2017 Holly Dolly Fashion Show!

Hi everyone,
You are in for a real treat today… Normally, I’m the one showcasing my dresses from the past year, but today, there is something really special to see… I asked my readers to share a few of their dolls in their most favorite Christmas dresses… You didn’t disappoint! They are all lovely and I hope you enjoy seeing everyone else’s dolls in their Christmas finery!

I have to thank my daughter, Rebecca, for helping me with this… She even came up with the title… I think I’m rubbing off on her… She wanted to do a fancy presentation, but she was worried that some might not have the Power Point program, so we just decided to present it the way I usually post things. She had everyone’s pictures in a frame like the one you see at the beginning of the slide show… with the ornaments, and it was so pretty! I was imagining putting a Christmas song in the background, but that never was able to materialize. Anyway, I think you’ll enjoy everyone’s pictures. A few ladies sent a few more than two pictures and I was going to enlarge them and figure out which ones to use, but in the end, I just decided you all wouldn’t mind an extra picture or two from someone… So let the “2017 Holly Dolly Fashion Show” begin…

Most all of the photos will enlarge if you click on them…

Ingrid was the first one to submit a picture of some dresses, but she said she was behind in getting her dolls dressed for Christmas, so white dresses would have to do… (I’m sorry for Ingrid’s picture of her girls in the white dresses, being sideways on your phones and ipads… I don’t know why that happened to that particular picture. On my computer it’s right side up and so I decided to keep it that way…)

But a few days ago, she found a Christmas picture to send me… Thanks so much Ingrid… your girls are just lovely…

Charlotte Trayer sent a picture of Heather in a dress that she received from a Christmas Swap back in 2015. I’m pretty sure it was the Ning group swap… Yes, that’s Shadow Embroidery on the front…isn’t it lovely? Heather is also modeling the green dress…

Delaney is her second doll and she’s dressed in a swap outfit that Charlotte received in 2016. It’s an ornament “sweater” from Michael’s that had the back adapted to fit the dolls.

Dorothy King bought an Iplehouse BID (Baby Iplehouse Doll) named Elin, (like mine), but changed her name to Elyse. She’s beautiful, isn’t she?

Dorothy also wanted to share Charlotte Noelle, a Little Darling, by Dianna Effner, that she just received this month!

Linda said her 2 favorite dresses from American Girl were these… shown on Molly and Susan. Molly is in her green velvet dress and Susan has on Addy’s Plaid Tartan dress.

This next picture from Linda features Betsy McCall and Ivy. Betsy is in a darling crocheted dress and Ivy is in American Girl’s Sparkly Plum. They are standing in the bay window, by the small Christmas tree that Linda has in her bedroom.

Moving on, let’s see what Shara has to share…She sent me pictures of 4 girls in red silk smocked dresses… My Meadow 18″ Saffi, 14″ Avery, 11″ Tella and her Little Darling wanted to get in on the modeling too. Beautiful dresses, Shara! (I’m sorry, but Shara’s pictures won’t enlarge.)

Mary C just finished crocheting this outfit for her “unmarked French” head mold-Bleuette friend. It was originally a knitted pattern by LSdS for Bleuette, but since she doesn’t read French, she adapted the pattern and crocheted it! Nicely done, Mary!

Here we have Santa’s helpers from Sissy LIngle. She sent me a picture of Giggi and Patti, who are 10″ BID’s by My Meadow. They are helping Santa and look adorable in their Christmas rompers! Very sweet, Sissy!

Leigh made a matching dress set for her daughter, Melissa, and her doll, back in 1980. The dresses were a red calico print with a white eyelet pinafore on top… How sweet is this picture? Thanks Leigh!

It looks like Joy’s girls are doing some baking… and don’t they look like they’re having fun? I love this little set up Joy! Cute, cute, cute!!!

Kathie sent me these pictures of her 13″ Little Darlings around the Christmas tree. Oh, how beautiful they look!

Paula has some very pretty pictures of her favorite Christmas dresses… Trisha is in a red plaid with a black velvet bodice. (I’m flattered, because I made the two different (but same plaid) dress sets in her pictures.)

Paula’s second picture is of Quintessa in a red plaid dress with a black velvet capelet!

