Slips of lace and slips of paper…

HI everyone,
Sorry I wasn’t able to “participate” in the comments yesterday… there just wasn’t any free time for me. I’m so happy that several of you want to try making a slip like this for your dolls. I really should have been more specific on measurements instead of being so vague, but that’s the way I sew most of the time. I don’t have a pattern for my slips.. I just make them and know how they go together. If you missed yesterday’s tutorial on how to make a slip, you can see it HERE.

I did, however, want to answer a question that Linda raised. She asked how do you keep the tulle (netting) from getting pulled down into the throat plate, since it’s such a fine fabric? Carolyn gave a good tip about checking your needle to see if there might be a burr on the end of it that could be grabbing and pulling your fabric down…there’s nothing quite so frustrating as this happening. She also suggested checking into a new throat plate with a single hole or maybe just a smaller hole than what you have now. Those are both good suggestions and might work… but it’s kind of frustrating changing the throat plate “from” a single hole kind every time you want to do anything except straight stitching.

I have another suggestion… and a simple demonstration…

Yes, that’s scraps of paper. I cut them off the ends of things I copied or get scraps from my shipping labels, etc. I use anything that has a clean side to it and keep a stash of them beside my sewing machine all the time.

When you are ready to start sewing, just take a scrap of the paper…like one of my scraps, and lay it on the machine like this…under the needle.

Put the edge of whatever you are sewing on top of it and use it as a stabilizer. It won’t let the fabric get sucked down in the hole…

When you are finished with your seam, turn it over and gently tear away the paper from the perforated stitches…

That was just a quick demonstration of how to solve that “sucky” problem with some fabrics!

Well, that was too quick but it’s going to be it for today. There’s a new doll I want to share with you tomorrow, plus a surprise for Noel’s blue dress…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Molly’s new Valentine dress is HALF done…

The top half of Molly’s dress is finished…and it’s cute as a button on her…at least I think so! I decided to use the buttons I had but tried to soften them up just a bit by using the darker thread when I sewed them on. I’m not 100% sure seamstresses would have done that back in the 1940’s but “I” would have, so “I” did! But…this isn’t a dress for ME…so give me your opinions on it.. does it make it too “splotchy” looking…I mean too many splashes of color with those little “slits” of dark pink thread? I’m not sure of it when I see it in my pictures. It’s an easy fix if you think matching thread would be better.

I took the braids out of Molly’s hair and was fooling around with it a little while ago. I liked Joy’s suggestions of bows in her hair.

If you were wondering, I got the idea for this dress from some small 1940’s catalogs (really just pamphlets) from the Best and Company years ago. This particular one is from 1944-45. I paid a fortune for 3 of them but have used them over and over again. Here’s the picture I copied. I was going to make the pointed front on her dress, but cut my fabric straight across before I remembered… oops!

Look at those 1944 prices! $3.95!

Here are a few other dresses I made using this same idea…as you can see, I’m a big black and white checked fabric fan!

This is Katie Effanbee and Molly sharing a dress…

…and here is Isabelle, showing you her version of the dress in a smaller size. I loved this dress…

That’s it for today… My hubby has a very important doctor visit and procedure being done in St. Louis today and I would be very grateful if you felt so inclined to whisper a prayer for us today.

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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The Rest of the Story ~~ about Nyssa…

I shared yesterday how Nyssa came to my house (HERE) but that wasn’t all of the story. There was the part where I was waiting for a Nyssa of my very own. I started “longing” for Nyssa in August when I first discovered her, but since she was long sold out, she could only be found on the secondary market, and she didn’t appear very often.

I had a doll friend out in California who chatted back and forth with me about Nyssa and we both were pretty much obsessed over her. She didn’t care if she found a tan skinned or fair skinned one. I only wanted the fair skinned doll. Well, in just a short time she found one on Ebay and I think she ended up paying $1300 for hers. I was hoping for a better deal.

