I can only go so long without making a Civil War dress…

Just like the title says, the next dress coming up will be one for your dolls who live in the Civil War era. I spent some time looking through my illustrated dress books and sorting through my fabrics and finally settled on an idea. I’ve had this fabric for a little while and think it will work for what I have in mind.

You’re really going to have to use your imagination on this pieced together dress.

It’s probably the worst “drape” job I’ve ever shown you. I just wanted you to see the start of it.

I think it looks pretty nice on Rebecca’s skintone, so she will be the model this time.

I quickly looked through my buttons and pulled out these, but I may find something better tomorrow…

I only have 3 fat quarters of this fabric, so it will be a young girls mid calf length dress, but I think a pair of pantalettes will be perfect out of the white embroidered cotton lace.

I think I can squeeze in some sewing time tomorrow…but everytime I say that, something comes up, so I’m not holding my breath!

Three of the little hat sets sold, and I just about jumped out of my chair! Thank you!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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FINALLY…a post about those HATS!!!

It has taken me forever to get this post written. It wasn’t because it was hard to write, I just couldn’t seem to find the time… I thought I better do everything I could today to make sure I was talking about something “dolly” related… especially those hats!

So here’s the deal in a nutshell. I LOVE making these little straw hats for the dolls. There’s something fun about going round and round until you get to the top of the hat and then it’s especially fun to pull out the paper roses and flowers and see what looks best on them. Well, combine that with all my fabrics and you have a match made in heaven… well, almost!

I decided it might be fun for the ladies who sew, to be able to buy the hat and then have a piece of fabric already matched up with the colors of the hat and flowers. So, this idea was born… I’d make the hats and decorate them and then offer a few different choices of fabric for the winner to choose from. They buy the hat and the fabric and then they can make the dress for whatever doll they want. I’m offering 1/3 of a yard of fabric for the hats…(in some cases only a fat quarter) They work for the 13″ Effner Little Darlings, Ellowyne, and 10″ Patsy Tonner and friends. So they are sort of Hat/fabric kits in a way.

Now, not everyone sews, so I decided if they only wanted the hat, and not the fabric, I would send them back $3.00 in their box.

This is sort of a kick starter for me to see if it works this way… I guess we’ll find out! I took new pictures outside today of the hats on the fabrics to try and get the colors as close as possible to what they really are…

Here they all are at a glance… it’s like a little hat shop, isn’t it?

If you have any suggestions or think of anything I may have left out, let me know. My listings are scheduled to go on Ebay just past 8:30 Thursday evening…(Central Time)

I hope you’ll check them out. I’ll list them over at the right side bar when they become active listings on Ebay.

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Hats and Flowers and Hammers and Putty…

Thank you, thank you, thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes. I certainly didn’t plan on not answering the comments today, of all days, but we worked on our floor most of the day and finally called it quits about 8:30. I wanted to answer you, but will have to do it another time… You all said the sweetest things and I’m so glad you liked my birthday dresses that I showcased…

A wonderful thing happened too… I got up and put some chicken in the crock pot and was going to make chicken fajitas for dinner. Well, a friend from church came over at 6:00 with Bolgogi… a Korean dish, so we had it instead. Now I have my dinner all ready for Wednesday night…That worked out perfectly!

It really doesn’t look very impressive, but we worked so hard to get a ridge out of the middle of the living room floor and 2 different vents sealed up. George was “Sander Man” and I was “Putty Girl.” Plus, I was “Vacuum Girl,” “Hand Me Screws Girl,” “Hold the Flashlight Girl,” and “Pick Up Nails Girl.” It was dirty and dusty work but we have the floor pretty well prepped the best we can….except for the one register area that he moved by the wall. It still has to be leveled out somewhat. Our floors were awful and the people who put down the plywood…”had no business with a hammer and nails!”

Here are a few pictures of the work we did…

…another register to be closed off…

… planing and sanding and planing and sanding…

…oh, and here’s some work from “Putty Girl!”

While I still can’t give you too many hints on the hats…here are a few more pictures. I worked like crazy in the living room today, but every time my hubby stepped outside to go to the garage for something, I dashed into my sewing room to add a few more flowers to the hats. Here they are, all done…and with some matching fabrics… Maybe I can get this “secret” finished in the next day or two…

Sorry, my pictures aren’t the greatest.. it was 11:00 at night when I took them.

Well, I hope you enjoyed looking at my hats!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Something For Sale, Something to Show and Something New…

Something For Sale:
Don’t forget, Ten Ping’s sweet little purple dress set ends this evening… If you want to see the auction on Ebay, you can click the picture at the right side bar or you can click HERE.

Something to Show:
This afternoon I received a text from Alba (my Columbian friend), asking how to put the hooks on the back on pinch pleated drapes. A new Columbian family has moved here and they are trying to get their apartment set up, just like Alba and Edgar and Sara did 3 years ago. Well, a few texts went back and forth and I sent her some pictures of the way it was supposed to work, but we weren’t getting anywhere, so I decided to go over there. My hubby said he needed to finish fixing a drawer on a dresser they had been given, so he decided to go with me.

When we got to the new couple’s apartment, Alba gave me a big hug and told them “the expert was here!” Well, I’m definitely not an expert when it comes to pinch pleated drapes, but I thought I might be able to help. These were kind of strange pinch pleated drapes. Usually the hooks go right between the seams on the back side and the little hook sticks out and you hang it on the traverse rod. Well, the pinch part was stitched shut… I’d never seen anything like this… so I just had to poke the hooks into the lining on the back side and try to keep them even as I put them all in. Well, long story short, it worked fine and this new couple, Juan Pablo and Viviano now have some privacy.

They wanted us to sit down and have a cup of Columbian hot chocolate, which we did, and got to meet this new family a little better. They are really sweet, but they have lots to do to get their apartment all finished.

While we were drinking they opened up a bag on the table and gave us some gifts… I received a little Columbian doll, called a Guambianos, and George was given a little cowboy hat. Then, they gave us the rest of the bag… filled with Columbian candy, some caramely like fudge pieces and something with Leche in the ingredients, so you know THAT has to be good.

Something New:
Because we went over to help them, I didn’t get as much done on what was going to be my full post, but I’ll just show these 2 pictures and get your minds thinking… I’m not finished yet, and these pictures might not be 100% “correct,” but I wanted you to see what I’m working on. There’s going to be something new to share in a few days…and you’ll find out soon… :o)

Well, that’s going to have to be for today…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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