A Little Eye Candy from Anne…

HI everyone,
We made it home from the 100 mile yard sale and had a nice safe trip! We didn’t make it the whole 100 miles… we never have… but we probably went 40 miles. It was a long day and I have my fitbit tracker letting me know I walked a lot of steps… 11,335 so far…that’s 4.75 miles, which doesn’t seem like too terribly many, but it was in the car, out of the car, in the car, out of the car, up a hill, through the gravel, to the next house, to the next garage. It was warm but we had a nice breeze most of the day, mixed with a few sprinkles…I am exhausted so I know my hubby is. He didn’t get out of the car as much as Rebecca and I did, but he was quite the trooper! We ended the day with a nice dinner at a great Mexican restaurant and I even have “lunch” for tomorrow! I am too tired to put together a post on the things I found, but I’ll do that soon… right now all I can think of is a shower and my bed…

We saw Joy’s new Dianna Effner, Little Darling, Libby a few days ago. If you missed seeing her, she’s worth checking out HERE.

I also knew Anne had received a Little Darling recently too, but couldn’t find the pictures she sent me. I asked her to resend them and thought I’d share little Miss Isabella Jayne with you today. You’ll be pleased to see Anne’s sweet cutie in some of the prettiest and sweetest dresses! Isabella Jayne was painted by Magalie and I don’t think Anne had to wait too terribly long for her. Anne named her middle name after her best friend, Jayne, whom she has been friends with since 2nd grade!!!

This is the outfit she arrived in when Anne opened her box. It was made by Magalie and isn’t it sweet on Isabella Jayne?

I think this next pink outfit must be a skirt with interchangeable tops…see what you think…

This is one adorable blue and pink smocked dress… so dainty looking! One picture with her teddy and one with her hat!

Two pictures here too, one with a hair bow and one with a hat!

Anne, I hope Isabella Jayne has enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame here today! What a true Little Darling she is! Thanks for letting me share her!

Don’t forget about Addy’s Civil War Dress, “Southern Charm,” listed on Ebay and ending Sunday evening. You can see it HERE.

See you Monday morning,
Blessings, Jeanne

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A pretty little dress for that pretty pink hat…

My first dress for sweet little Noel is ending this evening on Ebay. She’s my newest little model, and stands just 10″ tall. This was my first dress for her, and she will be so sad to learn what happens around here… you model and then the dress will be sent off to some other little girl to wear… but *alas* your turn comes up again and you get to show off another pretty dress… it’s not too bad…

If you’d like to see her dress listing on Ebay, you can click on the picture at the right side bar, or you can click on this link that will take you to the listing…

~ Sweet and Petite ~

You’ll be happy to see what I’ve gotten done on the dress that goes with the pink hat I showed you yesterday. If you didn’t read the comments you might not know, but that fabric the hat was sitting on was the fabric I was planning on using for the dress. I’m not finished, as I’m sure you’ll see, but you can see how the set is starting to take shape.

The sleeves are puffed and heirloom lace was added to the elasticized edge. My favorite Swiss Batiste lace is sewn in at the waist and you can see the embroidery floss I’ve picked out… any guesses what that’s for??

I left the skirt about tea length and hemmed it by hand.

I forgot to take pictures of it, but there are 3 tiny red buttons on the back covering the hidden snaps.

The inside bodice is lined with a white cotton fabric and all the edges are whip stitched in place.

Here’s one last picture to hold you over till tomorrow… and hopefully I’ll have more to show you.

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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The Agony of Defeat & the Thrill of Victory…

JUST A NOTE: If you missed yesterday’s post, I revealed “Springtime in the South” for those of you who love the Civil War or Southern Belle dresses. You can see that post HERE if you want. If you want to see the listing for this dress set, click on the picture at the right side bar or you can click HERE.

I have a story to tell… I don’t know what started it, but somehow I became obsessed over a little doll…I didn’t know anything about her, really, just what I’d mostly read in the descriptions on Ebay listings. She was a rather tiny doll…only 10″ tall with very dainty features most of the time. She was sculpted by Dianna Effner, who is the artist behind my Effner Little Darling cuties…Isabelle, Janie and Lian. Dianna enlisted the help of the Boneka company to distribute the dolls. I’m not exactly sure the business side of the dolls. They are hand painted, and the Boneka company is in Germany I think, but I’m not sure of the all the details… if anyone knows about them, I would LOVE to know more.

