3 years, 2 months and 27 days of waiting…

Some of you ladies who have “one” of these, will probably remember me mentioning it before…and some of you won’t have a clue. It’s been a really LONG wait and I’m not entirely sure I would do it again, but it’s over as of today…
A box came in the mail… a box like this…

Anyone recognize these boxes?

Almost ready to show you…

It’s my new Little Darling… I’ve been waiting SO long for her… and she’s finally here! Here’s what she looked like when I took the bubble wrap off…

Look at this sweet face…

Another shot…

She was hand painted by Lana Dobbs, one of the ladies trained by Dianna Effner, to make them look like they have glass eyes, but they are painted… Aren’t they incredible?

Here is a full shot of her in a few poses…

I wanted a dark brown wig for her and Lana chose this one…it’s layered and very pretty and soft…

She has a sweet pedi and mani…

I have big plans for her and have saved back of piece of fabric just waiting for her arrival… BUT Nora comes first!

I have been thinking her name would be Emmie the whole time I’ve been waiting, but I’ll have to see if it fits her when I “call her.” :o)

I did the “happy dolly dance” when I opened up that box lid! I have her in the box right now and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened the lid just to see if she’s still as beautiful as I thought she was the last time…

I have another surprise that came in the box, that I’ll probably share tomorrow… :o)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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A Little Eye Candy from Anne…

HI everyone,
We made it home from the 100 mile yard sale and had a nice safe trip! We didn’t make it the whole 100 miles… we never have… but we probably went 40 miles. It was a long day and I have my fitbit tracker letting me know I walked a lot of steps… 11,335 so far…that’s 4.75 miles, which doesn’t seem like too terribly many, but it was in the car, out of the car, in the car, out of the car, up a hill, through the gravel, to the next house, to the next garage. It was warm but we had a nice breeze most of the day, mixed with a few sprinkles…I am exhausted so I know my hubby is. He didn’t get out of the car as much as Rebecca and I did, but he was quite the trooper! We ended the day with a nice dinner at a great Mexican restaurant and I even have “lunch” for tomorrow! I am too tired to put together a post on the things I found, but I’ll do that soon… right now all I can think of is a shower and my bed…

We saw Joy’s new Dianna Effner, Little Darling, Libby a few days ago. If you missed seeing her, she’s worth checking out HERE.

I also knew Anne had received a Little Darling recently too, but couldn’t find the pictures she sent me. I asked her to resend them and thought I’d share little Miss Isabella Jayne with you today. You’ll be pleased to see Anne’s sweet cutie in some of the prettiest and sweetest dresses! Isabella Jayne was painted by Magalie and I don’t think Anne had to wait too terribly long for her. Anne named her middle name after her best friend, Jayne, whom she has been friends with since 2nd grade!!!

This is the outfit she arrived in when Anne opened her box. It was made by Magalie and isn’t it sweet on Isabella Jayne?

I think this next pink outfit must be a skirt with interchangeable tops…see what you think…

This is one adorable blue and pink smocked dress… so dainty looking! One picture with her teddy and one with her hat!

Two pictures here too, one with a hair bow and one with a hat!

Anne, I hope Isabella Jayne has enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame here today! What a true Little Darling she is! Thanks for letting me share her!

Don’t forget about Addy’s Civil War Dress, “Southern Charm,” listed on Ebay and ending Sunday evening. You can see it HERE.

See you Monday morning,
Blessings, Jeanne

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“Sisters in Blue” and “Shrimp and Salmon on Pasta”

Happy Sunday to you all… I am making a surprise visit today and wondering if you are here too? I hope the sun is shining where you are.

This is just a quick reminder that my auction is ending on Ebay this evening. It’s the one where you get 2 dresses this time, not just ONE! Of course, it helps to have BOTH dolls, but maybe you might have one or the other on order and decide you need this for “future” purposes! *hint* I just wanted to show you 2 last pictures of the girls in their sweet Easter dresses…and remind you, Easter is only 3 weeks from today! :o)

If you click on any picture it will enlarge.

You can head straight to the Ebay auction by clicking on the top picture of the girls on the right side bar or you can click HERE.

Yesterday we were invited over to Sara’s and her family’s house for lunch. (They are our dear friends from Columbia, South America.) Edgar wanted to cook a birthday lunch for my hubby last week, but we had something every single day and couldn’t fit it in. So yesterday it was planned and we showed up to the most glorious meal you can imagine…. well, if you like shrimp and veggies… you’d think so.

We sat down at the table and as soon as we finished praying, I said, “Don’t anybody touch anything… I have to take a picture!” and I did… here’s what the table looked like:

Edgar is quite the cook and he made a shrimp and salmon and pasta dish that was very “Delicious!” or as we all said, “Delicioso” in Spanish! It was as colorful as it was good! This was a picture of my portion…

In Columbia, it is customary for your food to be served to you on a plate or bowl and not in a bowl where you take how much you want. I’m glad they only gave me a small bowl of it, because my hubby got the LARGE bowl and I could not have eaten it all! There was a pretty and colorful salad made by his wife, Alba and she also did the chopping for Edgar. :o) They have a friend staying with them, Fabian, and he ALSO helped…he also helped with the big thank you card I received a few weeks ago for the puppy cupcakes I made Sara. Good Bye Fabian…he’s leaving to finish his English studies at another university.

