How about some Fingerless Gloves?

HI everyone,
I’m sorry there hasn’t been a post for a few days… it’s been a little crazy around here. I was going to do a post for Saturday, but as I was walking to the computer Friday night, I just turned around and went to bed, telling my hubby, “I just can’t write anything… I’m too tired.” Without going into too much detail, my hubby woke up Thursday morning in horrible pain and had me get his walker from the attic. It’s the only way he can shuffle his feet along and go about the house. (he spends most of his time in his recliner… it’s just too painful to walk) We had a home health care nurse come by on Friday morning and when she saw how much pain he was in and how he wasn’t able to walk on his own, she called and got him an appointment right away. I had to get a wheelchair for him for the CAT scan… The doctor called us that evening and told us that it was a large hematoma and could take up to 6 weeks to go away… UGH! My hubby is miserable… pain from his surgery, pain from the stoma site, he’s having to give himself shots in his thighs to prevent blood clots, and now he’s got this horrible groin bruise that he’s having to deal with… We go back to St. Louis on Wednesday, and hopefully we’ll get some answers and help…

Someone bought a pair of my fingerless gloves and it got me to thinking…in light of all this miserable-ness, I decided it was time for something pretty and fun… and decided to show something I don’t think I’ve done a post on before. I’m sure many of you have seen these pictures before but this time I’m going to showcase as many as I can of dresses with fingerless gloves… I figure you’ll all be happy with anything dolly related… I’ll just make this like a slide show… I hope you enjoy them…

Okay, you know I have to ask… do you have a favorite?

I’ll see you when I can,
Blessings, Jeanne

Something for those who like to SEW & Something for those who like to SAW

It’s really hard to sew when you have so many things to saw! If you are just joining me, I am in the middle of a kitchen remodel and it’s not easy… especially when you are LIVING in the house WHILE you are remodeling it! I thought I could do a little sewing and then a little sawing, alternating my posts that way, but it’s been all consuming to try and get this finished as soon as we can, so my sewing has had to take the back seat! :o(

I’ve gained more new subscribers and hope you won’t leave even after the kitchen is finished. (I’m guessing you are here for the “home” stuff on my blog lately.)

First let’s start with the “SEW” section of this post. I found something that is old but hopefully NEW to you. These are some pictures from my archives of a Regency dress for Elizabeth, made exactly 9 years ago today… April 17, 2009! I didn’t have a name for it, so you can call it whatever you like! I looked over those “pink” names you all shared a while back, and I’m going with “Cotton Candy Pink!” My photography skills were a bit lacking 9 years ago, but I think you can tell what it looked like, even in the bad pictures!

Now for those of you waiting for the “SAW” part of this post…

We’ve been busy little bees again the last few days. It was wonderful having my sisters here to help and especially give me ideas and encouragement that the “pretty comes after the ugly.” I keep forgetting that, but I should have remembered it from the Sunday School House Kitchen project. It was ugly for a long time and my kitchen seems to be following the same pattern. The “pretty” is coming but not as quickly as I’d like!

Cindy gave my new wall a second coat and it looks really rich and so smooth and pretty now. It’s a good thing she’s flexible… because painting that corner was a bit of a strain!

The paint might be called Agreeable Gray, but it’s not really a gray gray to me… it almost turns to a creamy beige or almost a khaki in the afternoon. Then at night it’s a warm and soothing color. I love the different shades it becomes throughout the day.

I’ll let you have ONE last look at those aqua speckled countertops…

With a few extra hands around, we decided to go ahead and rip out the stove wall section of base cabinets. Those walls hadn’t been disturbed in 126 years and let me tell you, we found a few “critters”… petrified, no less! Ick!

My mom said, “Aren’t you going to keep the hardware on these cabinets?” I told her originally I thought I would sell them all, but they were so corroded and icky, I decided to pass. My hubby told her the screws were almost gummy on some of them… but she decided to give it a try and get some off… When she got them off, and asked what to do with them, my hubby said, put them back on… so she did!

