Thank you so much for your kind comments…

This will just be a short update, but I wanted to thank all of you who have encouraged my sisters and me and prayed for this big move my mom is making… We had a breakthrough yesterday and I do believe she’s going to be okay at this facility. Deb was spending the first night with her tonight… We got most of her big things moved yesterday and today we worked like crazy again to get the rest of the stuff from her house boxed up… We were being kind of selective in what she took because it’s a smaller place. She even told Cindy’s hubby today, “I think I’m going to be okay there” and “I’ll probably learn to love it!” That was the best news of all! She might not remember she said it tomorrow, but we heard it today!!!

She has a wonderful neighbor who has befriended her and even took her down to where the laundry room was and showed her how it all worked…I’m sure my mom will have to have some extra instructions, but we couldn’t believe she went down with Sue! We are so thankful for a sweet neighbor!

Cindy bought her a small 4 1/2 foot Christmas tree this evening at Hobby Lobby and we all had fun decorating it. My mom was very happy to have it in her new apartment… YAY for small victories!! :o)

Okay, I have 2 more posts to share with you while I’m “away” for a few days with my family… These posts are from 2014 and I hope you enjoy them…

A few of my favorite brunettte pictures…

Buttons aren’t just for buttonholes…on my doll clothes…

Thanks everyone,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. No small victory here — this is a giant victory. Your mother is doing so well. You and your sisters are doing so well. This could add much more good, happy time to the time you and your family have with your mother. I am so happy for all of you. She’ll have new people to talk to and new things to think about, and she’ll be safer and all of you will be less worried. What a huge, lovely Christmas present for all of you.

    • Hi Marilyn,
      We are on our way to St Louis to pick up Rebecca. She helped a friend move to Texas and is flying back today…we’ve missed her!

      Well, things didn’t go so well this morning when Deb and momma got up. Momma wanted to know why these people moved her here and what was all her furniture doing in this place. Deb said she was mad and terribly confused…:o(
      I know my sisters have to leave tomorrow or the next day and I’m really going to be sad when they go. It’s always easier to make decisions when we’re in a group….
      Oh well, one day at a time….
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • Charlotte Trayer says:

        Repeat after me: It’s not mom, it’s the dementia speaking….and then maybe try to distract her with something else for a little while. It’s kind of like having a toddler who changes her mind and her attitude every few minutes–only she’s an adult, and she’s your mom! As with toddlers–distractions, and lots of patience. She’s not doing this intentionally….. Prayers continue.

  2. This is almost too good to be true, Jeanne! It must be like Christmas came early for all of you, to hear about your mother’s complete turn-around and how she is adjusting to well! I think she was just being stubborn before—-you think? I’m happy for her and you, don’t know who gets more of the “happy”!

    I especially love the blog with the different buttons! I just can’t get over how many lovely dresses you have made and how those buttons make them one of a kind! You are truly a talented person, and so nice to have as a friend!!

    • Hi Linda,
      Well, things aren’t so rosy this morning at momma’s apartment… (see what I wrote Marilyn)
      We ate coming to St Louis today to pick up Rebecca, but we won’t stay long…once again we’ll be close to seeing each other, but not possible…some day, Linda, some day!!!
      Thanks for your friendship to me!!!
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • Oh, Jeanne, so sorry to hear of the turn of events this morning. Well, what can you do? I guess pray for things to get better!

        Well doggone it, you are in St. Louis, but we aren’t meeting—–again! Well, anyway, I don’t live close to the airport at all, I’m way down south in Mehlville, almost in Jefferson County. Yes, someday………………….

  3. Charlotte A. says:

    Good news! I’m glad that Mom (and therefore the rest of you) had a good day. I hope the good days begin to string together.
    Brunettes and buttons — such fun posts. Thanks for sharing them again.
    Have (another) good day!
    Take care —

    • Hi Charlotte,
      I hadn’t thought about it, but I could have called this post “Brunettes and Buttons,” like you said…pretty clever, Charlotte!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. ((HUGS))

  5. Well, there is just something about those dark/navy blue print dresses in the buttons post. I love all of them. Perhaps, one of your next endeavors will use some similar fabric and details. Would be perfect for the holidays with a big red hairbow accent.
    I guess you’ll see what the day brings with your mom. Hope she had a good night in new surroundings. Wonderful to hear of the kind neighbor. Do they have welcome activities for those who are new? And, I’ll bet you find that she doesn’t use even half of what she is bringing. Can she get meals there or is she on her own? Always questions around here.
    Hope you don’t have to work so much today and can enjoy a few minutes of fun with your siblings before they take off.

