“Spring Fever” dresses for Ten Ping and Noel are up for sale…

I added a “surprise” post on Sunday and several of you saw it… well, I think a few more than several. I couldn’t wait until Monday’s post to share them, so I added a link to the listings on Ebay for both dresses. Ten Ping, my little 8″ Ruby Red Galleria cutie is just that… as cute as can be in this sweet little pink dress. It might be simple, but it sure makes me smile when I see her in it! Here are a couple of my favorite photo’s from our session…

Noel’s dress looks equally as darling on her and she is standing on my cutting table wearing this dress like she’s going to be allowed to keep it… sorry, Noel, that’s not the way things work around here…but I promise you, there will be more to model…Here are a few shots from her Ebay photo shoot…

I let the girls pick their favorite “group” shot, and this is the one they picked…

Marilyn mentioned something about everyone not knowing just how tiny these girls were…and thought maybe if I showed them next to something familiar, it might give a better idea of their size. I decided most everyone knows of the American Girls and how big they are, so I placed Noel and Ten Ping next to Eden… and they do look extra tiny beside her.

I mentioned I had such tiny scraps, I wasn’t sure I could even get hair bows made for the girls…but miracle of miracles, my scraps were just enough…barely enough! I rounded up every single scrap I could find on my cutting table and ones I had tossed aside and this is what was left from that fat quarter I started with. Not much, is it?

I used a piece of tulle (netting) for the back side of both bows…Here is Ten Ping’s tiny bow… it’s the tiniest bow I know I’ve ever made… there was no way to attach a snap clip to it, so I added a tiny white ball head pin and the winner can just stick it through the hair bow and into their dolls hair.

If you’d like to see the listings, you can click on the pictures at the right side bar or you can click on these links…

~ Noel’s Spring Fever dress ~

~ Ten Ping’s Spring Fever dress ~

Well, I know this is short, but my day was long, so I am retiring to bed!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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~ Winter Garden ~ American Girl, Felicity’s newest Dress set revealed & MORE…

It took me a little over a week to create this wonderful outfit for Felicity, but I hope you didn’t mind the wait. It was very fun for me to make and Felicity loved the extra time on my cutting table, just standing there in her dress, with my other girls on the dolly shelf, looking on each day as something new was added. This set ended up having 10 pieces… the bodice, skirt, bum roll, fichu, necklace, bonnet, cape, reticule, wide lace pinner cap and a narrow lace pinner cap. I think the winner will have lots of fun with this new set. Marilyn thought of the name this time… thanks again!

If you’d like to see the listing on Ebay, you can click the picture at the right side bar or you can click HERE.

Here are a few pictures…

I have been a little behind on showing some pictures I received from some of my readers. I wanted to get caught up somewhat if I could.

Mary C sent me this picture of a quilt she made. She made it in red, white and blues and on the back she has the names of her family members who served in the military. For Christmas she did a really wonderful thing. She put her family members names in a hat and drew out one lucky winner. They got the Quilt! How fun would that have been. Mary, if you’re reading this, please add anything else in the comments, if you would. Let us know who won and how they reacted to such a wonderful gift! Isn’t it just beautiful?

Anne, one of my readers, also sent me the following link…

Changes for the Tonner company

It seems that Robert Tonner is shaking things up at his company and Ellowyne will be phased out this year…as well, as the 10″ Patsy Tonner and friends dolls. This is a HUGE shock and disappointment to most Tonner fans. Robert has some new ideas for the coming year and we’ll all have to wait and see what that means…

I had so many pictures that came in right at Christmas and New Years, that I couldn’t keep up with them…HOWEVER… ALL dolls deserve to be showcased… Here are Susette’s 4 girls in their New Year’s Eve dresses. She said she had “fun” crawling around on the floor getting them set up for pictures! Way to go Susette!

Susette also sent me some pictures of Riya, her granddaughter and her love of American Girl dolls.

