Can you guess “MY” favorite “Patriotic” doll dress?

Well, it’s probably obvious to you, there won’t be any 4th of July dresses from me this year. I’ve been kind of behind on things for a while now and as I was working on Felicity’s dress, I realized I’d have nothing to offer you this year.

However, I do have dresses from the past and thought maybe I’d show them to you and see if YOU could pick my all time favorite dress from the ones shown… We’ll turn this into a little contest. I’ll show you all the doll dresses I’ve made representing the 4th of July, and you can pick the ONE you think is MY favorite. Let me know in your comments below or in an email to me… (use the Contact Me tab under my header.) Then I’ll see if anyone gets it right. All those who guess it right will be entered into a drawing and I’ll then draw out one name and announce the winner tomorrow. If you don’t know the dolls name, just do your best to describe the dress. It’s for a prize! :o)
You’ll have until midnight, Monday night, Illinois Central time.

So let’s see those dresses…there are 32 to pick from so take your time…and if you want to see them larger, just click on them.

Also, remember you’re just voting for the “outfit”… not the quality of the picture…some of my older pics are pretty pathetic!

Do you think you know which one is my favorite? Guess and see if you win!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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8 more BLUES on 8 more dresses…

I’m back…but just barely. You’ve never seen a wedding until you’ve seen an AFRICAN wedding. The groom was from Zimbabwe, Africa, and he had family in from Zambia, Zimbabwe, England and more places than I can remember. They know how to visit, dance, and party till the wee hours of the night. They were partying “African Dance” style and they had a blast! It was very fun to watch them! The wedding started at noon on Saturday and was still going strong when we left at 10:15 that night. (I heard that it went until 2:00 in the morning!) It was wonderful and very joyful for all of them to be together, but let me tell you, my hubby and I were pooped out. We helped do some cleaning up and I helped serve the cake… 16 Tres Leches cakes….if you know what those are!
I didn’t want to share any pictures of the wedding without the couples permission, and they are obviously not here to ask, so I’ll wait. :o)

There were hundreds of people who attended and today (Sunday) we had a huge picnic for those who were came from out of town and wanted to visited with all the other alumni. It has been in the works for a couple of weeks and we finally pulled it off today… It was 91 degrees outside but wonderfully, there happened to be a slight breeze to keep us all from melting! I was too busy and never even thought to snap a single picture, so I don’t have anything related to the wedding…but I do have some dresses with trains to show you… the rest of the blue Regency dresses. I have 8 dresses in various blue fabrics to share with you.

I hope you’ll enjoy them…

Traveling all the way to March, 2008, we find Josefina modeling a blue Regency dress for me… I’ve certainly made a few regency dresses from this fabric and still have some left… FOR MORE if need be! I didn’t give this one a name back then…

If you click on any picture it will enlarge.

The second oldest dress in the lot I’m showing you today is from December 2009. Elizabeth is showing off her modeling skills in an aqua blue and brown print dress with a brown corduroy Spencer… No name for it either.

This next dress is a taupe and blue print dress and I just had a very nice subscriber email and tell me she had this one flagged as a favorite and thought I had forgotten to list it when I showed the first darker blue dresses. She’s had it saved since July, 2011! How flattering is that for me to think someone liked it enough way back then to save it! It was another nameless dress set.

This dress is actually a dark navy blue with a purple flower in it, so I included it in with the “blues!” It was made in February 2012 and Elizabeth did a stunning job of modeling this one. It’s one of my favorites… I thought she looked beautiful in it… again…no name…

I had a Marisol doll for a very short while… actually this next Regency dress was the only thing she ever modeled for me. I had a hard time photographing her darker skin…but she had the most beautiful hair I’ve ever seen…I called this dress “Enchanting” and it was made in April of 2013. Actually, I had this one listed and I called the color turquoise… and the lady who bought it, thought it looked more like she said she wanted to return it… (First time ever!) I was goofy and refunded her money before I actually received the dress back from her… Then she emailed me and said the color was growing on her and she thought she’d keep the dress… Now she had the dress AND my money from the refund… A few days went by and I was sweating bullets… but about 4 days later she sent me back the payment and I finally breathed again!

