Part 2 of my 2017 Doll Dresses in Review…

I know it’s Saturday and you might be scrambling around trying to finish up what’s on your Christmas lists, but I hope you’ll take time to peek at the rest of my dresses from 2017. If you missed yesterday’s post, you might want to go back and see it, as it was the dresses I made the first half of 2017. (HERE)

Let’s get started on what was happening in May. Kirsten was looking awfully sweet in “Pretty on the Prairie.”

My top seller of 2017 was this next dress set, being modeled by Addy. I called it “Southern Charm” and she certainly was charming in this one. I bought this fabric at a little quilt shop down in Cape Girardeau, MO, and after it had sold, and I was back at the shop, I showed the ladies that worked there, some pictures of it on my phone…and I’m not kidding, they ooooohhhed and aaaahhhhhed like nobody ever has before. They told me when I came back through Cape, to come on a Tuesday, because they would both be working and they wanted to see what else I would be making… :o) (Sorry for the picture overload on this one… I guess they weren’t the only ones who liked it!) :o)

“Blissful in Blue” was a beautiful Regency gown modeled by Elizabeth.

Now we’re getting into June and Molly is showing off a set that I had a lot of fun with. I called this one “The Babysitter.” I had fun redoing a little baby doll I found…

It’s Felicity’s turn again and she’s showing off “Colonial Rose.” This was another favorite of mine for the year…

Another new girl came to live at my house… Meet Nora in “Victorian Elegance.”

…and then finally, after a 3 year long wait for my doll to be painted, Emmie was finished and this was her debut dress… “Dainty and Demure.”

It’s Ten Ping’s turn again… this time with a “new face” by Lana Dobbs. Here she is in “Teddy Bear Tea Party.”

We are in September now and Rebecca is modeling a Civil War dress called “Apple Butter Sweet.”

Patsy Tonner was thrilled to be modeling a dress made form this pretty fabric. I called this one “Autumn Leaves.”

Molly takes a turn again and is in “Autumn Lace.”

We’re almost out of months AND dresses. Felicity gets the second to last dress of the year… This was called “Fall Fancy” and believe me, it was… I made a custom hat for it from straw and think Felicity looked darling in this set.

My last dress of 2017 was modeled by Lian, my 13″ Dianna Effner, Little Darling. Unbelievably, this was the only dress she modeled for me all year long… Here she is in “Christmas Snowflakes.” What a little sweetheart she is!

Okay, now that I’m officially out of dresses, you may go shopping! :o) I hope you enjoyed today’s…oops… this years dresses!

See you in a few days… If you’re leaving to go somewhere for Christmas, drive safely and have a wonderful time!

Blessings, Jeanne

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Okay, now it’s MY turn… Part 1 of my 2017 Doll Dresses…

I am so happy you all enjoyed yesterdays Holly Dolly Fashion Show presentation of YOUR Christmas dresses! (HERE) We truly did have a variety of dolls, didn’t we, and wasn’t it fun to see everyone’s talent? (Picture taking, dress making, prop setup, etc) I looked at the pictures several times yesterday and saw something new each time I looked! :o) Thank you so much… now start working on your 2018 dresses!

As I looked at the dresses, I wondered just how many dresses I had made this year… I really had no clue as the last few months of this year were sort of haphazard for me…So I took out my 2017 notebook and started going through it… listing all the dresses and who bought them and what they sold for… I’m doing a little double duty work, as I always bless my top 3 ($$) buyers. I know WHO they are and will make them something to say thank you in a small way!

Okay, so back to my dresses… I only made 27 dresses in 2017… that might be a record low… I started the year out nicely and had made 17 by May, but then it sort of dwindled down each month after that… BUT, anyway, I have 27 dresses to show you and will do half today and half tomorrow… I’ve got to spread them out so I can get some of my Christmas done around here… My brother is coming tomorrow to take my mom home with him for Christmas. I’ll give him his Cool Spoons in a Box present before he heads home. After he leaves, I have GOT TO TURN THINGS UP and get going in high gear! :o)

(If you click on the pictures they will enlarge.)

The first dress of 2017 was “Winter Garden,” modeled by Felicity.

Nyssa got to model the last dress in January…

Molly was next in “Pink Perfection.”

Molly, an American Girl doll

It was still February and cold when I did “Springtime in the South.” Rebecca was my very beautiful model for this set…

Noel joined me in February and this was her debut dress… “Sweet and Petite!”

Noel, a 10″ Boneka/Effner doll

Isabelle was the sixth doll to model for me in 2017. She looked stunning in a red and pink dress I called “Pretty as a Picture.”

Eden started us out in March in an Easter dress called “Easter Charm.”

I did a sister set next… one for Janie and one for Noel… in blue and so adorable. I called it “Sisters in Blue.”

It’s almost Easter now and Patsy is “egging” it on, in a sweet set called, “Come on, Easter!”

Willa was next in a dress called “Easter Surprise.”

We’re still in April and Rebecca got to model a very pretty Easter dress called “Timeless in Turquoise.” It was a favorite of mine! I thought she looked so pretty in this color! (even though my camera had a hard time capturing the actual color of it…)

Ten Ping and Noel modeled together in this next dress set. I called it “Spring Fever” for both girls. Talk about dainty looking… it sure did! :o)

I hope you enjoyed seeing my dresses for the first half of 2017… and hope you’ll come back tomorrow to see the rest of them…

Blessings, Jeanne

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Do you need a FUN activity for your Christmas get-together?

