These are a few of my “Favorite Things…”

I had a Christmas party last night (here) and worked like crazy getting my house cleaned up and all decorated Christmas-y like! When it was all finished and I was able to just look at each room and see what little extra touch could be added, I realized I had a few special things in each room that my eye goes to every time I’m in that room. Some of the things aren’t expensive or even something anyone else would give a second glance, but to me, they are my favorites…

As you look at my “favorites,” you’ll think THAT is a favorite??? I’m really a very simple person…it doesn’t take much to make me smile or be happy. I love simplicity and I’m not into glam or designer brands… (however, I do like Clarks shoes and have been known to buy a used Vera Bradley purse off of Ebay…it’s because I love all the pockets inside them!!) Okay, enough…I’ll show you a few of my favorites…these are in no particular order… I’ll just post whichever picture comes up in that order…

I was visiting my sister in Missouri and we went to a huge yard sale and I found this lamp… it was $4 and I just had to have it. I carried it around like it was gold… and the little chalk doggie was a treasure I found at a yard sale this past summer. He was $4 too and I just adore him.


My older sister had been telling me about preserved boxwood wreaths and how they could be such a fun piece to have in your home. I was debating about getting one, but before I could…she sent me one. I love having it on my mantle mirror and every time I look at it, I think of her and how much I love her.


My hubby and I were away on an over-nighter for our 25th Anniversary a few years ago and we wanted to get something that we could remember this anniversary with. We happened to see this vintage birdcage in the basement of an antique shop and knew we had found our “treasure” for number 25!


I was visiting my older sister in Pennsylvania one year and we went to an auction. I was looking around before hand and spied this Aladdin lamp that was a beehive style… I wanted it SO much as we sort of collect Aladdin lamps… the bidding started and ended almost as quickly as it began. I had won the thing… for a mere $5! I was in shock… It was a little tricky getting it packed in my carry-on suitcase; wrapping my clothes all around it to pad it. When I had to put my bag on the conveyor at the airport, they must have suspected something…so they pulled it out, haphazardly pulling all my clothes off it, then they took something and smeared on it and waited a few minutes… then they handed it back to me and I had to hurriedly pack it all back in my bag with those clothes. I was almost in tears trying to hurry and do it. It was worth it though when I saw my hubby’s face as I gave it to him… for another anniversary present. The 1902 shade was one we had on another lamp but it quickly found a new home on this one.


I should just let my sister in PA do all my shopping for my house… she bought me this Luminara flameless candle too. It is one of my favorite things to look at. If you don’t have one, get one of these… this brand… I saw them at Bed Bath and Beyond the other day. There are others, but not as neat as this one. It TRULY looks like a real candle!


…and these two little sweethearts… Lian on the left and Isabelle on the right. They are Dianna Effner Little Darlings dolls and are so sweet to have. I’d have a bunch more if I could… Lian was won by me on Ebay. She was destined to come home with me as I bid an outrageous amount to have her… fortunately I didn’t have to go THAT high to actually get her. Isabelle was a Christmas gift from a very very dear friend and doll customer about 4 years ago. She holds a very special place in my heart and is the most treasured of all my dolls.


Nyssa is right up there with Lian and Isabelle, even though she lives in her box to keep her away from the light… (it turns their resin yellow if exposed too much.) Even bald and nude, she is still gorgeous to me. She is a treasure as well since she came directly from the artist Kaye Wiggs herself. Nyssa was from her personal collection and I was so honored to have one of her dolls.


In our bedroom I have two counted cross stitch pictures that I did years and years ago. I LOVE what they say and stop and read them every so often.




In our master bathroom, I have a couple of pictures that my mother in law gave me. They are glass convex silhouette pictures depicting the early 1900’s. I never dreamed when we finished our bathroom that the colors in them would match my walls perfectly! They are wonderful and delicate.



Last up is a antique leaded glass light that I found at a yard sale for $2. It is in our master bathroom as well and is mounted on our beadboard ceiling. It is super heavy and had to be reinforced to keep from falling down on top of someone. It is so beautiful when the light shines through it, but trying to capture that with camera is impossible. You’ll just have to admire the light “off!”


See… I told you what I liked were simple things. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my “favorite” things. I enjoyed sharing them with you. What are some of your favorite things?

See you tomorrow,
Blessings and Merry Christmas,

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    Jeanne, I see why you are such a sweet, loving person! Your favorite things are such a treasure because of who gave them to you, or a special memory connected to them. That is the best way to treasure something, not monetary value.
    That first lamp is beautiful! I wouldn’t mind having that in my house either!

    The pictures in the bathroom are just lovely! They remind me of pictures my mother also had, from the 40’s.

    Now to get going–my two granddaughters are coming over to spend a day with me, and we are making —-Chocolate Mint Cookie Bark,— compliments of YOU!

    • Thank you Linda,
      It’s been so much fun getting to know you through “comments” and emails… I’m determined to have a meet up with you this next year!
      Have fun making your bark… I’m going to have to make more… I gave the last of mine to the Postal clerks in at my PO… now I’m out again.. and need more.
      Merry Christmas Linda,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Merry Christmas, Jeanne. Thanks for sharing your favorite things, holiday decorations, and party preparations.

    Simple is the way to go…less to dust…more time to sew.

    May your holidays be filled with many new memories to add to the ones you’ve already made.

    • Hi Cindy,
      You are SO right about that dusting issue! Since we have no flooring down, I’m sure I get extra dust from all the wood fibers being kicked around. At least that’s what I’m blaming it on…
      I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Cindy!
      Merry Christmas, Jeanne

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