Well, a few people mentioned yesterday in their comments that “doll people” are the sweetest people on earth… wait till you hear what my friend did. She received her tan Nyssa and a few days later shipped her to ME! She knew I wanted to draft some patterns for the dolls and she thought I could use her doll as a model “until I found one!” Can you believe that? Talk about being selfless!

I started making dresses for her Nyssa and using her for my model, selling them on Ebay. I thought maybe you’d like to see my first few outfits on her tan skinned Nyssa. I’ll show them in the order I made them…

First up is a pretty green dress with lace that actually ended up being one of my all time favorites for Nyssa. It was made on September 6, 2010. I was like a lean mean sewing machine when it came to cranking out dresses for Nyssa. I had a great time sewing for her while she lived with me.

The second dress I made for tan Nyssa was a fun and whimsical dress set. I would have to say this one was also a favorite of mine. I was on a roll with Nyssa and this one was made on September 14th, 2010.

It was getting to be Fall and pumpkins were everywhere. I decided to have Nyssa hold a pumpkin in the next photo session, which was on September 24th, 2010.

Mind you, I am still pining away for a Nyssa of my own… :o(

My 4th set for tan Nyssa was another whimsical set. It was pretty bright… so I changed her eyes to some bright blue ones… really bright blue I might add. This set was made on October 6, 2010.

I tried something completely different for my 5th set for tan Nyssa. It was a fun hot pink and black set with some different pieces… I liked this set too. Nyssa got a new blond wig to go with this outfit.

Sometime before October 19th, 2010, when these pictures were taken, I received my very own Nyssa from Kaye Wiggs. This is a little photo shoot I had with both dolls trying on different wigs.

Then on October 24th, 2010, I made my last set for the girls and featured them in an auction together with a set that had a number of mix and match pieces. The girls were a little melancholy as they knew they’d be saying good bye to each other. Tan Nyssa would be going back home to California. We called them long distance cousins!

What a very special gift my friend gave me when she loaned out her tan Nyssa. I know doll people truly are special, and I know ONE VERY SPECIAL lady in California!

So that’s the rest of my Nyssa story…hope you enjoyed it.

See you on Monday,
Blessings, Jeanne

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A few Odds and Ends today…

I mended some jeans for my hubby today, fixed a pair of jeans for Rebecca, made some new offering bags out of a burgundy crushed velvet for my church and worked on my cutting board some. There wasn’t much time for sewing besides those jobs I mentioned. I did get my new camera battery and am thrilled to report that the battery definitely was the problem and it’s working perfectly now. YAY!

I just wanted to show you a few odds and ends today…

Linda asked if the green and red Christmas dress I made for Willa would fit the Effner Little Darling 13″ dolls. I’ve seen some listings on Ebay saying their dresses will fit both dolls… Well, mine certainly won’t. It may look okay on Isabelle from a distance, but it swallows her if you look close. I would never say a dress fits a doll unless I know for a fact that it fits them well… this one is too big in the bodice, too big around and the sleeve cuffs are way too big.

I only turned on one of my lights so my pictures aren’t the greatest…it’s my lighting, not my camera… :o)


The slip is almost a fit on Isabelle but it slides down too easily and would peek out from under any dress. The hair bow is WAY too big around… and the shoes just fall off her feet when I pick her up. So this set wouldn’t work for the Little Darlings.



When I was trying out my first pattern for Willa’s shoes, I used a brown wool felt and they turned out pretty cute. I’m debating about using them with her next dress.



I think they’re pretty cute on her…I just have to show you this sweet little body again.


I was looking through my brown fabrics and came up with this sweet print… it might be Willa’s next dress.




…and remember those straw hats I mentioned a few days ago… the ones my sister sent me in all different colors but they didn’t fit any “heads” on my dolly shelf?
Well, look who they fit now! Isn’t Willa sweet showing it to you? She’s set for Easter already!


Well, this will have to be it today… a little alterations, a little sewing, a little painting, and a little playing! :o)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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