~ Autumn Lace ~ for American Girl Molly is finished

I worked really hard to get Molly’s dress finished and when I was just about done, I decided she needed ONE more piece…

I think you saw the dress all completed, but here it is with better lighting…

I added a skinny little tie belt so it could fit wonderfully on any doll…

Here is her headband….

…and Rebecca made Molly a pretty ivory glass pearl bracelet…

This is Molly’s new pair of socks…

Just when I thought I was all done, I decided she needed a pretty furry cape to go with her dress. I found a piece of cream curly fur in my stash and made this short cape. It’s lined with white netting so it’s as light as a feather and hangs wonderfully. There is no bulk at all. The only thing is, the netting in her sleeve caps makes the cape stand up on her shoulders just a bit.

Here is a picture of Rebecca with the cape on. You can see how it lays on her shoulders without having puffy sleeves underneath.

I added 2 ivory pearl buttons to the front and attached a piece of snag free velcro as a closure.

If you’d like to see the set on Ebay, you can click on the picture at the top right side bar, or click HERE.

Thanks for taking a peek,

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Buttons were VERY popular in the 1940’s!!!

There’s a new show on TV called “Wisdom of the Crowd” where a computer program sends out messages to people and they can give their opinions to help solve the crimes. It’s sort of like “Asking the Audience” on Millionaire. There is a good chance that when lots of people think the same thing, it might be right.

That’s what I did last night. I looked through my 1940’s catalogs and saw lots of buttons and tiny bows, but “thought” Molly’s dress needed a fancier front, so I showed all those pictures of “brooches” (which I actually only saw 3 of in the catalogs.) SOOOOO… what did I do? I asked for the “wisdom of the crowd” on my blog… the ladies who lived in the 40’s and remembered what was popular. Linda started it and said, “If you really want my opinion, it needs a tiny black bow or maybe 3 buttons on the front.” She mentioned more, but as soon as I saw those words, I knew what I had seen in the catalogs were right… little buttons and tiny bows… Then it seemed like EVERYONE seemed to agree with Linda…. Hence, we had “Wisdom of the Crowd” right here on I Dream of Jeanne Marie’s blog! :o) So I thank you all for your help…

I found some of the tiniest mother of pearl buttons in the right shade of cream to match the lace and added them to the tucks on the front of the dress. When I stood back and looked at it, as Marilyn said to do, I realized everyone was right… 3 little buttons was all it needed!

I didn’t set up my lights on both sides of Molly, so the pictures aren’t the absolute greatest, but I think you can tell. I added some tiny glass buttons on the back too… The 1940’s may have put an extra button in between the ones I’ve already sewn on, but I can easily add them if I want to.

The slip was finished and I added a tiny purple checked bow for decoration. (it looks like it needed to have been pulled up on her body just a little bit… but that’s the nice thing about my slips… you can!)

Molly was in a tizzy over which shoes to wear with her dress… I told her ANY of them would work… She told me she’d decide by morning! :o)

The catalogs I looked at were filled with SO many pictures of buttons sewn on dresses and coats and I thought you might like to see some of them…I think the button manufacturers were QUITE busy back then.

I LOVE all the buttons on the little girl’s coats…

I saved ONE final dress for you. I think it should be called “Buttons Gone Wild!” EEK!

The description for this dress called it “The Bow Tie Check.” It was made from Baby wale Sanforized cotton pique. It had a “sleek” built in midriff and there was more white dazzle on the puffy sleeves and at the throat. Those are “pockets” attached to the waistline. It sold for $4.98… but I bet those ended up “repurposed” the next season! :o) Wouldn’t it be unreal to find one of those today?

Well, that’s it for today!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Update on Molly’s purple dress & I need your help….

Yay! I survived the day without going back to bed! I took it easy though, and didn’t do much… I dust mopped my floor, made my bed, unloaded the dishwasher and made dinner… and sewed! :o) Guess which one I liked best? (It was close between dust mopping my floor and sewing…) No, it wasn’t that close! :o)

I did some more sewing on Molly’s dress and it actually looks like a dress now, instead of some fabric wrapped a doll body. You probably can’t see it very well in the picture, but I only had the lace on the front part of the bodice… so it was lace in the front but not in the back.

I didn’t like that look of seeing the shoulder seam with one part lace and one part purple fabric, so I undid the shoulder seam and added a piece of lace on the back bodice. It looks much more complete and finished now…

Here’s the back view…

…and the front….