Shara wanted to share a few more pictures of a commissioned dress that she made last year. Eden is modeling a darling dress with a black velvet bodice and a net lace skirt, over taffeta. Just a hint of red in the form of a bow makes it look extra special… Thanks Shara!

Hanna Davis shared something I thought was very sweet. She didn’t have any pictures of Christmas dresses, but she did have one of a pink Easter dress. She went ahead and sent it and said, “We remember the Lord at both times!” How right she is! I loved it, Hanna!

Susette wanted to send along her favorite pictures of her girls in Christmas outfits… There are several dolls in her pictures and they all look so sweet! Look closely at her pictures so you can see everything! Susette said Molly’s apron is reversible and has a Valentines Day pattern on the other side. She’s wearing the American Girl Velvet Green Overalls under that apron. The girls are having a casual Christmas Party after a sleigh ride and snowball fight! The other girls are showing off their Christmas sweaters…she even made the tablecloths too!

April wanted to get in on the picture show and sent along these pictures… She’s waiting on a 2nd hip replacement and said she’s been out of the sewing loop this past year, but these are some of her past creations. I hope you enjoy them…

I hope you enjoyed “today’s presentation!” I did! :o)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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A Saturday Sweetie to Start your day…

Lian’s dress, called “Christmas Snowflakes,” ends Saturday evening (tonight)… it seems like it’s been a quick 5 days, but it’s almost over. Poor Lian…she’s going to cry when she sees me packing up the dress. But I’ll tell her we’ll pick out another pretty fabric next time and she’ll be okay… I’m telling you that to let you know…It’s okay to bid on the dress if you want to… You can see it by clicking HERE. Or you can click on the picture at the right side bar…

A while back, before my computer was dying, I asked if anyone wanted to show their dolls in a favorite Christmas dress, to send me one or two pictures. I thought we’d just have a little slide show of your favorites, since it’s mostly ME showing MY favorites. If you’d like to get your dolls picture (ANY doll is fine), included, just send them to this email address… jeannewiedlocher@gmail.com
I hope I can figure out how to get your pictures all loaded… because I’ve been sent some really sweet pictures!

Friday was VERY busy for me…and my hubby. We both were going in different directions, but our paths crossed about 6 p.m. and it was good to touch base. He was supposed to work on a lady’s hot water heater and garbage disposal, but he got a call from Jean that his car wasn’t working properly. That took precedence so he switched gears…and tools! :o) I was asked if I could take Bithar to town later on to pick up some things. Jean is graduating Saturday and Bithar said he needed shoe polish and she needed panty hose and shoes! Well, you can’t have a graduation without those 2 things… :o)

I was in the middle of some Christmas shopping when I got the call to pick her up… so I changed plans and we headed to Goodwill for shoes… she found 2 really nice pairs. Next to Walmart…for the “needed” things… In the middle of that, my mom called and said she needed toilet paper… she was OUT!…oops… gotta get that to her…So we made a big swing on the way back home and took it to her…

In the meantime, I had a phone call with someone asking about altering a dress… NOT TODAY… I told them.. maybe another day…

Back to my story… Bithar had dropped off the kids at a Nigerian family before we headed to town and while she was gone, I took advantage of the little “sweetie” in my car…Gaterah…or as I call her, by her middle name, Blessing! At first she was looking at me, like, who are you?

But then she was all smiles…and I couldn’t resist! I thought you might like to see her again.

In other news… I told you the other day my camera was outdated and I can only use it if I take the SD card out and put it in a little slot on my new tower… Well, today we discovered my printer won’t work with the new computer.. My goodness… updating can get costly if you aren’t careful. SO… Rebecca being the savvy one, went by Staples after work this evening; she had already checked out some reviews on some, and came home with a new printer… she proceeded to hook it all up and see how it interacted with the Windows 10…
W-E-L-L… it sputtered and spewed and sounded like a groaning dishwasher… AND Rebecca timed it…it took 1 minute 59 seconds to print out ONE sheet of paper with just lines on it…(a game I needed copied!) Between the noises it made and the speed (or lack thereof) we decided to box it back up…UGH!

