Ten Ping picked out her Christmas fabric and my Corn Casserole Recipe…

FIRST: I am still working on my 50’s Christmas dress, trying to figure out what to put with it… stay tuned… :o)

SECOND: Ten Ping and I have been looking at all my Christmas fabrics for the last 2 hours… she wasn’t feeling “the Love” for anything she was seeing… so we moved to some other fabrics…the “not necessarily Christmas” ones… She told me she wanted something bright so we decided on a black and white polka dotted cotton and will accent it with some hot pink. She’s already found a pair of pink earrings and put them in… So stay tuned for that too! :o)



THIRD: Marilyn asked about my Corn Casserole recipe that I mentioned the other day. I’m making it for our church’s Thanksgiving Dinner tonight. My turkey is in the oven right now, so I can’t bake my casserole, but I’ll show you a picture of it finished on tomorrow’s post, so you’ll know what it looks like. It’s SUPER SUPER simple to make… and many of you may already have this recipe. It is so good and always disappears when you take it somewhere. These 6 ingredients are all it takes…


Here’s the recipe…

Mix together with a spoon:
1 egg
1 8 oz container of sour cream (My picture is a 16 oz. container… I’m making 2 batches)
1 stick of butter (melted)


Then add:
1 package Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix
1 can whole corn (drained)
1 can cream corn


Mix everything together until it’s blended fairly well. It will still look a bit lumpy because of the corn…
Pour into a buttered casserole dish and bake at 350 degrees for about 35-45 minutes… until it’s lightly golden brown…It should feel almost like a cake…sort of soft but not squishy… you don’t want to overcook it…


Update for Marilyn: this is for your curious mind…I answered you on your comment too.



I’ve got a 21 pound turkey baking…and I’ve already made 2 pistachio pies. Do you have a favorite recipe that you always make for Thanksgiving?

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Marilyn Grotzky says:

    Pistachio pies!? Now that I know your corn casserole secret, you must tell me about pistachio pies. I’ll have to think of something to tell you in return.
    Next, you have to give us a foot report. I’m waiting for the last purple spot to fade away and the first day you can begin to flex it.

    Then there’s Ten Ping, who looks perfectly darling in her new earrings. I always thought shocking pink was called that because it was so bright, but but it’s a little more complicated that, and as a clothing and textile major, I’ll bet you know. For anyone who’s missed it, this is from Wikipedia:
    Shocking pink is bold and intense. It takes its name from the tone of pink used in the lettering on the box of the perfume called Shocking,[69] designed by Leonor Fini for the Surrealist fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli in 1937.

    Now to see how Ten Ping decides to wear it. This will be fun.

    • HI Marilyn,
      The pistachio pies are even more simple to make than the corn casserole… I buy a graham cracker crust and then fill it with some Royal Instant pistachio pie filling. It comes in a big bag and you just mix it with milk to the consistency that you want it. I make mine sort of thick and really bright green. It’s really good…not very artificial tasting either… How do I know? I made one last week for us…I’ll add a picture to my blog to show you…

      Ten Ping is definitely a “winter” skin toned doll and she’ll look very pretty in this pink and black set… Thanks for the info about Hot Pink!
      I dub you our “Resident Librarian!”
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. The corn casserole sounds great. I make something like that only with minced or chopped onions. I’ve never tried the Jiffy cornbread mix though, but will try it this year.

    What gorgeous material choices for Ten Ping. I love that pink and the polka dots. She looks so good up against that pink. It’s a great combination.

    I’ve got a feeling, everyone’s going to start getting busy with the holidays coming up. I need to stock up on Christmas wrapping paper again. I’m waiting for a sale.
    Hopefully by next weekend we can get our Christmas tree up again and the Wise Men on their journey!

    • HI Paula,
      Oh, I hope you like the recipe. Since Sara and her family came to the United States, her mom and dad said this is their favorite dish they have tasted! That’s gotta mean something, right?

      I hope I can get it to look Christmasy… at least festive!

      Yes, let the busyness start… you are so right. I am going to weed out and get organized, for the 1000th time… :o)
      Thanks Paula,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Hi Jeanne,
    I’ve been getting to the posts in the evening this past week- too late to comment. Had to be outside as much as possible getting things finished up. We are expecting snow showers her in Ohio this afternoon. Today is the big OSU vs Michigan game and you couldn’t pay me enough to sit in the stadium and freeze. Football isn’t my thing anyway.
    Eden’s dress is just lovely. I really like the double tier peplum top and the festive metallic fabric. Can’t wait to see the finish result.
    The corn casserole sounds good. We make my grandmother’s dressing recipe and a special cranberry jello salad. It’s made with pectin and cranberry cherry juice instead of jell-o with add- ins. Then it will be time to haul out all her Christmas cookie recipes. Hard to believe it’s time again but, I love to bake and enjoy making all her from scratch recipes.
    Are you expecting snow your way?