Another dress I made from that blue rayon fabric was one I just showed you a few pictures of the other day, when I was copying the bonnet to “Blissful in Blue.” I called this one “Details Matter” and it certainly had lots of them. It was made in August of 2013.

Ellowyne, by Robert Tonner, modeled a few Regency dresses for me and I loved how she could be posed with a shawl about her shoulders. This dress was called “Elegant Designs for Ellowyne” and was made in September 2014. Doesn’t she look gorgeous? Sorry…but I’m prejudiced a little bit.

The last blue dress done in the Regency Style was one for Janie… my 13″ Dianna Effner, Little Darling. As you can see, it’s the same fabric as Ellowyne’s dress. It was soft as a tissue and so perfect for gathers. It was called, “My Littlest Regency Girl” and was made in November, 2014. I thought Janie looked so adorable.

Well, I’m all out of blue Regency dresses and hope you enjoyed the slide show!

Any favorites in the bunch?

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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A Little Eye Candy from Anne…

HI everyone,
We made it home from the 100 mile yard sale and had a nice safe trip! We didn’t make it the whole 100 miles… we never have… but we probably went 40 miles. It was a long day and I have my fitbit tracker letting me know I walked a lot of steps… 11,335 so far…that’s 4.75 miles, which doesn’t seem like too terribly many, but it was in the car, out of the car, in the car, out of the car, up a hill, through the gravel, to the next house, to the next garage. It was warm but we had a nice breeze most of the day, mixed with a few sprinkles…I am exhausted so I know my hubby is. He didn’t get out of the car as much as Rebecca and I did, but he was quite the trooper! We ended the day with a nice dinner at a great Mexican restaurant and I even have “lunch” for tomorrow! I am too tired to put together a post on the things I found, but I’ll do that soon… right now all I can think of is a shower and my bed…

We saw Joy’s new Dianna Effner, Little Darling, Libby a few days ago. If you missed seeing her, she’s worth checking out HERE.

I also knew Anne had received a Little Darling recently too, but couldn’t find the pictures she sent me. I asked her to resend them and thought I’d share little Miss Isabella Jayne with you today. You’ll be pleased to see Anne’s sweet cutie in some of the prettiest and sweetest dresses! Isabella Jayne was painted by Magalie and I don’t think Anne had to wait too terribly long for her. Anne named her middle name after her best friend, Jayne, whom she has been friends with since 2nd grade!!!

This is the outfit she arrived in when Anne opened her box. It was made by Magalie and isn’t it sweet on Isabella Jayne?

I think this next pink outfit must be a skirt with interchangeable tops…see what you think…

This is one adorable blue and pink smocked dress… so dainty looking! One picture with her teddy and one with her hat!

Two pictures here too, one with a hair bow and one with a hat!

Anne, I hope Isabella Jayne has enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame here today! What a true Little Darling she is! Thanks for letting me share her!

Don’t forget about Addy’s Civil War Dress, “Southern Charm,” listed on Ebay and ending Sunday evening. You can see it HERE.

See you Monday morning,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Let’s see if you like any of these Civil War dresses…

Breaking news: Joy just received the proof picture of her new doll. That means her new Effner Little Darling doll will be mailed very soon and she can’t wait! She’s been waiting for about 1- 1/2 years for Joyce Mathews to paint her. Look at this picture… the doll is a knock out…I mean drop your chin, gorgeous! I forgot to ask Joy if she had already thought of a name for her…

(Anne also sent me pictures of her new doll and I searched and searched but can’t find her pictures… Anne, if you read this, maybe can you send them to me again?)

My hubby started it! He said he thought this new “Southern Charm” Civil War dress was his favorite so far. I mentioned in my blog that he’d said it and several of you agreed with him. I was doing my dishes this evening and wondered if you could be persuaded to like another “Civil War dress” any better? I looked through my archived pictures and probably have more Civil War dresses than any other style. Several of my dolls have been my Civil War models, as you’ll see below.

(If you’re new here, the “Southern Charm” dress we are talking about can be seen HERE. or click the picture at the right side bar.

I thought I’d show you several of my favorites and see if you still agreed with my hubby! Some aren’t really fancy, but they have a special place in my heart.

I guess by now, you realize I like making this style dress… this is the 3rd one I’ve made…

This was a group picture, but I love all three dresses equally… :o)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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