Quick Reminder:
If you have a favorite picture of a doll in a Christmas dress, and want to be included in the Christmas Slide Show, please send them to me at by Tuesday. I’m hoping to have this all put together by Wednesday… but it might be Thursday! We have some pretty, pretty dolls in some pretty, pretty dresses! Thanks so much!

Sunday evening was our annual Married Couples Christmas party. We usually have it at a Chinese restaurant here in town, because the food is GREAT, but they also have a banquet room in the back and I get to decorate it any way I want! It’s always fun and we had 4 new couples at this party, so they got a taste of what’s been happening for the last 23 years at the Couple’s party! :o)

My pictures aren’t great because we had the lights dimmed but I think you can get the idea…

We had the usual introductions, guess the candies in a jar, drawing for a gift certificate to the restaurant, and lots of fellowship! However, tonight we played a game that I thought I’d pass along to you… We laughed our heads off and I think everyone enjoyed it… I saw several versions or variations of it on Pinterest, but I had to make it my own…so I’ll tell you how we played it if you’d like to play it with your family. It’s sure to bring out everyone’s best laugh!

To play it the way I did, you’ll need a heavy duty paper plate, like Chinet, for each person… I used the oval ones…
…a pen for each person…
…a sticker like a bow or a scarf or a snowman hat if you can find them…(with sticky or adhesive backs)
…a chalkboard big enough for everyone to see (mine was about 18″ square)

This is how we started…
I told everyone to write their name on the inside of the plate (the side that you usually eat the food from)
Then give everyone a sticky backed bow, scarf, or hat… (whatever you decide to use)

Now have everyone turn the paper plate over so they are looking at the back (underneath) side of it…
Hold up a paper plate yourself and show them where to put the bow on the plate… (about 1/3 of the way down from the top)
(obviously, if you find sticky backed snowman hats or scarves, or cut them out yourself, you’ll have to kind of show them where to put them on the paper plate.) The idea is just to give them a starting point to work from… They can feel it if it’s a bit dimensional… that’s why I picked the bows I did.

After they get the bows all stuck on, (or the scarves, or the hats), tell them to put the paper plates on top of their heads… then you’ll be giving them directions on drawing a snowman! They can’t take it off their head and they can’t see what they are doing…

These are the directions I gave them. As you are giving the directions, draw them on the chalkboard so they can all see what you mean…this is what mine looked like when I was all done… (yes, I forgot to have them add a smile…)

Take your pen and draw a small circle above the bow for a snowman’s head. Show them on the chalk board..

Next, below the bow, make a medium sized circle.

Below that circle, make your largest circle at the bottom.

Now go back up and put a hat on your snowman…

Add 2 eyes to the small circle… (yeah right!)

Add a carrot nose…

Draw 3 buttons on the middle circle…

Lastly, draw 2 sticks for arms coming from the middle circle.

There was so much laughter, and I had the best time of all watching everyone!!!

When they were all done… I told them they still couldn’t look at their snowman… I went around and collected all the plates from their heads and randomly placed them on chairs along the walls behind everyone… They had no idea which one was theirs because they hadn’t see it.

Here are a couple of the snowmen…

I gave everyone a little square of paper (to vote with) and told them to go around and look at everyone’s snowman drawings and slightly lift up the plate they thought was the best and slip their vote under it.

We had quite a variety of drawings and one huge winner… 19 votes! James was our big winner…

Here’s a close up of his snowman…

After I gave James his prize for winning, I showed the other snowmen plates and passed them out to their rightful owners… everyone was amazed at their drawings… and this brought another round of laughs!

One of my friends said they were going to do it when their boys and their families when they came down… Another man told me he wanted to play this again next year, but he was going to practice every day till then… :o)

A good time was had by all… I hope this is something you might give a try… It’s harder than you think but more fun than you can imagine!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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A few Christmas Civil War dresses…

Anyone who has followed my blog for any length of time knows how much I LOVE making Civil War dresses. I’m practically in heaven when I get a chance to sew one. I’m not exactly sure why I feel that way… maybe it’s because there are so many possibilities with the designs. I just enjoy seeing how realistic I can make them turn out. It’s my biggest thrill when I make one and show it to my hubby, and ask him, “Can you guess what era this is from?” When he guesses “the Civil War?” I practically get goose bumps! “Yep! That’s right!”

Well, the other day, Laura mentioned something about showing some Christmas Civil War gowns and I am thrilled to oblige! I don’t have all my pictures located yet, but Susette suggested I just use my “search box” and find them that way…I will and I did! Hope you enjoy the slide show! They are some of my very favorites!





This is Lily in a rare appearance modeling one of 3 dresses for someone who used them as her Little Women collection…


Here is Eden in her Little Women dress…


…and for some reason I didn’t get a single shot of Rebecca in her green Christmas dress, but here’s one of all 3 girls together…


This Christmas dress was called Glimmer of Glamour!


This is my all time favorite Christmas sign! I found it one time when I was visiting Deb… I should have bought it, but I just snapped this picture. It makes me laugh every time I read it!


Well, those are the only Christmas Civil War dresses I could think of and find. I’m sure there are more, but I’ll have to wait until I have my pictures all in order…

Thanks for taking time to read,
See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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