FINALLY…a post about those HATS!!!

It has taken me forever to get this post written. It wasn’t because it was hard to write, I just couldn’t seem to find the time… I thought I better do everything I could today to make sure I was talking about something “dolly” related… especially those hats!

So here’s the deal in a nutshell. I LOVE making these little straw hats for the dolls. There’s something fun about going round and round until you get to the top of the hat and then it’s especially fun to pull out the paper roses and flowers and see what looks best on them. Well, combine that with all my fabrics and you have a match made in heaven… well, almost!

I decided it might be fun for the ladies who sew, to be able to buy the hat and then have a piece of fabric already matched up with the colors of the hat and flowers. So, this idea was born… I’d make the hats and decorate them and then offer a few different choices of fabric for the winner to choose from. They buy the hat and the fabric and then they can make the dress for whatever doll they want. I’m offering 1/3 of a yard of fabric for the hats…(in some cases only a fat quarter) They work for the 13″ Effner Little Darlings, Ellowyne, and 10″ Patsy Tonner and friends. So they are sort of Hat/fabric kits in a way.

Now, not everyone sews, so I decided if they only wanted the hat, and not the fabric, I would send them back $3.00 in their box.

This is sort of a kick starter for me to see if it works this way… I guess we’ll find out! I took new pictures outside today of the hats on the fabrics to try and get the colors as close as possible to what they really are…

Here they all are at a glance… it’s like a little hat shop, isn’t it?

If you have any suggestions or think of anything I may have left out, let me know. My listings are scheduled to go on Ebay just past 8:30 Thursday evening…(Central Time)

I hope you’ll check them out. I’ll list them over at the right side bar when they become active listings on Ebay.

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Start thinking about the Turn of the Century!

~ Patsy Tonner’s Easter dress set, the periwinkle colored one, with all the colors in it, is ending this evening. I haven’t told Patsy yet and I haven’t dared to suggest she step out of the dress…but I’ll have to really soon…If you want to see it on Ebay, you can click on the picture at the right side bar, or you can click HERE.

Here’s just one quick picture to refresh your memory…

~ I also listed Willa’s Easter dress on Saturday evening. I did a short post on it on Sunday but you might have missed it because I stopped writing my posts on Sunday… except to remind you when I had an auction ending. Her dress turned out really sweet looking and is totally “all little girl!” If you wanted to see that one, you can click on that picture at the right side bar, or you can click HERE.

Since some of you are seeing Willa’s dress for the first time… here are 2 pictures of her dress…you’ll have to go to my listing to see what the second picture is all about…

~ So I was debating about which doll to make the next Easter dress for… and Laura gave me some ideas… I don’t have them all worked out yet, and I hope I can, but Rebecca is going to be wearing a Victorian/Edwardian dress this time. Finally, one in her actual era and it will be Eastery… I have the fabric picked out and some ideas mulling around in my head, but nothing is set in stone yet…let’s see what I can go accomplish this evening…

Here’s what I managed to do since I wrote the previous paragraph…

I hope you like the color. It’s one of my favorites and I’m using some of the lace on the front that one of my readers sent me a while back. Isn’t it gorgeous? The sleeves have some vintage lace that I already had…They will definitely need some sleeve headers to hold them up like all the big puffy sleeves in the early 1900’s. I probably have the hardest part done, so hopefully it will be smooth sailing for the rest of it…

Who knows… I might be able to squeeze in another Easter dress if this one cooperates… :o)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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All things “miniature!”

PLEASE ALLOW ME ONE SHAMELESS PLUG FOR MY NEWEST EASTER DRESS: It’s being modeled by Patsy and you can see it by clicking the picture at the right side bar or your can click HERE to be taken to Ebay.

I’ve always had a thing for smaller sized things… tiny tubes of toothpaste, sweet miniature books, itty bitty bottles of shampoo, tiny cans of corn, small bottles of perfume, little buttons, teeny jars of fingernail polish, and my list goes on and on. I’ve had a few tiny dolls, like 7 1/2″ Riley dolls, by Helen Kish, but nothing as small as Amelia or Izzy, who are about 4″ tall and the work of Robert Tonner. This is Cindy Rice holding her tiny Izzy doll… see what I mean by miniature?

blog cindy rice with izzy

Well, a few days ago, Susette was working on her patio and she sent me several pictures of her tiny little Fairy Garden houses and I thought you’d like to see them. She said she has 17 little houses…all within a 12′ by 24″ fenced in patio area. The houses shown here are from Ebay and they are made with Heather Goldminc ceramic. I don’t know anything about all that, but they sure caught my attention…because I love itty bitty sized things… :o)

If you click on the pictures, they will enlarge.

