My first Christmas dress of the season…

Well, sort of….it’s not entirely finished…actually, hardly started, but it’s going to be a sweet looking dress.

There were several things that kept me busy today, so sorry I never made it to your comments. It sounds like everyone is going to have a wonderful time whether they go anywhere or stay home. I love your traditions and the special things you all share with your families…thanks so much for sharing!

I guess you can see I got my computer fixed!!! I tried calling my satellite company and never could get through…so “who ya gonna call???” Kristoffer…that’s who!!! He helped me over the phone and I got back online!!! That son of ours is quite talented!!!

Would you like to see a few pictures of the first Christmas dress of the season? I asked who wanted the first Christmas dress and everyone shouted, “I do, I do,” but Lian just had a look on her face that won me over…it also helped that she looks so adorable in red!

I only have the dress cut out and the bodice and sleeves worked on. It’s pinned together but I hope you like it! I’ve had this snowflake fabric for a little while and think it’s so pretty. I was wondering who might end up with it… :o)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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I’ve changed my mind…

This morning when I woke up, it was a bit chilly and it’s supposed to get even “chillier” as the week goes on. I hadn’t changed out my summer clothes in my closet yet, and decided this morning would be a good time to switch out those tee shirts for sweaters. I got all my Fall things out of the tubs I store them in and had a royal mess in my bedroom. I had my shirts, sweaters and jackets in stacks all over my bed. Most of my pants are year round things so they were already in my closet.

I was just getting in a rhythm when my mom called and said something was wrong with her microwave and it wouldn’t stop running. She said she also needed a haircut… SO… I left that mess and went to see what was the problem. Well, the microwave issue got solved… but she wanted to go to the grocery store. Then I’d cut her hair when we got back. Fast forward to a few hours later… I was back in my bedroom and attacking it again. But then it was dinner time… anyway, I got most of my things put away… but that left no time for sewing, so I’ve been forced to come up with something besides sewing for the post today.

Remember the other day when I mentioned something about possibly having us exchange gifts for a “Secret Sister” kind of thing? I got all kinds of comments and emails and even though I got a lot of positive feedback from you all, I have decided to nix that idea… I really hadn’t thought it through anyway. With the holidays being extra busy for everyone, it makes sense to do something else…and something EVERYONE can participate in. I hadn’t really given it much thought about the people who read my blog in New Zealand, or Singapore or France, etc. Several had even bowed out before it began because of the postage and customs issue. 😮 Several of you volunteered to pay extra postage just so someone could participate… (SEE… I really do have the best readers!!!)

So I thought long and hard and took a few suggestions from some of my readers. I think we are going to have a Christmas Fashion Show and your dolls get to be the stars. Everyone can participate this way and it won’t cost you a dime. It seems you all love slide shows very much and this will be something fun for everyone. I’m going to go ahead and start a draft for a post on it. What I’d love for you to do is send me your favorite Christmas dresses on any TWO dolls you wish. If you have Samantha and you have a particularly pretty Christmas dress, send me a picture. If you have some antique doll that gets all gussied up for Christmas, send me a picture of her. If you want… tell me what you love of about the dresses or if you made it, or if someone gave it to you. Maybe it’s something from your grandma… I’ll add your story of it to the post. I’m hoping we’ll get lots of pictures of dolls in their best Christmas dresses! We’ll have the best Fashion Show ever!

I’m thinking maybe I’ll post them on Friday, December 15th. That gives you about 5 weeks in case you want to make something special. You can start sending your pictures anytime and I’ll add your name and your “bio” about the dress and go ahead and get your dolls picture posted.. if it’s spread out, I won’t be overwhelmed with pictures.

You can get your pictures to me by hitting the “Contact Me” tab just under the header, or my email address is

I hope you aren’t too disappointed if you had your heart set on the gift exchange. I’m going to do something with Christmas recipes in the future, so if you have one you use every year, dig it out and have it ready for when we do that!

