The Trials and Tribulations…..and Triumphs of making a Wedding Cake…

Let’s be clear: I’m not a wedding cake maker…I’m more of a wedding dress maker! After a day in the kitchen I’ve decided I certainly wouldn’t want to make wedding cakes for a living…

Yesterday morning started out pretty good. I got up early and began making my cookies for the favor bags for the party I’m hosting for the Married Couple’s at my church. Our Sweetheart Banquet is Sunday evening and the baking was one of the last things I had to do for the party. The cookies all turned out very nice and I got them packaged up! CHECK… one thing accomplished…


My dining room table is being taken over by “party stuff!”


Oh, and here are the flowers that were given to me by a store in town…I’m hoping I can salvage some of them for centerpieces..


I began on the “wedding cake” that my hubby asked if I could do and thought things were off to a rip roaring start. When the timer on my oven said there were 6 minutes to go, I thought…hmmm…this doesn’t look like it’s getting fluffy. Then it dawned on me… I FORGOT THE 3 EGGS! UGH!


I took those 2 cake pans out and decided the cake was going to be too small anyway. I wrapped it up while it was still warm and squishy and will serve it next week to my hubby some way. :o) He won’t mind!!

I decided to run to Walmart (4 miles away…thank goodness) and get a “real” cake pan set… you know, the tiered wedding ones.


While I was there I picked up 2 more boxes of powered sugar for the icing, 2 more cake mixes and 8 more sticks of butter. I know the party is Sunday night but my younger sister is in town and I want to spend time with her on Saturday. I was determined to get this cake done in ONE day!

So…let’s try again… I made the cake mix and poured it into the biggest cake pan…the 12″ one. 40 minutes later it was done. I let it cool and then flipped it onto the glass cake plate that I wanted to serve it on. I made up a batch of the buttercream frosting and iced it with a thin layer.
I made another cake the same size and Rebecca helped me get it onto the cake… Well, it was a bit droopy on one side, so SOME lucky person is going to get an extra helping of icing with their piece. Then I iced the whole thing… it’s actually in the UGLY stage at this point.


It looked pretty even though… except for that one blob of icing in that one section…


I realized I was going to run out of buttercream frosting, so I went BACK to Walmart and got 2 more boxes of powered sugar and some little white pearl candies. Back home I made up 3 more batches of buttercream frosting so I could make sure it was all tinted the same color of pink. I began the process of piping on my roses… I found out it’s harder to do them sideways than it is on the top of cupcakes… but I managed… One row down and I was pretty happy… the lighting in my kitchen wasn’t great and my roses look peachy, but they are really a pretty pink…


I baked the little section for the top tier and thought it was done, but when I cut off the part that was sticking up above the pan to level it, I saw “goo” and had to put it back in the oven… sorry, we can’t have goo!


Okay… it’s done and now I was able to set it on top and ice a thin layer over it…


Up over the top edge and I was even happier… now if my frosting would just hold out till the end…


When I was all finished, I only had about 1/2 cup of frosting left… Whew!!! I sure didn’t want to go to Walmart AGAIN!


I sprinkled some of the pearls on top and called it quits! Except my hubby wants me to find some kind of topper to put on it. I may just use some fresh flowers from the bunch given me… maybe…


Here’s a close up… and it weighs a ton! It’s got 10 sticks of butter, 8 eggs, 4 boxes of powdered sugar! YIKES! It’s a pretty hefty cake!


It isn’t perfect by a long shot, but it will do for the couples and I just hope it tastes good!