    • HI Laura,
      It’s supposed to get down in the low 20’s here tonight, so we might see snow too… I wouldn’t want to sit in the stadium either… from my living room, yes!
      Thanks for your sweet comments on Eden’s dress. I like it too and just need to find that perfect finishing touch for it…
      Kristoffer makes his “famous” stuffing around here… you’re right, it’s almost time to be baking Christmas cookies, isn’t it?
      Thanks Laura,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Ten Ping is one lucky girl. Love the pink and black on her.
    Also love your classic corn recipe. I’ve used a similar one a lot and it is always well received. I’ve added Mexican style tomatoes sometimes as well. Getting hungry and it’s only 10:00 AM. Not good.

    • HI Joy,
      I love black and hot pink almost as much as I like black and turquoise… 2 of my favorite color combinations… I’m glad you like Ten Ping’s choice for her Christmas dress.
      My turkey in the oven is making me hungry! It’s 1:00 here, so I guess I can eat lunch! YAY!
      Thanks Joy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Great colors for Ten Ping. Funny, I was just looking at some sparkly pink fabric yesterday but didn’t think of her. Back to the store . . .

    I’m going to start on some tulle petticoats, having made some satin ones with lace trim, but the full skirts need tulle. I started to look for your wonderful tutorial on petticoats but pretty soon realized there are way over 365 blogs by now. Help! Do have notes on the approximate date that Blog appeared? I can wing it but would love to refresh my memory with the great instructions you gave. Only if it’s not too much trouble. I remember someone suggested folding the piece of tulle at the bottom so it wouldn’t slip and then cutting it at the hem when the sewing is finished at the top to make the layers. Hope I can find some red stretchy lace binding. Thanks.

    • HI Susette,
      I hope you find the perfect hot pink for your doll dress…

      As far as the slips go, if you’ll go to the little green rectangle on the right side bar of my blog, you’ll find the words SEARCH inside the green box. There is a white rectangle to the left of it.. you can type in whatever you are searching for and it will come up… I just did it, typing in “Slip Tutorial” and the 2 posts came up. Anywhere those words are used in any post I’ve written, those posts will come up…

      Here is a link to those posts…

      Day 1 Slip Tutorial

      Day 2 Slip Tutorial

      I hope this helps,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Hot pink and black are great together. .for me, the green pie is a little too green. Corn dish sounds very good.

    • Hi Jan,
      I just got back from the Thanksgiving Dinner and I had a sliver of that pie…it’s actually quite tasty! I got the last of my corn casserole too!
      I’m glad you like black and hot pink together too!
      Thanks for commenting….
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. My corn casserole recipe is almost identical – mine has oil instead of butter, no egg, and I add about 1/8 cup of sugar. It’s what I’m always required to take to any and all family gatherings. So simple to make, and never any leftovers. 🙂

    Hot pink is definitely Ten Ping’s color!

    • HI Theresa,
      I’m sure there are a million variations on the corn casserole… and they probably all get eaten up… I know my dish came home empty!
      Yes, hot pink looks very colorful on Ten Ping and I hope she looks good in the completed dress set.
      Thanks so much Theresa,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  8. Charlotte Trayer says:

    Hi Jeanne, I, too, love the shocking pink and black for Ten Ping; will look forward to seeing what you end up doing with it!

    My corn pudding recipe is a little different than yours–it’s assembled in layers, and the most important ingredient is…..sliced stuffed green olives!! You’d be surprised what a difference that makes to the flavor of what Can be kind of bland otherwise. I can’t imagine making corn pudding without the olives!!

    One year I found a wonderful recipe (in Doll Castle News, actually) for a homemade cranberry sauce that calls for canned mandarin oranges. It’s delicious, and my dad enjoyed it so much, I made a note on the recipe card to be sure and make it any time we had turkey. Sadly, it was his last Thanksgiving; he died the following April. I know I will see him again, but every time I run across that recipe, I think about daddy.


    • Hi Charlotte,
      I think Ten Ping will look great in the hot pink too.
      Like I told a few others, there are probably a zillion different corn casseroles out there. I must say…I have never heard of the one with olives though.
      Thanks for your comments Charlotte,
      Blessings, Jeanne

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