Okay, now it’s MY turn… Part 1 of my 2017 Doll Dresses…

I am so happy you all enjoyed yesterdays Holly Dolly Fashion Show presentation of YOUR Christmas dresses! (HERE) We truly did have a variety of dolls, didn’t we, and wasn’t it fun to see everyone’s talent? (Picture taking, dress making, prop setup, etc) I looked at the pictures several times yesterday and saw something new each time I looked! :o) Thank you so much… now start working on your 2018 dresses!

As I looked at the dresses, I wondered just how many dresses I had made this year… I really had no clue as the last few months of this year were sort of haphazard for me…So I took out my 2017 notebook and started going through it… listing all the dresses and who bought them and what they sold for… I’m doing a little double duty work, as I always bless my top 3 ($$) buyers. I know WHO they are and will make them something to say thank you in a small way!

Okay, so back to my dresses… I only made 27 dresses in 2017… that might be a record low… I started the year out nicely and had made 17 by May, but then it sort of dwindled down each month after that… BUT, anyway, I have 27 dresses to show you and will do half today and half tomorrow… I’ve got to spread them out so I can get some of my Christmas done around here… My brother is coming tomorrow to take my mom home with him for Christmas. I’ll give him his Cool Spoons in a Box present before he heads home. After he leaves, I have GOT TO TURN THINGS UP and get going in high gear! :o)

(If you click on the pictures they will enlarge.)

The first dress of 2017 was “Winter Garden,” modeled by Felicity.

Nyssa got to model the last dress in January…

Molly was next in “Pink Perfection.”

Molly, an American Girl doll

It was still February and cold when I did “Springtime in the South.” Rebecca was my very beautiful model for this set…

Noel joined me in February and this was her debut dress… “Sweet and Petite!”

Noel, a 10″ Boneka/Effner doll

Isabelle was the sixth doll to model for me in 2017. She looked stunning in a red and pink dress I called “Pretty as a Picture.”

Eden started us out in March in an Easter dress called “Easter Charm.”

I did a sister set next… one for Janie and one for Noel… in blue and so adorable. I called it “Sisters in Blue.”

It’s almost Easter now and Patsy is “egging” it on, in a sweet set called, “Come on, Easter!”

Willa was next in a dress called “Easter Surprise.”

We’re still in April and Rebecca got to model a very pretty Easter dress called “Timeless in Turquoise.” It was a favorite of mine! I thought she looked so pretty in this color! (even though my camera had a hard time capturing the actual color of it…)

Ten Ping and Noel modeled together in this next dress set. I called it “Spring Fever” for both girls. Talk about dainty looking… it sure did! :o)

I hope you enjoyed seeing my dresses for the first half of 2017… and hope you’ll come back tomorrow to see the rest of them…

Blessings, Jeanne

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The Rest of the Story ~~ about Nyssa…

I shared yesterday how Nyssa came to my house (HERE) but that wasn’t all of the story. There was the part where I was waiting for a Nyssa of my very own. I started “longing” for Nyssa in August when I first discovered her, but since she was long sold out, she could only be found on the secondary market, and she didn’t appear very often.

I had a doll friend out in California who chatted back and forth with me about Nyssa and we both were pretty much obsessed over her. She didn’t care if she found a tan skinned or fair skinned one. I only wanted the fair skinned doll. Well, in just a short time she found one on Ebay and I think she ended up paying $1300 for hers. I was hoping for a better deal.

Well, a few people mentioned yesterday in their comments that “doll people” are the sweetest people on earth… wait till you hear what my friend did. She received her tan Nyssa and a few days later shipped her to ME! She knew I wanted to draft some patterns for the dolls and she thought I could use her doll as a model “until I found one!” Can you believe that? Talk about being selfless!

I started making dresses for her Nyssa and using her for my model, selling them on Ebay. I thought maybe you’d like to see my first few outfits on her tan skinned Nyssa. I’ll show them in the order I made them…

First up is a pretty green dress with lace that actually ended up being one of my all time favorites for Nyssa. It was made on September 6, 2010. I was like a lean mean sewing machine when it came to cranking out dresses for Nyssa. I had a great time sewing for her while she lived with me.

The second dress I made for tan Nyssa was a fun and whimsical dress set. I would have to say this one was also a favorite of mine. I was on a roll with Nyssa and this one was made on September 14th, 2010.

It was getting to be Fall and pumpkins were everywhere. I decided to have Nyssa hold a pumpkin in the next photo session, which was on September 24th, 2010.

Mind you, I am still pining away for a Nyssa of my own… :o(

My 4th set for tan Nyssa was another whimsical set. It was pretty bright… so I changed her eyes to some bright blue ones… really bright blue I might add. This set was made on October 6, 2010.

I tried something completely different for my 5th set for tan Nyssa. It was a fun hot pink and black set with some different pieces… I liked this set too. Nyssa got a new blond wig to go with this outfit.

Sometime before October 19th, 2010, when these pictures were taken, I received my very own Nyssa from Kaye Wiggs. This is a little photo shoot I had with both dolls trying on different wigs.

Then on October 24th, 2010, I made my last set for the girls and featured them in an auction together with a set that had a number of mix and match pieces. The girls were a little melancholy as they knew they’d be saying good bye to each other. Tan Nyssa would be going back home to California. We called them long distance cousins!

What a very special gift my friend gave me when she loaned out her tan Nyssa. I know doll people truly are special, and I know ONE VERY SPECIAL lady in California!

So that’s the rest of my Nyssa story…hope you enjoyed it.

