Spotlight on American Girl Cecile…

Yesterday, on my blog post, when I showcased some of my dolls in dresses trimmed in piping, (HERE) a few ladies emailed me and commented that they didn’t know I had Cecile… Well, I used to have her, but she was sold back in 2013. I actually only had her for one year and believe it or not, she was the only American Girl doll I have bought NEW from the company. I’ve bought a few new “nude” dolls from people selling them on Ebay, but Cecile was the only one I bought brand spanking new from American Girl.

I don’t exactly know what went sour with our bond, but it never was there… I think it was her eyes…they seemed too close together to me or maybe it was the color I never could get used to. I loved her hair and took very good care of it, being extra careful when I dressed her not to mess up her curls. It doesn’t really matter…she was sold but I do have some fairly decent pictures of her. Since a few of you asked…. I thought it was only proper to oblige by showing what life for Cecile was like while she lived with me…




























Cecile and I sincerely thank you for looking at all our pretty dresses!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    Oh my, each and every dress is just gorgeous, Jeanne! I had no idea you made so many outfits for her, but then when I think back to 2013, you certainly didn’t have your blog, and I really never saw the dresses you made. I have Cecile, and no matter who comes to my house, they all comment on how pretty Cecile is! She really is the one doll that gets attention every time! I regularly dress up my dolls, then photograph them, and for some reason, I cannot get Cecile to look like she does in real life. She is NEVER as pretty, and I don’t think she photographs well at all. Now, your photos are way better than mine, and I wonder if it is the way her eyes are set in. Also, the whites of her eyes, and her teeth—well, they are really, really white! Of course, with her dark skin, it just doesn’t look right.

    That first dress is just gorgeous, and the hat, wow! How was that made? Is that one piece of lace, or a doily? It is just too pretty for words! and the detailing on the sleeves in that peach colored dress is amazing! I can’t imagine how that could be described in a pattern enough to understand it!

    All in all, Jeanne, you totally knocked these dresses out of the box!

  2. Susette says:

    The bonnet on the first pink dress is amazing. It has the level of detail of the $1000+ ensembles your friend Magalie creates. I certainly missed the details on the sleeves of the peach dress yesterday. Thanks for posting all of these wonderful pictures. I really like the doll, even over the Addy I have. I can’t seem to tame her hair. Your dolls are lucky you are such a beautician (an old-fashioned word now, I guess). Thanks to the ladies who asked about Cecile and prompted another great post.

    P.S. The email for the post didn’t show up today so I clicked on BLOG on yesterday’s post to find it. Clicked on Comment see them and to comment myself.

  3. Oh Jeanne, the dresses on your past Cecile are just marvelous. I know I will be going back and back and back to look at these lovely creations. You also seem to have a knack for photography. Thanks for a beautiful way to start the day.

    Take care.

  4. Anita Hayes says:

    Likewise for me this morning the post didn’t show up so like Susette
    I had to go to the post from yesterday. I always read the post first thing in the morning before I start my busy day. The dresses are great – WONDERFUL!! .

  5. Good morning, Jeanne! Cecile sure is a pretty girl and she looks even prettier in the dresses you made her. My favorite is the purple dress with the ruffled lace neckline. I love those necklines on your dresses. But, they’re all so pretty!!!
    The other day I was wondering how your chickens and gardens are doing… You are probably enjoying lots of eggs, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Yum!

  6. These dresses Cecile is modeling are spectacular. Again the detail on each dress compliments the design of the dress. The pink bonnet on the first dress is sensational. I would love to have each of these dresses in my Cecile’s wardrobe. She would probably have a hard time deciding which to wear.
    Thanks for showing us these beautiful dresses. It’s amazing what you do to each outfit.

    Yesterday, I blacked out while sitting at my computer. After coming out of a fog, I realized I was still sitting at the computer. About that time, an email came through confirming the purchase of an American Girl doll, a doll I remember admiring and thinking she would be a great Disney Pollyanna, AND she will be arriving next week. I don’t know what happened but it’s too late to stop now!!

  7. No post for me today either. Had to go to yesterdays. ??
    Love all of the Cecile dresses. I too have her. I will have to take a look and see if the eyes are off. I’ve never really noticed. I just liked her coloring and eyes.
    The detail on the sleeves of the peachy number is fabulous.
    Hope the rain doesn’t fall on you today as you get the sale ready. Take it easy, wear sun block, and drink lots of water if it is warm. Getting ready for the sale takes way more time than the sale. Maybe you can sneak a few photos for us of set up, sale day, and clearing when the sale is over. 🙂 So much work, but for a worthy cause.

  8. Ingrid B says:

    Hi Jeanne
    Happy Thursday! I am in LOVE with every dress Cecile is modeling. Your love for pretty feminine flowery dresses shows in each and every dress you designed for Cecile, as does your eye for detail. You sweet Jeanne are an Artisan! I think Cecile is lovely, I’m sorry you didn’t feel the connection. : (
    Good luck with your yard sale!

  9. Hi Jeanne,
    I didn’t get a chance to comment on your post yesterday, but I have a question about the piping. Do you apply it differently around the neckline & sleeveless armholes? It looks slightly bigger (on some of the dresses), so I didn’t know if it has the “cord” in it. On the 1st dress on Wren, and the stripey dress on LD with the owl book.
    As always, all your dresses are so beautiful. I read your blog everyday first thing so I can get my dolly/dresses fix before work. Like several have commented above, wow, the first pink bonnet & dress is so beautiful. I also really like the other two with bonnets farther down. All so beautiful! It’s a wonderful way to start my day!
    And thanks for posting everyday. It must take a lot of work to post, and to go through all your past designs to pick which ones to show. Hope your yard sale goes good and the rain holds off. We could use some rain here, in hot, So Cal.

  10. Anne Johnson says:

    I must add my name to the list of those who did not receive your post this morning, Jeanne, but not to worry. As you can see, this little band of loyal “I Dream of Jeanne Marie” followers will seek you out and find your blog, one way or another! I count your posts as one of the little daily pleasures of life.

    I understand what you mean about bonding with your dolls and for me, it’s all about the face. Similar to the appeal of the classic “Gerber Baby,” there’s a certain sweetness, innocence and expressiveness I look for in a doll that calls to my heart. The Little Darlings have just such a look, and I am excited to say that I am now on a waiting list for my very first LD doll!

    Cecile looks absolutely stunning in these outfits, Jeanne! From buttons and bows to piping and pleats, and bonnets and bodices to pantalettes and petticoats, you are truly a master of detail. Also, as each of your fashion shows demonstrate, you have a very keen eye for choosing just the right fabrics to complement each “girl” and her coloring. Your love for what you do is evident in every one of your designs, and we are delighted that you share them with us!

    We are expecting thunderstorms today and tomorrow here in Ohio, so hopefully that means the front has already moved thorough your area in Illinois. I hope you will be blessed with dry weather as you work to help so many others. Wishing you and your co-workers much success at the church yard sale!

    • Hi Anne,
      Greetings from one Ohio girl to another. Congratulations on choosing a LD. I think they are adorable, but alas not in my budget.

  11. Cecile dresses look lovely. I’m one who didn’t care for Cecile when I saw her in the catalog either, not a fan of the Sonali mold. I much prefer Addy. Of course, I didn’t have dolls then and my daughter was out of playing/collecting at the time. Maybe if I had seen her in person… who knows. I took a chance on Marie-Grace after seeing her in other historical clothing last year and now she’s a real favorite. The NOLA collection was funny, it seems many people preferred one doll over the other, liked the dolls, but, not the collection, or disliked it all.
    The first pink bonnet with the soutache braid trim is just stunning I also love the sleeve pleating on the peach dress.The green and plum dress is my favorite, The print is so unique looking. I agree that all the dresses are beautiful, but then again, Civil war is my style. 🙂
    Hope your church’s yard sale goes well and the weather holds.

  12. Anne Johnson says:

    P.S. I think I counted ten dresses in Cecile’s fashion show. That is quite a lot for a doll that you owned for only one year, especially when one considers all the other dolls for whom you sew! I know you have done a post showing all the dresses you made in one year, but what is your record number of all doll outfits created in any year? I also wondered what the record number is of different dolls for whom you’ve sewed in any given year, and the doll for whom you’ve sewn the most over the years? (I’m thinking it might be Addy. Maybe you could ask your readers to guess?!). Finally, do you have a favorite doll for whom you like to create clothes and/or one who is the easiest for whom to design? I don’t expect you to answer all these questions quickly, but as you say, “Inquiring minds want to know!”

  13. Marilyn says:

    What a lot of good mail you got today. I’m especially happy about Pollyanna finding a home and about Anne’s new LD. Both dolls are going to be so happy.

    Cecile may not have stayed long at your house, Jeanne, but she certainly inspired some lovely dresses. I’m happy to recognize two. Your bonnets certainly far outdid anything AG produced for the New Orleans dolls. I especially like the belt on the brown dress.

    I can see that we need a tutorial on piping, maybe two — one on making our own and one on sewing with piping.
    Our weather was lovely today — low 80s. If I could send it to you for the weekend, I would.

  14. Anne Johnson says:

    Hi Laura,
    Greetings from the Columbus area! I’m originally from NE Ohio, but now I live with my daughter in Powell. Where is your location?
    Thanks for the congrats on my LD. A doll like that wasn’t in my budget either, and then I read that Magalie Dawson was painting them now. I’ve often admired her doll clothes, so I contacted her and her price was fair, so I put down a deposit. Since she is taking orders almost a year out, I will have time to save my pennies for the balance. It will be much less than those you see online that go for several mortgage payments!
    Dolly hugs,
    Anne Johnson

  15. Karen D says:

    Jeanne, your dresses for Cecile are spectacular! I sew for her as well, and she is a favorite to dress up! I love all your lace details, and each and every dress is so very suited for her. Bonnets are a favorite addition to any dress for Cecile. My Cecile didn’t come with the sausage curls – she has softer ringlets. Her hair (and Caroline’s) is a favorite of mine, and I also try and take such good care of it. Thanks for showing such lovely outfits! You really have a talent for design and detail!

  16. Hi Jeanne, Cecile was not what I expected when I scrolled down! I agree with you about the eyes. I didn’t remark the eyes until I saw your comment. I just didn’t really like her. Poor thing! After reading your comment I went back and paid attention. That color is not a natural one with her skin tone 🙂 Someone else mentioned the way the eyes are ‘set,’ and i agree with that as well. But as I continued scrolling, I forgot about all that, as each outfit was more adorable than the last.

  17. Charlotte Trayer says:

    I, too, have to remark on the peach dress. The gathers on the sleeves are so even! Did you use a pleater to get them like that?

    I also like the red and gray dress, directly below it. With a little change in accessories (belt, brooch), shortened some, it would probably work for Molly, too!

  18. Wow!
    For not having bonded with her, you certainly made her some gorgeous clothes!
    Very Pretty! On the other hand, I guess I can sorta understand that her eyes are just a little bit funny.

    • Thanks C,
      I just happened to look back and see that you commented on this post. Yes, Cecile is no longer with me…sometimes I still wish she was though… I loved her hair. …it was just those eyes…
      Thanks so much,
      Blessings, Jeanne

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