Charlie and Bluebie

Now that’s a title for you, isn’t it? Any takers as to what it means? No? Well, I’ll tell you. My sister, Deb, and her hubby, Mike, are here visiting and they are the PROUD parents of a new dog called Charlie. Let me tell you…he is a sweetheart! I’d like to give Charlie his “15 Minutes of Fame” on my blog! :o)

If you click on any picture, it will enlarge.

They got him from a lady at their church who wasn’t able to keep him anymore. He’s pretty big, being a standard poodle, but he’s very gentlemanly and so obedient! He’s 6 years old and pretty close to the size of a small pony… just kidding, but when he runs outside it’s almost as if he’s galloping!

I’m pretty sure he has Deb wrapped around his sweet wagging tail. His eyes are the prettiest GREEN, and they just pierce right through you when he looks at you. I’m not sure who loves each other the most… I think it’s a tie!

Anyway, we took him outside to play with his toy, “Bluebie.” (Blue Bee) As we threw it around in the yard, I noticed some of his stuffing was coming out and I said, “Hey, I can fix that…and I just might have something for a blog post if you let me.” So I did. I got a needle and thread from my mom’s sewing stuff and stitched Bluebie up. (I’ve had a little practice with a FEW of Reuben’s toys!) Here was Bluebie before and then an after shot.

Yep, my life is one big needle and thread episode, don’t you think? One day doll dresses, the next day car panels, and the next doggie toys! So even though this isn’t about Felicity’s dress, it is about sewing…

Hope you enjoyed it…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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I am too pooped, so here’s an old post…

We got home a few hours ago, but I realized I am more tired than I thought I would be. The visit with his very sick brother, and all the emotions that go with that, the drive home, dishes left in my sink from when we dashed off on Tuesday, and the realization that I need sleep more than anything… in MY bed, instead of on an air mattress, is telling me I need to play hooky tomorrow…

I wanted to do a post, but I have nothing to show, so I pulled a post from the past… This was actually my 2nd post… on August 2, 2014. I remember when I started my blog, I told myself, “Make it all about sewing and dolls and stuff like that!” So on day 2 what did I do? I wrote a post about sewing in the most magnificent way possible…a huge water slide “thingy.” It’s an alterations story I’ll never forget…

I called this post, “My Biggest Alterations Job Yet!” and I hope you don’t mind reading it again…

Yesterday I was on the computer when I heard my hubby come in the front door and it sounded like he was dragging something inside. I kept on with my computer work and forgot about the noise I’d heard. It was quite a while before I went into my sewing room, but when I did, it looked like he had deposited a huge parachute on the floor…
“What’s this????” I asked.
“Oh, it’s one of those blow up slides with a pool…” he said with a grin.
“And what’s it doing in my sewing room?” I asked with not so big of a grin.
This time with a smile…“Oh, I told them at church you could probably fix it. It’s something for the kids to play in for VBS (Vacation Bible School) next week. There are a few tears at the seams where it’s leaking, and I know how you love a good project!!!”

Not to be beaten by a blow up slide and pool thingy…and knowing that it was unusable the way it was, I rummaged through my threads and found the Sun Guard thread I had used when I replaced all the screens in our
(bargain $300) pop-up camper. (…another story…)

We decided it was too big of a job to do inside, so my darling hubby set up a card table outside in the backyard, carried out my sewing machine, and set up a sewing area for me. He turned on the air pump to blow up this monster, so we could determine what was the best way to tackle this huge undertaking.



Well, to cut to the chase, there were S-E-V-E-N areas that needed fixing… and they were major leaks. Someone before me had tried to GLUE the thing back together, but that didn’t work. I had 2 small scraps of the blue material that were about 8” x 3” which were pretty ratty looking. I threaded up the machine with a denim/jeans needle and my hubby was deemed the “holder” as it was very heavy. It was pretty tricky to get it under the feed dogs of my machine and stitch up the areas that were leaking. I sewed an area and then we’d have to blow it up to see if it fixed the area that was leaking… we must have done that 5 or 6 times… sew it up, then blow it up, sew it up, then blow it up. It’s not my finest work to say the least, but after about 2 hours we got it all patched.





