Want to see Isabelle’s Debut dress?

I thought I would share a few pictures of the debut dress I made for Isabelle back on January 5th, 2010! (I can’t believe I’ve had her for 8 years!) These were some of the pictures I found in my archives when I switched over to Windows 10. I had completely forgotten about this dress…and unless you were following me on Ebay, it will be new to most of you too! Isabelle was a Christmas gift from one of my doll customers back in 2009. I was absolutely crazy for her and started sewing right away… with many, many dresses to follow.

I looked up the template that was used when I listed it and the name for this one was “Old Fashioned Charm.” This was my fabric…

I was over the moon in love with her and looking at my pictures, she even looks younger to me. It’s probably her hair. Dianna Effner cut it to shoulder length and curled it under with a special low temp curling iron. It still curls under to this day, but it’s not as tight of a curl as it was back in 2010.

I couldn’t resist looking up what I wrote about this dress too. Here is the description of the dress I used on Ebay back then…

Isabelle is making her Debut in this old fashioned DRESS made from a ”watercolor-like” blue print with roses all over. She is such a beautiful doll and I wanted her first dress to be very special.

The DRESS is just a simple girlish style, with a few extras!

A textured linen fabric has been used for the sweet peter pan collar, which has been lavishly silk embroidered in colors that match the fabric.

Sweet ruffled sleeves are just the cutest addition decorated with tiny burgundy silk ribbon bows.

A tea length hem, with a row of heirloom lace, will ensure another year of wear for this beautiful dress. It opens all the way down the back for easy dressing and closes with snaps.

Also included, the winner will receive the sweet HAIR BOW and the tiny PUPPY in her arms.

Enjoy my pictures!

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane… I did! :o)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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~Winter Charm~ Leopard Coat set for the Little Darlings is revealed…

I hope you like the name… I had narrowed it down to three… “Old Fashioned Winter”, “Fur Baby”, and “Winter Charm.” I just thought it was the best of the three. It is now listed on Ebay and you can see it by cliking the picture at the right side bar or you can click HERE.

It was sort of misty and dreary all day today but I ventured out with Janie in her coat and we had a short photo session outside. It was productive and I hope you can see the details of the coat much better in my outside photos. She looks so cute with her head all wrapped up in that furry hat!

I mentioned in my listing that this was a Victorian Styled Leopard coat… That sounds kind of strange, but I did it anyway. Sometimes the “out of the ordinary” is what grabs peoples attention… I guess we’ll see.

Well, I won’t add any of my previous pictures, but you can see them all in the listing… if you didn’t look earlier, you can take a peek… (HERE.)
Everyone seems to be wondering who will be next… I guess I better go decide! :o)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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“Christmas Snowflakes” is finally finished… calling all Little Darlings…

When I started Lian’s dress (a while back), I thought it was going to be a piece of cake to finish… and it would have been, had it not been for all the interruptions in my life… but *alas* it’s done now and you can see it HERE. The listing on Ebay started Monday evening and ends Saturday evening. You can also click on the picture at the top right side bar and be taken directly to the Ebay listing.

I am technologically challenged! There is NO other way to put it! You could send me to buy a new sewing machine, or pick out the best serger, or choose a new iron and I could figure all those things out on my own… but a computer? Not so much… That’s where Kristoffer came to the rescue…The computer I was using was on borrowed time… Kristoffer checked and it only had a small amount of space left before it was totally full… it probably had something to do with the 65,850 photographs I had on it…YIKES! I think we got it in 2009.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with the details, but this new computer has Windows 10 and I’m about to lose my mind! Literally! I transferred all my pictures over and it looked like things were going well, but when they got “sort of organized” and together, there were no titles on them… so I can’t go in to my Media Library and type in “Lian” and all her dresses pop up, or I can’t search for my “Civil War” dresses, because there are no labels on anything… and some of the dates on my pictures are totally wrong.. I was looking through the pictures and saw one that had 1970 on it! What’s up with that? The ones I transferred for Lian’s dress today, have them listed as 2005! Beats me what’s up… so I need some lessons or something to try and figure this out…

Also, my camera won’t sync to my new computer… it’s too old and there are no drivers for it… I can take out the SD card and do it manually, but I have no idea where my pictures go when I do that… SO…I’ve been a little crazy around here… Somehow, and I really don’t know how… I got Lian’s dress listed… but it was purely by accident, because I didn’t know what in the world I was doing…

Okay, enough technical talk… I’m sure you may have seen Lian’s dress by now, but I’ll have to show it here, because I spent 4 hours doing the listing, and didn’t have time to do anything else…

This is the dress without the pinafore… using the lace piece around her waist…

Lian sure can wear red well, can’t she?

I may have made the slip just a tad too full… but some ladies like their dolls in “fluffy” dresses… this is the fluffy version…

…and here’s the “not quite so fluffy” version… without the slip…

Well, ladies, I’m heading to bed…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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“Dainty & Demure” Revealed! ~ Calling all 13″ Effner Little Darlings

Well, this little dress didn’t take too long to finish, did it? It’s listed on Ebay now, so I’m calling “All Little Darlings” to take a peek! (Well, actually their mommy’s!) :o)

You can see it HERE… or you can click on the picture at the right side bar and it will take you to the Ebay listing.

Emmie and I had a very nice photo shoot and if you haven’t seen any pictures of her yet, you’ll see what I mean when I say she is very photogenic. I had over 100 pictures that I had to whittle down to 26 for my listing and it was HARD! There was hardly a bad picture in the bunch. I just had to pick the best of them all. That’s probably overkill for a listing, but I just didn’t want to eliminate any of them… sorry…

Her thigh highs are just like the ones I make all the time… from little girls tights, so they “look” like real tights… They just slide up your dolls legs very easily.

Emmie’s dress fabric was so soft it needed a boost to hold it out a little bit. One of my half slips worked perfectly!

Her dress had one slight problem… the fabric was so delicate and soft, when I pressed the neck and armhole on one side, all of the ribs in the dimity fabric apparently shifted so the dress ended up with just a slight ripple of extra fabric across the front bodice. When you look at it, you probably won’t notice it, but I did. It’s about 1/8″ too wide, but when her jacket is on, you can’t see it…The armhole stands a little bit away from her arm on one side and that bugged me, but there was absolutely nothing I could do about it, unless I wanted to start over… I discovered this on my final pressing of the dress… ugh!

See if you can see what I mean…

Her jacket went together pretty smoothly… I ended up adding some extra leaves around the pink roses this afternoon. The roses looked like they were just floating on the felt and I thought some leaves might help.

I wasn’t sure if the brown hat would show up with her brown wig, but I think it looks pretty sweet with this dress set. I got a little nervous toward the end of making the hat. It takes about 5 yards to make these little straw hats and that’s what I had…or at least that’s what I had ordered. I didn’t measure it before I started, but after wrapping and wrapping and wrapping it around and around the mold, I only had 5 inches of the braid left over. WHEW! There wasn’t even enough to add the little ruffled edge that I like to add to the brim. But I made it… thank goodness!
I already had the turquoise paper roses and the pink flowers so I didn’t have to buy anything to decorate it with… I just used what I had.

You can see her little teddy bear. I added a silk ribbon bow around her neck and then some glass beads…

Here are a few more pictures of the full set…

If you missed the link above for the Ebay listing, HERE it is again…

Well, that’s it for another dress..and now Emmie has made her debut! I think she’s a keeper!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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