Blondes in Blue…

I really do think blondes look great in blue… not that brunettes don’t, but there is something about a blonde in blue that just catches your eye.
See if you don’t agree…

So that was my intro to today’s post. I hope this next one will catch your eye too…

I went through my notebook and listed which dolls had gotten dresses since the first of the year and noticed a couple of surprises… Elizabeth hadn’t been seen November and Lian hadn’t had a dress since her red Christmas dress back in November either…that’s unheard of for Lian to have gone 6 months without getting a dress from me… a few others were missing from the list so I just wrote their names down and decided I needed to make them all a dress. Elizabeth was first and there’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing her in a Regency dress. She has that extra long neck and with Regency dresses, they are usually low cut so it generally shows off the necklace well… (I’ll have to get “my” Rebecca on that right away!)

Elizabeth also looks wonderful in the color blue and I had a scrap that was just big enough to cut out a dress for her and even have a train! I got a little bit of a head start this afternoon and evening and wanted to get your “approval” to see if I should continue… I used some of the lace that my sister, Cindy, sent me and it looks very pretty on this royal blue color.

The gown has a square neckline and I’m “sure” there will be some beading or embroidery work on it… don’t you agree? I carried the lace trim onto the sleeves and made them a slight bit longer than just having that narrow cuff like I generally do. I made them fairly puffy and like the look so far.

I added a band just under the bust because I want to tie an ivory silk ribbon there and have it lay perfectly flat. There are a few gathers in the bust and back area to make Elizabeth feel a little more “grown up!” The skirt is just wrapped around Elizabeth and tied in place with the silk ribbon. It will be nicely gathered and fall to the back in a pretty train. So the next time you see it, it should look different…but prettier. At least that’s the plan.

We are off to the 100 yard sale like we’ve done for the last few years. I’m sure we won’t make it nearly that far… my hubby just can’t do it right now, but he did offer to be our chauffeur and he told me and Rebecca if we see “tools” any place just wave for him to come… :o) He loves tools! :o)

Well, I’ll see you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Addy’s “Southern Charm” gets a few more pieces….

I didn’t want to disappoint you with only a few things to show, but even though they are small, I think you’l be pleased!

I certainly hope you aren’t sick of Addy’s dress…seeing it every day for quite a few days now… I’m almost finished and soon it will be listed on Ebay…although I’m running into a little crunch time problem… today I was up on the roof doing some painting to help my hubby out when he did that “flex seal” job a few weeks ago, then he needed his hair trimmed, and I had to paint the inside trim around a window… (Saturday Reuben jumped at a bird he saw and shattered our dining room window… fortunately my hubby had saved one of the old windows we used to have where we replaced our front door.) I have to help my hubby with the trim mowing tomorrow, as we are having his sister and her hubby come in on Friday, and it’s supposed to rain on Wednesday or Thursday. I am taking Bithar (my friend from Haiti) to meet her new doctor on Wednesday…she’s having a baby! Actually she’s 26 weeks along, but I’m just now telling you. I went to her ultrasound last week and she’s having a little girl! :o) My sisters are coming on Wednesday too. YAY! Thursday we have to pick up a new mattress… I’ll also want to spend every waking moment I can with my sisters… so HOW am I going to get this dress listed? Maybe I could stay awake the whole week and do it… bad idea, I know… :o) I’ll figure something out…

Let’s just talk about what I managed to finish.

I changed those little pink beads on her sleeves to little flowers…from this…

…to this… much better I think!

I tea dyed a pair of gloves to match the vintage lace on her dress…

I found a scrap of a vintage collar and made Addy a sweet lace cap from it. I just gathered and trimmed and made a bow and tacked it on and this is how it turned out… I wanted to see if could find some tiny little flowers to send along with the winner. I had some but they were the wrong color. I tucked them in the loopy part of her cap and they were like sprigs sticking out of her hair…it was cute but I needed a different flower than what I had.

So here is the overall look so far…

Oh, one more thing… Sweet Susette sent me a parasol in the mail and it’s adorable… she emailed me as it was en-route letting me know it was too big, but she sent it anyway. I’m determined to figure out a way to use it… maybe as a market umbrella that Addy’s standing under… probably not for this dress set, but I have future hopes for it. Isn’t it just beautiful? If it had just been half the size… boo hoo…

Well, I better go… I think I need all the sleep I can get…especially this week.

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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New, shorter lace fingerless gloves for the American Girl dolls…

UPDATE: I was at Joann Fabrics today and happened to see another fat quarter just like the girls dresses. It wasn’t there last week… I know some of my customers like to have matching dresses, especially with these smaller dolls. I have enough now to make another “sister” dress if you win and happen to want one! Just thought I’d let you know!

If you haven’t been keeping track, my “Spring Fever” dresses for both Noel and Ten Ping are ending this evening. My girls are still wearing them and I think “secretly” hoping they get to keep them. I’ve already had a talk with them and they understand… but they still don’t want to get undressed.

If you want to see the listings on Ebay, you can click on the pictures at the right side bar, or you can click on the links below…

~ Spring Fever for Noel ~

~ Spring Fever for Ten Ping ~

Here the girls are together in a sweet picture.

While my hubby was getting treatment yesterday, I was busy finishing some new lace fingerless gloves. I found a shorter white stretch lace and think these make the sweetest, dressiest gloves! I’ll show them on here first and if anyone wants them, I’ll go by the time on your comment or email to see who gets first dibs on them. I do have more lace so don’t worry if the pair you like disappears. They will be $8.00 a pair, plus $1.00 shipping. If they haven’t sold by the afternoon or early evening, I’ll probably list them in my Etsy shop. The price will be the same…

Here’s what I came up with…

Yes, I see it… the pink buttons are not the same on both gloves…one set of buttons is slightly farther apart than the other…I’ll fix it before sending them out!

Well, that’s my big contribution to today’s post!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Noel and Ten Ping in their sweet pink dresses…

I got ready to take my pictures of the girls in their dresses, and my camera wouldn’t work…either it wasn’t on the charger right and not charged up or the battery has conked out again… It might be time for a new camera… this is getting old. So I had to use my phone for these pictures. These dresses are kind of turning out like my last dress for Rebecca; the turquoise one. I couldn’t seem to capture the color of the beautiful fabric. The same is happening again. This is the daintiest, sweetest fabric you can imagine and it just sort of looks so so in my pictures.

I’m not finished yet, but I’ve made some progress since yesterday. I turned on a light for these pictures too, and even though the color is still washed out they do look better than yesterday’s pictures. Ten Ping wanted to wear her original wig with this dress, so I let her. I still have a few things left to do, but I think they are looking pretty cute on the girls… do you?

How about a little fashion show?

Well, this was a short post, but I hope it was sweet enough to hold you all day long! :o)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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