I just knew I’d like to have one and use her as a little sister for my Little Darlings. But here was the problem… they were VERY hard to find… especially the one I was head over heels about. The little doll I liked was called a Tuesday’s Child. They can have gray eyes, blue eyes and some have brown eyes. Recently, I showed a picture of 2 I liked that had sold on Ebay… before I knew about her…I decided gray eyes or blue, I wouldn’t be picky!

(If you click on any picture, it will enlarge.)

There are also Monday’s Child and Thursday’s Child dolls, that have a different face sculpt and eyes, but I had my heart set on a Tuesday’s Child. I thought it was just a matter of time before one would pop up on Ebay and I could win her. WELL… that didn’t happen. I did a little research and discovered there had only been 10 dolls come up on Ebay since November 1st of 2016. That’s not good odds when you are wanting one.

I don’t know why it hit me so hard… that I needed to have this little girl, but I sure was smitten with her…and it was sort of like my wanting Nyssa back in 2010… hopeless, really! So I added a discussion question on the Little Darling Doll Forum and had quite a few of my questions answered. I found out the dolls WERE still being made but only in small batches and the newer dolls, the Monday’s and Thursday Child dolls were showing up all of sudden on Ebay. But remember, I wanted a Tuesday’s Child.
I also asked on the forum if anyone had a Tuesday’s Child that they would be interested in selling, but got no takers. I did have one of my sweet blog readers tell me she would “loan” me her doll until I found one, so I could start drafting some patterns for her. I didn’t want to take a chance on anything happening to her doll, so I declined. That left me to just “stalking” Ebay… which I did… regularly and frequently!

One day about 2 1/2 weeks ago, I was taking my mom grocery shopping and when I got back home, I saw where a Tuesday’s Child doll had popped up on Ebay with a Buy It Now and sadly she had been scarfed up! She was such a cutie… a little blonde doll with blue eyes…nude, and in great shape…from a non smoking home. I was “shall we say…Heartbroken!” I must have really been down in the dumps because I shared with my hubby how I had been looking for a doll and none seemed to ever show up and “just today when I was taking momma shopping…one came up on Ebay and someone had bought her!” My hubby looked at me and said, “You honored your mom by taking care of her first, and the Lord will find you the doll you’re supposed to have.” I knew he was right, but it still hurt. I tried to be happy for the winner but truth be told, I was sad for me.

Well, later that night I got an email… from Carolyn, one of my subscribers, and she said, “Jeanne, I bought a Tuesday’s Child Boneka doll on Ebay today…” and my heart did a flip flop… until I blinked my eyes and read the rest… “If you want her, you can have her for what I paid for her.” WHAT? WHAT? Did I read that right? Let me start over again… and I read it again… actually 3 times and then I ran to my hubby and read it to him!!! Of course he just smiled! Then I did too… and so Carolyn and I chatted back and forth a few times and she decided she wouldn’t even open up the box when it came to her…she’d just send it on to me. So she had no idea what the doll really looked like…as the Ebay pictures were on the fuzzy side and they didn’t enlarge. But today she’ll get to see her!

I received her yesterday and when I saw the mailman pull in my driveway…he does that when we get boxes :o) , I knew she had arrived a day sooner than she was supposed to. I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures… my hubby was watching me… (he sort of “gets” it, but not entirely) First get the box open…

Then take her out… she was wrapped up pretty well… and in her Boneka bag for protection. The box she came in was crushed so I was glad she was okay…

When I finally got down to the paper that was wrapped around her, I knew in a second I’d either be super happy or disappointed. I was SUPER HAPPY! I said out loud, “Oh, she’s adorable!” My heart did another flip flop this time… but a good one!

She’s a tiny little thing and even though she’s 10″ like my Patsy and Trixie Tonner, she’s daintier than they are. I haven’t put her next to Elin, my Iplehouse 10″ doll, but she might be a close match for her. She has the fairest skin and her blonde wig is a bit on the wild side…

I grabbed Janie and stood them side by side… Janie needs a different wig on… this one is too shiny in my light.

