I love it when you all share things…

Just a Reminder:
Rebecca’s Civil War dress, “Apple Butter Sweet” ends Thursday (tonight) night on Ebay. You can can see it by clicking the picture at the right side bar or by clicking HERE. Here are a few pictures…

Yesterday I did a post on a book that I have in my sewing library. (HERE) It was on the Regency styles and I happened to show a picture of some bonnets and one in particular I pointed out that made me chuckle every time I saw it…#25 if you couldn’t guess…

Well, Susette sent me an email wondering if I thought this lace scarf could possibly be a mourning veil? She said it was 16″ by 2 yards long and very delicate with finished edges, so it wasn’t just a piece of lace. She had inherited it from her great great grandmother and wondered if it could possibly be a veil that she used for for funerals. Here is a picture of the lace…

Susette got on Etsy and found this picture of a mourning veil and it was close enough to the size of hers, that she was convinced this piece of lace that has been a mystery to her for years was used as a mourning veil.

The next thing I know, Marilyn found a site that showed veils worn by Jackie and Ethyl Kennedy, and Coretta Scott King. They weren’t quite the same but it was the same idea… a veil covering the face. It was pretty neat to see this all come together… congrats Susette, on solving the mystery!

Then when I showed this green dress…

…and Joy mentioned that the green fabrics were sometimes laced with arsenic… She left a link to a very interesting article… if you care to read it… gives me the willies!

Arsenic in green fabrics?

It may be a while before I can make a green dress…

Joy also mentioned that there are Wellie Wishers at Costco and Hearts for Hearts dolls at Target.. Christmas is coming, you know…

My hubby and I worked on our floor, hopefully for the last time! There were about a dozen spots that we had marked with blue painters tape where there seemed to be a little bit of a discrepancy from one plank to another. How did we find them? Well, I scooted around on my behind and scraped my finger nail against the ends of each and every plank!! If my fingernail caught a high spot…sometimes only like 1/32nd of an inch, I marked it.

We didn’t want any chairs moving across the floor, or a shoe to catch on that little lip sticking up, so we lifted those planks up and my hubby used his rasp to smooth down the floor underneath! (try doing THAT with any other kind of flooring!) We vacuumed the sawdust and replaced the planks. It worked wonderfully and we got all the areas taken care of!!! YAY! Now I can relax and not be worried that something is going to “snag” my planks. It took us almost all day Tuesday.

Wednesday, I worked on my curtains… I don’t know how 2 panels with just a header at the top could take so long, but it was an all day project. I think because the fabric is like a kleenex and so soft, it was just harder to work with. They are up but they aren’t hemmed and steam pressed… I just had to get them up… and will show you a picture when they are finished…

I cut George’s hair yesterday and 5″ off Rebecca’s hair today! Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment and my mom has a doctor’s appointment…

Boy, it seems like I’ve been wearing LOTS of different HATS lately! Soon I’ll be back in doll seamstress mode!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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I love a sweet bonnet…

I didn’t have much sewing time, but I did find time to make the bonnet for Rebecca’s dress. I toyed with the idea of making her a brown straw bonnet and decorating it, but I didn’t have a hat mold. I thought maybe I could find a bowl or something round-ish to work as a mold, but nothing quite conformed to the shape of her head. She got tired of me trying every bowl in the house on her head, so I finally gave up. I just decided to use my old standby pattern and make her bonnet from a piece of the fabric.

(I see a few stray threads in my pictures so don’t look too closely. I’ll get them off…)

I added a strip of the white lace across the fabric and then decorated the sides with some flowers. Rebecca could hardly wait to try it on.

I fixed her hair in some curls at the back but they don’t show up as pretty in my pictures as they do in person.

I did make something else for her today…it’s a prop…I’m not quite finished with it and still am debating about whether or not to make a boned crinoline or just a pretty petticoat to make her dress stand out.

So bit by bit and day by day, this dress is coming along and is actually almost finished. I’m still debating on the name and might get my hubby’s input on that.

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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I need a name for this Civil War dress…any suggestions?

Well, the Alterations Lady (that would be me!), managed to get the problem fixed with Rebecca’s dress. I’m not exactly sure what happened… maybe the fabric stretched a little bit when I pressed it, or perhaps it had a wrinkle underneath it when I cut the bodice out, or maybe when I stitched on the lace it pulled it out of shape just a bit, but for some reason one shoulder was almost 1/4″ longer than the other side. You could see it best in last night’s picture….

It took a while to rip the stitches out and redo the sleeve seam, but I finally got it! Oh happy day!

Much better, don’t you think?

Then it was time to get all the snaps sewn on… There were only 3 sets in the back of the bodice and one on each sleeve, so I got by pretty easy on this dress.

I hemmed the dress by hand and tried to make it tea length where the pantalettes could be seen…

I used the same lace on them as on the bodice, and I decided to leave them plain so they could be worn with other dresses if the winner likes. My lace was only about 4″ wide so I made the top of the pantalettes out of a printed cotton fabric. I know they had drawstring waists in the Civil War undergarments, but with all the different sized waists on dolls these days, I decided to use elastic. It won’t be seen and will work for any doll.

Here’s one last look at the dress… Now I need a name for it to use on my Ebay listing and YOU ALL ARE SO GOOD AT THINKING OF NAMES… :o)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Does Rebecca’s dress look like you thought it would?

Well, today we have a little bit more structure than we did last night! Here was last night’s shot…

I managed to get the bodice constructed, and it’s shaping up to be one pretty little Civil War dress to me! Of course, my sweet Rebecca helps just a bit!

I used the bottom section of the lace to make a pretty stand up collar. The sleeves are nice and full, as most 1860’s sleeves were.

I added a little placket on them and will finish them off with snaps.

I know it’s not a whole lot to see, but I worked long and hard on it… when the skirt gets attached, it will really start to take shape.

Also, Linda happened to ask if the hats fit Betsy McCall. I snapped this quick picture of her in the brown one. My doll has the absolute fattest, thickest wig and it still works on her. I don’t know if ALL the Betsy’s have these big fat wigs or if it’s just mine. Mine also has a section pulled over to the side with a rubber band on it… that might make the hat stand up just a bit… I just wanted to show you a picture in case you were wondering…

Well, that’s it for this Saturday…
See you on Monday,
Blessings, Jeanne

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