See you on Monday,
Blessings, Jeanne

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How Nyssa came to live with me…

If you haven’t see it yet, I did get Nyssa’s dress set finished and listed on Ebay. I think it turned out so sweetly and Nyssa is VERY happy with me right now. So many of the dresses for the ball jointed dolls, especially for Nyssa and her sisters, are fantasy, raggedy on the edges, all lace, and they just aren’t me…I’m a “sweet little girl” kind of doll dress maker. So when I saw Marsha’s dress pattern for this dress in her Etsy shop (Trentsation) I knew it would make a dress just the way I like them.

Here are a few pictures of it all finished…and I’ll put the link under the pictures. You can also click on Nyssa’s picture at the top right side bar and it will take you to the listing.

If you click on any picture it will enlarge.

Here is the link to the auction on Ebay…. Valentine Charm.

I hope I haven’t already told this story. I checked in my previous posts and it didn’t appear to have been talked about. If you’ve heard it before…just smile because I love this story!

Once upon a time, back in January/February 2010, a ball jointed doll named Nyssa (sounds like “miss uh”) was making her debut. She was made by Australian Doll sculptor and artist extraordinaire, Kaye Wiggs. I had never heard of ball jointed dolls that could have their eyes and wigs changed and had bendable arms and legs and wrists and were such fun to pose. Well one day, I was “surfing” the internet and ran across this doll face that arrested me. This is the face that started it all…

Those 2 pictures were Nyssa’s “pre-order” pictures. The fair skinned version was a limited edition of 84 dolls (I checked and it was 84, not 87 as I had thought) worldwide and I wanted her but it was impossible to find one. NO ONE was selling their dolls but occasionally you’d see one on a doll forum going sky high. The pre-order had come and gone and now it was August when I was first seeing her.

I began to pine away for her… I mean really pine away! (I know… it sounds silly, but I did) I thought about her constantly and was, obviously what you’d call obsessed! I wanted her SO much but there wasn’t any way I was ever going to own one. I joined a doll forum called the Resin Cafe to learn more about Nyssa and other Kaye Wiggs dolls. If I couldn’t have her, at least I could enjoy the pictures others posted of their dolls.

After a while on the forum, I decided to write a poem and post it. I wish I could remember the goofy little poem I wrote but it was just about how much I would love to own a Nyssa doll and make clothes for her.

Well…right after I posted my poem, someone answered my comment and said they had a Nyssa doll they would sell me for $1300. My heart did a flip flop but I didn’t have that much money. I had been saving but not quite there yet! She said it was okay and she’d take the money I did have and I could send her the rest later. We were warned pretty often on the doll forums to watch out for scammers who said they had dolls but really didn’t. They would post pictures over and over and get people’s money “over and over.” I had always been told when purchasing an expensive doll from someone online to have them place a piece of paper on the dolls chest with the sellers name and what the date was that day and then take a picture for you to see. It was just a way to prove that they had the doll in their possession. This lady sort of balked at that and said she had the doll packed away and had people working on her house and didn’t have time to do that, but she assured me she had the doll. I thought about it for a day and got back with her again. I asked her again if she would write her name and the date on a piece of paper. She got really agitated at me and said she had workers who had to be paid and did I want the doll or not.

Well… anyone besides me sensing a red flag? I went back on The Resin Cafe doll forum and commented about what had happened. It turns out she had just registered as a member on The Resin Cafe the day I posted my poem. I thought maybe she was one of those scammers we had been warned about, so I decided to send a personal message to Kaye Wiggs herself and let her know there might possibly be someone on the forum who was trying to scam doll people. Kaye answered me back and decided it sounded pretty fishy to her so she had the person removed from the doll forum. She thanked me for letting her know and I was heartbroken, but back to waiting for my dream Nyssa.

A short time later I received a personal message from Kaye. She thanked me again and then said, “So what was the doll that you were looking for… Fair Nyssa or Tan Nyssa?” I answered her back, “I wanted the woman’s fair skinned Nyssa doll so much…I’m so disappointed.” Then she emailed me again and said, “Well, I think I might be able to help you out….I have a couple of my own personal Nyssa dolls and I think I can part with one if you’d like.” IF I’D LIKE? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? She said she could sell me one for $900 and would send me a paypal request for money. That was exactly what I had saved up! I know it’s a lot of money, but she was one of those dolls I was just smitten with down in my soul. It happened very quickly after that… I paid and she sent the doll from Australia. She’s been with me ever since and is very special! I will make her some more dresses this year…I promise Nyssa! :o)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Nyssa is teasing you today… sorry…

The plan was to get Nyssa’s new red dress finished and listed on Ebay tonight, but my hubby had an appointment this morning that lasted from 8:30 till 1:00 and then someone came over this evening, so there was no way I could get it finished. I did get all the snaps sewn on while in the waiting room. I worked on the set after our company left but it was 11:30 this evening, before I got it finished, so there was no time to get it listed. I took my pictures, but it must have been too dark in my room because most of my pictures didn’t turn out to suit me. I will have to take them over tomorrow.

Which brings me to today’s post… it will have to be a teaser one about Nyssa’s dress. It would be nice if I could say I’ll have this on Ebay on Thursday evening, but I’ve learned not to make such drastic statements because I never know what might happen in my world… :o)

So here are a few pieces of the puzzle for Nyssa’s dress. It’s really cute and I can’t wait to show you the whole thing in one picture…

I got to wondering as I was working on it… how many of you have a Nyssa doll? (There were only 87 made.) Perhaps you have another Kaye Wiggs Ball Jointed Doll?

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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