Three different dolls…

(Just a quick note… I DID get Rebecca’s Civil War dress set all finished, the pictures are taken and cropped, and I just have to get it listed on Ebay…I’ll do my best to get it on Saturday evening!)

I’ll be showing you three different dolls today. Two of the dolls are real… one just turned 4, and the other just turned one month old…

Let’s start with Gaterah… my Haitian friend’s new baby. I showed you a post on her when she was first born… (HERE)

I found out her name is pronounced Get Truh… only 2 syllables… with the accent on the first part… “Get” Truh…(almost like “truck” without the “ck” on it.) I had it wrong on that first day’s post. Anyway, she turned one month old on Thursday… I thought you might like to see an update of her…she is one living doll!

Bithar said she has just started smiling… I caught one!

Okay… MOM, WHO IS THIS LADY??? She’s scaring me!!! (photo session is over for her!)

The next doll I want to share with you is Esther… Gaterah’s big sister… only 4, but bigger than her! She had a birthday and I surprised her with a doll, like I did her sister, Deborah… My pictures aren’t the clearest… (there was lots of action in the room!)

She’s definitely got mom’s smile!

…her big sister, Deborah had to get in the pictures too…

The last doll was a poor little thing that Deborah brought out to me… She said Esther had marked on her with markers… and her hair was a total wreck.. I don’t know what it was supposed to have looked like… style wise…

I wondered if I could fix her, and asked them if I could bring the doll home to try to get the marks off. I was surprised myself at how sweet she turned out with a little scrubbing and a dolly wig brush… they had braided little tiny braids in her hair and I did my best to undo them… and put the hair in pig tails…

Here’s what she looks like now…

Much better, don’t you think? I’m going to have a little talk with Esther about not marking on her dolls anymore… :o)

Well, that’s my three doll stories… I hope you enjoyed them. They LOVE my corn casserole, so I doubled the recipe and made one for them… Bithar was so excited…no cooking!

See you Monday,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Fabrics and Names to go with them…

If I asked my hubby where the inch long screws are in the garage, he’d say something like this…”They are underneath my workbench in a small tray with a bunch of green containers. You’ll see the inch screws marked on top.” If I asked him for a square piece of 1/2″ thick wood, he’d say, “You’ll find my small scraps in a wooden box, just inside the door and to the right of the shelf.”

If I asked Rebecca if she had any turquoise seed beads, she’d go straight to the container of tubes that houses all her seed beads. If I needed a specialty charm for something, she’d pull out that container and fish through her charms looking for what I needed.

I’m sort of the same way with my fabrics. I know what I have and most of the time I can go straight to it. If you’re looking for checked fabrics, got them on a bookshelf; looking for corduroy’s… got them inside my big brown cabinet; want velvets…you’ll have to wait for me to dig through a rubbermaid tub for them… let’s just say, I know my fabrics. So yesterday when I asked for some help with naming this newest Civil War dress I’m working on, you all came up with some wonderful names… and I do mean wonderful. As soon as I saw some of them, I immediately thought of a fabric that would fit that name perfectly… It’s funny how it works, but it just does… Now I’m not saying I’ll keep that name for sure, but I did have fun going through my fabrics and matching up some names for a few…

Here are all the names I got today for the possibility of being chosen for Rebecca’s dress…

Fall Festival
Pumpkin Pie Days
Apple Pie Days
Fall in the Air or maybe Fall is in the Air
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Lace
Fall Flowers
Apple Butter Sweet
Fall Fancy
Little Miss
Perfect for Fall
Golden Harvest
Autumn at Twelve Oaks
Autumn Cascade
Tea at Tara
Autumn Splendor

So here are a few that I thought were perfect matches…

I guess you can see I didn’t have any time for working on Rebecca’s dress. Maybe Thursday will be kind to me… :o)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Something For Sale, Something to Show and Something New…

Something For Sale:
Don’t forget, Ten Ping’s sweet little purple dress set ends this evening… If you want to see the auction on Ebay, you can click the picture at the right side bar or you can click HERE.

Something to Show:
This afternoon I received a text from Alba (my Columbian friend), asking how to put the hooks on the back on pinch pleated drapes. A new Columbian family has moved here and they are trying to get their apartment set up, just like Alba and Edgar and Sara did 3 years ago. Well, a few texts went back and forth and I sent her some pictures of the way it was supposed to work, but we weren’t getting anywhere, so I decided to go over there. My hubby said he needed to finish fixing a drawer on a dresser they had been given, so he decided to go with me.

When we got to the new couple’s apartment, Alba gave me a big hug and told them “the expert was here!” Well, I’m definitely not an expert when it comes to pinch pleated drapes, but I thought I might be able to help. These were kind of strange pinch pleated drapes. Usually the hooks go right between the seams on the back side and the little hook sticks out and you hang it on the traverse rod. Well, the pinch part was stitched shut… I’d never seen anything like this… so I just had to poke the hooks into the lining on the back side and try to keep them even as I put them all in. Well, long story short, it worked fine and this new couple, Juan Pablo and Viviano now have some privacy.

They wanted us to sit down and have a cup of Columbian hot chocolate, which we did, and got to meet this new family a little better. They are really sweet, but they have lots to do to get their apartment all finished.

While we were drinking they opened up a bag on the table and gave us some gifts… I received a little Columbian doll, called a Guambianos, and George was given a little cowboy hat. Then, they gave us the rest of the bag… filled with Columbian candy, some caramely like fudge pieces and something with Leche in the ingredients, so you know THAT has to be good.

Something New:
Because we went over to help them, I didn’t get as much done on what was going to be my full post, but I’ll just show these 2 pictures and get your minds thinking… I’m not finished yet, and these pictures might not be 100% “correct,” but I wanted you to see what I’m working on. There’s going to be something new to share in a few days…and you’ll find out soon… :o)

Well, that’s going to have to be for today…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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“Something” for everyone….

I told you the other day when my sisters were here visiting, I didn’t spend much time in my sewing room…Well, Deb is here, and I guess you noticed I didn’t get to your comments yesterday. I did make one comment later in the evening… and thank you all SO MUCH for all the sweet compliments you shared about Ten Ping’s new look and new dress. She really does wear that purple well!

I didn’t have time for sewing so I thought I’d give you something non-sewing related, but kind of…

Here are a few of my posts that might interest you…. If you ever get lost going back and forth from post to post, you can always click on the “BLOG” tab just under my header at the top, and it will bring up my most current post.

Back on September 3rd,2014, I did a post called “Details Matter ~ It’s the Little Things that make a Difference.”


You might want to check that out if you’d like to see what may help you sell your doll clothes on Ebay. You can see it by clicking HERE.

If you wonder what the insides of my dresses look like, check out Making the insides look as neat as the outside…


Just for fun, you might check out “The Dolly Toy Box.”


Would you like to see an easy tutorial on how to “restring” your American Girl doll legs? Check out this post…How to retring
your American Girl doll legs the easy way…


Would you like to see what 40 year old book I received in the mail? Click HERE.


Need a new pickle recipe? I have THE BEST RECIPE..and it came from our very own Linda… I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made them… they are so easy and SO delicious! Click HERE to see Pickles and Ducks all in one post…


Want to see what you can do with tiny checked fabric? Click HERE.


Don’t forget…there’ll be a free pattern from Pixie Faire today… check it out…

Well, this should keep you busy for a while… and I’ll be visiting with Deb… ENJOY!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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