Ahhhh… time in my sewing room!

My hubby helped someone put in a gas fireplace today so I stayed home and sewed! YAY! I got some done, but it’s kind of like the electrical work my hubby was doing down in the basement a few days ago. His work won’t be seen, but it’s necessary for things to be right upstairs. I did all the handsewing, the snaps were sewn on, the buttons were decorated, the hem was handstitched, and everything inside was tacked down. It’s all the stuff that doesn’t show but is necessary for my dresses to suit me! :o)

I tried to make the dress sleeveless, but the pattern I used had too big of an armhole opening, so I ended up putting a little short puffed sleeve in.

I had decided to make the jacket separate, as many of you suggested, but now the jacket won’t work very well, with the puffed sleeve, so I’m going to give a lacey vest a try.

Somehow I lost my full length picture of the dress, so the half pictures will have to do. The skirt is nice and full and I added a piece of the vintage eyelet lace I was blessed with a little while back.

The back of the dress has pink buttons and they are sewn on using my “flower” way… I love it when I can add these on a dress. Snaps are hidden underneath.

Yay! I’m going to have a dress ready for Easter fairly soon! I can hardly believe it! Still lots to do, but I’m getting there!

Have a wonderful weekend,
See you Monday,
Blessings, Jeanne

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A Pink and White post…and a touch of velvet…

Thanks so much for the “Welcome Back” wishes… I missed you all!

Yay!!! She made it back in her sewing room again…not for very long, but long enough to get this cut out and arranged. This was supposed to have been Molly’s Valentine dress, but my getting the flu has now changed this into Molly’s soon-coming Easter dress! :o)

It’s one of those dresses where you’ll have to use your imagination again. It will look pretty cute, I think, if everything goes the way I think it should…

Here are a few pictures to get those imaginations moving….:o)

The plan is to make the dress with the white collar…and have the jacket as sort of an overlay jacket. It will all be one piece but look like two. There’s not much to photograph when this is all I have…so here’s another shot!

So how about a close up…

…and a little closer still…

Molly doesn’t know if she likes it yet because she hasn’t gotten to try it on yet, but I assured her that she’ll like it…

Just for something extra….
Linda sent an email of a cake recipe for a Red Velvet Cream Cheese Bundt cake… It looked so beautiful, I decided to pass along the recipe. I think she was going to give a red velvet box cake mix a try instead of doing the cake part from scratch…

Red Velvet Cream Cheese Bundt Cake Recipe

Thanks everyone,
See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Do you think this would work for Molly?

JUST A REMINDER: My “Is it Spring Yet?” dress and coat set listed on Ebay ends this evening. You can see it HERE or click on the picture at the right side bar. Thanks for taking a peek!

I received some fabric in the mail today and I was wondering who might look best in it. It is SO pretty and the pink squares are 1-1/8.” It is absolutely incredible to touch… like the softest, lightest fabric ever woven! It’s not a Lawn, but it sure feels like one…

I was hoping it would work for the Little Darlings, but it might be just a hair too big. I think it was Laura who suggested Molly is making a comeback with a new release and a new dress for her might be wonderful. I picked her to show the fabric against so you could see the scale…

I also have a piece of cotton lace that would make “something” to go with the dress. The fabric is pretty white, not like how this picture came out…

So, what do you think? Yes, no, maybe, mew? I’m open for suggestions!

Short and sweet today… I’m going to bed!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Let’s try a ONE DAY SILENT AUCTION today…

I wanted to do some sewing today even though I was in the middle of cleaning my sewing room… (now I have to clean up the mess I made tonight!) Guess what I wanted to sew? Yep, a doll coat. I could have picked just about any doll to model it, but Nora was in the front row and she was kind of looking down at the floor, trying to tell me “pick me” in a quiet sort of way…so I did!

Anyway, I looked through my “wintery” stash of fabrics, and decided I’d make a furry gray and black leopard coat… (on my monitor, the fur sort of looks like it has a greenish hint to it… it doesn’t!) It’s just gray and black! This fur isn’t a polar fleece, but a soft pile-like fur. I’ve tried to take some close up shots so you can see it. This is the pattern I’ve used hundreds of times because I wanted to get it done quickly so I could do the auction.

The front of the coat closes with a 3″ piece of soft and flexible Velcro and the buttons are just sewn on for looks. The sleeves are hemmed by hand, but the rest of the coat is topstitched along the edge about a half inch in. A black band of shimmery fold over elastic was used at the neck and on her tam.

I found these 2 pictures in a 1943-44 winter Aldens catalog I had… so this really would work well for Molly dolls… the first picture of coats were priced around $18…

These were fur coats and were a a little bit higher priced…

OKAY…so here’s what we’re going to do today… I’m going to have a ONE day silent auction with this coat and hat set…right here on my blog! You’ve seen the pictures and this is what you can do, if you’d like to try and win the coat… NO PRESSURE at all… if you like it, fine, if not, don’t worry about bidding!

Since I’d like it to be a silent auction, where you can’t see who else is bidding on it, you’ll have to SEND me the dollar amount of your what you’d like to bid… (you’ll have to do it through “Contact Me” just under the header at the top of my blog) or you can copy and paste my email


with your $$ bid. A few times through the day, I’ll post the high bid amount, (not the person’s name), at the bottom of this post, and maybe in the comments, just in case you want to “up” your bid… but again, no pressure… I just thought this might be fun. I’ll take bids until midnight (Central time zone), Wednesday night… and we’ll see what happens! :o) (Just like on Ebay, if 2 bids are placed for the same amount, I will go by the time the bid was placed, and the earliest time will take precedence.) The high bidder will win the coat, hat and sweet kitty! I’ll send the winner a Pay Pal invoice or you can send me a check…whichever you like. We’ll do FREE shipping on this set!

Here is the silent bidding so far…I’ll keep updating it here if needed.
At 6:18 a bid was placed for $22.55
At 10:26 a bid was placed for $25.00

At 3:33 a bid was placed for $38.40

I hope I’ve thought of everything… Here’s one last picture…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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