Another Auction Reminder…

I hope you are all having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, so far. We missed the worst of the storms that went through yesterday afternoon and evening. The worst of the storms went south of us… I hope everyone is okay… we are, just very, very wet!

If you needed something to cheer up your weekend, how about this picture of Linda’s girls enjoying some ice cream… Aren’t they adorable? It looks like Molly is buying! Linda, I LOVE Ivy’s light aqua set… I want one just like it!

If you click on the picture it will enlarge.

If you want to spend some money, there’s always Addy’s dress that you can bid on… (that has to be the most shameless plug I’ve ever done…)

Still, if you want, here’s the link to the auction on Ebay, that ends this evening.

“Southern Charm”

My brother and his family will be here this evening, so I’ll try my best to see you in the morning!

Blessings, Jeanne

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Let’s see if you like any of these Civil War dresses…

Breaking news: Joy just received the proof picture of her new doll. That means her new Effner Little Darling doll will be mailed very soon and she can’t wait! She’s been waiting for about 1- 1/2 years for Joyce Mathews to paint her. Look at this picture… the doll is a knock out…I mean drop your chin, gorgeous! I forgot to ask Joy if she had already thought of a name for her…

(Anne also sent me pictures of her new doll and I searched and searched but can’t find her pictures… Anne, if you read this, maybe can you send them to me again?)

My hubby started it! He said he thought this new “Southern Charm” Civil War dress was his favorite so far. I mentioned in my blog that he’d said it and several of you agreed with him. I was doing my dishes this evening and wondered if you could be persuaded to like another “Civil War dress” any better? I looked through my archived pictures and probably have more Civil War dresses than any other style. Several of my dolls have been my Civil War models, as you’ll see below.

(If you’re new here, the “Southern Charm” dress we are talking about can be seen HERE. or click the picture at the right side bar.

I thought I’d show you several of my favorites and see if you still agreed with my hubby! Some aren’t really fancy, but they have a special place in my heart.

I guess by now, you realize I like making this style dress… this is the 3rd one I’ve made…

This was a group picture, but I love all three dresses equally… :o)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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“Southern Charm” for Addy is finally revealed!

Thanks for all your fun answers to my question for the Necklace Giveaway. I enjoyed reading everyone’s answers.

If I don’t let you know who the winner of the Necklace GIVEAWAY is first thing, you might not read the rest of the post; especially if you are the winner! I put everyone’s name on a piece of paper and shuffled them upside down.

Then I drew out a name… the winner of one of the necklaces is Paula!!

You can comment below and let me know which necklace you like or you can hit the “contact me” tab at the top and email me with your choice… Congratulations on winning! I hope your doll loves her new necklace!

Now, let me just celebrate for a moment the fact that I FINALLY have Addy’s dress listed on Ebay. I checked back in my notebook and I first mentioned “Southern Charm” on May 8th! MAY 8TH! That was 16 days ago!!! Sorry for the delay in getting it listed but I guess there were more interruptions in my life than I realized! I took the dress into my hubby’s office to show him and he guessed right away that it was a Civil War dress! That’s good! Then he said it was really pretty and might be his favorite one! My face smiled and so did my heart!!!

If you want to see her dress, you can click the picture at the right side bar or you click HERE and it will take you directly to the auction on Ebay.

The two things you hadn’t seen are the necklace that Rebecca made and the fan I decided on this morning. Rebecca’s necklace is a pretty glass necklace that picks up the colors of the dress fabric.

I tried my very best to use the battenburg umbrella that was sent to me, but I couldn’t for the life of me, figure out who to get it suspended up and behind Addy’s shoulder. I’m going to have to have my hubby build me a stand I think. That way I can drop it in the stand like an umbrella you’d see at a Farmer’s Market booth. Then Addy could be standing under the umbrella to stay out of the sun. Maybe by the time I get around to Addy’s turn again for a dress, I’ll have it figured out.

When that idea was exhausted, I turned to something I think Joy mentioned, a fan… I’ve made a few fans before and decided that’s what Addy’s accessory would be. I thought it went along pretty well with my outdoor wedding story. I took a length of lace and ran some machine basting stitches along the bottom edge and the top edge to hold it fairly even. Then I pulled it up at the bottom as tight as it would go, trimmed off the small end of it, zig zagged it in place, added the gold filigree piece, bent it to the back side and then stitched it in place with the rose beads. I did a little hand work to make it lie flat and turned under the ends. Then I added a bow and it was done! It slips under her hand and easily stays in place because her skirt is full enough to hold it in place.

Here are a couple pictures of Addy to hold you over until you click that link… :o)

Well, that’s the end of Southern Charm… at least from my end… now it’s up to someone else…

I wonder who will be next?????

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Addy’s “Southern Charm” gets a few more pieces….

I didn’t want to disappoint you with only a few things to show, but even though they are small, I think you’l be pleased!

I certainly hope you aren’t sick of Addy’s dress…seeing it every day for quite a few days now… I’m almost finished and soon it will be listed on Ebay…although I’m running into a little crunch time problem… today I was up on the roof doing some painting to help my hubby out when he did that “flex seal” job a few weeks ago, then he needed his hair trimmed, and I had to paint the inside trim around a window… (Saturday Reuben jumped at a bird he saw and shattered our dining room window… fortunately my hubby had saved one of the old windows we used to have where we replaced our front door.) I have to help my hubby with the trim mowing tomorrow, as we are having his sister and her hubby come in on Friday, and it’s supposed to rain on Wednesday or Thursday. I am taking Bithar (my friend from Haiti) to meet her new doctor on Wednesday…she’s having a baby! Actually she’s 26 weeks along, but I’m just now telling you. I went to her ultrasound last week and she’s having a little girl! :o) My sisters are coming on Wednesday too. YAY! Thursday we have to pick up a new mattress… I’ll also want to spend every waking moment I can with my sisters… so HOW am I going to get this dress listed? Maybe I could stay awake the whole week and do it… bad idea, I know… :o) I’ll figure something out…

Let’s just talk about what I managed to finish.

I changed those little pink beads on her sleeves to little flowers…from this…

…to this… much better I think!

I tea dyed a pair of gloves to match the vintage lace on her dress…

I found a scrap of a vintage collar and made Addy a sweet lace cap from it. I just gathered and trimmed and made a bow and tacked it on and this is how it turned out… I wanted to see if could find some tiny little flowers to send along with the winner. I had some but they were the wrong color. I tucked them in the loopy part of her cap and they were like sprigs sticking out of her hair…it was cute but I needed a different flower than what I had.

So here is the overall look so far…

Oh, one more thing… Sweet Susette sent me a parasol in the mail and it’s adorable… she emailed me as it was en-route letting me know it was too big, but she sent it anyway. I’m determined to figure out a way to use it… maybe as a market umbrella that Addy’s standing under… probably not for this dress set, but I have future hopes for it. Isn’t it just beautiful? If it had just been half the size… boo hoo…

Well, I better go… I think I need all the sleep I can get…especially this week.

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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