~Winter Charm~ Leopard Coat set for the Little Darlings is revealed…

I hope you like the name… I had narrowed it down to three… “Old Fashioned Winter”, “Fur Baby”, and “Winter Charm.” I just thought it was the best of the three. It is now listed on Ebay and you can see it by cliking the picture at the right side bar or you can click HERE.

It was sort of misty and dreary all day today but I ventured out with Janie in her coat and we had a short photo session outside. It was productive and I hope you can see the details of the coat much better in my outside photos. She looks so cute with her head all wrapped up in that furry hat!

I mentioned in my listing that this was a Victorian Styled Leopard coat… That sounds kind of strange, but I did it anyway. Sometimes the “out of the ordinary” is what grabs peoples attention… I guess we’ll see.

Well, I won’t add any of my previous pictures, but you can see them all in the listing… if you didn’t look earlier, you can take a peek… (HERE.)
Everyone seems to be wondering who will be next… I guess I better go decide! :o)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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A furry leopard cape for a wintery Saturday…

YAY! I have something to show you! I was concerned that it was going to be non-productive day, but it wasn’t! I found time this evening to make the little capelet I was telling you about yesterday. I’m glad I made it as I think it adds an extra bit of charm to the coat.

The coat fastens in front with just one snap, but I might add another one to keep it centered. The hem is weightier and seems to hang sort of like a bell. I want it to stay in place, so an extra snap just might do the trick.

I stitched a bow made from some cording to the center of the coat, not to the capelet.

I left the cords from the bow long and may see if I can’t find some tassels or black pom poms… the ones I have are too large.

The capelet is detachable and just fastens with a snap added to an extension underneath.

The bow is just pulled forward to show on top of the capelet.

I wish you all could see this coat in person…it’s totally different than in my pictures. The black fur is that curly silky soft fur that is similar to minky dot… if you know what that is… and the coat doesn’t have that greenish cast that it seems to have in my pictures….and Janie looks so washed out in my pictures, but in person, she’s just as beautiful as ever!

There was so much fur up around the neckline on the front of the coat and on the capelet, so I reluctantly decided to pass on the muff which would have been another cord around her neck, and instead Janie found a friend in the toybox… I don’t know why but she named him Rory! ? Anyway, he’ll be included in the set.. I’ll do a muff next time.

Maybe it will snow before I get it finished and I can take some outside pictures of her in it… I can’t believe I’m saying that!

I hope you have a wonderfully, warm, worry-free, Saturday! I’m hoping to!

See you Monday,
Blessings, Jeanne

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I was wrong and you were right…

Well, my computer is giving me fits again… it’s a bit frustrating to be at the mercy of a computer, but it seems it’s winning this time. I have been waiting and waiting for 6 or 8 pictures to load and so far nothing… just a spinning circle in the middle of my computer.. I’m not sure if they’ll ever load… It’s too late to write about anything else, so you’ll have to use your imagination and “pretend this is radio” I guess.(Read it out loud and imagine what you “should” be seeing!) If my pictures pop up in the middle of the night, I’ll load them in the post tomorrow…Sorry!
I think a new computer is closer than I had thought was necessary. I can’t keep doing this… all the waiting is driving me a little crazy! Ugh!

UPDATE: Kristoffer to the rescue!!! Lookie… pictures!!!

I had this brainy idea of making a sweet little cap; sort of like a bonnet, with a tiny turned up brim…very little girl-ish! I used a plastic clear ornament that fit perfectly on Lians head to try and draft a pattern…(I accidentally deleted the picture of the plastic half of an ornament on her head)…it seemed like a good idea, but it was a flop…

I tried a few other ideas for a different style hat, but everything seemed to look so ordinary.

I made a nice brim and started with that for about my 6th try.

I added a band to it and decided I’d make a sort of muffin hat but with that brim turned up, surely it would look cute…well, it looked like this…okay….maybe… but not exactly the look I was going for…

If it were silver, it would look like a jiffy pop pan! :o(

Lian said “M-o-m-m-m… I look like a wreck… you’ve had me try on so many hats…and now my hair is a disaster…”

SO…I remembered what several of you said about a pretty hair bow and decided to just cut the shape of one out and laid it on her hair…

…that was it…the look I was hoping for…simple, sweet, little girl adorable…so tomorrow I’ll make a hair bow… :o)

See you Monday,
Blessings, Jeanne

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The Giveaway Winners and Felicity’s “Fall Fancy” is Finally Finished!

There’s no sense in me putting anything here first but the names of the winners, because I know you’ll skip over anything that’s not Giveaway related… So without delay, there were 25 people who entered the Giveaway and weren’t the entries for favorite side dishes wonderful! It made me so hungry. Dressing/Stuffing was the big winner and there were probably a dozen different recipes represented for it!

Okay, okay… I put everyone’s name down and shuffled the pieces of paper…

…and then at the stroke of midnight I drew out the first name…

Bonnie Sullivan! I forgot to mention that whoever had their name drawn first would get the white pair and the second name would get the pink pair… I hope that’s okay with the winners… so Bonnie, I’ll send out the white pair to you…just send me your address! :o)

The second name I drew out was…

… Charlotte A. So you’ll get the pink pair… You can send me an email and I’ll get your pink thigh highs out to you as well.

Thank you everyone and a special congrats to our 2 winners!

I thought you might like to see a few pictures of Felicity’s Fall Fancy dress set that has “finally” been listed on Ebay.

I didn’t show the inside lining of her hat on my Ebay listing, but you can see it…

…and here is her reticule with the knots pulled to the inside of the casing…

How about a few pictures of the dress with the yellow linen panel to the backside…

Marilyn suggested we see the dress on a dark haired doll, so I chose Nora, my #55, to do the honors…

If you would like to see the listing on Ebay and read the story line for this dress set, you can click HERE, or click on the picture at the top right side bar…

Don’t forget, Ebay changed categories around and you won’t find my dress if you just type in American Girl Felicity, like you used to be able to do. You can type in American Girl Fall Fancy and it will come up, or you can type in American Girl Felicity Doll Dress and it will come up. Ebay makes us seamstresses who sew for the dolls list our things under “modern doll clothing” so it’s hard to find things sometimes…

Well, I hope you are as happy as I am about getting this dress set listed…It seems I’ve been working on it for a very long time…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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