” because my day was “long…”

When I got up this morning there was one thing on my “to do” list that my hubby wanted me to find for our Married Couples Sweetheart Banquet tonight… a man and woman cake topper for the cake I made on Friday… if you missed that post, you can see it HERE.
I had looked at Walmart and all they had at our store was a bride and groom but one of them (I can’t remember which) was on the ground being pulled by the other one… I don’t think so…

I asked at one of the grocery stores cake department and they didn’t have any wedding toppers…

MY sister came in for the weekend and I wanted to spend some time with her today, so my mom, Deb and I decided to go to lunch at Panera… the party planning went out the window for that hour or so while we ate our lunch… Then we decided to try and find that bride/groom topper again…

We went to Hobby Lobby thinking they would have the best selection but their toppers were too modern…a big rhinestone diamond ring, a set of ceramic hearts sort of swirled together, and a white ceramic couple that were sort of elongated in their shapes… nope. So I called my hubby and told him I just couldn’t find anything. He was so disappointed…and asked if I could find any white doves…and I did…


So I got the doves and then I remembered the Dollar Tree and thought maybe they might have something in their wedding things…. but before we go there; as we passed by Party City, Deb said, “Maybe they would have something…” So I turned the car around and we went there…
LO and BEHOLD… they had not one, but 2 different ones to choose from and even had a single bride and single groom if you wanted them that way…
I was so excited…


But not as excited as I was to “show” my hubby when I got home this evening. As soon as he saw them he said, “YES…that’s what I wanted!” I just smiled… and so did my heart!

I read all the comments on my cake and thank you all very much! Since I have the topper, I think I’m going to pick off a few of the pearls… They actually sort of spilled onto the cake and it wasn’t exactly the look I intended…but if I have time today before the party, I think I’m going to remove a few…

Just a few comments from me…

Marilyn… the glass cake plate was my mother in laws and adds to the weight of the cake… I think it might be leaded glass… very heavy.

Linda… the party is at a restaurant here in town in their banquet room in the back… They told me I could store the cake in their walk in cooler until I want to bring it out… It’s in my frig right now.

Joy… your comment made me laugh… when you said your mom had a hat that looked similar to my cake… it really gave me a chuckle.

Jan… the cake is for the Married Couples from my church. We weren’t able to have a Valentine’s Party like we always do close to or on February 14th, so we decided to just call this our “Sweetheart Banquet.”

Jevne… you mentioned you wished you could be a part of my couples group… I just had a cancellation tonight… so I have one extra spot… I’ll hold it for you! :o)

Thanks for a wonderful “sister day” Deb! I enjoyed every single minute of it and wish it could have been longer… I love you!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. The cake topper is so perfect! You are certainly tenacious when on a quest. This is kind of cryptic, but I have an idea that maybe I’ll share with you tomorrow. I’ll bet you change the number of candies in the jar as Becky’s guess is in the Comments. Not that anyone would look it up, ha, ha. I wasn’t too far off. Have a wonderful time tonight. Can’t wait to hear about your party.

  2. Marilyn Grotzky says:

    Congratulations. If that’s what George wanted, that’s what the cake should have.
    What I like about that plate is the edges — it will be hard for the cake to escape. We used flat disposable platters and I always worried about the cake moving. We did use white Karo as glue to stick the doilies to the platter and never had an accident.
    Tomorrow we get pictures from the party. That will be great fun. And tomorrow you should just rest. I’m pretty certain that won’t happen.

  3. I once collected wedding cake toppers.I kept a few including a tiny pair dressed in crepe paper and a vinyl pair bought at Tokyo Disneyland. I loved the elongated pair when I saw them in Hobby Lobby and received them as a gift later. I think George was thinking back to your wedding day.

  4. Glad you were able to find the perfect cake topper. No one is going to want to cut the cake it will be so lovely. Have fun.

  5. Linda Doyle says:

    What a perfect cake topper, Jeanne! So glad you stopped where you did to find it! I guess you can now keep it for next year? I didn’t have a bride and groom on top, but a silver marriage cross, with intertwined rings on mine, which we now have hanging on the wall in our bedroom.

    I’ll be waiting to hear about the party and even pictures! We are living vicariously though you! My day\evening won’t be nearly as exciting as yours!

  6. Marilyn Grotzky says:

    You know, I also had a hat that sort of resembles that cake.
    Next year if you like, you can add some trim to the bride’s dress and make her a new veil. She could look different every year.
    Now that I think of it, we used cardboard platters for most of my cakes, but we had big, sturdy plastic platters for the big heavy cakes. They were molded to look like cut glass. If you are going to do this more than once, that would be a worthwhile investment. You can save that beautiful platter for your anniversary and Christmas parties at home.
    The doves are so cute. I hope they have a place too — if not, there’s always next year.
    What are you wearing for this party? You can tell us tomorrow.
    I hope you have a wonderful time and get loads of deserved compliments.

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