It was nice to see those aqua with gold fleck countertops go out the door! I didn’t cry a single tear!

The lazy susan in the corner was just awful… daisy contact paper was on the 2 round turn tables.

With the space opened up and the floor cleaned up and sanitized, my hubby wanted to scoot the big pantry down the hallway and into the kitchen just to see what it was going to look like on the end. I love it! My pots and pans, crock pots, pressure cooker and huge Savory antique pan are going in there! :o)

I even got up in the middle of the night and took a picture of the kitchen from the living room… *smile*

Once the wall was opened up there was no reason we couldn’t put in my new stove and hook it up. I cooked on it for the first time tonight! It was really nice too! Chicken on the top and sweet potato fries in the oven! :o)

We have decided to move my dishwasher from the stove wall over to the left of the sink. Then I’ll put my 24″ drawers where the dishwasher was.

We worked on the floor too… it has to be smooth with the flooring tucked under the new cabinets. First we had to put down the old tiles we had in the kitchen and then put the vinyl planks on top of them.

My hubby and I got the wire fished through the wall and down to the basement for a new garbage disposal. I’ve never had one! Yippee! The new switch is ready to turn on… just as soon as we buy a disposal…

We have some underlayment we are going to cover up that icky wall with. It was so nasty and probably painted with lead paint. We didn’t want to disturb it, so we are covering it up. That might come tomorrow.

Well, that’s what we’ve been up to… a nurse from St. Louis called today and my hubby has an appointment on Thursday. Maybe things will get moving along now… I think we are both as ready as we’ll ever be…

Thanks for being patient as I get things in order around here.

See you when I can,
Blessings, Jeanne

Book Review: The Wish Booklet, Fashions 1806 – 1810 by Susan Sirkis

It’s no secret I LOVE making the Regency dresses…many with the train in the back. I stumbled upon this booklet by accident one time and it’s pretty much my go-to book whenever I make a new Regency dress. I just like looking at the drawings to help me figure out what direction the new dress may take and I love to be inspired for how it might look in the end.

The book is called “The Wish Booklet Fashions 1806 – 1810.” This particular volume is XV. It is a paperback book and has 49 pages.

If you click on the pictures they will enlarge.

Susan Sirkis is the author and she has many of “The Wish Booklets” covering different topics. Here are a few of her other titles…

The Wish Booklet 19th Century Children’s Fashions
The Wish Booklet Fashion 1776
The Wish Booklet Fashions in Time
The Wish Booklet Ladies Fashions 1831 – 1835
The Wish Booklet Miniature Fashions of the 1800’s
The Wish Booklet Wardrobe for a Little Girl 1900 -1910

All the booklets start with “The Wish Booklet” and then cover a certain period of time. I just checked on Ebay and there were 26 books from Susan. I also have the one of 1776 fashions…

My book has instructions for making a cloth doll in the very beginning, but that part was just incidental for me… I was only interested in the details of the clothing…

There are 10 dresses described in here and each one has at least one page describing it. These are the pages I combed over to get the details right…

There are also pages of information on petticoats, corsets, nightgowns, shoes, mitts, shawls, aprons, necklaces and earrings, muffs, parasols, recticule’s, and more!

Here are a few bonnets… #25 cracks me up every time I see it…

In the back of the book there are patterns that you can enlarge if you like. I’ve always just used them to look at the pattern and see what the pattern shape looked like, or how a curved line was actually cut. For me, this book is purely for reference…

If you are interested in Regency styles, (or any of the time periods), Susan’s books are pretty informative and I am happy to have this book in my collection. Maybe you’d like it too…

Now, I thought I’d show a few of my “lesser seen” Regency dresses… No particular reason why they don’t get shown as much, but they don’t…

The oldest ones in the archives, are the two shown on Josefina… they date back to 2008!