    • Hi Joy,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the button pictures….it’s pretty evident I do love buttons!

      Well, my mom DID sleep well last night…we bought her a new mattress…BUT she was all confused when she woke up and didn’t know why all her furniture was at this place. Then Deb said she got mad and didn’t want to be there. Cindy and Tom went back out to my mom’s house last night to get rid of some more stuff that she won’t need. We think if she wants to go back out there and sees more junk, she’ll want to bring it. We’re trying to keep her new place a little more streamlined and orderly.
      They have 3 meals a day plus she has a kitchen if she wants to cook anything…
      You asked before if there was an assisted living place nearby…yes, there is…in the same building…if someone gets so bad, they can just be moved to another wing. We thought she would be ok to live on her own as long as there were other people around and someone to check on them… (they do…2x a day)
      She’s lived alone for 40 years and is so independent and we realize we should have made this move a long time ago…but it probably wouldn’t have been any easier then.
      The biggest thing is going to be her remembering where her room is, and the schedule they have for things…meals, laundry, housekeeping, activities, etc. I’ll probably be over there every day at least for a while…

      We are on our way to pick up Rebecca at the St Louis airport right now. She helped a friend move to Texas and drove one of their cars down. She is flying home…first time flying too…
      Thank you Joy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • Oh boy, you are right, not going to be easy. When we had to place my mother in law in assisted living, the director suggested we stay away for a few days so she could get used to the routine. But, in this case, with your mom, perhaps a few walks back and forth and memory jogs of where to turn and her room number. Maybe even the number hanging from a keyfob might work. And a special something on the door to look for. I know you are probably way ahead of me. Very glad to hear that she will be getting meals because that is one great place to meet the other residents. Can you arrange for an escort for a few days? Perhaps a nice chart on the wall with the days, times for meals and activities and when you will visit etc. Again, you’ve probably already done that. Anyway, it will work out. Just give it some time and don’t cave. She is now living in a perfect place and safe. Thoughts with you.

      • Charlotte Trayer says:

        How about a picture of the whole family on or near her door? I would maybe just make it a less expensive print if the family picture is one of those professional ones, just in case. Or a collage (again, copies of the older photos, not the originals) of family pictures? You and your siblings when you were young, maybe one of you all with your mom, etc. Then she’d know for sure it was her apartment!

  6. Dorothy in PA says:

    Dear Jeanne, You are doing the right thing, even though it is the hard thing.
    I am wondering if you can take some photos of you and your mother in the new place right now and frame them and put them around. Maybe that will help her feel like she is more at home.
    We are continuing to hold you in prayer.

    • HI Dorothy,
      I am a bit late getting back to you, but wanted to anyway… I just got back from visiting my mom’s new apartment. Deb was there with her and will probably leave on Friday. EEK!!!
      That makes me a little nervous being the one to take things over from here on out…but it has to be done.
      I told Deb I might spend the night tomorrow night and we could have a slumber party… my mom smiled at that idea! :o) It’s the little things that we hope make a difference.
      Thank you very much for your prayers… They have brought us along so far… we can’t go back…
      Thank you and many blessings to you,
      ~ Jeanne

  7. Love the buttons pictures! I hope your mom is doing better by now. No doubt there will many ups and downs until she gets used to the new place. Any change at all can be very difficult for elderly people.

    • HI Carolyn,
      I’m very late tonight, but wanted to thank you for your comments and encouragement about my mom’s situation. I stopped by there this evening (we’ve been in St. Louis picking up my daughter) and my mom and sister seemed to be doing okay… I hope in the morning it’s better for my sister. She was pretty unnerved this morning by her confusion and being so mad… I hope it’s all straightened out by the time my sisters have to go home, which will probably be Friday…
      Thanks again Carolyn,
      Blessings, Jeanne

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