Teacher’s Pet…

Remember that first day of class? It doesn’t matter what grade you were in; first days were always the same…SCARY!!
New faces, new rules, new teacher, new books…finding a friend on the first day was a wonderful thing! Getting new clothes was a big part of the new school year too. Remember how long and hard you debated about what to wear that first day? Here’s a few things I remember… my first pair of “grown up” looking shoes…size 3 brogues found at Sears (in the big girls department!), finding a “tapestry” coat with fake fur down the front and buckles crossing over it (thinking I surely must be some kind of fashion queen), having enough clothes to go a whole semester without wearing the same thing twice…Yes, I did! (Only because I sewed on Friday nights instead of going on dates!)…sick isn’t it?

I picked out a few of my “girls” who are sporting some pretty cute school dresses and Elizabeth; standing in for Julie and modeling some groovy 1970’s bell bottom jeans! I hope you enjoy looking them over…








Do you have a favorite?

Don’t forget about my fingerless gloves GIVEAWAY on Friday… Read my first post or the one on August 11th for details…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    Yes, I do remember those things! The first day of school was really a big deal! I love all things Molly, so love your Molly outfits! That cherry patterned outfit is just darling, and of course the plaid jumpers and Molly’s dress! You have such a knack for recreating the clothes that I remember from long ago!

    • Thanks Linda,
      I see all these little kids at Wal Mart and wonder if the feelings they’re having about the first day of school is like it was for me. I’m just glad I’m not in school anymore…
      Thanks for reading…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. The backdrops from the AG’s are wonderful….

    Picking a favorite is soooo hard….while I love the Little Darlings, I am also crazy for Kaye Wiggs girls…But I can pick a favorite accessory…ALLLLL the purses…

    • Hi Trish,
      I’m right there with you about the purses… I LOVE making accessories.
      As I looked at the pictures with the AG backgrounds, I almost wish I hadn’t sold mine
      last year… oh well… maybe I’ll make my own school background…
      Thank you for reading, Trish!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. To Jeanne in Il from Jeannie in TX
    I did not have the excitement of new clothes for school each year as we wore navy blue jumpers and white blouses {uniforms}. Sometimes we did get new shoes {navy oxfords} if the old ones did not fit. There was excitement for the new school year to begin or dread if we knew which Sister we would as our teacher. There were some very strict ones! I remember sixth grade in particular as I had Sister Marie Josephine. She was wonderful and very artistic. I loved her and still remember that she is the one who opened my artistic door. She was kind and encouraging. That is a very good memory!
    When my own children started school I did make sure there was a new outfit ready and waiting as they started off on that first day. It was always a good time of year filled with lots of excitement and many new stories to tell.
    Thank you for sharing your memories of the start of the school year.

    • Hi Jeannie B in TX,
      Thanks for your wonderful comments that you’ve left for me. It’s so encouraging to know that maybe I’ve put a smile on someone’s face.
      I always thought (*sigh*) that uniforms left out a little of the excitement of the new school year. I’m glad Sister Marie Josephine helped steer you down the creative path… just think what you might have missed out on…
      Blessings, Jeanne

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