The Paper Maze

Here is a simple way to improve your top-stitching skills and help you when stitching around corners. I had to do this for a job interview once when applying at a Sportswear Company.(and I was TIMED!)
What you do is take a piece of copy paper… I used a standard size, but you can use a smaller sheet if you like. Draw a maze on the paper…straight lines, curvy lines, whatever you like.



Then unthread your sewing machine, (bobbin too) so that it’s just your needle perforating your paper. Start at one end of your maze and carefully stitch on the lines. The object is to teach you to stitch just where you should be stitching and not get off track. It’s a “practice” sort of thing… just like playing the piano or learning to type. The more you practice trying to improve the better your stitching will be.


Good straight stitching is all in the wrist and fingers of the left hand usually. I generally keep my fingers about an inch in front of the feed dogs and sort of “walk” the fabric with them. The right hand should be the guide and the “feeder” of the fabric. Try to keep your eye just ahead of the needle and not focus so much on looking directly at it. You can also practice on striped fabric doing the same thing.


Also, doing this little exercise helps you learn to keep the needle in the “down” position when you come to places where you need to pivot. (corners)

Well, mine’s all done… is yours?


If you’ve got a little youngster who wants to sew, and you are comfortable with them near the needle, this is a fun
thing for them to do too!

Well, students, that concludes class today.
See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Terrific idea….Thank you. Trish

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