Most of the patching had to be done on the outside… like taking the two edges, holding them together, stitching them together and then folding and stitching a piece of the patch fabric around the rough edges. It worked… and we were so proud… we huffed and puffed getting all the air out of it and rolled it up and put it in a large plastic tub. Hallelujah!!



This should be the end of my story, but NO…
My hubby carried the tub to the garage and plopped it in front of his workbench… You’ll never believe this, but as he dropped the tub down, it happened to catch a crowbar, which ripped a new 4” tear in the backside. UGH!

He almost cried as he came back out to tell me what had happened. Actually after we both had a moment of groans, we laughed…I sat up my sewing machine again on the card table, this time, just outside the garage and proceeded to fix that one final rip! I told him maybe we should wrap it all in bubble wrap to protect it until Monday when it will be set up!


Okay, do I win the prize for the largest alteration? If not, tell me your story…

Blessings, Jeanne

If you wanted to read the comments on the original post, you can see them HERE.

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Slips of lace and slips of paper…

HI everyone,
Sorry I wasn’t able to “participate” in the comments yesterday… there just wasn’t any free time for me. I’m so happy that several of you want to try making a slip like this for your dolls. I really should have been more specific on measurements instead of being so vague, but that’s the way I sew most of the time. I don’t have a pattern for my slips.. I just make them and know how they go together. If you missed yesterday’s tutorial on how to make a slip, you can see it HERE.

I did, however, want to answer a question that Linda raised. She asked how do you keep the tulle (netting) from getting pulled down into the throat plate, since it’s such a fine fabric? Carolyn gave a good tip about checking your needle to see if there might be a burr on the end of it that could be grabbing and pulling your fabric down…there’s nothing quite so frustrating as this happening. She also suggested checking into a new throat plate with a single hole or maybe just a smaller hole than what you have now. Those are both good suggestions and might work… but it’s kind of frustrating changing the throat plate “from” a single hole kind every time you want to do anything except straight stitching.

I have another suggestion… and a simple demonstration…

Yes, that’s scraps of paper. I cut them off the ends of things I copied or get scraps from my shipping labels, etc. I use anything that has a clean side to it and keep a stash of them beside my sewing machine all the time.

When you are ready to start sewing, just take a scrap of the paper…like one of my scraps, and lay it on the machine like this…under the needle.

Put the edge of whatever you are sewing on top of it and use it as a stabilizer. It won’t let the fabric get sucked down in the hole…

When you are finished with your seam, turn it over and gently tear away the paper from the perforated stitches…

That was just a quick demonstration of how to solve that “sucky” problem with some fabrics!

Well, that was too quick but it’s going to be it for today. There’s a new doll I want to share with you tomorrow, plus a surprise for Noel’s blue dress…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Molly’s new Valentine dress is HALF done…

The top half of Molly’s dress is finished…and it’s cute as a button on her…at least I think so! I decided to use the buttons I had but tried to soften them up just a bit by using the darker thread when I sewed them on. I’m not 100% sure seamstresses would have done that back in the 1940’s but “I” would have, so “I” did! But…this isn’t a dress for ME…so give me your opinions on it.. does it make it too “splotchy” looking…I mean too many splashes of color with those little “slits” of dark pink thread? I’m not sure of it when I see it in my pictures. It’s an easy fix if you think matching thread would be better.

I took the braids out of Molly’s hair and was fooling around with it a little while ago. I liked Joy’s suggestions of bows in her hair.

If you were wondering, I got the idea for this dress from some small 1940’s catalogs (really just pamphlets) from the Best and Company years ago. This particular one is from 1944-45. I paid a fortune for 3 of them but have used them over and over again. Here’s the picture I copied. I was going to make the pointed front on her dress, but cut my fabric straight across before I remembered… oops!

Look at those 1944 prices! $3.95!

Here are a few other dresses I made using this same idea…as you can see, I’m a big black and white checked fabric fan!

This is Katie Effanbee and Molly sharing a dress…

…and here is Isabelle, showing you her version of the dress in a smaller size. I loved this dress…

That’s it for today… My hubby has a very important doctor visit and procedure being done in St. Louis today and I would be very grateful if you felt so inclined to whisper a prayer for us today.

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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