Oh, and that little thing on the saucer in front of our bowls was a plantain cooked with cheese and guava paste inside… I bet you’ve never had that, have you? It was sort of a sweet dish and we thought it was dessert, but it wasn’t…

When we were finished with lunch, the 4 of them were in the tiny kitchen and we could hear them doing “something” but we didn’t know what. They’d come back to the table and chat some more and then get back up and all go in the kitchen. In just a little bit we could smell something baking… My hubby guessed what they were doing… baking dessert! Yes, Sara wanted to make dessert and she chose brownies, but she was embarrassed because she thought they were overdone, but my hubby and I thought they were fine.. I think a brownie has to be burnt to a crisp to be bad enough not to eat! SARA…if you are reading this…THEY WERE FINE! REALLY!

After we had dessert, we had a contest..a puzzle contest. We drew out numbers to see who would be on teams… me and my hubby and Fabian were on one team and Sara and her mom and dad were on the other team. They had several 100 piece animal puzzles and we got to choose first… we picked the 2 kitties on the front puzzle and they picked a horse and a goat puzzle. Then we both started at the same time and worked frantically to see which team would finish first… Well, I’m proud to say MY TEAM WON! So we helped Sara and her mom and dad finish theirs. It’s quite a site to see 12 sets of fingers working on a 16″ x 11″ puzzle! :o)

Then we all went in the living room and watched a movie… before we knew it, we had been there 5 hours! My how time does fly when you are with those you love! We love you guys!

I hope your Saturday was as fun as ours was and I hope your today will be too!

See you in the morning,
Blessings, Jeanne

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~ Sisters in Blue ~ 13″ Effner Little Darling & 10″ Boneka doll sets FINALLY revealed…

My goodness, it seems like I have been working on this doll dress set forever! I guess maybe because there were 2 full sets to be completed and the fact that there was LOTS of handwork, made it seem extra time consuming… BUT, it’s all finished now, and even listed on Ebay. If you like, you can click on the picture at the right side bar, or you can see it by clicking HERE.

I debated and debated about whether to list the dresses separately or together. I thought if I list them separately and someone wants both of them, but misses out and doesn’t win the second one, I’m going to be getting an email begging me to make a dress like the one they missed out on. On the other hand, if I listed them together and someone only had one of the dolls, they probably wouldn’t bid on the dresses, so there goes a good sale for ONE of the dresses. So I was in a dilemma about what to do, but in the end I thought I’d take a try at selling them as a sister set and see what happened. Let’s hope it works. So I’ll do separate dresses and occasionally I’ll do sister sets, just to keep everyone happy.

So let’s see… I showed you the dresses, the hats, the slips, the thigh highs, so I need to show you the capelets and the bunnies.

I wasn’t sure when I drafted my cape pattern how I was going to close it… should have thought that through… But I figured it out…it’s just not that pretty on the inside. I need to work on that before I do the next one. I toyed with the idea of having a magnetic closing on the cape, because it’s a really tight small space just under the dolls chins. I thought if I could figure out how to make the magnetic ends catch, it would just be a matter of getting the ends of the magnets to touch and it would hold the cape shut. Well, the magnets were too bulky.

I thought to tie something that tiny under their chins would be a nightmare… so I thought maybe a snap might work best, but the wool felt is very delicate and I didn’t want the snap to tear the fabric. So in the end, I used a soft and flexible Velcro piece. It’s easiest if you wrap the cape around your dolls right shoulder, making sure you line it up straight down the front of the dolls body, hold it in place with your left thumb in front and your other fingers on her back. Then pull the cape around your dolls left shoulder and line up the top edges of the cape. It might take a time or two to get it right, but I got pretty good at lining up the stitching as well as the top edge. Press down the Velcro and it should stay in place.

If you click on the pictures, they will enlarge.

I was trying to find something “Eastery” for both girls and didn’t have time to paint any baskets white and decorate them… I thought a purse was too much…I didn’t have any light blue teddy bears…the girls wanted more than a sprig of flowers in their hands, so I looked in my “other” box of toys and found the bunnies Susette had sent me last year. I had a pink one and 2 light tan ones… PERFECT! I could make these bunnies work! I took the brown ribbons from their necks and replaced them with a blue and white ribbon. Much better.

Now the girls had everything they needed… and I was finally done… well EXCEPT for taking all those pictures and getting them sorted and in order for my listing… Here are some of my favorites… Hope you like the finished look!

If you missed the link to the set up above, here it is again… ~ Sisters in Blue ~

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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