When she was 5, she received her first American Girl doll, Isabelle.

Here she is at age 6 when she received Grace!

At age six, here she is with Isabelle and Grace during Christmas. Aren’t they all just adorable?

…and this year, at age 7, Riya picked up a few more dolly friends…a Leah doll, an Effner Maru doll and just look at all her fun accessories… looks like Graces’ bakery items…

I don’t think there is any way Riya is going to ever stop loving dolls…she’s following in her grandma Susette’s footsteps! :o)

Well, I have more pictures to list, but I’ll spread them out over a few days, if you don’t mind…

Don’t forget to check out Felicity’s dress set!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Dear Seller…. how about a little help…

A few weeks ago someone sent me an email asking for some advice about her Ebay listings. She was discouraged that her doll outfits weren’t going anywhere… it was like they had just stalled and she was considering selling her dolls and getting out of the sewing business. I could feel her pain and her heartache over making something and thinking it was really nice… only to have it receive very few hits, hopeful, because a few questions were asked about it, and then, ultimately getting that awful email from Ebay… “I’m sorry! Your item did not sell! Would you like to Relist?” NO! I don’t want to relist! I just want to cry! Why didn’t it sell? So and so’s dresses aren’t even as nice as mine and hers sell… what’s wrong with mine? Why won’t people buy from me?

How many of you can relate to that?

I’ve been right there with you with no sales before and believe me, I’ve cried too! Many times! I know what it’s like to work 2 or 3 days on something and then have it sell for $24.99 or not have it sell it all… So I’m going to try and lift up your spirits and see if I can help you… and trust me, I AM NO EXPERT… I just have a lot of experience in doing this for 10 years on Ebay and 10 years of selling at my local Farmer’s Market.
I’ll just tell you my thoughts in no particular order…

~ You HAVE to use nice fabrics… not just something you found at the thrift shop. People only have SO much money to spend and they generally like to spend it wisely. If you have crummy fabrics, your sales won’t be as nice as if you used a better quality fabric. I’m not saying you have to use $12.99 a yard cotton fabrics, but watch for sales and pick up the pretty fabrics…the ones that make your heart sing, the dainty fabrics, the soft fabrics, the ones that aren’t stiff or look like they would fade, or have too big of prints on them. Use fabrics that make your dolls prettier!

I’m working on this dress right now, but isn’t Betsy McCall pretty in it. It compliments her, don’t you think?


~ Make sure your pictures are as clear and precise as you can make them. I know it’s easy to use your phone for your listings but a phone camera generally doesn’t produce a picture that is as sharp and crisp as a camera. It doesn’t have to be an expensive 35mm camera either. I have a little Casio camera with 7.2 megapixels and it takes pretty clear pictures for my Ebay listings. It was $91.00 and even though my daughter, Rebecca thinks I need something better, I’m perfectly content with it. Sometimes the pictures taken on a phone camera look somewhat fuzzy… it’s hard to make out the details on them and hard to see the quality of your work. I know it’s easier to take pictures on your phone, but it’s not as good as when a camera is used. People want to see clear, precise pictures when they are buying something. If they can’t see the workmanship and the stitching, they aren’t as likely to buy.



~ Don’t just have your description in one BIG paragraph. Nobody wants to read something that is just line after line after line of words. Break it up a bit. Make it less “wordy.” Maybe put one sentence on each line… or do it bullet style… you know like:
…just use the descriptive words instead of sentences, maybe like this:
* Blue cotton pants with turned up cuffs
*Cream short sleeve top with decorative pocket and snaps in the back
*Silver shoes with bows at the toes

~ Work on your lighting so you don’t have shadows… (I’m still working on this since I switched up my sewing room. The lighting is in a different place and I need to keep figuring out what works best.) Lighting is probably one of the top things that can make a difference in your listings.

