I found someone who is interested in my sewing…

(I think) here’s what’s up next. You’ll have to see if you can guess who it might be for… there’s not much to go on…and I’m not sure which buttons I might use…

A few days ago when I showed Nyssa in the red dress (shameless plug… it ends tomorrow night and you can see it HERE), a few people asked me if it fit this doll or that doll, so I tried it on a few of my girls so I could show you. I’ll just tell you now, none of the dolls I tried it on, could wear it “as is.” It was either too long, too big or just too baggy all over. The hat only fit Nahji and Willa. I could easily fit 2 fingers between it and the brim on Ellowyne. BUT… it’s a good start for a dress on these dolls, if I wanted to tweak it just a bit…

It looked like a potato sack on Lian…

I could probably pinch at least 3/4 to 1 inch on the backside of Ellowyne…

Remember the other day when I said I was hand sewing as my hubby was getting a chemo treatment and I noticed not a single person asked what I was working on? Well, I have a new fan….it’s Reuben… He got a new toy about a month ago; a cute purple and pink monkey with long arms and legs and big ears and lots of squeakers inside. The dog is a monster…he’s had that thing chewed up and the stuffing pulled out so many times and my hubby keeps bringing it back into my sewing room asking, “can you sew this leg on one more time? or “just sew it up as best you can…” or “just cut the ears off, he’s chewed the stuffing out of them anyway.” Well, I can only do so much and I said a few days ago, this was the last time I’m fixing this toy. I bet I’ve stitched it up 6 or 7 times already. But anyway, whenever I’m sitting at my sewing machine doing hand sewing, Reuben thinks I’m fixing his monkey. He’ll come in my sewing room, (if I’ve left the gate down) and just sit and watch me sew, for long periods of time. So tonight he came in and was watching me sew on something else and I thought, I need to get that silly monkey fixed one last time. Reuben sat there watching patiently as I stitched it up… putting it back together as best I could.

This is the damage he’s done to his monkey…let me warn you, it’s pretty pathetic…

This was Reuben waiting on me as I stitched it up…

…and wondering what could be taking me soooooo long…

When I was finshed, I dropped it on the floor and off he ran with it.

I barely was able to get a picture snapped… he’s happy now! Oh the joys of being a seamstress! :o)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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“Dress of the Year for 2016″…make your vote count!

Thanks so much for all the votes you placed the last 5 days, trying to determine which dress will be “Dress of the Year for 2016!” I’m so glad you enjoyed doing this… (at least I hope you enjoyed it.)

If you thought some of the other days were difficult to decide, this is going to be even harder. You’ve got 7 choices to decide from today, so PICK JUST ONE from the dresses below. You can leave a comment below or send me an email through “Contact Me.” I’ll show a full length picture of the dress and then two others. I checked and re-checked and made a chart listing each dress, up until last night making sure there were no “last minute” votes that trickled in.

Let’s see who wins… tomorrow!

Up first, the winner on Day 1 (by just 2 votes) was Lian, in “Details Matter.” It is a pink and white smocked dress with a sweet wool felt bonnet.


On Day 2, there was a clear winner… Addy’s “Sunday Special” dress…the one I referred to as looking like a water color print.




Day 3 ended up in a 3 way tie. So that gives you a few more dresses to choose from… Remember to just pick ONE dress from ALL the dresses shown today.

One of the winners on Day 3 was Addy’s grayish brown Civil War dress I called “Charming Addy.” I knew when I bought this fabric, Addy would wear it.

Kirsten was another winner on day 3 in a dirndl called “Mid-Summer.”

Another dress that caused the 3 way tie on day 3 was “Ready for School” that was worn by my Lian.

On Day 4 there was another clear winner… Rebecca, modeling “Music Lessons.”

On Day 5, Rebecca won in her Regency dress called “Christmas Rose.”

So there you have it… 7 dresses to pick from. I don’t envy you, because I’m not sure which dress I would pick… Please just pick ONE dress and leave me a comment below or send me an email using “Contact Me” and we’ll find out (hopefully) which dress is the winner.

Thanks for playing along with this and I hope “your” favorite wins. Maybe we’ll do this again next year!

Lian’s Pink and White Smocked Dress ~ Details Matter
Addy’s Watercolor Print Dress w/ wide lace collar ~ Sunday Special
Addy’s Grayish Brown & pink Dress ~ Charming Addy
Lian’s Blue/white lace Dress w/ red plaid book bag ~ Ready for School
Kirsten’s Pink and Purple Dirndl ~ Mid Summer
Rebecca’s Green/Rose and Cream Civil War Dress ~ Music Lessons
Rebecca’s Cream with Red Roses Regency Dress ~ Christmas Rose

See you tomorrow, with the winner!
Blessings, Jeanne

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Just a reminder about my Christmas dresses ending tonight…

HI everyone and Happy Sunday to you…
This isn’t really a post… it’s just a friendly reminder that my Ebay auctions for the Christmas dresses shown on my 13″ Little Darlings are ending this evening.


Christmas Joy (click the red name to see Lian’s dress set)


Christmas Hope (click the gold name to see Janie’s dress set)


Christmas Peace (click the green name to see Isabelle’s dress set)


It has been a real treat this week seeing all three of my girls dressed up.

Maybe I’ll see some of you at the “Finish Line” tonight? :o)

See you in the morning,
Blessings, Jeanne

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A peek at Christmas Joy, Christmas Hope and Christmas Peace Little Darlings dresses…

I’ve been on the phone with Ebay for the last hour and a half trying to understand their new “listing format!” UGH… apparently it changed the end of September, since I listed my Christmas Rose Regency dress… just when I learn it one way they switch it up and change things around on me. I don’t list my things the “easy and simple” way… I used the Advanced tools format because I have a photo hosting program that lets me showcase my pictures in a bigger size. The lady who was helping me was lost and I was even “lost-er!” She hadn’t helped anyone who listed their listings using an outside photo hosting program. Finally between the two of us, we got one of the dresses listed. It’s 11:15 now and I should be heading to bed, but I’m going to try and get another one listed (as soon as I get done with this post) so I don’t forget how we did it. (The dresses aren’t active on EBay just yet…just scheduled to go on this evening.)

So for now I’ll just show you a few pictures of the dresses… I wanted to keep them a surprise, but I’m sure you WON’T mind, will you?

Here’s Lian in Christmas Joy… I had to shorten my title from Christmas Blessings of Joy on Ebay, because I added Betsy McCall’s name in the title and there weren’t enough characters…

If you click on the pictures they will enlarge.




Here’s Janie in Christmas Hope!




…and here’s Isabelle in Christmas Peace!




Of course I’ll show you all three together…Awwww…aren’t they sweet?


I did take pictures of Betsy McCall, but only in the red dress…so far…


The girls dresses will go on Ebay tonight…if I can master the other two listings… I’ll add a side bar link and one on here when the auction becomes active.

Christmas Hope ~ Gold dress

Christmas Joy ~ Red dress

Christmas Peace ~ Green dress

So…do you have a favorite now that you can see all of them together?

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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