Ten Ping’s new Table and Chairs set…and a few other tidbits…

I had a wonderful Christmas Day and hope yours was equally as nice. We had dinner over at my mom’s house and our food was excellent! We all ate too much…(what’s new?) and ended up talking about the taboo subject of losing weight in the new year… Surprisingly, my hubby was in on the conversation so maybe this will be our year. I hope so… after all, I’ll turn 60 in August and wouldn’t this be great if I got it all together and lost those last pounds that have been haunting me for a few years?

Okay, new subject!!!

I got a sweet little present in the mail about a week ago from Susette and wanted to show you… (Actually Ten Ping has been WAITING for days to show you…) it’s a fun little Tea Time set of chairs, a spindle table and a few tea cups and pitcher…Asian style.



The chairs are sort of squatty-like but they make a perfect little seat for all her “Tea Time” friends… She picked out a few she wanted to be at this pretend Tea party but will get all fancied up when she gets a new dress made to wear. I just wrapped some stretch lace around her since she didn’t have anything to wear. Isn’t it sweet? Thank you Susette!



For many years now, I have kept track of who spends the most on my doll dresses throughout the year and send them a gift…just as a way of saying thank you for buying from me. I send gifts out to the top three…and this year the first and second place winners were only separated by .85 cents! Isn’t that incredible? ….85 cents! So, if you think you spent the most this year, keep an eye out for something that might be coming to your mailbox…I’ll get those gifts out very soon…
…and thanks to all of you who weren’t the big spenders, but still bought from me. I still have yet to close out my books so I don’t know what kind of a year I had, but because you all were in it, it was GOOD! Thanks so much for EVERYONE who bought ANYTHING from me… Rebecca and I truly appreciated it! (She had to quit her job because of a school scheduling problem next semester, so she’s planning on making more jewelry in her off time…you’ll want to watch for that!)

Well, I think that’s it for today… I hope to see you all out and about doing some after Christmas shopping…NOT! I may hit Joann Fabrics but that’s probably going to be it… If you go shopping, what will you be looking for?

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne


  1. Marilyn Grotzky says:

    Ten Ping looks so relaxed — I think she takes her modeling very seriously, or maybe she’s just growing accustomed to home.

    I have more cataract surgery on Wednesday — I cannot believe how comfortable the eye with the new lens is. I thought it would feel irritated and need time to adjust to the change, but it’s adjusting fast to last Wednesday’s surgery, just in case someone else on your list is considering it and would like to know. If you like doll clothes, and all of us do, being able to see the tiny details clearly is lovely — it’s so much easier to snap small snaps if you can see them clearly. A friend recommended sunglasses for computer work, and that appears to be good advice — the screen is brighter now. I suppose renewed vision is my Christmas gift and it’s a very big one.

    You talked in your last entry about thinking about what really is important to you. You and George seem to be thinking about health, and it seems to me that health is an excellent choice because everything else relates to it — how can you do all the good that you do if you can’t take care of yourself? My father said, “Nothing is expensive if it keeps you healthy.” So once again, you are leading in a good direction. No wonder so many people like your blog along with their morning coffee or tea.

    Merry Christmas again — just because the 25th is over doesn’t mean Christmas has to be.

    • HI Marilyn,
      Ten Ping does have that very serious look on her face, and I think she enjoys the chance to model her dresses for everyone. When I was counting up my dresses for this year I also was adding up “who” got to model the most…. guess who it was? Yep, Ten Ping, she modeled 7 dresses this year! Next was Lian in 6 dresses…

      I’m glad your first eye has done so well… it must be very wonderful to see clearly again… and you’re right… renewed vision is a great Christmas gift!

      Yes, it’s all about health from now on… forget trying to be skinny again… just get healthy! I’ve got lots of little “girls” who are depending on me to make their dresses…so I better watch out for ME!

      I agree… let the Christmas Spirit of JOY continue a little while longer…
      Thanks so much Marilyn,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Linda Doyle says:

    Happy day after Christmas, Jeanne! I know that this is the day many people “relax” a bit and just try to get back on track with things, but boy, this is and has always been a special day for me. You see, this is my and my hubby’s 49th wedding anniversary! What were we thinking 49 years ago, to get married on the day after Christmas? We are always so pooped out, it comes and goes without much fanfare at all! Oh well, it has worked this long and hopefully many more years to come!

    We are in for a rainy weekend here, so not much running around anywhere, not that I really want to anyway. Just going to have a day reflecting on our blessings, getting the house straightened up a bit after yesterday’s festivities with the family, and eating all those yummy leftovers, the ham and potato salad, cheesecakes and anything else that might fit the bill! Then—–we are going on a diet!!!

    Oh, that darling table and chairs set for Ten Ping—-adorable!!

    • HI Linda,
      It’s all rainy here today too, and pretty dreary if you look outside. But it’s a great day for you and your hubby as you celebrate your 49th Wedding Anniversary! WOW…that’s a big one…and next year I hope it’s a really special one for you both! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you! It doesn’t happen too often anymore…not like it used to! So again, congratulations and I hope you have many, many more!

      There are a few things I wanted to check out, so I will probably go out for a little while then come back home and take care of some things here…my younger sister is coming in tomorrow and my brother and his family on Monday…Wednesday is my mom’s 81st birthday so we need to do a little planning for that day…

      Thanks Linda… I’m hoping to use you as my mentor this year for cleaning my house more… I might have to ask you for advice… I need to find that one email you sent me where you told me how you did it all… :o)

      Blessings to you, and big Anniversary Wishes too,
      ~ Jeanne

  3. Love the table/chairs tea accessories from Susette. Ten Ping looks quite ready to entertain. Today, leftovers, a walk, and perhaps a quick trip to Joann’s. Good idea Jeanne.

    • HI Joy,
      We are thinking alike again… today for me… watch what I eat, walk more if I can, and a quick (well, maybe not “quick”) trip to Joann’s…
      Have a wonderful day yourself.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Hi Jeanne,
    Susette is so sweet to send you that set for Ten Ping. It is the perfect scale for a tea party with her toys. I don’t think she cares that she’s not wearing a proper dress, there’s a smile starting to form on her face…
    Sounds like someone is in for a surprise… fun, fun, fun!
    We didn’t get out shopping today, but got things straightened up around the house. And, no, I don’t even have ONE Valentine’s Day outfit made. I have a few things in the works, but nothing finished. I haven’t found much time to work on dolly things lately. You know how it is… Maybe tomorrow…???

    • HI Cindy,
      Yes, wasn’t that sweet of Susette to send Ten Ping and new little table and chairs? She loves them! She’ll be hounding me to get her a Tea Party dress made now!
      I did go shopping for a little while today…but my stuff was mostly boring and business related… I need to figure out who will be first up for the new year!
      My sister is coming in tomorrow and my brother in on Monday, so I need to get some posts written ahead of time so I can visit with them…
      Thanks Cindy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

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