Okay, now it’s MY turn… Part 1 of my 2017 Doll Dresses…

I am so happy you all enjoyed yesterdays Holly Dolly Fashion Show presentation of YOUR Christmas dresses! (HERE) We truly did have a variety of dolls, didn’t we, and wasn’t it fun to see everyone’s talent? (Picture taking, dress making, prop setup, etc) I looked at the pictures several times yesterday and saw something new each time I looked! :o) Thank you so much… now start working on your 2018 dresses!

As I looked at the dresses, I wondered just how many dresses I had made this year… I really had no clue as the last few months of this year were sort of haphazard for me…So I took out my 2017 notebook and started going through it… listing all the dresses and who bought them and what they sold for… I’m doing a little double duty work, as I always bless my top 3 ($$) buyers. I know WHO they are and will make them something to say thank you in a small way!

Okay, so back to my dresses… I only made 27 dresses in 2017… that might be a record low… I started the year out nicely and had made 17 by May, but then it sort of dwindled down each month after that… BUT, anyway, I have 27 dresses to show you and will do half today and half tomorrow… I’ve got to spread them out so I can get some of my Christmas done around here… My brother is coming tomorrow to take my mom home with him for Christmas. I’ll give him his Cool Spoons in a Box present before he heads home. After he leaves, I have GOT TO TURN THINGS UP and get going in high gear! :o)

(If you click on the pictures they will enlarge.)

The first dress of 2017 was “Winter Garden,” modeled by Felicity.

Nyssa got to model the last dress in January…

Molly was next in “Pink Perfection.”

Molly, an American Girl doll

It was still February and cold when I did “Springtime in the South.” Rebecca was my very beautiful model for this set…

Noel joined me in February and this was her debut dress… “Sweet and Petite!”

Noel, a 10″ Boneka/Effner doll

Isabelle was the sixth doll to model for me in 2017. She looked stunning in a red and pink dress I called “Pretty as a Picture.”

Eden started us out in March in an Easter dress called “Easter Charm.”

I did a sister set next… one for Janie and one for Noel… in blue and so adorable. I called it “Sisters in Blue.”

It’s almost Easter now and Patsy is “egging” it on, in a sweet set called, “Come on, Easter!”

Willa was next in a dress called “Easter Surprise.”

We’re still in April and Rebecca got to model a very pretty Easter dress called “Timeless in Turquoise.” It was a favorite of mine! I thought she looked so pretty in this color! (even though my camera had a hard time capturing the actual color of it…)

Ten Ping and Noel modeled together in this next dress set. I called it “Spring Fever” for both girls. Talk about dainty looking… it sure did! :o)

I hope you enjoyed seeing my dresses for the first half of 2017… and hope you’ll come back tomorrow to see the rest of them…

Blessings, Jeanne

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How about a few more “lace up the front” dresses?

~*~ Just a quick reminder that Felicity’s Fall Fancy dress ends this evening on Ebay. You can see the listing by clicking on the picture at the right side bar or you can click HERE and be taken to the auction. I hope you’ll take a peek…

A few days ago I did a post on the many Felicity dresses I’ve created over the last 10 years. I’m not sure why, but that day I almost broke a record on the number of views from people looking at my blog. My record is 512 in a single day for THIS post… Felicity’s dresses boasted me a whopping 486 hits. I missed breaking that record by 27 hits. Oh well…

Several of you mentioned you loved the lace up fronts on several of Felicity’s dresses… That gave me an idea for today’s post. I had to do something simple because Saturday is our big International Thanksgiving Dinner. There was definitely no time for sewing yesterday and today so simple posts will have to suffice!

I actually could only think of just a few lace up front dresses, besides Felicity’s… So I was as thrilled as I hope you’ll be when you see all these new lace up front dresses… Some wonderfully sweet, some a bit on the “what was she thinking” when she made that…some with real lace up front ribbons; some with lace up front appliques! :o)

I hope you’ll enjoy these…

This last one was a special dress I made for Kirsten…

You remember me saying I LOVED this picture of Elizabeth showing off her long neck?

Well, I’m crazy about this picture of Kirsten too… Maybe it’s the way it was centered with that moon showing just above her head…

I hope you enjoyed those shots of my girls in lace up front dresses…

See you Monday,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Elizabeth said, “Hey, what about all the Colonial dresses I’VE modeled?”

“Sorry, Elizabeth, I was laying in bed last night, when I realized I had more dresses from the Colonial era that YOU had modeled…” I thought it was only fair that I show everyone “her” dresses! I don’t think anyone will mind.

Let’s start the slideshow with Elizabeth as the center of attention!

This is one of my very favorite pictures on ANY of my dolls. I just LOVED Elizabeth’s long neck in pictures!

Whew! I think we are done with Colonial dresses… except to find out what happens with Fall Fancy! :o)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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A look back at my many Felicitys modeling my many dresses for her…

As I listed Felicity’s new Fall Fancy dress, I thought back at the many dresses I have made my 3 different Felicity dolls and thought you’d like to go back in time with me as we look at some of them…

I have a list of the dresses but sadly I am missing pictures of the first dozen or more. I wish I had pictures of them so you could see how I have improved in my sewing for her. I am the first to admit some of them are a bit lacking in Colonial realism… I was trying but hadn’t quite gotten it all together! :o)

these are the ones I’m missing…
Spring Splendor, Blue Beauty, Classic Colonial, Aqua Stripe, Graceful in Green, Colonial Charm Polonaise, Blue Polonaise, Green and Gold for Felicity, Burgundy Beauty, Simply Sweet Khaki, Christmas Charm, Radiant in Red, Green Apples for Felicity.

I thought I’d show you the dress and then zoom in on one aspect of it… maybe my favorite part of the dress…starting with my oldest dresses from back in 2007…

Okay, so now we’re all caught up to today’s dress…

Now, just from a learning point of view… what do you think I have improved the most on since I started making dresses for Felicity? I’m a big girl, I can take it… I LOVE constructive criticism… that’s how I improve… :o)

Or if you don’t feel you can say anything, perhaps you can pick a favorite… that might be just as hard to do… :o)

Thanks for being such great fans of my blog.. I’ve gotten some really nice emails lately and some new subscribers… Welcome all the newbies! :o)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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