Thank You… in 24 languages!

I just had to share this with you. As you know, I made Sara, my little Columbian friend, some cupcakes for her 12th birthday. If you missed the “pupcakes” post, you can see it HERE. She in return, thanked me! And boy did she ever thank me… look what she made for me… ( I think her mama may have had a hand in this too!) They returned the pan I had taken the cupcakes over in with this big note on the front…

If you click on the pictures they will enlarge.

I read it and thought, “oh, how sweet” but they just kept smiling… finally, I opened up the flap of paper and saw something on the back side…

In the pan, were pictures of each of the “pupcakes” and “thank you” written in 24 different languages… Sara said each puppy thanked me… :o)

Not only that, but there were pieces of Columbian candy taped to the thank you’s too! Yummy!

If you need a little more of Sara to make your day brighter, here is the post I did 2 years ago when Sara and her mom came over and baked cupcakes for the first time ever!

~ Cupcakes, Conversations and Cheesecake ~

Well, that’s it for today. I’ve been busy working on things and I’ll share them soon…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Charlotte A. says:

    What a sweet, thoughtful, and creative response. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Hope you have a good day.
    Take care.

    • HI Charlotte,
      I just had to share this… it was a very thoughtful thank you and I was so blessed by it.
      It snowed her over night and this morning, but it has stopped now… I plan on staying inside and sewing today! :o)
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Linda Doyle says:

    What a sweet, and I do mean SWEET, thank you, Jeanne! How original and thoughtful that thank-you was! Don’t you just love it when kids make their own thank you’s? I have a box of them from my grandchildren that I will never part with. It’s so wonderful Sara made each and every little cupcake count, and how original that was to have Columbian candy and the many ways of saying “Thank You” all a part of it! You, in turn, have inspired people to be creative, and who knows what memories Sara and her family will take back with them to Columbia, when they remember their sweet friend, Jeanne!

    Well, doggone it, it’s snowing again! Where is spring? Can’t wait to see what you are up to next!!

    • Hi Linda,
      Yes, I hope more than anything that I have inspired Sara and her family to do some new things when they get home… sewing, baking, art projects, etc. It has been fun to see them “expand their horizons” while here in the US.
      I’m looking for spring too… can’t seem to find it down here in Southern Illinois! Maybe next week…
      Thanks Linda,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Very cute return of a no longer empty pan. Sara and family are so nice. You too.
    Oh, can’t wait to see what you’re working on. Maybe a hat for Noel with that new hat mold? Just a thought. I think I have hats on the brain today. Was thinking of summer straw sun hats for the girls in their summer dresses. Or cute red ones for July 4th. Hope you aren’t getting snow. We’re back to sunny California here.

    • HI Joy,
      You just might be surprised with the “maybe a hat” comment you made… just saying…

      We did get snow, but it’s stopped now.. we got maybe an inch or so… I’m ready for
      Spring and Summer dresses myself… so are my girls… I don’t think we’ll see the sun for a few’s supposed to cold for the next few days… rats! I guess I’ll stay inside and sew!
      Oh well, I like that….
      Thanks Joy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. That’s an amazing Thank You for the pupcakes. It’s great to see you stimulating each other’s creativity. A wonderful way to bring the world together, using the many languages to write a Thank You. Thanks for sharing it. Looking forward to your next creation.

    • HI Susette,
      I was surprised at the Thank You too, and this is one I’ll cherish forever. I will have to fold it up though… but that’s okay.
      I am working on the next creation and another one too…. 2 at the same time… :o)
      I hope you have a sunny day in CA… we have snow on the ground, but thankfully it has stopped…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. What a lovely and original thank you. I picture Sara and her mother saying, “Hmmm. What would Jeanne do?” for many years to come.

    Thinking of puppies and pets, my friend Nikki says that her smallest cat — not young, just small — disappeared last month and last weekend showed up yowling on the back porch, very thin but done with adventure for a long while. They must have missed each other equally.

    No snow here, but it’s much needed. Sometimes we are saved by a heavy spring snow or a lot of May rain.

    • HI Marilyn,
      Yes, it was a wonderful and original thank you. I hope when Sara and her family go home, they remember some of the things we have shared and I hope they pass them on to their friends. I’m sure they will.
      What a wonderful surprise that your friends kitty returned home after being gone so long. I bet it was welcomed with open arms and I hope it doesn’t stray too far from the porch from now on. Maybe it learned a big lesson.
      We didn’t get but a little bit of snow, and even though it’s cold, its’ hovering right about 32 degrees so I don’t think it will stick around even if we do get more.
      I’m so ready for the spring like weather we had last week…
      Thanks Marilyn,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Anne Johnson says:

    It’s the little things in life that mean so much, and this is just another lovely example, Jeanne! What a sweet thank-you! You’ve obviously made an impression on Sara and her family with both your remarkable creativity and your generous heart, and they responded in kind. From the individual “doggie” pix, to the words of thanks in many languages, to the special Columbian candy, this was a wonderful way to say “thank you,” and we can see why you were so touched. I can’t think of a nicer way to acknowledge the thoughtfulness of such a “loving, thoughtful, creative, talented, caring angel,” that is, YOU! Thanks for sharing, Jeanne. Your post gifted all of us with the “warm fuzzies” today. Stay warm and cozy, everyone!

    • HI Anne,
      Yes, it is the little things in life that can mean so much!!! Friendship is a wonderful thing and I’m (we’re) so blessed to have known Sara and her family and I’m sure we’ll stay good friends for the rest of our lives.
      Seeing how creative they got with their thank you card to me, only makes me even more thrilled to have made those cupcakes! I had no idea it would mean so much to them…
      Thank you Anne,
      Blessings, Jeanne

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