This next one was called the Restaurant…I’m sure they served mini croissants and tiny pats of butter and jelly in there…

How about a purple garden Castle…

…and a Cherry Pie Bakery! Do I hear a YUM?

Well, after I saw all of Susette’s pretty little houses, guess where I saw them again? At Joann Fabrics, when I was there a few days ago. I just had to stop and look and snap a few pictures. Hey look, everything’s 50% off! I looked for something I could use as a prop, but it’s all a smig too small for my dolls. I sure enjoyed looking at it all.

So those tiny little miniatures got me to thinking about dolls and tiny houses and I looked on Ebay at doll furniture and look what I found…tiny little rooms that you can put together yourself… they are pretty small…mostly under 15″ wide and about 12″ high. But that didn’t stop me from opening up a bunch and looking at them. They come in pieces and you have to put them together, gluing and cutting and assembling… they are right up my alley… but I just wish they were bigger. Wouldn’t it be fun to have some of these scenes to stand your dolls in? They come from China and I can look closely at things on them and see they aren’t a high quality item, but I like to look at them almost as much just to see how they have arranged their furniture. You have to admit they are pretty charming when you first see them.

Here is a link to this sellers tiny room kits…

Tiny rooms on Ebay

Here is another sellers room… It’s a sweet bedroom…

Here is link to this seller’s rooms…

Tiny bedroom

..and this was the first one I saw… I practically swooned over it…

Here is the listing for this one…

White room with piano

This was just 3 sellers selling them, so I’m sure there are more. I just typed in mini doll rooms on Ebay and lots of them popped up!

So anyway, I could get lost in a project like this. I used to love putting together model cars so I know I would really enjoy putting one of these together…I just need to find or build one in a bigger size… Just thought you’d enjoy seeing them…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Lights ~ Camera ~ Patsy!

Patsy’s not mad at me anymore… in fact, I caught her smiling just a little while ago. But now she’s worn out… We had our photo session this evening and after 86 pictures, she is ready for bed. I was still working on this around the time I usually list things on Ebay, so I’ll do my best to get it ready for Wednesday evening…

I ended up being able to take my pictures indoors and you’re going to laugh when you see how I did it. Susette gets half the credit because she sent me an email explaining the benefits of a light box. (It was supposed to cut down on the glare when you used your lights so close to your subject matter…or in my case…Patsy.) It was pretty simple how to make one from the directions… but I didn’t have time… I needed something quick… like right now! So this is what I did instead… I took my 2 Ott lights and put them on either side of Patsy. Then I used an emery board on one side and a pencil on the other (hey, it’s all I could think of on the spur of the moment) holding them to the lights with a rubber band. I tore a piece of tissue paper and pierced it with the pencil and emery board and let them dangle about 2 inches from the light bulb. It was just enough to cut down on the harsh lighting that I usually get when my lights are so close to my dolls. It was at night when I took Patsy’s pictures, so I’ll have to see how it works in the daytime… But anyway, Susette gets an A+ for that piece of advice for me! Thanks!

This is what my lights looked like…silly, I know, but it worked.

If you click on any picture it will enlarge.

Now, here are a few “behind the scenes” pictures…

I thought her sleeve caps looked a bit droopy, so I added some sleeve headers made from tulle, to the inside top of the sleeves.

I also made a pre-tied double bow in the back and it just fastens together with a snap…

Today, while my hubby was getting treatment, I sat in my chair and stitched up a storm… I mean a bodice! :o)

You might notice I changed my mind on her sash at the waist. I thought this lavender one was softer and picked up the colors in her hat better. It is stitched at the sides, so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

Okay, Patsy, let’s turn around and let everyone see your dress from head to toe!

I wasn’t joking when I told you she was ready for bed…

I am too…so I’ll see you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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