Now, to get things started for “Jeanne Marie’s Christmas Fashion Show” (or whatever we decide to call it), I wanted to show you a couple Christmas dolls of mine all dressed up…

Ha! I fooled you, didn’t I? :o)

If you click the picture, you can see my kiddo’s up close. Kristoffer was 14 months old in 1988. Rebecca was 14 months old in 1991. I made everything we are wearing!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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“Cool Spoons in a Box” for a Christmas present…

We have a place here in town called Cool Spoons and it’s VERY popular…even in the colder months. I did a post on it one time and you can see it HERE. They serve frozen yogurt and EVERY kind of topping you can imagine there. It does a booming business and is a very fun place to visit.

Well, my brother and his boys absolutely LOVE to go there, so for Christmas I got this brainy idea to make them a “Cool Spoons in a Box” present. I bought one of those decorative boxes at Joann Fabrics to put all their stuff in and then went to Cool Spoons and got their cups to make it look more “official!” I tried to find as many things as I could for toppings… M&M’s, mini Oreo’s, yogurt covered pretzels, gummi worms, sprinkles, nuts, etc. It was fun looking for things to put in the box. I even found some sugar ice cream cones with George and Tom on them… that’s my hubby and my brother in law’s names. I couldn’t resist. I packed it full. Then I put a little note on the lid letting them know they only had to supply their favorite ice cream.

If you click on any pictures, they will enlarge.

When my brother came home on Monday to pick up my mom and take her home with him for a few days, I gave it to him. He was thrilled and told me he’d send me pictures of “the Big Night!” Well, apparently it was a big hit when they got it all out of the box to see what was in there…

…time to make your choices, boys!

Look at the anticipation…

This is Edison enjoying his sundae!

Taylor is being funny with his spoon… (just between you and me, I think Taylor has come out of his shell since his Christmas Concert (dancing debut!) If you want to know what I’m talking about to see Taylor…I won’t even have to point him out… Some Christmas Cheer

…and all packed up…there will be plenty for the next time…

Then tonight I got another text from him saying they were going for “Round Two!” Apparently there was enough for another helping of “sugar!” Then he sent me a later text that it was all packed up again for the next time. He said, “It must be blessed…It keeps replenishing.” Then he called it the Holy box of candy! I’m glad they enjoyed it so much…

I just thought I’d pass that along in case you might want to do the same thing for someone you know… It’s really a fun gift to make AND RECEIVE!

ALSO… just wanted you to know I made a decision on which doll will be up first this new year. I’m just about ready to start sewing again!! You’ll find out Monday… (sorry!)

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you on Monday.
Blessings, Jeanne

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From dolls in Ugly Sweaters to dolls in Sweet Dresses…

Have you ever seen a parade of dolls in Ugly Sweaters? Me neither… till Joy sent me these pictures. You’ll love them… especially those of you who have 10″ dolls, such as Patsy Tonner and her friends… Take a look…and they really aren’t that ugly… trust me…
Uh…. I believe I count 18 ten inch dolls there Joy… that’s a lot of Ugly sweaters to have to put on!

If you click on any of the pictures they will enlarge and you can see all the fun details!

Joy said a few times setting her dolls up, was like a game of Dominoes…one fell and the others went too.

Aren’t they fun looking all lined up like that? Great job Joy!

Linda wasn’t into Ugly, so she dressed her dolls up in their finest dresses for The Veiled Prophet Ball…take a look…

Here are some of her dolls dressed in AG Christmas dresses…

Then she shared some Christmas pictures… some cupcakes she made with black tube icing and little baking M&M’s for the lights… so cute…and a few scenes of her dolls dressed up for Christmas…

Also a little while back, I showed you some pictures of doll outfits that Kathie had made for a Christmas Doll Swap on the Little Darlings forum. Well, Charlotte received her swap and this is what the dress and “ugly” sweater looked like on her dolls…

Charlotte also sent along a picture of a dress she copied from a 1954 catalog and Cora wanted to show you what it looked like. A flash from the past, don’t you think?

I sure hope I have these pictures assigned to the right person… let me know if I’m wrong on any of them…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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