“Southern Charm” for Addy is finally revealed!

Thanks for all your fun answers to my question for the Necklace Giveaway. I enjoyed reading everyone’s answers.

If I don’t let you know who the winner of the Necklace GIVEAWAY is first thing, you might not read the rest of the post; especially if you are the winner! I put everyone’s name on a piece of paper and shuffled them upside down.

Then I drew out a name… the winner of one of the necklaces is Paula!!

You can comment below and let me know which necklace you like or you can hit the “contact me” tab at the top and email me with your choice… Congratulations on winning! I hope your doll loves her new necklace!

Now, let me just celebrate for a moment the fact that I FINALLY have Addy’s dress listed on Ebay. I checked back in my notebook and I first mentioned “Southern Charm” on May 8th! MAY 8TH! That was 16 days ago!!! Sorry for the delay in getting it listed but I guess there were more interruptions in my life than I realized! I took the dress into my hubby’s office to show him and he guessed right away that it was a Civil War dress! That’s good! Then he said it was really pretty and might be his favorite one! My face smiled and so did my heart!!!

If you want to see her dress, you can click the picture at the right side bar or you click HERE and it will take you directly to the auction on Ebay.

The two things you hadn’t seen are the necklace that Rebecca made and the fan I decided on this morning. Rebecca’s necklace is a pretty glass necklace that picks up the colors of the dress fabric.

I tried my very best to use the battenburg umbrella that was sent to me, but I couldn’t for the life of me, figure out who to get it suspended up and behind Addy’s shoulder. I’m going to have to have my hubby build me a stand I think. That way I can drop it in the stand like an umbrella you’d see at a Farmer’s Market booth. Then Addy could be standing under the umbrella to stay out of the sun. Maybe by the time I get around to Addy’s turn again for a dress, I’ll have it figured out.

When that idea was exhausted, I turned to something I think Joy mentioned, a fan… I’ve made a few fans before and decided that’s what Addy’s accessory would be. I thought it went along pretty well with my outdoor wedding story. I took a length of lace and ran some machine basting stitches along the bottom edge and the top edge to hold it fairly even. Then I pulled it up at the bottom as tight as it would go, trimmed off the small end of it, zig zagged it in place, added the gold filigree piece, bent it to the back side and then stitched it in place with the rose beads. I did a little hand work to make it lie flat and turned under the ends. Then I added a bow and it was done! It slips under her hand and easily stays in place because her skirt is full enough to hold it in place.

Here are a couple pictures of Addy to hold you over until you click that link… :o)

Well, that’s the end of Southern Charm… at least from my end… now it’s up to someone else…

I wonder who will be next?????

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Let’s have that GIVEAWAY today…

My sisters stayed a few more hours (YAY) and there was no time to work on taking pictures of Addy’s new “Southern Charm” dress, but I’m hoping for some “picture time” Tuesday! Rebecca made a pretty necklace for it and I think I’m finally done with it now. (Addy has enjoyed her extra time in the dress, knowing that she’ll have to give it up soon…)

My daughter, Rebecca, also made some other necklaces for the American Girl dolls and that’s what my GIVEAWAY will be for today….in celebration of my 1000th post on Friday. If you missed that post, you can see it HERE.

My sisters and mom and I did a fair amount of shopping this week, and I got to thinking about what it is that I love to shop for the most… clothes wise that is. My favorite items to look for are 3/4 length sleeve cardigan sweaters… they can be prints or solids or even florals. I have several and can “always” use more. :o) I like the thinner sweaters made from the softest cottons.

SO… this time, to get in on the drawing for a free necklace for your American Girl doll, instead of just commenting and saying, “I like necklace # so and so,” why don’t you tell me, in the comment area below, or by email, (Contact Me), what is YOUR favorite clothing item to look for when you are out shopping. That is how you’ll be entered into the drawing for a necklace.

Okay, so here are the necklaces that you can pick from if your name is drawn out as the winner. You have until midnight tonight (Central IL time zone) to leave your comment and then I’ll pick a name. I’ll let you know tomorrow who the winner is. The ones that aren’t picked will be listed in my Etsy shop as soon as I get a chance.

If you click on any of the pictures, they will enlarge.

Well, that’s a lot to pick from and I hope YOU are the winner tomorrow!

See you then,
Blessings, Jeanne

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The GIVEAWAY Winner…

PLEASE NOTE: Rebecca’s “Timeless in Turquoise” Dress set ends this evening. She’s not going to be very happy to take this one off… She thought it was hers to keep! OOPS! If you want to check it out, you can click on the picture at the right side bar or you can click on this link… HERE.

Well, it certainly was fun to learn about everyone’s favorite candy yesterday. You all were great at describing your favorite confections and now I must know who will admit to going out and getting their favorite? Anyone?

If you missed yesterday, I had a Giveaway for a pair of my fingerless gloves. When you commented on your favorite candy for Easter, it registered you for the drawing.

There could only be one winner and that person was Cindy Parkhill!

Congratulations Cindy! Please click the Contact Me tab at the top and send me your name and address and I’ll get your gloves out as quickly as I can… Thanks everyone for playing along…

I’ve been working on more gloves too and I’m taking them with me today. Sorry I’ve been so negligent about keeping them in my Etsy shop! Bad me!

I’m sorry but yesterday was not my own and I’ve run out of time to get anything else together, so this is going to be another short post. I have to get up early or I would stay up a little later and add something else on here.

There’s going to be an Easter Parade in a day or two and I’m hoping to show you how to make some fancy Easter Eggs…stay tuned! :o)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Who thinks it’s time for an Easter Gloves GIVEAWAY?

Okay… who has been thinking, “When is she EVER going to have another GIVEAWAY?” I know….it’s been forever hasn’t it? I checked and the last one was in August! I had no idea it had been that long! SO…in honor of Easter coming quicker than I thought…I’m giving away a pair of white fingerless gloves in a Giveaway today! They fit the American Girl dolls and are decorated with a couple of pearls. A bit dressy, they make most outfits a little fancier! :o)

Now here are the rules for the GIVEAWAY…

I could just ask you to make a comment, like which doll will get to wear the gloves if you are the winner, but I thought we could have a little more fun with it than that.
So I’ll ask a question and when you comment on it, you’ll be registered for the drawing of the gloves. You can either comment below my blog post or hit the “Contact Me” tab under my header at the top and email me your comment. You’ll have until 12:00 midnight tonight, Illinois, (Central time) to leave your comment. I’ll draw out a winner and let you know who won in tomorrow’s post.

Now here’s my question…

If you could get any kind of candy in your Easter Basket, what kind would you like BEST?

Well, that’s it for today… Short and Sweet!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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