I did what any doll lover does when she gets a new doll… sees how many wigs you have that will work. I stole the wig I had on Ellowyne and tried it on her to see the fit… she takes a 5/6 or a 6/7 wig and I only have a couple in that size. I tried Ten Ping’s little bob wig on her but it was too tight. I have lots of other doll wigs so I can play around with them and see what colors look best with her skin tone. I believe she may have come with a red wig that had braids, but I’m not positive.

I don’t have any clothes made for her…YET… but will soon, I’m sure. I do, however have quite a few shoes that will work for her. That’s always a good thing!

The Boneka dolls are generally made in small batches…5-10 in an edition. Even though they are the same looking doll produced, they still come in editions. My dolls card had her name as Noel and she was 1/1…

She was the only one in her edition! I think that’s kind of special and I think I’ll keep her name Noel. I actually did a little research on the name Noel, which can either be a boys or a girls name. It means Christmas. It was just like getting a Christmas present to me, so I think she’s going to stay Noel. Records kept on names from the Social Security Administration show the first time Noel was used as a girls name was in 1909 and 5 girls were given that name. By 1956, when I was born, 98 girls were named Noel. The name peaked in 1987 when 336 girls were named Noel. It has slowly declined and the last record of names show in 2015, 207 babies were named Noel.

I played around her blonde wig and pulled it into some pony tails for now…

I found a red kana wild wig in my wig drawer that I forgot I had. Noel looks pretty cute in the reddish tones…

So, that’s my dolly story! It had a agonizing beginning but the Thrill of Victory came to me, via Carolyn. I have thanked her several times, but I’d like to again… Thank you Carolyn!

I have some “sister sets” in mind and hopefully little Noel will earn her keep… Yep, she’s going to do Just Fine!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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The mystery of the gold glitter slip is solved!

When I last chatted with you on Saturday, I showed you the slips I had made to go under my Little Darling’s Christmas dresses. Lian got a white tulle one, Isabelle’s was made from a red tulle and Janie received a gold glittery one. I was a little uncertain about Janie’s slip but everyone seemed to like it the best. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but something didn’t seem quite right about it. It was made from a nylon fabric and was very pretty but it didn’t seem to hang right to me… it looked too fluffy and seemed unmanageable as well. This is what it looked like on Janie…

If you click on the pictures they will enlarge.


It probably would have been fine under her dress, but it was sort of bugging me.

Well, I’m happy to tell you, the mystery of the slip has been solved. Sometimes the only thing to do is go with your gut and try again. That’s just what I did. Anne mentioned something about the waistband being different on Janie’s… hers was the only one where the stretch lace was NOT folded over. That’s where I started. I had done the one layer of stretch lace for her waistband because the glittery fabric was stiffer and I thought it might make it too bulky at the waist, but instead, it actually made it more flimsy because the lace wasn’t stiff enough to hold the fabric in place.

The second slip I did the gathers a little differently. I put my two layers of glittery fabric together, stacked one on top of the other and used a machine basting stitch to stitch about 1/4″ from the right edge. When I got to the end of the 2 strips of fabric…(they were about a yard and a half long), I started back at the top edge again and ran another row, but this time I stitched it about 3/4th of an inch from the edge. When I gathered it up, by pulling the strings, it scrunched up very nicely and in between the two rows of stitching it was very evenly gathered. As I laid my stretch lace on top of the gathers, I used my left hand to hold then straight out and in place. I used my right hand to pull the lace and stretch it as I sewed. I could only go about an inch at a time and then I’d have to lift my left hand and shift it to hold more gathers.

Well, it did much better this time so I folded the lace over the top and stitched it down. The extra weight of the lace on the backside held the slip much better and it was much more stable and not so flimsy as it was before.

Here’s what it looks like now…




I know if you don’t own a Little Darling, you probably aren’t interested in all these 3 dresses being made right now, and you’re probably thinking, “When is she EVER going to be done with them?”….but they’ll be done soon… I actually got Janie’s slip done AND the headbands for their dresses made too…

Wanna see???



Here’s Lian…


Here’s Janie…


Here’s Isabelle…


They were sort of nudies, so I just cropped the picture off enough to show you their new headbands and their teddies…



It won’t be long now… just some new white thigh highs…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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