Felicity’s Fall Fancy dress isn’t dragging the floor anymore…

It’s not much, but as they say, “every little bit helps.” I only had time to get Felicity’s skirt hemmed today. It was hemmed by hand and now looks nice and neat. I was hoping to get her jacket finished… snaps sewn on the back, sleeve insides finished and however I’m going to embellish it, but that didn’t happen. (It seems my life isn’t very productive in the sewing area lately…hmmm….) But I’m not giving up. If I manage to get even the smallest thing done, it’s closer to being finished… than it was yesterday… (I think I just said that a few days ago!)

Here is the skirt now… Well, wait, first Felicity wanted to show you her mob cap again… I fixed her hair by pulling it back on the sides and she likes it.

Now, here’s the skirt…

Since the skirt doesn’t open all the way to the hem, it’s easier to put the ruffled petticoat on first…then scrunch it together with one hand around her legs and use the other hand to carefully pull the skirt up and over the petticoat. It isn’t hard, but if you are careful, you can keep the yellow linen part of the skirt nice and wrinkle free. (If you put the skirt on first it would be hard to keep it wrinkle free while you fussed with her slip underneath.) However, I just thought of something… the opening in the skirt is wide enough you could probably put the petticoat on and them put the skirt on over her head with her arms raised up… I might give that a try tomorrow… that would keep the skirt in the best possibly shape for neatness. :o)

I made a dress one time for Felicity where I used a yellow linen insert in the dress skirt and as the trim for her jacket. I was “thinking” of doing something like this again… only a bit more dainty….not quite as wide… any thoughts on that? This print wasn’t as colorful or busy as the “Fall Fancy” one, so that’s my holdup on doing it. I’m not sure about the buttons either. I hate to make such an authentic looking Colonial gown and then have plastic buttons in it… I don’t know of anything else that would work… I have some tiny mother of pearl buttons I could use…but they’d get lost in the print of the dress.

I looked in a book I have on 1700’s Colonial gowns, and embellishments really weren’t that widely used. Most of the dresses I saw had gorgeous laces, but it was mostly the design of the dress that made it pretty… Sure they had big bows and sometimes ruched trims, but there weren’t the details with buttons and accents like in the coming Civil War years…AND she does have that fairly busy hat to go with this set… hmmmm…

I did think about adding small bows to the sleeves… at the elbows… Just wondering what you might be thinking… :o)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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~ Autumn Lace ~ for American Girl Molly is finished

I worked really hard to get Molly’s dress finished and when I was just about done, I decided she needed ONE more piece…

I think you saw the dress all completed, but here it is with better lighting…

I added a skinny little tie belt so it could fit wonderfully on any doll…

Here is her headband….

…and Rebecca made Molly a pretty ivory glass pearl bracelet…

This is Molly’s new pair of socks…

Just when I thought I was all done, I decided she needed a pretty furry cape to go with her dress. I found a piece of cream curly fur in my stash and made this short cape. It’s lined with white netting so it’s as light as a feather and hangs wonderfully. There is no bulk at all. The only thing is, the netting in her sleeve caps makes the cape stand up on her shoulders just a bit.

Here is a picture of Rebecca with the cape on. You can see how it lays on her shoulders without having puffy sleeves underneath.

I added 2 ivory pearl buttons to the front and attached a piece of snag free velcro as a closure.

If you’d like to see the set on Ebay, you can click on the picture at the top right side bar, or click HERE.

Thanks for taking a peek,

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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A few clues about Emmie’s dress…

I’m totally finished with Emmie’s new dress set
But seven small clues are all you will get,
Come back tomorrow and see it revealed
In all of its glory ~ I think you might squeal!

That’s all for today… use those imaginations! :o)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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~ The Babysitter ~ Molly and Mary…

Since I decided to make this set for the 1940’s; American Girl Molly’s time period, I thought I better find a name for the baby that was popular in those years. The number one girls name in 1944 was Mary…and I thought it had a nice ring… Molly and Mary… so I figured it was meant to be!

Molly’s dress was made from the only fabric I had in my stash that had aqua (the stroller wheels), pink (the baby’s onesie) and purple, (the stroller handle). I’m sort of funny about making things match… If you’re going to do a set, have it match… (just think what it would have looked like with the stroller if I had used a navy and white print for the dress, and then trimmed it in red rick rack…) ICK!

If you click on any picture it will enlarge.

I just made a sweet little girls dress and accented it with some pink criss cross trim and a few felt flowers.

The skirt is full and has a bit of lace at the hem and I used pink thread to make a scalloped stitch very faintly just above the hem. The dress closes in back with snaps covered by pretty white buttons.

Underneath Molly’s dress is a white tulle slip which holds out her dress nicely. I made a new pair of white socks for her too.

She has purple ribbons tied in her hair…

Mary is looking sweet as can be in her stroller… When I first held Molly up to the stroller, she was barefoot and her hands reached the stroller handle better. Now that she’s in shoes and socks, her fingers just touch.


Molly looks like she’s got this “babysitting” thing down pretty well, don’t you think?

Anyone remember how much you got paid an hour for babysitting in the 1940’s? Just curious… ( just guessed on the .25 cents, but decided to google in anyway and .25 cents was the going rate… some girls asked for .45 cents if they did dishes and vacuumed…) :o)

I managed to get it listed on Ebay, so here is the link, if you’d like to see it!    ~ The Babysitter ~
(or you can click on the picture at the right side bar… just under Elizabeth’s Regency dress, which ends tomorrow evening…)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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