The slips are done…plus a few of my favorites in aqua…

YAY! I have finished both flower girl dresses AND both slips! One is little and one is bigger… one is shorter and one is longer. There’s not much to show you but I will. You can’t really tell that they hold out the dresses that much, and that ultimately wasn’t my goal. I actually like how the dresses fall down in folds; the bigger one a little more, since it has a longer skirt and more weight to it. I just wanted to make the girls slips so when they “twirled,” which I’m sure they will, that there was something pretty under their dresses to be seen besides panties.

So here’s one last look at them before I ship them off tomorrow…

Here’s Nora’s little bitty slip and dress.



…and here’s Hannah’s dress and slip.



I will try to make sure my brother gets some shots of the girls “twirling!”

I thought the slips were going to be the extent of my post, but I thought, “Why don’t I show some of my favorite “aqua” things to go along with the aqua slips?” At first I was going to do polka dotted things, but decided on the aqua. Some of these are mine and some you will recognize as my daughter’s. She’s the jewelry maker in the house…enjoy!














See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    Those slips and dresses turned out just wonderfully, Jeanne! Everybody needs an Auntie Jeanne in their family! What a wonderful way to participate in a family wedding! You are getting us all so anxious to hear all about it when it happens, which is pretty soon, right?
    I love the color aqua, although I really don’t use it in my own decorating of my house. Wonder why? It seems so fresh and crisp!

    Does Rebecca make necklaces for people too? I thought I saw some that were for people, but I may have seen that wrong. She seems so talented in all she does, like you!

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Linda,
      Thanks so much for your kind compliments on the slips and dresses. It was a fun project to be a part of. The wedding is may 30th so it’s coming up pretty quickly! Now “I” need to find a dress, or make one for myself.
      I’m like you, I love the color, but in my house I’ve gone with a more seafoam green in my bathroom and my sitting room….with painted white trim of course!

      Yes, Rebecca makes necklaces for people as well as the AG dolls. She just told me last night that as soon as the semester ends (next week) she’s planning on having a “Summer Blowout” with some new jewelry she hopes to make. She’s had a rough semester with Chemistry and hasn’t had much time at all to devote to her jewelry. I think she misses it when she can’t do it. She LOVES to bead! Our poor Etsy shop is severely neglected. I need to get busy myself with some new gloves…
      Thanks Linda,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Sylvia Dockx says:

    Beautiful job on both the dresses and slips. Can’t wait to see the pictures on the girls. They will sure feel like real little princesses ! I remember about 69 years ago when I was in my cousins wedding I did.

    • Jeanne W says:

      Awww Sylvia, How sweet that you remember your first little wedding 69 years ago. Were you the flower girl too? Thanks so much for your kind comments on the girls dresses. I’m sure they will love them and I hope they fit just perfectly!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Hi Jeanne,
    Love the aqua slips…the netting could be used as a skirt with solid material under it as well, they are so neat. The little girls will certainly love swishing their dresses.
    Each picture of the dresses and jewelry is just beautiful. The greenish-aqua jewelry…just beautiful!
    When my girlfriend and I were little we were always dressing up in gowns that had netting. I have to laugh now about our days as princesses.
    Have a blessed day, Jeanne.

    • Jeanne W says:

      Thank you Paula,
      Yes, there’s nothing quite so much fun as a slip that swishes when you walk!! I remember that too!
      Rebecca is hoping to get some new jewelry made as soon as finals are over. Chemistry this semester was a killer for her…so not much beading happening with her.

      I think most little girls go for the netting when they are playing dress up too! You weren’t alone! Nothing says princess quite like netting…unless, of course, it’s sequins, or maybe rhinestones!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Jeannie B. in TX says:

    Jeanne, you hit me straight on with the aqua. My favorite color. Well, then there is pink and lilac. Anytime I see that combo I am a goner. I am so happy that you shared some of aqua things you and Rebecca have made. Your daughter has real talent in jewelry making which added to your darling dresses is a perfect combination.
    Now that the little flower girl dresses are complete we are wondering what you next project will be ???? !!!! any hints ????
    Rain today, so I will be cleaning and straightening up the sewing room.

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Jeannie,
      I love the color aqua too. I think it’s one of those universal colors that most anyone can wear and look good in. I also like a little bit darker shade of it…turquoise…now that really makes my heart beat a little faster!
      Yes, Rebecca is quite the accomplished jewelry maker. I love her style and she’s never veered from it, almost from day one when she began selling her jewelry alongside me at our local Farmer’s Market. People always commented that her jewelry was “so pretty” and “feminine looking.”
      The next project…let’s see… here’s a hint… something for the American Girl dolls…
      We’ve got a gorgeous day but I’m cleaning up in my sewing room too. It’s a wreck… all those netting scraps are thrown everywhere. I have my work cut out for me.
      I’ve got a bridal shower that I’m in charge of for Saturday, so I’ve got to spend some time on it too… I better go…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Kathie Welsh says:

    Ohhh how those little girls are going to love those dresses when they twirl around…they may be dizzy little flower girls !
    Your Aqua item are awesome…such a great color on everything.
    Must go get muddy…it’s a rainy week here but need to get some plants in the ground.

    • Jeanne W says:

      Hi Kathie,
      I bet they do make themselves dizzy with the twirling… :o)

      Have fun in the mud!!!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Aqua and the right shade of green is my favorite color combination. I think there are many of us looking forward to wedding photos of the girls in their dresses. How exiting for them when they open the box of their dresses and slips.

    • Jeanne W says:

      Thanks Jan,
      I hope you’re right about them being excited when they open the box. I know I would be! You all are making me excited for the wedding to hurry up and get here!!
      Blessings, Jeanne

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