The next ones were from 2009…

…and this last one, with the gold shimmery fabric, was made in 2011. I’ve certainly made lots of Regency dresses…

I hope you enjoyed the book review and the slideshow!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

8 more BLUES on 8 more dresses…

I’m back…but just barely. You’ve never seen a wedding until you’ve seen an AFRICAN wedding. The groom was from Zimbabwe, Africa, and he had family in from Zambia, Zimbabwe, England and more places than I can remember. They know how to visit, dance, and party till the wee hours of the night. They were partying “African Dance” style and they had a blast! It was very fun to watch them! The wedding started at noon on Saturday and was still going strong when we left at 10:15 that night. (I heard that it went until 2:00 in the morning!) It was wonderful and very joyful for all of them to be together, but let me tell you, my hubby and I were pooped out. We helped do some cleaning up and I helped serve the cake… 16 Tres Leches cakes….if you know what those are!
I didn’t want to share any pictures of the wedding without the couples permission, and they are obviously not here to ask, so I’ll wait. :o)

There were hundreds of people who attended and today (Sunday) we had a huge picnic for those who were came from out of town and wanted to visited with all the other alumni. It has been in the works for a couple of weeks and we finally pulled it off today… It was 91 degrees outside but wonderfully, there happened to be a slight breeze to keep us all from melting! I was too busy and never even thought to snap a single picture, so I don’t have anything related to the wedding…but I do have some dresses with trains to show you… the rest of the blue Regency dresses. I have 8 dresses in various blue fabrics to share with you.

I hope you’ll enjoy them…

Traveling all the way to March, 2008, we find Josefina modeling a blue Regency dress for me… I’ve certainly made a few regency dresses from this fabric and still have some left… FOR MORE if need be! I didn’t give this one a name back then…

If you click on any picture it will enlarge.

The second oldest dress in the lot I’m showing you today is from December 2009. Elizabeth is showing off her modeling skills in an aqua blue and brown print dress with a brown corduroy Spencer… No name for it either.

This next dress is a taupe and blue print dress and I just had a very nice subscriber email and tell me she had this one flagged as a favorite and thought I had forgotten to list it when I showed the first darker blue dresses. She’s had it saved since July, 2011! How flattering is that for me to think someone liked it enough way back then to save it! It was another nameless dress set.

This dress is actually a dark navy blue with a purple flower in it, so I included it in with the “blues!” It was made in February 2012 and Elizabeth did a stunning job of modeling this one. It’s one of my favorites… I thought she looked beautiful in it… again…no name…

I had a Marisol doll for a very short while… actually this next Regency dress was the only thing she ever modeled for me. I had a hard time photographing her darker skin…but she had the most beautiful hair I’ve ever seen…I called this dress “Enchanting” and it was made in April of 2013. Actually, I had this one listed and I called the color turquoise… and the lady who bought it, thought it looked more like she said she wanted to return it… (First time ever!) I was goofy and refunded her money before I actually received the dress back from her… Then she emailed me and said the color was growing on her and she thought she’d keep the dress… Now she had the dress AND my money from the refund… A few days went by and I was sweating bullets… but about 4 days later she sent me back the payment and I finally breathed again!

Another dress I made from that blue rayon fabric was one I just showed you a few pictures of the other day, when I was copying the bonnet to “Blissful in Blue.” I called this one “Details Matter” and it certainly had lots of them. It was made in August of 2013.

Ellowyne, by Robert Tonner, modeled a few Regency dresses for me and I loved how she could be posed with a shawl about her shoulders. This dress was called “Elegant Designs for Ellowyne” and was made in September 2014. Doesn’t she look gorgeous? Sorry…but I’m prejudiced a little bit.

The last blue dress done in the Regency Style was one for Janie… my 13″ Dianna Effner, Little Darling. As you can see, it’s the same fabric as Ellowyne’s dress. It was soft as a tissue and so perfect for gathers. It was called, “My Littlest Regency Girl” and was made in November, 2014. I thought Janie looked so adorable.

Well, I’m all out of blue Regency dresses and hope you enjoyed the slide show!

Any favorites in the bunch?

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne