~ Springtime in the South ~ Wait till you see….

Just a Reminder: Molly’s dress ends this evening on Ebay. If you want to check it out, you can see the listing HERE, or you can click on the picture at the right side bar and it will take you to the listing. Thanks!

It’s amazing how sometimes I can be in my element and get so much accomplished. There is still PLENTY to do, but you won’t believe the head start I made on this dress last night. (Maybe it helped that my hubby was resting…) I think sleeping and sewing go hand in hand. Well, at least when it’s not the person sewing who’s sleeping!

I decided to use a Keepers Dolly Duds pattern that I’ve used before.

If you like Eve’s pattern, you can see it on Etsy, HERE.

I was going to make this pagoda sleeved jacket and have a white blouse underneath with a 3 tiered skirt, but I kept thinking of the title and decided to go with something a bit more Springy. I hope you like it.

Here is a close up of the scallops on the skirt. I think they turned out very pretty. I also made the purple dotted Swiss ( I actually forgot I had this but it went so well, I had to use it) into a jacket look instead of just a vest.

When I said at the beginning there was plenty still left to do, I meant it. The bottom skirt is just pinned around Rebecca’s waist, there are no snaps in the back, no crinoline made yet, no bonnet, no bouquet, no necklace…

…and guess what all that embroidery is doing draped on Rebecca… Any guesses? Yep, that’ll take some time…

I mentioned to Rebecca that I was going to make her a bouquet from the pretty lavender and purple flowers on the dresser and she pulled them over to her and said, “You mean these?”

She’s pretty excited about this one… hope you will be too…

See you tomorrow, or tonight at the “finish line” with Molly’s dress! :o)

Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    Like it?? I LOVE it!! I just knew Rebecca would be the lucky girl to get this outfit! I absolutely LOVE lavender as a color and lilacs as a flower, especially the scent—my favorite springtime scent! I think I can already smell the lilacs from here!

    The pattern is such a perfect one for this outfit. I love the trim on the overskirt, it looks like you sewed tiny lilacs on the edge! So pretty and spring like! I think you might be embroidering some pretty flowers on the jacket. What a perfect touch! This is going to be so pretty when it comes together, and I hope Rebecca knows it is just a temporary dress, because she will never want to take it off!

    I went through my box of material scraps that I have saved from dresses I made for my daughter to see if I could find something to make for Betsy. I had bought a sweater and hat from someone who crochets on Ebay, and the sweater is a tight fit over other clothes that I have for her, so I want to make a simple sundress to go under, with straps over the shoulders, and a very full skirt. I don’t think I need a pattern for that, but I hope I can get through with it and that it turns out good enough. The things you do to a doll dress never ceases to amaze me!

    We are off to the Mo. Botanical Gardens today for the indoor Orchard Show, on this cold, and I mean cold, day!

    • Hi Linda,
      I am recopying my comment to you yesterday though slightly modified now as I doubt you saw it because it was late. Yes, You’re right, Felicity is my favorite doll and I love her PC collection. Besides Colonial, there are two other eras that I am particularly fond of. One is Victorian/Edwardian (my Samantha lives there) and the other is the one this dress will represent, Civil War, thus “Springtime in the South”. I’m only a bit into creating that world in my collection. I have a few of Addy’s PC items and I’m creating, finding, or sewing the rest), Three of my five dolls are destined to live in Civil War, two almost exclusively ( my renamed Caroline and renamed Marie-Grace) and the other ( my renamed custom Nellie who wears #33’s wig) at least half of the time with a bit of pioneer and a bit of 1930’s. The are all cousins that live in different states , but interact frequently. I’m having fun with it because it’s like the elaborate stories I made up for my dolls as a child. A smaller collection requires some creative time traveling. 🙂
      Have fun at the botanical gardens. We go to the butterfly exhibit at our conservatory most years and it’s nice when it’s cold outside. Did you see that Tuesday was Laura Ingalls Wilder’s 150th birthday? There were celebrations at all the sites I would guess.

      • Linda Doyle says:

        Laura, thank you for writing again, because I did miss your comment yesterday. That is so nice that you have a small collection, you can concentrate more on the fewer dolls, and spoil them more!:-)

        Do you think you will get anything new for Felicity when she comes out again? I’m not crazy about the brighter colors of the Beforever line.

        Yes, I did know Laura Ingalls Wilder’s birthday was Tuesday. I commented in PT. You need to go to Mansfield!

        • Well, it seems Felicity is only coming out with her meet outfit, accessories and underpinnings, at least for now. I’m not interested in any of those, even if the meet is sold separately. I don’t care for the bright colors of BF either. My Samantha didn’t benefit at all. I’m hoping that perhaps Felicity will get some small accessory sets later in the year, but if they’re plastic, I’ll pass.

      • HI Laura,
        It’s always fun to hear what your dolls are up to and what era they are living in at the moment! Thanks for sharing again… it was too good to miss…
        Blessings, Jeanne

    • HI LInda,
      I’m so glad you like Rebecca’s new dress set. I’m loving this one from the start too… that’s just the way I like it!
      You were right about the embroidering on the jacket… I had to run to Joann’s a pick up a few other lavender colors of floss… I discovered I have fewer purples than any other color.

      Maybe you could just make Betsy the pretty skirt and keep her sweater buttoned up. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about the sweater being too tight over a dress bodice….just a thought.

      It is pretty chilly out there today but I’m sure you’ll still enjoy yourself…
      Thanks Linda,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Charlotte A. says:

    Oh it is beautiful! I love the fabric and the scallops. I think the jacket choice rather than a vest was a good one. It seems to fit the fanciness of the dress better. I’m looking forward to seeing the finishing elements. You are so good at all the little aspects that make it extra special.
    Take care.

    • Thank you Charlotte,
      I’m glad you like the dress….so far… I’m looking forward to seeing the finishing touches TOO!
      Thanks so much for your sweet compliments…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. This is so perfect for happy times. Will be lovely with all of the elements of surprise added. Love seeing your dresses unfold especially on yet another rainy day here in sunny CA.
    Rebecca would need an umbrella to complete her outfit if she lived here.

    • Wren Feathers has an adorable pattern for Addy posted today. I might have to give it a try.

      • Thank you Joy,
        I do hope to add a few surprises…that’s always fun for me AND YOU ALL.
        Sorry you’re getting all the rain… we’ve just got cold!
        I did see Wren Feather’s post showcasing Addy’s dress. She’s been doing a Black History series on her blog for a few days…
        Thanks again,
        Stay dry,
        Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Oh, Jeanne, that dress is gorgeous so far and what a tremendous amount you have accomplished in such a short time. I pictured your using Rebecca instead of Addy for Civil War this time, and you did. The scalloped overskirt with the passementarie trim is perfect. I’m with Linda, I love lilacs ( as well as roses and a host of other flowers) and Rebecca will look sweet with a bouquet of them in her arms. Can’t wait to see the bonnet and jacket embellishment that with be forthcoming.
    That pattern is nice and right at my skill level, easy.:-). I may have to check it out for MY Marie-Grace. I like Joy’s comment about an umbrella. I’m actually on the hunt for a lace with wooden handle parasol for my Civil War girls. That’s one great thing, if you can’t live in the eras you would have loved, you can dress your dolls in them.
    All of us here make a great team. We “help” you choose the dolls to sew for next, compliment and suggest and many of us give outfits names or storylines and then YOU bring the dress to life. What fun!!

    • Thank you Laura,
      I’m glad you like it so far. It really did go together pretty quickly. Rebecca just seemed more Springy than Addy did for this fabric.
      I enlarged the bodice part of my pattern just a tiny bit. When I made it before it was a teeny bit too snug to suit me. I know lots of Addy’s are the old chubbier bodies and I wanted to make sure it would fit them.
      I do have it easy with all of your help when it comes to my dresses! I’m hoping I can make “Springtime in the South” perfect for your tastes…since you suggested the name for this one! I really do like that name! Start thinking of new names for me… :o)
      Thanks Laura,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Fantastic and ever so pretty, Jeanne. You make my day with your creations.


    • HI Becky,
      What a wonderful thing I get to do… make your day with my sewing! I’m glad you told me that. It keeps me on my toes and always striving for more!
      Blessings back to you,
      ~ Jeanne

  6. This outfit is going to be beautiful. I say that about all your outfits but it’s true as each one is so unique….your creativity never ceases to amaze me. I too love the lavenders and purples and lilacs. Those colors are soft, feminine and the blend of the shades…well, they are gorgeous. Your trim on the edge of the scallop is beautiful too. Oh my!
    Like the other girls, I’ve also loved the scent of lilacs. One of my favorite flowers. My wedding was in May and we had those on all our tables at our wedding reception. Perfect timing for the lilacs blooming. My bridemaids also wore lavender dresses.

    Laura: I love hearing about your dolls. My dolls’ stories revolve around either the Colonial era, the Civil War era too, then I have some in the 50’s. I have a few who are modern but can interchange into the 3 eras. My stories also involve cousins living in different states and the visits they have with one another. It is too much fun and I enjoy creating ( or buying) things for their accessories and my goal is to hopefully stage scenes for them.

    Linda, enjoy your day at the gardens!
    Jeanne, have a good day sewing if you are able!!

    • Thank you for all the wonderful compliments on Rebecca’s new lavender dress, Paula. I’m so happy with it so far… I had to pick up some new embroidery floss today as the ones I had didn’t go with the colors in the fabric.
      Well, no sewing for me today…sorry… but I have been busy… just on “other” things… Not nearly as much fun as sewing! :o(
      Oh well, maybe tomorrow…
      Thanks so much for your sweet thoughts, Paula,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. Surprise! I was right about Rebecca and Addy. It’s a lovely pattern and you certainly make the dress so special with your choice of fabric and trims. Love the little jackets. I have yet to try one. It’s going together very fast. Once again an inspiration.

    Thanks for all the sweet comments on the grandchildren. Let’s see some other children and grandchildren, especially with their dolls. For Laura: There is a lace umbrella in the American Girl Catalog as well as on eBay right now for $20. eBay may be cheaper on the shipping. I have one and it’s really nice unless you want an antique doll umbrella.

    • HI Susette,
      Yes, you were right… Rebecca got the modeling rights to this dress! She was perfect for it I think. Addy seemed a little too wintery to suit me. I probably should have made it clear that the jacket is actually part of the dress, it’s not separate. I’m just calling it a jacket because I wanted it to appear like one.
      You are SO welcome on the grands compliments. I have still been looking at that photo of the kids. It just makes my heart do a flip or something… :o)
      Blessings to you Susette,
      ~ Jeanne

  8. Charlotte Trayer says:

    My favorite colors and flowers, Jeanne!! I just love the fabrics you chose; they go together so well!! As to the floss (and I did read that you got more purples and lavenders since you wrote this blog entry), of those you have arrayed on Rebecca, I like the one in the middle the best–I think it really picks up the color from the print. The darker one is nice, too, but the other one (on the right) seems a bit to pink to me. Of course, I realize I’m going by what I see on a computer screen, not the actual flosses and fabrics!

    It’s nice to see other ladies “play” with their dolls, and have story lines going. I have done that with some of my Cabbage Patch Originals (all fabric) in the past; need to do that with some of my AGs and LDs, too!!

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