When my party is over, I’ll get back to dolly stuff… Lian is waiting VERY patiently for me to get her dress finished…

Right now I’ve got to concentrate on my kitchen…I’ve got a mountain of dishes to do! *sigh*

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne


  1. Marilyn Grotzky says:

    It’s a beautiful cake, and it baked so evenly. I’ve never seen roses like that — they create a lovely romantic look. You’ll need a simple, elegant topper. I looked them up on Amazon, just for ideas, and I wouldn’t let most of those close to your cake, not that you’d have time to order one. I think after people see this cake, you’ll be asked to do others, so your investment in wedding cake pans will be worth it, and they will be great for anniversary cakes every year. I imagine that you’ll be going back to Walmart to look for toppers — it will be fun to see what you choose.
    That’s a great cake plate, and your cake fits on it perfectly. And all those cookies. You’ve done so much work and everything looks so good.
    I hope you’ll have help taking all those things to the car and then to the celebration site. You still need to be careful with your foot. I also hope someone else is doing the cleanup.
    A friend said she made the wedding cake for a special friend, and because she was special, the baker used all butter in the frosting. The wedding was outdoors, and it was warmer than expected. Butter doesn’t do well in warm sunshine. She said it tasted fine.

  2. You have done a great job on the cake as well as your other preparations, Jeanne. What a blessing for all of those couples coming to the party. I’m sure your hard work and beautiful outcomes will be so appreciated!

    Have fun.

  3. Pat yourself on the back, Jeanne! You certainly can make anything beautiful, and your cake is no exception! What a wonderful centerpiece it will be at your dinner. I anticipate many ooohs and ahhhhs! Well done!

    Have a wonderful day with your sister. Sisters are precious, and any time spent with one is time well spent!

  4. I agree – I wouldn’t want to make my living from baking cakes, either! but – you did a wonderful job with yours! 🙂 Isn’t it great that our dolls are so patient with us and our ‘life happenings’?? They know their time will come. 🙂 Have a wonderful Saturday! We’re heading out to play music with friends today (I play hammered dulcimer – and play with other acoustic instrument playing friends – old time tunes… good for toe tapping and stress reduction!)

  5. Linda Doyle says:

    Beautiful cake, Jeanne! It’s funny though, every single picture of the cake has the cake in different colors on my monitor!! You say it’s pink, so I’ll go with that! Oh yes, the cleanup in the kitchen afterwards—–not fun at all, especially when you are just plain old tired!

    Where are you keeping this cake until the big “reveal” at the party? I wouldn’t have room for that at all in the fridge! You sure have great weather today to finish up and run back and forth to church or wherever this party will be held. Got to 77 degrees here yesterday—-in the middle of February, no less! Great weather to be having visitors too! have fun!

  6. I know it’s a wedding cake, but my mother once had a hat that looked quite similar. For another affair, you can add flowers/ribbons at the side and have a lovely spring cake. Maybe a special tea party, since your friends will surely be asking for your cakes.
    The cake is divine and those party attenders will enjoy all of your attention to detail.

  7. The cake looks beautiful Jeanne! Those couples parties must be such fun when you make the treats. 🙂

  8. The cake is beautiful. Roses on top and a trail down the side would look great. No more expense! I can’t believe how much work you do all by yourself for this event. Wore me out just reading the tale of the cake! Have a wonderful, relaxing time with your sister.

  9. I like fresh flowers on cakes. hope you go with them. Still don’t know if the cake is for the singles party or a marriage.

  10. You are so multi-talented, Jeanne!!! It’s a beautiful cake, everyone will love it. I admire you for all the time you donate to your church. I would love to be a part of your group.

  11. My gosh girl you did a wonderful job! That is so hard to do! It does take a long time to do and that new all over rose look is so sweet!
    Hope you get to enjoy the party too

  12. Don’t feel bad about the forgotten eggs, cause you are not alone. For my daughter’s 25 th birthday her cake did not turn out and I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with Betty Crocker complaining. While we were eating ice cream with “fudge” sauce my kids commented that with only 3 ingredients, “three?” Yup, to this day when ever I make a cake, someone always reminds me to remember the eggs!

    Your cake is beautiful and I’m sure you will be the only one who sees imperfections. Have a great time at the party!

  13. Charlotte Trayer says:

    I had to laugh when you said you forgot the eggs! I don’t think I’ve done That, but it seems I did forget something in a cake–vanilla? baking powder?–anyway, I caught it in time and pulled the cake out and quickly stirred whatever-it-was in! Phew!

    Anyway, I think your cake is beautiful just as it is, not sure that it particularly Needs a topper….I’ll be waiting to see what you decided on that!

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