There’s a new girl at my house… who is it?

My girls all got down from the dolly shelf when they saw me bring in this long box…”That looks like it has a doll in it,” Saige said. “Well, it could be…” I told her.


“Hurry and open it up so we can see,” Elizabeth said anxiously!


“Ooohhhh, she’s got a pretty green dress on…” they all chimed in unison…



“It’s MOLLY!” shouted everyone.




I was so pleased that everyone welcomed Molly with open arms…


She is very pretty and isn’t your typical Molly with braids and glasses, but something about her pulled at my heart strings…ever have that happen to you? I had a Pre-Mattel Molly and sold her about 6 months ago. Something about her never grabbed me… she had perfect braids and even her original glasses, but she always seemed to be the last doll I ever sewed for. I couldn’t exactly figure out what it was but I guess we just never bonded. But something happened when I saw this doll with her braids undone and no glasses and her face paint was so pretty. She has Pleasant Company on the back of her neck but I don’t know exactly when she was made… I don’t care.. I just liked her and took a chance that when I saw her in person, I’d feel the same way…and I did!


She arrived in her green velvet Christmas dress with her shoes, socks and panties and a ribbon in her hair.


I’ll be selling them as I have no need for her clothes…


…and I think I’ll start with some new curls for her hair… it’s very soft and not dry at all. It looks like it’s a little ratty, but it’s super soft and very nice to the touch.


I’ll have to keep you posted about what happens with her…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    Oh, what a pretty Molly, Jeanne! Well,– ahem, that is exactly what my Molly looks like! She is a Mattel Molly for sure, and has beautiful face paint! While I liked the old Molly stories, I thought the PC Molly doll looked too young. I also didn’t care for the round glasses or the pie bangs, but this one is just perfect! Congratulations on your new addition!

    • Thanks Linda,
      I’m hoping to get her a dress made today…if things go the way I planned, she’ll be featured tomorrow…hopefully!
      So she has Pleasant Company on the back of her neck, but it was before Mattel changed the company over to American Girl? right? I hadn’t figured it out till you said what you said.
      All I know is I like her better than my old Molly.
      Blessings, Jeann

  2. I love your new Molly !! She is truly beautiful. I look forward to seeing the clothes you make for her. She represents such a memorable era in our history.
    I have Molly also. She was my first American Girl doll and she holds a special place in my heart. My husband was working on a long term assignment in LA and would come home on weekends. I asked him to go to the American Girl store and buy her for me. Before long he had the sales girl on the phone with me and we were filling a large red shopping bag with Molly clothes and accessories. He received quite a few positive comments from the flight attendants as he boarded the plane. As it turned out he was not the only man on the flight with a big red bag to take home. This event evolved into me taking the “red eye” flight every week on Friday night to LA after work. On one occasion I brought my 11 year old grand daughter with me which required an entire afternoon visit to The Grove for shopping at the American Girl store. Oh, such fun we had as Julie, her clothing and accessories were loaded into big red bags. Oh, and yes I also acquired Emily on that trip. I decided Molly needed a friend. With seven grand daughters those big red bags did not stop as ten more dolls have come into our lives. All have been traded back and forth and passed down from the older girls to the younger girls. In all, I still think Grandma is the one who gets the biggest thrill out of the dolls, their stories, their clothing and accessories.
    Welcome Molly to your happy new home!!

    • Hi Jeannie,
      I love my new Molly too… somehow she just seems sweeter than my old one…maybe it’s because her braids are down and she doesn’t have glasses on, but she seems less stuffy!
      What a romantic story about your hubby and his doll shopping trips….the other men too!
      You’ll always hold your Molly in a special place of your heart because of this. It’s so weird how a doll can brighten your day, isn’t it… It’s nice that you and your granddaughters have this to share.
      Thanks Jeannie,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Jeanne, she is so pretty.
    Yes, I know about the heart strings thing…
    Your new Molly is beautiful, and not like the regular Molly. “Special”

  4. Jeanne,
    Who is the doll on the far right, as you are looking at them. With dark hair and blue eyes?

    • Hi Judi,
      That doll is actually Eden, my #41, and she has dark green eyes. She’s the one who was modeling my last Regency dress that ended last night and also the Black and Gray Civil War dress right before it… She’s very pretty and is a good model for lots of eras.
      Thanks for the thumbs up on Molly! I’m enjoying her already!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Oh…I agree…she is a sweet one! Love her eye color and she’s perfect in green too!!

  6. Charlotte Trayer says:

    I, also, have Molly–got her in the late 90s, so definitely pre-Mattel. I even have that dress (it was her Christmas dress). I just love her; we bonded right away! Yes, I have sometimes taken Molly’s hair out of braids, and it really is nice. When I worked in a doll shop, I used to bring her in and she would “model” some of the doll clothes and things we had for sale, and I would write a little story about what she was doing–performing in a piano recital, going to Grandma’s for the weekend, heading off to camp, etc. It was so much fun–and we sold a lot of doll clothes, too!

    I’ve never been thrilled with the way Molly’s glasses fit, but the poor girl needs them–she can’t see the blackboard in school without them!

    My next one (about a year later) was the Asian “girl of today”, who, despite my best efforts to come up with an exotic name for her, decided she was Abby! LOL (Actually, she is AbbyRose Lian, so at least I got a little bit of “exotic” in there!) Kirsten was next, and then Felicity, who was my anniversary present on one of our trips to the midwest, purchased at the then-only AG store, in Chicago! Felicity has rarely been out of her box; I guess I really haven’t given myself a chance to bond with her yet, and I really should.

    A couple of years ago, I got April Eleanore, who is, I think, doll F1217 in the catalog. She has shoulder-length wavy blond hair, center parted and pulled into ponytails, with little tendrils beside her forehead (but no bangs), and “hazel” eyes, which are a much richer green than the “green” ones some have. When I got her (at our Own AG store! LOL) I took out 4 boxes and opened them and stood the boxes side by side and looked at all the dolls. Yes, sometimes they do vary slightly!! The one I chose has greener eyes and somewhat less “poochy” cheeks than the other dolls of the same model.

    AGs are really such fun to sew for, as they are a nice size. They usually don’t complain much, except the first dress I made for Molly was lavender, and she only wore it once. She reminded me that MY favorite color was lavender–HERS was red!! LOL April Eleanore loves it, though–I guess she is my lavender girl! Funny how they seem to choose their favorite colors after a while!

    • HI Charlotte,
      I have never even been to an American Girl doll store and it’s probably a good thing. I would have every box open and looking for the perfect doll too! I know there has to be differences in the dolls because I can see some of them even when people don’t say anything. You have a nice group of dolls and seem to enjoy them… me too!
      I just love the coloring on this Molly doll. She is VERY photogenic…as you’ll see in my post about her red dress, coming up…
      Thanks for a great read, Charlotte,
      Blessings, Jeanne

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