A Little Eye Candy from Anne…

HI everyone,
We made it home from the 100 mile yard sale and had a nice safe trip! We didn’t make it the whole 100 miles… we never have… but we probably went 40 miles. It was a long day and I have my fitbit tracker letting me know I walked a lot of steps… 11,335 so far…that’s 4.75 miles, which doesn’t seem like too terribly many, but it was in the car, out of the car, in the car, out of the car, up a hill, through the gravel, to the next house, to the next garage. It was warm but we had a nice breeze most of the day, mixed with a few sprinkles…I am exhausted so I know my hubby is. He didn’t get out of the car as much as Rebecca and I did, but he was quite the trooper! We ended the day with a nice dinner at a great Mexican restaurant and I even have “lunch” for tomorrow! I am too tired to put together a post on the things I found, but I’ll do that soon… right now all I can think of is a shower and my bed…

We saw Joy’s new Dianna Effner, Little Darling, Libby a few days ago. If you missed seeing her, she’s worth checking out HERE.

I also knew Anne had received a Little Darling recently too, but couldn’t find the pictures she sent me. I asked her to resend them and thought I’d share little Miss Isabella Jayne with you today. You’ll be pleased to see Anne’s sweet cutie in some of the prettiest and sweetest dresses! Isabella Jayne was painted by Magalie and I don’t think Anne had to wait too terribly long for her. Anne named her middle name after her best friend, Jayne, whom she has been friends with since 2nd grade!!!

This is the outfit she arrived in when Anne opened her box. It was made by Magalie and isn’t it sweet on Isabella Jayne?

I think this next pink outfit must be a skirt with interchangeable tops…see what you think…

This is one adorable blue and pink smocked dress… so dainty looking! One picture with her teddy and one with her hat!

Two pictures here too, one with a hair bow and one with a hat!

Anne, I hope Isabella Jayne has enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame here today! What a true Little Darling she is! Thanks for letting me share her!

Don’t forget about Addy’s Civil War Dress, “Southern Charm,” listed on Ebay and ending Sunday evening. You can see it HERE.

See you Monday morning,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Blondes in Blue…

I really do think blondes look great in blue… not that brunettes don’t, but there is something about a blonde in blue that just catches your eye.
See if you don’t agree…

So that was my intro to today’s post. I hope this next one will catch your eye too…

I went through my notebook and listed which dolls had gotten dresses since the first of the year and noticed a couple of surprises… Elizabeth hadn’t been seen November and Lian hadn’t had a dress since her red Christmas dress back in November either…that’s unheard of for Lian to have gone 6 months without getting a dress from me… a few others were missing from the list so I just wrote their names down and decided I needed to make them all a dress. Elizabeth was first and there’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing her in a Regency dress. She has that extra long neck and with Regency dresses, they are usually low cut so it generally shows off the necklace well… (I’ll have to get “my” Rebecca on that right away!)

Elizabeth also looks wonderful in the color blue and I had a scrap that was just big enough to cut out a dress for her and even have a train! I got a little bit of a head start this afternoon and evening and wanted to get your “approval” to see if I should continue… I used some of the lace that my sister, Cindy, sent me and it looks very pretty on this royal blue color.

The gown has a square neckline and I’m “sure” there will be some beading or embroidery work on it… don’t you agree? I carried the lace trim onto the sleeves and made them a slight bit longer than just having that narrow cuff like I generally do. I made them fairly puffy and like the look so far.

I added a band just under the bust because I want to tie an ivory silk ribbon there and have it lay perfectly flat. There are a few gathers in the bust and back area to make Elizabeth feel a little more “grown up!” The skirt is just wrapped around Elizabeth and tied in place with the silk ribbon. It will be nicely gathered and fall to the back in a pretty train. So the next time you see it, it should look different…but prettier. At least that’s the plan.

We are off to the 100 yard sale like we’ve done for the last few years. I’m sure we won’t make it nearly that far… my hubby just can’t do it right now, but he did offer to be our chauffeur and he told me and Rebecca if we see “tools” any place just wave for him to come… :o) He loves tools! :o)

Well, I’ll see you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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“Southern Charm” ~ Addy’s newest Civil War dress has been started!

I know you were expecting more…so was I, but I spent most of the weekend just vegging on the couch… no sewing, no drafting patterns, no thinking about dolls, just vegging…
…but this evening, I thought, “oh dear, what will I have for my peeps on Monday morning?” So I mustered up all my strength and went in my sewing room and thought and thought and drafted several patterns, but then decided on something real simple… just a scooped necked dress that will have the collar added. It wasn’t so hard, but I wasted all my time fussing over a pattern… and in the end, I only have a little bit to show you. I hope you can visualize what this might look like.

I’m not sure of which laces I’ll use, except for the loopy one… it will be used on the edge I think. The others I’m not exactly sure of.

I’m also not sure of the bows on the gathered up sections of the skirt… but I’ll decide that when the dress gets nearer to being finished. I tied up a piece of lace in a bow and then I had a perfect match on the rose ribbon, but would have liked it to be a little wider…

There’s going to be plenty of lace on the short puffy sleeves and I’m hoping for lots of lace details as well on the dress. I hope you’ll stay tuned until I get this one finished…

Well, another short post, but at least it has some “substance!”

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Kirsten’s getting a new bonnet & pantalettes!

Okay…is there anyone who needs some rain? We’d be more than happy to send you some of ours! We have a lovely drip, drip, drip into a bucket in our dining room right now from a leak on our roof. My hubby is going to try and fix it with some of that “Flex Seal” that we’ve been seeing advertised on TV. We sure hope it works!

I looked outside this morning and our “courtyard” was flooded with water. It’s only done this 2 other times and one of those times was yesterday. Yep, it filled up 2 days in a row. It used to be an in-ground swimming pool, so the concrete is all around it, but it was filled in with dirt and we normally have grass on it. I just showed you pictures of it the other day because my hubby decided to plant his tomatoes in one corner of it…

…and this morning… (if you click on the picture, it will enlarge)

A friend from church gave me something this morning and said to open it when I got home. She said it was her mother’s but she didn’t know anything about it. So I was a good girl and waited to share it with you… Let’s see what it is…

..it feels hard like a skinny book…

Well, it is sort of a book… a book of silks…the cover is a cloth fabric and is hand painted…

Inside there are sort of pockets that unfold and are holding silk embroidery flosses…

Thank you Beth, how special… I’ll let you know when I use some on a dress!

Now…back to Kirsten. I hem-hawed around trying to figure out what I wanted to do for Kirsten from the neck up! I unbraided her hair and thought I was going to leave it down, but then I braided it loosely, having my braids come a little forward this time. I decided she needed a bonnet after all and set out to make her a pink linen one, but it was too “fluffy.” I didn’t care for it, so I started over. I had a soft pink cotton in mind, but it didn’t look right. I wasn’t sure I wanted the bonnet to necessarily be a “matchy-matchy” bonnet, but in the end, I decided I would go ahead. I’m not finished with it yet, but the main part is constructed… there will be ties and some kind of decoration on it.

She also will have a pair of white cotton embroidered pantalettes to wear with her new dress.

Bit by bit, this set is getting finished…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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