One thing I hadn’t planned on was how the lace curved in the front. I machine basted it down all around the neck edge and the armholes, but I left it loose at the bottom across the first tuck. Well… when I lined the bodice and pulled my lining to the inside so it didn’t show, it hiked up the lace in the front… fortunately it did it evenly across the front and made a sort of arch so it looks like a design feature. (I debated about saying anything and let you think I did that on purpose, but I couldn’t take credit it for it, when it was an accident.) :o)

I added some sleeve headers to the sleeve caps to help puff out the sleeve tops evenly. I just used some netting. You can also see around the neck of the dress, where I hand stitched the lining to stay in place. The lace was thick enough it wanted to peek out and I didn’t like the white showing.

So this is what it looks like now…

Aside from finishing the hand work on it, I have to decide how I want to embellish it… do I want a button “brooch” or a bow tied at the neck? Do I want to see if Rebecca can make a necklace that can be worn with the dress? (The necklaces shown are just to give you an idea of what one might look like… I know they don’t really go.) I could put purple buttons on the yoke or have a cluster of flowers at one side kind of up high? I could add buttons down the front of the dress, or spaced apart in double breasted fashion. What else could I do?

I got out my 1944-46 catalogs and looked for ideas, but nothing really grabbed me… so I’ll see what you all think… maybe something will jump out at everyone. Don’t be afraid to give your opinions…

Here are some pictures of buttons I gave a try… they are just pinned on so some of them aren’t straight. We might have to narrow it down to a few and then have a better group of pictures taken. Sometimes you have to see something farther away to make sure it’s right.

Actually, as far as the design and the style of the button, this one goes wonderfully with the print in the dress. I love the loopy edges and the bumps on it, but I think it’s a little too light and dainty, You really can’t see it far away…

So if you have any opinions on how to decorate the dress, let me know in the comments below, or email me. Thanks!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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A Purple Dress for Molly & a Strawberry Salad recipe for you!

I had a wonderful time with my company! We laughed and shared stories and I got to show off my new floors for the first time! They loved them and I STILL do too! I was going to try and get my floor post done, but it’s already Thursday…so maybe next week.

This post will mostly be about showing you I do remember how to sew! Did you think I had forgotten? The good thing about sewing…it’s like riding a bike or typing…it comes right back to you as soon as you start.

This is another one of those “imagination” dresses, though. My day was full, my early evening was full, my late evening was even busier, so my sewing didn’t start until 10:30…but I got a little bit done. I chose Molly for the next doll to get a new dress. I am waiting on some fabric from Australia to make Felicity a new dress, but it hasn’t arrived yet. So Molly was the chosen one…

She wanted something sort of “Fallish” but not brown or orange…(those were too drab for her gray eyes!) so she picked out this pretty purple.

She wanted the lace up at the neck area, but I’m not sure it looks enough like the 40’s so it might be exchanged for a little Peter Pan collar. I gathered up the skirt piece and draped the sleeves over her arms, but I’m not sure you can imagine this one yet. There are little half inch tucks down the front bodice; copied from a 40’s pattern I saw when I was looking for ideas.

I wish I had more to show you on Molly’s dress, but at least it’s a start.

Now I have a recipe I’d like to share with you. I served it today and I’ve made it for years, but it got a really big thumbs up from my company. They were taking pictures of my recipe with their phones… I guess that’s a pretty good sign they liked it. It’s a lettuce salad with strawberries and cheese and toasted walnuts and it IS DELICIOUS! The dressing can be used for other salads too. I forgot to take a pretty picture of it when it was full and colorful in the bowl. This is what was left over and I had it for supper. You can “sort of” see what it looks like.

Here’s the recipe and after I show it I’ll tell you how I did it…

I have a Nutri Bullet, but you could easily put the ingredients in a shaker bottle or a small blender or just stir them up in a bowl.

I used the minced garlic out of the jar…about a teaspoon.

I used apple cider vinegar instead of the red wine vinegar…

The directions say to mix the first “7” ingredients, so I’m assuming they are counting “salt” and “pepper” as 2 ingredients… I put a line where the dressing ingredients stop.

I used a bag of romaine lettuce, plus about 1/3 of another bag.

I sliced up fresh strawberries.

Sargento cheese used to make the cheese listed in the recipe, but I haven’t been able to find that combination for a few years, so I just bought a brick of cheddar and one of Monterey Jack and chopped them up with my knife.

The toasted walnuts are easy to do… if you have a toaster oven, set it on “toast” and spread them out on a pan… toast them for about 3 minutes. You can also spread them out in a pan and toast them on the stove. It really gives them a crunch, that you can’t get from them right out of the bag.

I made up my dressing and refrigerated it over night. I also chopped up my cheeses and put them in a baggie. The strawberries were sliced and put in a container and refrigerated too. Then about an hour before my lunch, I dumped the lettuce in the bowl, added the cheese, strawberries and toasted walnuts. Then I poured the dressing over the salad… Toss it with some salad tongs and it’s ready to be served. It is really a WONDERFUL salad. I hope you’ll give it a try.

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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