Ten Ping’s “Asian Allure” revealed…even the shoes!!!

Well, everyone…I have a new respect for anyone who makes tiny doll shoes! I mean a T-O-T-A-L respect!!! I have worked for probably 5 hours today on these tiny shoes and I’d say they are “okay” but I’m thinking those $8.00 ones I saw on Ebay are looking P-R-E-T-T-Y good! These will do for this outfit but they aren’t even close to perfection! They’re just better than bare feet or ribbons tied around the sole of her foot. Here are a few pictures of what it was looking like as I cut up scrap after scrap of suede cloth, sticky felt, wool felt, stretch elastic, fold over elastic, etc. I tried every combination and every conceivable style for them and this is what I wound up with.


I thought I could put a little “tab” on the back and then thread something through the loop but they wouldn’t stay on the bottom of her foot, so it was “rip out” time again…



I may try to make something else before the auction ends and if I come up with something better, I’ll include them as well, but then again, the thoughts of working on those little inch long soles… maybe not…


Between drafting the pattern for the tunic and then spending so much time on the shoes, I think I might have to start this set out at $200 when I list it on Ebay… just kidding…


Okay, so let’s see some pictures. If you click on them they will enlarge.

I added some tight french knots to the band on the bodice.



Her hat was fun to decorate with some felt flowers. It has two ties in black that tie behind her neck and blends in with her hair. I added a few glass beads at the sides to make it a bit dressier.



Ten Ping got wind of my Dolly Toy Box from Lian and look what she found… Cranwell, a fun reproduction mohair teddy bear in a pretty color of fur that goes wonderfully with her tunic.




I have lots more pictures that will be in the listing on Ebay. You can see it HERE. Or you can click on the right side picture of it.

I hope you like Ten Ping’s newest outfit. It was fun but a bit tedious with the shoes. I think I’ll place an order for some shoes tomorrow!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    Sooooo pretty, Jeanne! I can’t even imagine working and trying to figure out those tiny and adorable shoes! You did a wonderful job and I love all the colors–so cheerful looking! My gosh, those French knots are just perfect! I thought they were little beads! That teddy bear is just the thing, so cute! Every little girl needs a teddy bear!

    One of these days I’ll get some pictures of my yard to you, right now it is “in progress”, but is coming along. So much to do, so little time! Pretty soon I plant the annuals. Today my 3 year old grandson!

    • Jeanne W says:

      Thanks Linda,
      I kept having shoe ideas run through my head last night even after I was in bed. There’s got to be an easier way… If I had a mold of her foot, that would help. Maybe I could carve a little foot out of balsa wood or something. Anyway… thanks for your compliments on her set.

      Yes, do send me some pics of your yard. As much as you work in it, I bet it’s beautiful!
      Have a fun day with your little kiddo!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Jeannie B. in TX says:

    I agree that those shoes are a challenge. A huge challenge for such itty-bitty little shoes. I do like your finished product and also a pair in your scraps that had beads on the side. But given how much time you spent on them maybe buying the little shoes and adding them to your outfit is the answer. I know I don’t have the patience to work on such a little item nor do my hands have the agility anymore.
    Ten Ping does look like she is happy in her new pink & black outfit and her stuffed pinky bear. Given her story she will likely keep that bear forever and ever.
    I received my flyer from JoAnn’s yesterday and one from Hancock. Then I looked in my sewing room at my stash which shouted, “back away from JoAnn’s and Hancock” “there is no more room in here”. Jack told me to look at the numbers in the budget and decide between more fabric or more plants for my wild garden. The wild garden won this time.
    We have an unused part of the yard that is in the shade and all dirt {clay}. I should say that it is a mud pit. With three tries with sod we have decided to go with ground cover and shade loving plants to dress up that area. This will be a project in the works for a few years to get this idea going and if it fails I will move to artificial turf. or rocks. I can’t fight mother nature and large trees.

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Jeannie,
      Actually those shoes with the “beads” on the sides, were a pair I was trying to figure out. I made the shape I wanted and then put them on her foot. It was almost like a pump without the heel. I pushed pins across the bottom of her foot to see what size it needed to be. The felt was too thick and I couldn’t turn it under so that was a waste of time.
      Since Ten Ping found the bear, she’s been sitting on the bench and not moving! :o)

      I know what you mean about “looking at your fabrics” as I was doing the same thing and trying to justify going to JoAnn’s… I should rethink my trip too.

      We have some shade areas too and you really can’t fight them…just go with what works best for the shade. It’s really not worth the fight to try and make something else work.
      Thanks Jeannie,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Great job on Ten Ping’s shoes. Another reason I admire your sewing and creative abilities.
    Ten Ping’s feet look narrower than the 8″ Madame Alexander’s feet. Not sure – wonder if you would be able to use a pair of MA’s shoes as a base?
    Anyway, Ten Ping’s outfit is just beautiful!!!


    • Jeanne W says:

      Thanks so much Paula,
      I need to do some serious measuring and figure out a good sole pattern and go from there! I’m ready to try again… I did learn a few things along the way. I just need to pick up some things I didn’t have… like skinny black stretch cording.
      Thank you for your kind words Paula,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Aww, Ten Pings looks so sweet and she picked out an adorable little teddy too. She always looks like she’s holding on so tightly to her little stuffed toy. How can you pull it away from her??? LOL. She’s the cutest little thing!
    You have lots of patience to keep on trying to make those shoes, Jeanne. Even though they were a lot of trouble to make they turned out very cute. Your decorative little hats draw attention to that sweet little face. The beads and flowers fit her style so well.
    Super cute design, Jeanne!

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Cindy,
      Thank you so much for your kind words about Ten Ping’s new outfit. I always learn something new each time I make a new pattern. This is what I would change….make the sleeves longer and maybe more of a kimono sleeve….line the bottom half of the tunic in the same fabric as the front panel so it doesn’t show the white…make it just a tiny bit shorter…cut the neck down a little bit…just for starters… maybe next time.
      Well, your idea of cute and my idea of cute shoes might be 2 different things. I’m determined to master them!
      Thank you so much for your very kind words, Cindy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Shoes for tiny feet are really hard..The ones you did finish are so cute. I’ll look at my stash..I used to make shoes for Betsy McCall. Do you have a little Betsy? ..is Ten Pings foot smaller than that?
    Her finished pics really show off her cute little self…will be interesting to see if you get bids from overseas 🙂
    Have a good weekend!

    • Jeanne W says:

      Hi Kathie,
      I don’t have a little Betsy McCall doll, so I’m not sure what size shoe she wears. I got info from another subscriber that the 30mm shoes fit fine… you can find them on Ebay in 30mm, and some in 33mm…which would be room enough for socks I suppose. I think I’m going to order a pair in each size and see which one I like best.
      I have gotten some hits from Hong Kong when I mention Ten Ping’s name. We’ll see…
      Thanks so much Kathie,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Outfit is darling! You sure have a determined part of your personality. Working with anything sticky is difficult. My husband is home and believe it or not pics will be sent to you today. I was very interested to see your drafted tunic pattern. Good fortune on your ebay sale to be and take Ten Ping to the toy box. She may cry enough tears to float back to TX and Lone Star dolls when teddy goes off in the mail.

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Jan,
      I think you might be right… better give her a “stand in” teddy bear for her to hold till she gets her next modeling job.
      I’ll be looking for your pictures.
      It might not be determination so much as it “stupidity!” I’m not one for giving up…
      blessings, Jeanne

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