So now I’m back to printer shopping…UGH again…

I’ll be baking today and even though I’ve made my Mint Cookie Bark, and I’m baking cookies today, IF you need a SUPER GREAT and HIGHLY REQUESTED recipe, you should give this Mint Cookie Bark a try… I did a post on it back in 2014 and have featured it again each year since. It is a full tutorial with lots of pictures of exactly how to do it… JUST SAYING…if you need a good recipe, you might want to try this one… after you do it one time, it’s super easy to do… Here is the link for that post… and the recipe…


Have a wonderful Saturday…and be careful out there… I heard on the radio it’s supposed to be the busiest day of the season… drive carefully!

See you Monday (or at the end of the auction tonight!) :o)
Blessings, Jeanne

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A few Christmas Civil War dresses…

Anyone who has followed my blog for any length of time knows how much I LOVE making Civil War dresses. I’m practically in heaven when I get a chance to sew one. I’m not exactly sure why I feel that way… maybe it’s because there are so many possibilities with the designs. I just enjoy seeing how realistic I can make them turn out. It’s my biggest thrill when I make one and show it to my hubby, and ask him, “Can you guess what era this is from?” When he guesses “the Civil War?” I practically get goose bumps! “Yep! That’s right!”

Well, the other day, Laura mentioned something about showing some Christmas Civil War gowns and I am thrilled to oblige! I don’t have all my pictures located yet, but Susette suggested I just use my “search box” and find them that way…I will and I did! Hope you enjoy the slide show! They are some of my very favorites!





This is Lily in a rare appearance modeling one of 3 dresses for someone who used them as her Little Women collection…


Here is Eden in her Little Women dress…


…and for some reason I didn’t get a single shot of Rebecca in her green Christmas dress, but here’s one of all 3 girls together…


This Christmas dress was called Glimmer of Glamour!


This is my all time favorite Christmas sign! I found it one time when I was visiting Deb… I should have bought it, but I just snapped this picture. It makes me laugh every time I read it!


Well, those are the only Christmas Civil War dresses I could think of and find. I’m sure there are more, but I’ll have to wait until I have my pictures all in order…

Thanks for taking time to read,
See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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“Christmas Snowflakes” is finally finished… calling all Little Darlings…

When I started Lian’s dress (a while back), I thought it was going to be a piece of cake to finish… and it would have been, had it not been for all the interruptions in my life… but *alas* it’s done now and you can see it HERE. The listing on Ebay started Monday evening and ends Saturday evening. You can also click on the picture at the top right side bar and be taken directly to the Ebay listing.

I am technologically challenged! There is NO other way to put it! You could send me to buy a new sewing machine, or pick out the best serger, or choose a new iron and I could figure all those things out on my own… but a computer? Not so much… That’s where Kristoffer came to the rescue…The computer I was using was on borrowed time… Kristoffer checked and it only had a small amount of space left before it was totally full… it probably had something to do with the 65,850 photographs I had on it…YIKES! I think we got it in 2009.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with the details, but this new computer has Windows 10 and I’m about to lose my mind! Literally! I transferred all my pictures over and it looked like things were going well, but when they got “sort of organized” and together, there were no titles on them… so I can’t go in to my Media Library and type in “Lian” and all her dresses pop up, or I can’t search for my “Civil War” dresses, because there are no labels on anything… and some of the dates on my pictures are totally wrong.. I was looking through the pictures and saw one that had 1970 on it! What’s up with that? The ones I transferred for Lian’s dress today, have them listed as 2005! Beats me what’s up… so I need some lessons or something to try and figure this out…

Also, my camera won’t sync to my new computer… it’s too old and there are no drivers for it… I can take out the SD card and do it manually, but I have no idea where my pictures go when I do that… SO…I’ve been a little crazy around here… Somehow, and I really don’t know how… I got Lian’s dress listed… but it was purely by accident, because I didn’t know what in the world I was doing…

Okay, enough technical talk… I’m sure you may have seen Lian’s dress by now, but I’ll have to show it here, because I spent 4 hours doing the listing, and didn’t have time to do anything else…

This is the dress without the pinafore… using the lace piece around her waist…

Lian sure can wear red well, can’t she?

I may have made the slip just a tad too full… but some ladies like their dolls in “fluffy” dresses… this is the fluffy version…

…and here’s the “not quite so fluffy” version… without the slip…

Well, ladies, I’m heading to bed…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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