~ Make sure your doll clothes or whatever it is you are making are neat… no stray threads laying on top of the fabric, no gathering stitches showing, make sure the neck opening of the doll dress is centered on the dolls neck, make sure the sleeves are both puffed up or laying flat, make sure the sleeves are the same length under the arms…don’t have one cuff up under the dolls armpit and the other one halfway to her elbow.

~ Press! Press! Press! Nothing says homemade like an outfit that hasn’t been pressed! Press as you go too. There really isn’t any getting around this… You HAVE to press as you go! Make sure everything you are sewing is as crisp as can be… flat edges, smooth hems, wrinkle free skirts. Using a steam iron is best if you have one. If you can’t get the center crease out of your fabric, DON’T cut your doll skirt out where it’s going right down the middle and jumping out at you. Cut it off to the side if you have to.



~ If you are listing a doll dress, use a 3/4 shot for your Gallery picture. There really isn’t any need to show the whole set from head to toe for your Gallery picture. Include the dolls head and just past her waist. (Doesn’t this Gallery picture of Lian and Janie make you want to open up the listing and see the rest of the dress?)



This will let your viewers see it and they’ll know there is more included but you’ll get them to see the details on the top, which really is the focal point of the dress. Even if you have a dress with a fancy bottom, still zoom in on it for your Gallery picture. You have to get their attention first. Your listing has to catch their eye. Most people think they HAVE to show the whole outfit, but really you don’t. Once they are intrigued enough to click on it, they’ll go ahead and look at the rest of the pictures.

~ Turn your dolls slightly sideways when you take their pictures. I try to take most of my pictures with the doll NOT looking straight into the camera. Have them look sideways or down (NOT UP) but not so many pictures looking STRAIGHT into the camera. It’s the least flattering shot there is. Try to pose your dolls in pretty positions, not always just standing there like they are soldiers in a line up.



~ Always think of ways to improve your sewing or your skills for whatever it is you do. Read books…I’m reading 3 right now on crafting and how to make your business more profitable. There are a ton of things you can learn from just simple books like these. I may have to do a book review when I’m done.

~ Well, that’s about all I have to share… All you sellers who can relate to this, just hang in there. It’s slow on Ebay right now… it will pick up soon when it’s closer to the holidays. Just keep sewing even when you don’t feel like it. There have been times when I was sewing and crying at the same time.. but I kept sewing… don’t give up. I’ve been sewing and selling my doll clothes since 2006…so 10 years now, and it takes a long time to get a following of people who like your things well enough to keep coming back. I have been VERY blessed to have had that happen to me! But I am nobody any different than you! If I can be successful, so can YOU!

So these few points were what I shared with this lady and I checked a few days later to see if she had done anything I mentioned. She had taken new pictures and pressed her doll hats for a crisper look. I’m happy to tell you 3 out of the 4 dresses sold! She was thrilled and so was I!

Happy Sewing and Selling to all!!!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Ellowyne’s on Ebay again….

The dress for Ellowyne that didn’t sell a few weeks ago is up again on Ebay. When I took those pictures of her with my phone the first time, I should have known not to use them in my listing. I hadn’t figured out the lighting in my sewing room and then using my new phone for the pictures was a mistake. They were too harsh and too dark looking.

I retook pictures of Ellowyne in the same dress, but with different lighting and I used my camera this time… Much better. I think you’ll agree…









Well, I think you get the idea… and I hope you can see the difference. Ellowyne is MUCH too pretty to mess up on her pictures! Here are just a couple more…




If you’d like to see her listing on Ebay, click HERE…or click on the picture at the right side bar.

I got the final coat of paint on my cutting table…finally… and I just waxed it. I’m hoping, hoping, hoping my hubby can put it up for me Saturday… BUT it’s Kristoffer’s birthday, so it might get put on the back burner. Anyway, it’s close! :o)

Well, that was my Friday. It’s supposed to get cold here tonight… 37 degrees… I hope it’s warmer where you are!

See you on Monday,
Blessings, Jeanne

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