Black Buttons and a Homeless Sweater…

Well, it seems that the black buttons on Nyssa’s dress were the favorite choice of most everyone. They were what I wanted to go with too. When Marilyn suggested some black sparkly buttons for the front, I thought, hmmmm…maybe that would be cute… But here’s what happened. This is my best laugh of the day!

I asked Rebecca if she had any glass black bicones in the tiniest size possible that I could use in place of a button. She said she didn’t…only clear. She said she might have red…and I said, “no, I needed black.”

Well, I could see things weren’t going in my favor, so I asked her to come look at the dress and show her what I was needing. When she came into my sewing room, she had changed and said she was going to Walmart.

I said, “Oh good, you can get some glass bicone beads for me.” Then I showed her Nyssa’s dress and how I wanted tiny black bicones to use like buttons on the white trim.

She said, “Mom, it’s just a cotton print so just use those little black buttons you have there.”

I kind of balked and said, “but everyone wanted a button with sparkle.”

She said, “But it’s just a simple cotton dress…not fancy enough for black sparkle.” Then she said, “Sparkle buttons on that dress would be like putting a rhinestone brooch on your sweater.”

Okay now here’s the part that made me laugh. I have this brown acrylic sweater that is the warmest, most comfortable sweater, and I wear it all the time when I’m just a little bit cool. It is SO ugly and pilled and has red paint on one sleeve where I painted a doll tricycle one time. Recently I left it on the end of my bed and Reuben got a hold of it and chewed off 4 of the 1″ buttons, even chewing a hole where one of the buttons was, that’s big enough for my thumb to fit through. Needless to say it’s about as ugly as anything you’ve ever seen and I actually call it my homeless sweater.(sorry) If someone comes to the door, I take it off… yes…it’s that bad. So when she said it’s like putting a rhinestone brooch on your sweater, I looked down at my sweater, and had to laugh. ( I promise I’ll get rid of it soon…)

So, in light of the dress not being “fancy enough for sparkle and just cotton” I’ll use the little black buttons.

Today I have a couple of sweet pictures from Linda… This is her Felicity in her darling nightgown. Doesn’t she look adorable getting ready for bed?

Joy received her Felicity in the mail too! She’d like some help identifying what year she might be from. I hope there are enough clues in her pictures…she wasn’t thrilled with her close up pictures, but maybe they’ll be good enough for someone to figure her out! :o)

Not much today, but we got all those gumballs raked up… well, “I” raked, my hubby carted them off…

He asked me when was the last time I’d shown you all “his” girls? For your “viewing pleasure” here they are eating a handful of popcorn he gave them…. their favorite!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Well, I asked and you delivered…

JUST A NOTE: Wellie Wisher’s Willa’s dress, at the right side bar —>
ends this evening on Ebay. If you’d like to check it out, click on the picture at the right, or click HERE to see the auction.

I knew a few of you out there had some October Outfits you were dying to do a little Show and Tell with…so let me help you out. Since I’ve shown all the orange and black outfits I’ve made, I asked if anyone had some outfits they’ve made and would like to show them to us. A few of you did…

First up is Christine… she has 2 dresses in her Etsy shop…The green one is shown on American Girl Lea and the black and orange one is on the Tonner My Imagination dolls. You can find these dresses in Christine’s Etsy’s shop…HERE. She also has a few other “non-Halloween” outfits too. They are definitely on the ghoulish side!

Don’t forget to click on the pictures to see them larger.


Susette has been busy and sent me a few pictures of what she’s been busy with. Let me tell you, she’s got the orange and black thing DOWN! I know you’ll enjoy seeing her costumes…




Now take a look at this party her girls are having!!!


Susette told me it’s ALL MY FAULT that’s she’s gotten “into” the dolls so much…it just started when she began reading my blog…and I “encouraged” her just a little bit, telling her she could “do it”…make clothes, that is! This is what she told me… “See what you have wrought! You’re also responsible for all the fun I have doing this.”

Oh, how I love being a party to someone finding out they love to sew later in life! I’ll ALWAYS encourage that!

My hubby and I are going to St. Louis Tuesday, and I’m not positive I’ll be able to answer your comments, but I will most definitely read them… chat among yourselves if you have to! I’m also not 100% positive I can get a post done for Wednesday either. I don’t have one saved up to use, and we might get in too late Tuesday evening for me to get one written, so if there’s no post, sorry.

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Show me your Orange and Black Doll Fashions!

It’s just about that time of year when we see lots of black and orange put together…sometimes with a bit of purple mixed in too. Linda sent a few pictures and I thought I’d share them. Every year she must pick a different theme for her girls when they dress up. This year her theme is “Over the Rainbow!” Let me present to you, Susan, Molly and Ruthie in all their finery!

If you click on Linda’s pictures, they get REALLY big and you can see all the details in her set up…


This is her Betsy McCall and Ivy showing off their outfits…


Does anyone else have pictures of their girls dressed up in costumes? Send me your pictures and I’ll do my best to share them before the end of the month. Maybe we’ll do Thanksgiving or Autumn pictures a little later.

I could probably count on both hands the outfits I’ve made for my dolls where I’ve used black and orange together. I’m not a real big “orange” fan, so my dolls don’t have much to show you, but I thought I’d share a few of my favorite orange and black outfits… I’m sure most of you have seen them but maybe you missed a few of them…
I just noticed something when I was all finished and proofing my post… the first 4 outfits all have that same black and orange checked homespun fabric used somewhere on the outfit… see if you can find it…

Here is my 16″ Kish Four Seasons doll in a black and orange set I made back in 2009.



Katie Effanbee has on a sweet black and orange checked homespun jumper with a black blouse. She was a cutie in this set. I made this one back in 2008 and really dug into the archives for this one.



My 14″ Wren Kish is modeling a bright orange and black mix and match set that even included 2 cameras… a black one and an orange one. This set was from 2009.



Nyssa and Nyssa are modeling another fun mix and match set. I had 2 Nyssa’s because a dear friend in California loaned me her tan Nyssa until I could find one myself. She let me borrow her doll so I could start making clothes for them. When I found my sweet Nyssa, I mailed her doll back to her. This was the last set I made having both Nyssa’s as models. Their outfits were made in 2010. It was one of my favorite sets to make and I just kept making pieces… When I looked up Nyssa’s pictures, I noticed something interesting… I took these pictures of Nyssa on October 24, 2010… exactly 6 years ago today!





Last up is my dear, sweet 13″ Lian, by Dianna Effner. She’s modeling my favorite outfit in the “orange and black” category. I LOVED her in this adorable dress. I’m not an orange person as I mentioned above, but it’s still my favorite orange dress…in fact, it’s one of my all time favorite dresses…no matter what color! It is my most recent outfit in “orange and black” and was made in 2012… See I told you I’m not a big fan of orange and black… 4 years since I’ve made anything in those colors.



My sisters are both here visiting so I may not get to your comments but I will read them…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Eight Teasers from Ten Ping…

Don’t forget…Patsy’s dress set “Just in Time for Fall” ends this evening on Ebay. You can see it HERE, or click the picture at the right side bar.—>

You’ll be thrilled to know that I finished Ten Ping’s dress set. However, I didn’t have time to get it listed on Ebay, but I’ll do my best to get it on Tuesday evening. It is a real cutie and I think Ten Ping is adorable in this one. I am pretty partial to black and pinks though… I always have been. I took a few quick “teaser” pictures (sorry) and thought I’d share them with you. You’ll have to use your imagination and picture how this all looks on Ten Ping.

Here we go…









I hope you like my teasers…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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