A lining for a leopard… a leopard “coat” that is…

A few days ago I showed you Janie’s new leopard fur coat and unlike the directions on the pattern, I chose to make mine unlined to see how it fit first. Well… after much deliberating… because it is stitched together and serged with black thread, today I decided to add a super lightweight lining to the coat. (I certainly didn’t want another doll to get stained from the black thread) I chose a fabric that is much like a batiste so there is hardly any extra weight or bulkiness to it. It still fits the dolls the same way and probably slides on a little easier.

I just cut out the same pattern pieces as the coat… stitched it together, pressing it as I went and then turned the coat wrong side out and stitched it all in by hand.

Just using tiny whip stitches, and turning the edges under slightly, it went in very smoothly. I tacked it at the underarms and on top of the shoulders to hold it in place and keep the sleeves from pulling out.

I decided to leave the hem loose, so it’s just serged at the bottom, but tacked at the side seams. Sometimes the lining can make your coat feel a bit too tight looking and sort of cups up at the bottom edge.

I snapped a few pictures of Janie, still in her “fluffy” wig from last night, but I wanted to show you that the coat still fits the same way…

See, linings aren’t so scary…

See you Monday,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Want to see Isabelle’s Debut dress?

I thought I would share a few pictures of the debut dress I made for Isabelle back on January 5th, 2010! (I can’t believe I’ve had her for 8 years!) These were some of the pictures I found in my archives when I switched over to Windows 10. I had completely forgotten about this dress…and unless you were following me on Ebay, it will be new to most of you too! Isabelle was a Christmas gift from one of my doll customers back in 2009. I was absolutely crazy for her and started sewing right away… with many, many dresses to follow.

I looked up the template that was used when I listed it and the name for this one was “Old Fashioned Charm.” This was my fabric…

I was over the moon in love with her and looking at my pictures, she even looks younger to me. It’s probably her hair. Dianna Effner cut it to shoulder length and curled it under with a special low temp curling iron. It still curls under to this day, but it’s not as tight of a curl as it was back in 2010.

I couldn’t resist looking up what I wrote about this dress too. Here is the description of the dress I used on Ebay back then…

Isabelle is making her Debut in this old fashioned DRESS made from a ”watercolor-like” blue print with roses all over. She is such a beautiful doll and I wanted her first dress to be very special.

The DRESS is just a simple girlish style, with a few extras!

A textured linen fabric has been used for the sweet peter pan collar, which has been lavishly silk embroidered in colors that match the fabric.

Sweet ruffled sleeves are just the cutest addition decorated with tiny burgundy silk ribbon bows.

A tea length hem, with a row of heirloom lace, will ensure another year of wear for this beautiful dress. It opens all the way down the back for easy dressing and closes with snaps.

Also included, the winner will receive the sweet HAIR BOW and the tiny PUPPY in her arms.

Enjoy my pictures!

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane… I did! :o)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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You asked for mittens and a muff….

…so I tried to deliver! There wasn’t any snow coming our way, so taking pictures outside sort of got derailed. I had to be creative inside so I used some silky like white fur for my snow… I got out an evergreen tree, and we’ll call this a white out!

The next thing you need to know is BLACK IS VERY HARD to photograph. I tried setting my lights in all different places and that coal black fur just didn’t want to show its true colors. Some of my pictures I intentionally made a little washed out so you could see the details, otherwise, it would have just been a black blob.

I found a piece of black stretchy (almost like a boucle knit) fabric and stitched a piece of stretchy velvet ribbon with a ruffle at the top section and then sewed the mittens in “mitten shapes!”

Rory stole them once and was trying to bury them in the snow…

I found some small black pom poms in a package at Joann’s and stitched them to the ends of the shortened bow ties. It makes the neck area look more finished off, especially if the capelet isn’t worn.

The muff was made of the same fur fabric as the trim on the coat. It’s just padded and rolled and stitched up like a pillow case would be and then turned…hand stitched closed, and a cord attached that goes over her head and around her neck.

Again, it’s one of those outfits that only the winner and I will know just how sweet it really is. My camera just cannot do this one justice.

I didn’t get it listed, but hopefully I can ASAP.

Hope you like it,

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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A furry leopard cape for a wintery Saturday…

YAY! I have something to show you! I was concerned that it was going to be non-productive day, but it wasn’t! I found time this evening to make the little capelet I was telling you about yesterday. I’m glad I made it as I think it adds an extra bit of charm to the coat.

The coat fastens in front with just one snap, but I might add another one to keep it centered. The hem is weightier and seems to hang sort of like a bell. I want it to stay in place, so an extra snap just might do the trick.

I stitched a bow made from some cording to the center of the coat, not to the capelet.

I left the cords from the bow long and may see if I can’t find some tassels or black pom poms… the ones I have are too large.

The capelet is detachable and just fastens with a snap added to an extension underneath.

The bow is just pulled forward to show on top of the capelet.

I wish you all could see this coat in person…it’s totally different than in my pictures. The black fur is that curly silky soft fur that is similar to minky dot… if you know what that is… and the coat doesn’t have that greenish cast that it seems to have in my pictures….and Janie looks so washed out in my pictures, but in person, she’s just as beautiful as ever!

There was so much fur up around the neckline on the front of the coat and on the capelet, so I reluctantly decided to pass on the muff which would have been another cord around her neck, and instead Janie found a friend in the toybox… I don’t know why but she named him Rory! ? Anyway, he’ll be included in the set.. I’ll do a muff next time.

Maybe it will snow before I get it finished and I can take some outside pictures of her in it… I can’t believe I’m saying that!

I hope you have a wonderfully, warm, worry-free, Saturday! I’m hoping to!

See you Monday,
Blessings, Jeanne

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