~ The Babysitter ~ Molly and Mary…

Since I decided to make this set for the 1940’s; American Girl Molly’s time period, I thought I better find a name for the baby that was popular in those years. The number one girls name in 1944 was Mary…and I thought it had a nice ring… Molly and Mary… so I figured it was meant to be!

Molly’s dress was made from the only fabric I had in my stash that had aqua (the stroller wheels), pink (the baby’s onesie) and purple, (the stroller handle). I’m sort of funny about making things match… If you’re going to do a set, have it match… (just think what it would have looked like with the stroller if I had used a navy and white print for the dress, and then trimmed it in red rick rack…) ICK!

If you click on any picture it will enlarge.

I just made a sweet little girls dress and accented it with some pink criss cross trim and a few felt flowers.

The skirt is full and has a bit of lace at the hem and I used pink thread to make a scalloped stitch very faintly just above the hem. The dress closes in back with snaps covered by pretty white buttons.

Underneath Molly’s dress is a white tulle slip which holds out her dress nicely. I made a new pair of white socks for her too.

She has purple ribbons tied in her hair…

Mary is looking sweet as can be in her stroller… When I first held Molly up to the stroller, she was barefoot and her hands reached the stroller handle better. Now that she’s in shoes and socks, her fingers just touch.


Molly looks like she’s got this “babysitting” thing down pretty well, don’t you think?

Anyone remember how much you got paid an hour for babysitting in the 1940’s? Just curious… ( just guessed on the .25 cents, but decided to google in anyway and .25 cents was the going rate… some girls asked for .45 cents if they did dishes and vacuumed…) :o)

I managed to get it listed on Ebay, so here is the link, if you’d like to see it!    ~ The Babysitter ~
(or you can click on the picture at the right side bar… just under Elizabeth’s Regency dress, which ends tomorrow evening…)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Pies, Purples, and Pouts…

I received my first Valentine card of the year today from Joy. It is the sweetest little card that says “from Calvin” on the back.

I wonder who he gave it too??? Hmmmm…
It’s the cutest thing and there is a brad up in her hat that has a piece in the back that makes her eyes move from side to side. I’ve never seen one like this before. Joy said it reminded her of me when she saw the little girl was carrying a pie. I gave my Apple Pie recipe last year and Joy made her “first” apple pie from it. You can see that post and recipe HERE.

Speaking of pies, we had the leftovers from the Chicken and Spinach Pie tonight. It was just as good tonight, but the crust wasn’t quite as flaky… Several people asked me for that recipe… so here’s another one… I just took pictures of the directions and hope you can see them well enough. If you need to click on the pictures and they will enlarge.

This is what mine looked like last night…

Here are the ingredients enlarged for you…

This is the Phyllo baking sheets I used. They are 9 x 14″ and super thin. I opened them up, and spread them out on a cutting board, then I kept them covered with a dish towel as I put it together. It’s not something you have to be super careful about… just slap those sheets down and dab them with the olive oil between layers.

I used a silicone pastry brush to brush the olive on the pastry sheets.

Here are the directions all in one shot, if you can read them better this way…

…and this just shows how to make a pie collar, to keep the edges from getting too dark. I put my pie collar on about 20 minutes into the baking…

…and speaking of collars, I’m not sure if my next dress will have one, but here is the fabric and a few extra pieces I may use. Laura has already thought of the title… “Springtime in the South.” If you missed her comments, you’ll have to wait and see who this will be for!

Just a reminder too, that Molly’s dress is on Ebay right now. I normally have my dresses run for 5 days, but this was going to be too late for Valentine’s Day if I did that so it ends Thursday evening. You can see it HERE or click on the picture at the top of the right side bar.

NOW… if nothing above made you smile, I have something that will!! Susette sent me the most adorable picture of Riya and Krish in their younger days and it is… well, you’ll just have to see it… it’s a little bit sad, and a little bit sweet… It’s a classic and I’d have that thing blown up and put on my wall somewhere! Thanks for the smiles it has brought to me and will bring to others!

Well, that’s it for today. No sewing for me as I was working on closing out my books for my sewing business. You know…tax time! :o(

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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~ Pink Perfection ~ Perfect for Molly ~

Molly looks glorious in her new pink dress. It’s all finished and listed on Ebay if you want to take a peek. (HERE)
It was wonderful having a dress come together like this one did. There were no problems…everything worked perfectly…no ripping out…of anything… and I LOVE IT TOO!
It’s always good when I can say that… :o)
This fabric is fabulous and I wish I had it in every color! I’d be accenting everything.

This listing is only a THREE day auction… Valentine’s Day is closer than I thought… I didn’t get enough done on it when my brother and sisters were here, but that’s okay. I’ll send it Priority mail and hope it gets to the winner in time.

I have a few pictures to show you…

(Click on any picture and it will enlarge.)

Molly didn’t want a stuffed animal…she wanted to look in the “props” drawer and after looking everything over, she decided on the Strawberry Shortcake puzzle. I didn’t have the heart to tell her Strawberry Shortcake was from the 1980’s…so I just let her have it.

I made her socks and then added a little color to them in the form of glass beads… sort of cute, don’t you think?

I worked all day finishing up her dress and then getting it listed on Ebay… I had to make it up to my hubby, so I made a Chicken and Spinach Pie recipe he found in his Backyard Poultry magazine. It was good and he said mine was prettier than the one in the magazine… Here’s theirs…

…and here’s mine… :o)

Well, that’s it for me tonight! My hubby has chemo on Wednesday this week… so I hope I can do some sewing tomorrow… I’m thinking something for Spring, although I sure would like to make that coat pattern I downloaded. Hmmmm….

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Another piece for Molly’s pink dress…

Thank you to everyone for carrying on and chattering with everyone in the comments while I was visiting with my family. We accomplished lots and were all pretty relieved at the progress we made.

I’m so glad Linda had shared her doll house with me and wasn’t it fun to scrutinize the rooms for the tiny little treasures? Marilyn, the books you gave us links to were outstanding too… and I’m like you, chandeliers aren’t everything. Wouldn’t it be fun to shrink down and go in those little works of art?

Well, now to Molly again… only one thing has changed since you last saw Molly’s pink dress. She now has a slip…

…a white tulle slip that has 2 layers and can be pulled apart to make it even fuller under your doll dresses.

I found some pink shoes in my shoe drawer that will work just fine.

Maybe I’ll get her socks made and her hair bows and her “accessory” figured out tomorrow.

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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