Super Bowl Quiz with a twist…

First of all, did you see THIS doll auction end last night? It had to be an all time record for the highest doll ever sold! Just incredible! I bet S-O-M-E-B-O-D-Y is doing the Happy Dolly Dance right now! Whether you liked the doll or not, that’s an unbelievable auction to have watched the end of. My heart was pounding and I don’t even know this artist! Congrats to her!

Okay, let’s see how smart you are with some Super Bowl facts…the answers are at the bottom.

1. Which MVP had his helmet stolen at the 1994 Super Bowl?

2. Who was the MVP of the first Super Bowl?

3. Which team has had the most MVPs awarded?

4. What player holds the record for most consecutive completions in a Super Bowl?

5. Which Jets quarterback, when asked if he preferred grass or Astroturf, replied: “I don’t know … I never smoked Astroturf”?

6. True or False: No network footage exists of Super Bowl I.

7. Previously a common sight at the Super Bowl, Sept 11, 2001 grounded these Super Bowl staples.

8. Second to one big holiday, Americans consume more of this on Super Bowl Sunday.

Alright now, let’s mix things up a bit… and see how much you know on these:

9. Who is this doll?


10. Who started the Pleasant Company in 1986, before Mattel took it over in 1998 and changed the name to American Girl?

11. What does BJD stand for?

12. Where did the first American Girl Place open?

13. Who was the first American Girl doll to have freckles?

14. Who is this tiny little sweetheart?


15. Who is the artist that created these 3 Little Darlings of mine?




16. Why do most of my dolls stand around naked like this?


17. What era would these dresses most likely have been from?




18. Name at least 2 things that are unique about my Nyssa doll?



I’m putting Isabelle’s picture in the middle to separate the questions from the answers…



1. Dallas Cowboy, Emmitt Smith. It was safely and anonymously returned.

2. Bart Starr was MVP of the first two Super Bowls.

3. Dallas Cowboys with 7

4. Joe Montana completed a Super Bowl record 13 consecutive passes, in Super Bowl XXIV.

5. Joe Namath

6. True, supposedly it was taped over for a soap opera.

7. Blimps, due to security and terrorism concerns.

8. Food, second to Thanksgiving.

9. Julie, an American Girl doll

10. Pleasant Rowland

11. Ball Jointed Doll

12. Chicago, Illinois. In 1990, the first American Girl Place opened, where a girl could go to buy doll things, get her and her doll’s hair done, see a show, have a fancy tea party, and more! The American Girl Place in New York followed in 2006, with the American Girl Place in Los Angeles opening in 2007.

13. Kit. When Kit was released in 2000, fans were pleasantly surprised; not only did she have short, chin-length hair, but she also had freckles sprinkled over her nose and cheeks.

14. Riley, by Helen Kish

15. Dianna Effner

16. Because I’m a seamstress and not someone who is a collector that dresses their dolls. My dolls are my models and they patiently wait their turn to have a chance to model a new dress for you.

17. The 1770’s, Colonial era

18. Nyssa is articulated (jointed)and can be posed in many different ways, she has removable wigs and also removable eyes.

Okay, so how did you do on the quiz? Did anyone get all 18 right?

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. I didn’t know any of the Super Bowl answers, but I knew six of the doll answers. I watch the SB for the commercials. lol I have to say that Nyssa in that green dress is just beautiful! I love her red hair!

    • Thanks Regina,
      You did WELL on the doll questions! I like the Super Bowl commercials too. Thank you for your sweet comments on Nyssa. She is a beauty no matter what wig she’s wearing!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Hi Jeanne,
    I only got two Super Bowl questions correct- blimps and food. I got ALL but two doll questions correct. The two I missed weren’t PC/AG questions, so that proves how long we have loved those dolls. As usual, I think Felicity’s Colonial gowns are gorgeous and
    your Isabelle looks ready for a picnic on the 4th of July. Considering we have about 5-6 inches of snow on the ground here in the Midwest I’m wishing for warm weather, too.

    • Hi Laura,
      You did well like Regina! Congrats to both of you! Thanks for the compliments on my Colonial dresses. It’s high time for a new one I think!
      It’s cold here, but thankfully no snow!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Kathie Welsh says:

    Yes, it’s a snowman kind of day….lot’s of snow here overnight. Woke to that “very quiet”
    feel that happens when there is lots of snow out there. It’s really pretty covering all the evergreen trees and stacked up on the picket fence. Glad to be home with nowhere to go…many are without power too. Time to make a pot of chili!

    • HI Kathie,
      I just made my chili 3 nights ago, but it’s something I love to make AND eat and think I could serve it 2 times a week and get no complaints.
      BRRR…all you ladies with snow are making me cold!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. The auction: I expected a little action in the last minute, but it was the last second. Sometimes I wonder if the second to the high bidder breathes a sigh of relief not to have won when thinking of payment. I’d guess in this case when you have thousands to spend money isn’t an issue. I googled and read more about the artist. In her drawing of Cinderella the face reminds me of a cat. I think the basic doll would be a dream to hold in the hands.

    Totally clueless on the Super Bowl quiz and know little about the AG. I now read the sports page though. I had one AG so I could make clothing for gifts and attended one Museum sale. I did get a few of your doll questions right.

    I’m down to one ABJD, Littlefee. I just hate the chance of yellowing resin so the dolls always lived in closet drawers. I paid little attention to dolls for more then five years. I knew nothing about Kaye Wiggs dolls. I see two on your shelf and wonder if they need silk covers to protect them. Maybe all resin doesn’t yellow.

    • Hi Jan,
      I was expecting something really exciting at the very end too….something even more than what we got! I guess the person that won will be stalking their mailbox daily till she arrives!

      Fortunately my quiz wasn’t for a grade but just for fun!
      My Nyssa and Hope dolls were only out of their box for the photo shoot. They don’t stay on my shelves as I don’t want them to yellow either.
      Thanks Jan,
      Blessings, Jeanne

    • Thanks for your reply. I can stop worrying about protecting them.

  5. Linda Doyle says:

    Oh boy, that auction! I was wondering if there were just a few bidders having a bidding war, but, unfortunately, you can’t see who the bidders are. I am just speechless about that amount of money for a doll!

    I got a few SB questions right, I actually remember the first one, SB, that is! Bart Starr was all the rage back then! I got all the AG questions right, but the other dolls, I am not familiar with., since I only collect AG, and some Madame Alexanders.

    I just love the colonial dresses, Jeanne! We need more of those!

    • Hi Linda,
      That was truly the doll auction to watch. I’m not sure I’ll be telling any of my friends about it though. They barely get the idea of grown women playing with dolls as it is, so they surely wouldn’t understand $76,500!

      Good for you on the quiz!

      I know, I know… I found myself looking over my Colonial fabrics and patterns last night… you all are swaying me in that direction!
      Blessings, Jeanne

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