Doll dresses you’ve never seen before… from 2007…

One of my readers, Barbara, emailed me a while back letting me know she had some pictures of my dresses from a long time ago. She said she loved them and had printed them out on paper and asked me if I would like copies of them? I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to see what I had made 10 years ago. They came a few days ago and were all from 2007. There were even a couple I had forgotten I had made. I wish I had the 2006 dresses…my first year of sewing for the dolls, but *alas* 2007 will be fun for today…

Want to see what Jeanne Marie was up to 10 years ago… You’ll see my first Addy doll, my first Kit doll, my first Kirsten and Samantha. Some of them you will probably have seen before, but see if you can spot the “newbies!”

Okay, let’s walk down Memory Lane…don’t forget, they are printed on paper and then I took pictures of them with my camera…so they aren’t super crisp. You can also click on them to make them enlarge…

So….if you saw these dresses on Ebay 10 years ago, which one would you have bid on? OR NOT?

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Farewell to Saige, Josefina, Lily and Kit…

About two and a half weeks ago I showed you five dolls that I had decided to sell. It’s not that I didn’t like them… I did…but they always seemed to get overlooked and the more “popular” girls were chosen when it came time to model a dress. I said I’d sell them nude but would try to find some little something to put with them…

The first doll to go was Saige…and she went to my sister, Cindy, for Hannah. Of course, I had to make her something special and now that Cindy has gotten the box, I can show you. I wanted to surprise her because she thought she was coming nude… I tried to find a print that went with her pretty, almost turquoise eyes… and this is what I came up with…


I pulled her hair into a couple of low pony tails and tied them with olive green ribbons to match the tie around her waist.


You can see the dress a little better here…


I had this one single silk flower in my stash and couldn’t believe how it went with the fabric…


The tie belt just ties in a bow in the back…


Saige needed a pair of shoes and she’s kind of a cowgirl so I picked up these boots for her at Hobby Lobby. I think Hannah will love them.


Good bye Saige… be good!


The next dolls that sold were Josefina and Lily. They went to the same lady. I was trying to figure out what to send with Josefina and remembered she had come in her camisa, bloomers, skirt and sash, so I just pressed them and put them on her. I french braided her hair and tied some ribbons at the ends. She looked very pretty as I wrapped the bubble wrap around her… Good bye Josefina… be good!


Poor Lily sort of got the shaft…only a lacy slip for her… but her looks made up for it… I think she was such a pretty doll even in the nude!
Good bye Lily… be good!


I thought for sure I had taken a picture of Kit in her farewell outfit but I can’t find it. I found her rose cardigan, her skirt and a pair of bloomers that had come with her and decided to just put them back on her. I washed her sweater so it smelled nice and clean and then wrapped Kit up in some bubble wrap… Good bye Kit… be good!

So that left Julie… and after 2 or 3 days someone asked about her and decided they wanted her. I have been trying for days to get her _______ made so I can send her to her new owner, but I’ve had too many interruptions. I’m hoping tomorrow may be a productive day for me. I can’t show you what Julie is going home in because I want it to be a surprise to her new mommy. She might see it on here, and that would spoil the surprise, but as soon as she reaches her new home, I’ll show you… so I won’t tell Julie good bye until she’s all wrapped up and on her way.

I just wanted you to know I plan to keep dolls as the main feature of my blog… and thought sharing these girls “farewell” outfits might be enough until I get sewing again… I do miss it when I go this long without sewing…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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A Copycat Creation for American Girl Kit…

It’s nice when a dress gets started and finished in just a few days. This one did…and even though her sleeves looked a little goofy yesterday, I hope you’ll like them better now. I managed to work on the set today and now it’s all completed… so it’s listed on Ebay. You can see the listing by clicking HERE, or by clicking on the picture at the right side bar… —>

One of my very favorite things to do is a little thing I call Copycat Creating…and this was a prime example of it… from this…


To this…



I had to redo the sleeves 3 times but on the 3rd try, it worked for me…






I then moved onto her slip… just my basic tulle slip.. maybe a little fancy for the Depression years, but Kit’s thrilled with it.


I was going to make a headband but her hair works better with a bow or a hat…I opted for a bow.. it’s attached to a snap clip so you can use it however you like.


A new pair of white socks were in order. Most of the pictures from the ’30’s had the socks just pulled up but not cuffed down… so I left mine that way too.


When I decided Kit was going to the circus, I tried to find some vintage tickets to copy. I found these from 1933…but the circus is in Wisconsin.. that’s a small detail we’ll just have to overlook…



I hope you like it… you can see it on Ebay HERE… (if you didn’t look at the first link…)


See you tomorrow,
Have a wonderful Saturday…
Blessings, Jeanne

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Kit’s “angel wings” look a little funky…

I was busy today working on Kit’s dress and if I hadn’t stopped to help my hubby mow our grass, I may have been able to finish it, but he needed my help. It’s almost finished… the dress part, but I’m going to redo the sleeves.. they don’t look right to me. In fact, I’m going to show you the picture of the sleeves pinned up sort of the way I want them to look first…otherwise, if I showed you how they look now, you’d go ICK! I know you would…

So here’s what they’ll sort of look like when I fix them… they are too long on the sides and need to be tapered in more…


Here’s one pinned and one the way they are now…



Here’s what they look like unpinned… see… I told you you’d go ICK!



I added a row of scalloped machine stitching in white thread to give a little interest at the hem of Kit’s dress…


Here’s the back with some white buttons and the belt tied into a bow…


I don’t know if you noticed it or now, but I took the bias trim off because I had the dots crooked… you last saw it looking like this…


When I took it off, I decided to see what one row of dots looked like. I liked it better so I just replaced the whole piece.


I’ll get the sleeve ruffles redone and then finish the rest of the set… Kit is liking this one very much and can’t wait till I get it all finished and find her some shoes and socks… and something for her hair.

On another note, I got a wonderful email from Joy, who tried my apple pie recipe and shared some pictures with me. She said it was her first apple pie, and at 67, she was quite proud of herself… She should be…it looks beautiful…



She said it was good!! Let’s all clap for Joy!!!!


If you missed my Apple Pie post, you can see it HERE.

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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