Just a few pictures in the snow…

I tried, honest I did, but had some “momma” time today… I have the pictures taken now and will work like crazy to get this listed on Ebay Friday evening.

I went outside this morning, while it was still cold mind you, and took a few pictures of the girls in the snow. It was supposed to get up to 35 degrees today and I was concerned that the snow would all melt and then I’d have no snow pictures to show you… I grabbed my girls and tried to find a spot that wasn’t “covered in tracks” and even this spot on the bricks had a few birdie tracks…

I’ll save the rest of the pics for the next post, but here are some sunny, snowy pictures to hold you over… Hope you like them…

…and because Linda wanted to see the coat over the dress… here’s 2 more pictures…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Baby, it’s COLD outside… more doll coats!

If you missed yesterday, you might want to check out the coats that were featured… (HERE) I have a few more to share and needed to split up the pictures. Who knows? There might be more coats floating around in my computer somewhere. If I find them, I’ll most definitely share them with you.

Let’s have Nellie start us off today in a sweet Raspberry colored, woolly kind of coat. I don’t exactly know what this fabric was called, but I loved it as a coat, hat and purse set!

Riley was adorable in her fun purple swing coat and hat.

Molly was right in style in her navy tweed double breasted coat. Doesn’t she look all grown up?

Rebecca is looking quite charming in her “dalmation” coat!

Here’s Millie again in a short jacket with another furry hood. When I see her in these particular pictures, it makes me wonder why I sold her…

Lanie is showing off in another leopard print fleece coat. I loved how this one had the variations in the colors…

…and because the next holiday is Valentine’s Day, (well, next after New Year’s Day) I’m showing this pretty pink coat on Rebecca…it was one of my favorites.

Well, if these coats didn’t warm you up, you might need to go sit by a fire… I feel all toasty inside! :o)

See you Monday,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Baby it’s COLD outside…

It’s been cold around here…really cold! When I woke up this morning, the wind chill factor was 3 degrees. I thought that was terribly cold…till I heard on the news that some place in Minnesota or Michigan was 41 degrees below zero. I guess I only “thought” we were cold!!
It generally has to be very cold before you see me wearing a coat. I am very warm natured and don’t like the bulk of coats so I put off wearing them as long as I can.

I haven’t made a coat for my dolls for quite a while, in fact, I checked, and the last one I made was in 2016, for Julie, when I sold her to Marilyn! :o)

I do have some cute pictures of coats from the archives and I hope these will warm you up.

This was my very first fleece coat, on Rebecca’s doll, back in 2000!

I found this lone picture of Molly in one of my other “first” coats when I began selling them on Ebay.

Here’s tiny little 7 1/2″ Riley in a pretty white furry jacket…

Nellie always looked sweet in whatever she modeled… I loved her in this burgundy corduroy coat.

Millie was a 10″ Ball Jointed doll, made by Kaye Wiggs. I only had her for about a year and a half… She was too skinny to suit me, but she did look her prettiest in this set…

Here is Lanie in a fun leopard fleece coat.

Here’s Julie in that fur coat I was telling you about…

So are you warmer now? If not… come back Saturday for the rest of my doll coats. My brother is bringing my mom back today and Saturday is her 83rd birthday. I need to spend time making her day special, so I decided to split my coats up into two posts.

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Okay, now it’s MY turn… Part 1 of my 2017 Doll Dresses…

I am so happy you all enjoyed yesterdays Holly Dolly Fashion Show presentation of YOUR Christmas dresses! (HERE) We truly did have a variety of dolls, didn’t we, and wasn’t it fun to see everyone’s talent? (Picture taking, dress making, prop setup, etc) I looked at the pictures several times yesterday and saw something new each time I looked! :o) Thank you so much… now start working on your 2018 dresses!

As I looked at the dresses, I wondered just how many dresses I had made this year… I really had no clue as the last few months of this year were sort of haphazard for me…So I took out my 2017 notebook and started going through it… listing all the dresses and who bought them and what they sold for… I’m doing a little double duty work, as I always bless my top 3 ($$) buyers. I know WHO they are and will make them something to say thank you in a small way!

Okay, so back to my dresses… I only made 27 dresses in 2017… that might be a record low… I started the year out nicely and had made 17 by May, but then it sort of dwindled down each month after that… BUT, anyway, I have 27 dresses to show you and will do half today and half tomorrow… I’ve got to spread them out so I can get some of my Christmas done around here… My brother is coming tomorrow to take my mom home with him for Christmas. I’ll give him his Cool Spoons in a Box present before he heads home. After he leaves, I have GOT TO TURN THINGS UP and get going in high gear! :o)

(If you click on the pictures they will enlarge.)

The first dress of 2017 was “Winter Garden,” modeled by Felicity.

Nyssa got to model the last dress in January…

Molly was next in “Pink Perfection.”

Molly, an American Girl doll

It was still February and cold when I did “Springtime in the South.” Rebecca was my very beautiful model for this set…

Noel joined me in February and this was her debut dress… “Sweet and Petite!”

Noel, a 10″ Boneka/Effner doll

Isabelle was the sixth doll to model for me in 2017. She looked stunning in a red and pink dress I called “Pretty as a Picture.”

Eden started us out in March in an Easter dress called “Easter Charm.”

I did a sister set next… one for Janie and one for Noel… in blue and so adorable. I called it “Sisters in Blue.”

It’s almost Easter now and Patsy is “egging” it on, in a sweet set called, “Come on, Easter!”

Willa was next in a dress called “Easter Surprise.”

We’re still in April and Rebecca got to model a very pretty Easter dress called “Timeless in Turquoise.” It was a favorite of mine! I thought she looked so pretty in this color! (even though my camera had a hard time capturing the actual color of it…)

Ten Ping and Noel modeled together in this next dress set. I called it “Spring Fever” for both girls. Talk about dainty looking… it sure did! :o)

I hope you enjoyed seeing my dresses for the first half of 2017… and hope you’ll come back tomorrow to see the rest of them…

Blessings, Jeanne

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